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Timmy - Demon Dancer


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This has taken me a long time to compose. Writing it meant that it was real and, quite honestly, I’m still not ready to face that. I kept putting it off, delaying the inevitable, because deep down I hoped it was a terrible nightmare that somebody will wake me up from soon. What does one say when a huge part of their heart leaves them?

Timmy was a once-in-a-lifetime dog. He was my heart dog. Not everyone is blessed with one, and so few saw what I saw in him, but there is no mistaking how special he really was. He was like an extension of my soul. Truly, no animal has ever, or will ever, hold my heart that way that he did. I can barely find the words to express the deep sorrow that I feel losing him. Osteosarcoma is the embodiment of evil. The bond he and I shared was strong and special and he should still be with me now. He was Timmy Poppins - "Practically perfect in every way".
Timmy had my heart from the moment that we met. From the second that I saw his adoption picture my heart wanted him. When I finally met him we connected on such a strong level that there was so denying that he chose me. His heart wanted mine too. He was an extremely shy dog and was very reserved and unsure. During the meet and greet he stayed back from everyone. I had went on that fateful day to meet him even though I could not have him. He came up to me and we clicked in mere seconds. He willingly walked around the store with me and, when I got down to his level, he leaned into my open arms and just stood there hugging me. It took some major manipulating with our living situation, and a car accident, to get the ok to bring him home. It was one of the greatest decisions of my life. He was the third dog that we welcomed home.
Timmy did not do anything that could win ribbons or required training. He was a mediocre racer in his 10 starts and was not a good candidate for performance sports or companion activities. Despite that he was the greatest champion I have ever known. He was, and is, the champion of my heart. He was a champion snuggle bug and best friend. He taught me patience, compassion, love, the meaning of true trust, and the ability to love deeply, freely, and unconditionally.
He taught me how to work with reserved, shy, and downright spooky dogs so that I was able to help so many others, including Argos. Because of him I have helped, and placed, so many dogs like him. He taught me that dogs can go beyond the typical owner/pet relationship and form deep bonds. He showed me undying devotion, commitment, and love. He showed me that dogs can be gentlemen with the patience of a saint. He taught me to value alone time and how to live in the moment. He taught me to smile, to open up my heart, and to value every day. Timmy was extremely empathetic for a dog. He could always read my emotions and was always there to comfort me, make me smile, snuggle me when I needed it, make me laugh, etc. He was like a living teddy bear and was amazing at comforting me.
Watching him blossom like a flower, growing in confidence and strength, was one of my greatest joys. He started off so reserved and shy and developed over the years into a more confident, happy, affectionate, delightful dog. He remained shy with friends and in strange situations but at home he was a totally different dog and I cherished every moment that he opened up. He was one of our best kept secrets because so few saw the "real" him. It took over a year for him to accept Justin even though he lived with me the entire time. Once you won him over he was incredibly affectionate and snuggly. He was the only dog who would not only follow me around the house but also lay down on the hard floor, rugs, or whatever was there just to stay at my feet. He just wanted to be near me and was content to hang out wherever I was.
Almost every single night we snuggled on the couch. I would lay down and put my pillow and head on Justin’s lap and Timmy would get up and stretch out beside me. We would often fall asleep together. Back when the dogs were allowed in the bedroom he would get up in between Justin and I every single night and snuggle into me while beating Justin up with his legs. I’d often find him under my covers and/or pillow and I’d pretty much never need a blanket of my own because he was always so incredibly warm. No matter what kind of day I had his mere presence was enough to calm me.
