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  1. Patsy and Mister Patsy are home safe and sound. I bet Linus is happy to have you home! Party time at Clarkes. Zorro Today is Kibo da Galgo 2nd Gottcha Day PlusAlso Mario has been here for 1 month Kaila and The Widge ( his show name is ‘ Whatchamacallit’ ) had a show today and he was a naught boy in the warm up, throwing his head down and kicking up.his heels. Kaila has a good seat and stuck on him beautifully, but it was unnerving. They did do their 3 over-fences classes with success, but rode very cautiously and they did not place. Better safe than sorry! They are also the only pony in their division, competing against fancy TBs. they did pin over one in the hack class I also overheard a couple of kids snickering out loud…. “look at that little pony in there”. Grrrrr….. Tomorrow is Kailas Equitation class (at 7:30 am ) , so hopefully Widge is over his silly antics.
  2. You can buy moleskin with an adhesive backing, often in small sheets that you can cut to size. I have splints for my arthritic thumbs and it works very well to pad one are that rubs. The adhesive is super sticky and stands up to the abuse my hands give it here on the farm.
  3. Little Hada. Sure hope those beans perk up. And Duckys duck comes back.... Wiki Pippin No ticks in Oregon You are very lucky! Our kidlets have a 'tent camper' like Patsy. No AC. They also have a big screened dining tent. Mario went for a checkup with DocMorag today and she and all the office gals just loved him. They really didn't see much 'Saluki' in him... more greyhound/whippet... and thought that his coat is almost like a it's going to be a double coat in the winter. He is still so very thin and needs to eat often. Off to hang hay nets....
  4. Good morning! BusyBusyBusy days here. I’ve been reading everyone’s posts and sharing everyone’s and and and and but between the Inn and the ponies and taking a day to paddle I’ve had no time to tictic. I met a beautiful Whippet named Doris yesterday whilst out paddling on a local lake The HotHotHot weather has gone and we’re going to get more rain. Sigh. We’ve never taken hay off this late. Now we’re hoping to cut on Sunday Today I’m off to ride ….then clean at the Inn ….then Mario gets to go for a checkup with DocMorag.
  5. What a lovely video. The bond between them was very evident. RIP Fencetop
  6. Patsy is clean Presumably Mister Patsy is also clean RIP little squirrel Sigh Wiki. Just sigh. Look at the ever so handsome Merc
  7. Nothing new here either. HotHotHot and rain every other day. Our hay is still not cut Sam I've BusyBusyBusy, along with my co-workers, trying to get cabins ready at the Inn. We're terribly short staffed as - like everywhere else - people have moved on to other things plus students heading back to school in a month. Unfortunately, we may have to turn clients away
  8. Hey Pippin Hope you're enjoying your quiet weekend at home What's your Momma reading? Look at those sparkly pinecones Worth at least a couple of $$$ Wiki
  9. Morning I hope Ivy had a good night. KLilly Sid and I are finally going to visit our old peeps We have not been able to visit since March 2020. Our LTC was exceptionally well managed here in our local area, with only a handful of COVID cases in LTC. And no deaths. Now to decide which fancy collar Sid needs to wear There’s a lot of old ladies he has to impress
  10. Ivy Jan at CampGreyhound posted a delicious recipe for soft dog cookies over in EEG. I bet your Momma would make some for you No news from Jennie .... of course she's over there on the far left coast and a bit behind us east coasters time. And Patsy must still be in the land of no wifi
  11. almost gone A missing turtle. Sure hope someone finds him. Any update on Hadas’ beans Safe travels Merc. Have fun and we hope you find yourownself a brother. Or sister We had a horrid thunderstorm yesterday afternoon I think Mario needs a thunder shirt. Kibo needs the one that we have. Thankfully temperature and humidity took a big dive. So. As well as Ontario pretty much fully opening things up last week, now the land border from the USA is opening in a couple of weeks. The Inn wants to fully open up but I’m not sure I’m ready for that. Yes…I am fully vaccinated but….it will be many people. Indoors. A much as I love my Inn and my old coworkers, I’m just not ready for the long shifts. Sigh. And we have no staff … after all this time being closed, most have moved on. There are so many places looking for hospitality/wait/housekeeping staff in the city, and we’re out in the boonies and it’s only 2 months of work. Sigh.
  12. Not your fault. They are hunting dogs. Like Time4ANap said … don’t beat yourself up over this. Over the years my guys have proudly killed rabbits. Once they got one of my barn cats who somehow got into their fenced yard. He thankfully survived.
  13. Elizabeth. Looks greyt! Merc I bet you'll have lots of fun camping with Nancy, Doug and the girls Tiller Sorry your schedule has been We're back into the Hot'n'Humid and even have an air quality alert. Apparently smoke from Waaaaay out wet has made it's way here Yes! Mario loves his food He eagerly eats 3 meals a day ...with no cesars pate added in He also loves laying on the little clothesline porch in the sun
  14. Hello Nate Hope Jennie is behaving herownself and not overdoing Oh Clarke! What an exciting day you had! Nothing new here. Raining a lot But not too HotHotHot Sadly, all this rain means that my hay is still standing out in the fields. Spent yesterday at the TackeShoppe and today I’m heading to The Inn to help the girls clean a couple of cabins. So nice to spend time with old friends…..
  15. Leaking eyes here, too…. I hope Lucy, Ann and Nate got some rest…
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