There are things that are uniquely Timmy that I miss so much and always will. We always said that Timmy loved big toys and he could not lie. He preferred toys that were much larger than he was and he would flop about wildly with them and snuggle them after defeating them. I would go out and buy giant kid toys and the giant Petsmart charity toys for him and he would be so incredibly happy. Even once they were destuffed he loved them. The big exception to this was a tiny dreidel toy that sang. He loved that thing. It would sing “dreidel, dreidel, dreidel, I made you out of clay” over and over and he happily chomped it to make it sing. He played with the other dogs sometimes, and would run with them until things got too intense, but mostly he just wanted me to throw a toy and watch him play wildly. He did like playing with Finn his last few years because he had finally found a dog that spun and boxed and played like he did. When he played he wanted me to watch him. I would go outside with him to watch and if I went inside he’d stop. He’d also want you to grab a toy and pretend to tug or toss it and then he would get back to business. He made some crazy sounds when tugging. Outside meant zooming fast and crazy with a toy and leaping wildly for it. His crooked, cured broken leg was no thing. Inside he was even more hilarious. He would only play on beds (human or dog) and would leap from dog bed to dog bed wildly flinging and sliding them across the room while zooming all over. That dog could mess up a human bed in seconds and would leap on and off the bed going crazy. He always wanted me to watch and would stop if I looked away.
He was the roaching king of Casa de Bridwell and spent the most time on his back of any dog we have ever had. He’s snuggle with me roached too. When he was happy he roached more and smiled. He loved when I was home for the summer or spring break. He was also the snuggle king and, even though I had no idea that the word “numpkin” already existed, I made up the term “nuggle numpkin” instead of snuggle pumpkin. I was probably sick or something when I first invented it but it stayed. I would ask him if he wanted to “nuggle” and he would snuggle me. He was so incredibly warm that I normally did not need a blanket but he liked to get under them. He would often snuggle his head and neck into mine and we would fall asleep. He would climb up on papasan chairs, couches, beds, and anything where we could snuggle. He fell asleep across my lap on the floor at meet and greets and at the Renaissance Festival too!
He was polite and as much of a gentleman as a dog can be. He was excited about collars and walks but he would wait patiently until I showed him his collar and then he would help me by putting his head through it. He was perfect on walks and would pace himself right next to me in a natural heel. When I praised him he put a spring in his step and got a little ahead and then would fall back. He would often walk close enough for me to pet his back while we walked since he was just the right height. He always waited patiently for treats and meals and was happy to do whatever we asked of him. He was an exceptionally good boy. He loved walks and they were thoroughly enjoyable with him.
Super rare Timmy kisses were the best. He gave them sparingly and each was a special gift. He would also show affection by getting in your face and then sneezing. He would also sing when he was happy and loved “rooing” with us. Often, I would get him started and he would get everyone started. He would throw his head up and sing with his tail going wild. He was not a very vocal dog all around and he had a deep, scary bark on the rare occasions he chose to use it. He also had a heart-wrenching cry that he would occasionally use to make me jump to his every need. If I was sleeping in and he needed me, or if I was spending too much time in another room, he would cry and I would drop everything and go to him. He had me wrapped around his paw. He whined so rarely (unlike some of our others) that I know he needed or really wanted me at that moment. He would cry when I pulled up into the driveway too and he was always so excited to greet me that he would jump up and come to the gate with his tail going wild and a huge smile on his face. Sometimes he would even do an awkward jump up to hug me.
Timmy did enjoy going outside and liked water in natural settings. He went swimming in a river at Mountain Hounds and jumped in the lake at Paris Mountain. he would climb into the kiddie pool in the yard as well. However, he really only liked to go outside with me. He would sometimes humor Justin and go out for him but it was rare. Justin and Timmy took a long time to build a relationship. Timmy eventually accepted him after about a year and over time they grew to love each other. Timmy would rest his head on Justin’s lap when he was on the couch prior to him and I snuggling. Justin made an awesome emergency backup human.
Timmy is featured in the Masquerade Hounds logo. It was a no-brainer. My heart dog needed to be the Greyhound representative in our logo. I don’t think that I can love anything in this world as much, or the same way, as I loved Timmy.
You can see more pictures on his memorial page: Timmy
i carry your heart with me(i carry it in
my heart)i am never without it(anywhere
i go you go,my dear;and whatever is done
by only me is your doing,my darling)
i fear
no fate(for you are my fate,my sweet)i want
no world(for beautiful you are my world,my true)
and it’s you are whatever a moon has always meant
and whatever a sun will always sing is you
here is the deepest secret nobody knows
(here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
and the sky of the sky of a tree called life;which grows
higher than soul can hope or mind can hide)
and this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart
i carry your heart(i carry it in my heart)
- e.e. cummings
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You can see your love for each other in the pictures. I'm so sorry he couldn't stay longer.


Rest well, good boy.

Star aka Starz Ovation (Ronco x Oneco Maggie*, litter #48538), Coco aka Low Key (Kiowa Mon Manny x Party Hardy, litter # 59881), and mom in Illinois
We miss Reko Batman (Trouper Zeke x Marque Louisiana), 11/15/95-6/29/06, Rocco the thistledown whippet, 04/29/93-10/14/08, Reko Zema (Mo Kick x Reko Princess), 8/16/98-4/18/10, the most beautiful girl in the whole USA, my good egg Joseph aka Won by a Nose (Oneco Cufflink x Buy Back), 09/22/2003-03/01/2013, and our gentle sweet Gidget (Digitizer, Dodgem by Design x Sobe Mulberry), 1/29/2006-11/22/2014, gone much too soon. Never forgetting CJC's Buckshot, 1/2/07-10/25/10.

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What a lovely tribute to your Timmy :beatheart. I am so sorry for your loss. I just lost a dog 2 days ago to cancer as well and am going through the exact same feelings and emotions you are. It is so hard to imagine life without them. :(



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Shannon, I am so sorry for your loss of Timmy. Such a beautiful love story. :(




Freshy (Droopys Fresh), NoAh the podenco orito, Howie the portuguese podengo maneto
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What a beautiful tribute to your life together. Thanks for sharing your very special relationship. I can see the love in all your photos.


The handsome boy Brady, mid-morning nap. The sun, the sun feels so, so, so good.

I can't keep my eyes open ... ... Retirement agrees ...

... and the Diva Ms India, 2001 - 10/16/2009 ....

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Such a beautiful, heartfelt tribute to your beloved Timmy. I'm so sorry he had to go.

Cynthia, & Cristiano, galgo
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"It came to me that every time I lose a dog they take a piece of my heart with them. And every new dog who comes into my life, gifts me with a piece of their heart. If I live long enough, all the components of my heart will be dog, and I will become as generous and loving as they are." -- Unknown

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Your tribute just brought tears to my eyes. I am so very sorry for your loss of sweet, dear, Timmy.

Irene Ullmann w/Flying Odin and Mama Mia in Lower Delaware
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So very sorry for the loss of your special Timmy.

Remember all those good times.....


Nancy...Mom to Sid (Peteles Tiger), Kibo (112 Carlota Galgos) and Joshi.  Missing Casey, Gomer, Mona, Penelope, BillieJean, Bandit, Nixon (Starz Sammie),  Ruby (Watch Me Dash) Nigel (Nigel), and especially little Mario, waiting at the Bridge.




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I'm so sorry Shannon. He was and will always remain a special piece of your heart.


Run far and fast and free, sweet boy. You will be forever missed...........

Chris - Mom to: Felicity (DeLand), and Andi (Braska Pandora)

52592535884_69debcd9b4.jpgsiggy by Chris Harper, on Flickr

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I'm so very sorry. He was as handsome as he was special. He left much too soon.


Godspeed Timmy.

Standard Poodle Daisy (12/13)
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I'm so sorry, Shannon. I know how very special Timmy was to you.

...............Chase (FTH Smooth Talker), Morgan (Cata), Reggie (Gable Caney), Rufus
(Reward RJ). Fosters check in, but they don't check out.
Forever loved -- Cosmo (System Br Mynoel), March 11, 2002 - October 8, 2009.
Miss Cosmo was a lady. And a lady always knows when to leave.

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Guest PiagetsMom

I remember Timmy from your earlier days of posting, and I remember how very special your relationship was. He knew much love, and he was a beautiful boy.....I'm so very sorry :grouphug

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I'm so sorry for your loss of Timmy - may all your wonderful memories bring you peace in time. :grouphug


When a relationship of love is disrupted, the relationship does not cease. The love continues; therefore, the relationship continues. The work of grief is to reconcile and redeem life to a different love relationship. ~ W Scott Lineberry

Always Greyhounds Home Boarding and Greyhounds With Love House Sitting

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