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  1. Marvellous! This could help so many dogs! Our last Dobie Penny had severe von Willebrand Disease. Her Veterinarians would not spay her as the risk of bleeding out was very high. Luckily two local Vet Techs from Queens University had just opened the first canine blood bank in Ontario ...right here in Kingston! ...and they agreed to treat her. Our GSDx and PointerX donated blood ...every couple of months for a year... and the Plamsa was saved to make cryoprecipitate. When they finally had enough of the cryo Penny was infused before, during and after her spay. All of our Gre You can read Penny's story under 'Donor Tails'... https://www.animalbloodbank.ca
  2. Charlie Zorro Sorry you and Merc are getting noisy storms. I saw on the news that Toronto had a doozy this afternoon. I wish we would get one as we are positively burning up here in Eastern Ontario. They keep giving us thunder-storm watches, but we never get anything. Well..except for the 2 minutes last week all over my hay field....
  3. One of my favourite Mary Oliver poems ...in memory of your sweet Bea... The Little Dog's Rhapsody In The Night He puts his his cheek against mine and makes small, expressive sounds. And when I'm awake, or awake enough he turns upside down, his four paws in the air and his eyes dark and fervent. "Tell me you love me," he says. "Tell me again." Could there be a sweeter arrangement? Over and over he gets to ask. I get to tell.
  4. Cindy What is wrong with people. Elizabeth. 2020 has knot been kind to any of us, but you have certainly had it worse than most... Molly. My favourite is the mermaid tails... I travelled way cross country this morning to buy some Roundup. The lethal kind that you need a licence to buy The weeds in my ring are getting out of control. Why do the weeds continue to grow in this heat and drought My bestie coworker from the Inn is coming over for lemonade and cookies on the deck. Her hubby passed away a month ago...Very lengthy cancer battle. With the Inn being closed we just don't get caught up.
  5. Bibbi I have never had poison ivy, but several people - including a physician - highly recommends applications of apple cider vinegar I am also awaiting a very small Etsy package from California that was shipped on June 13th Sorry I 'assumed' that the fireworks that were terrifying some of your hounds were illegal. I have been seeing all kinds of FB posts from all over the US about illegal ones being set off for over a week.
  6. Oh dear.... Charlie got scolded Did your MommaBear jump out of the plane Oh Cherry! You are such a brave Girlie! And look at CarolAnn...riding one of those beasts! I am so sorry that so many houndies have had their lives disturbed by noisy and illegal firecrackers. Why won't the Police or Bi-Law peeps do anything!? This HotHotHot weather is now going to continue all week My friend & I were riding by 8:15 before it got too hot. We had a lovely hack out in our fields and woods and then gave them a good brushing ..... so they were not ridden hard and put away wet ! Jo-Ann and I were back home sitting on the shady deck drinking cold lemonade by 10:00 By Friday it is supposed to be 34C..... Before the humidity is added in It is so dry even the weeds are going ded. We have had only one very short burst of rain in the past 2+ weeks. Crops are wilting and so many farmers will not be able to put in enough hay. A local cow farmer came and cut our last big field yesterday and he was so relieved that we let him have it again this year. He has taken that field off for the past couple of years. The nail salon fiasco has now turned up 40 cases with more contact testing being done every day as they find more people. I'm sure 40 seems like nothing when so many places in the USA have hundreds and thousands, but it is a huge deal for us ....
  7. Faboo photos Cynthia And yes Charlie... your manfriend Louis is a very nice fellow! Although I have to confess that I personally did knot give him a sniff over
  8. You're correct... It is still very early days and will take time and patience for her to feel comfortable and get used to her new lifestyle. Have you tried leash-walking her around inside your yard/garden?
  9. Would a cushion from an outdoor chaise lounge work? I would worry my dogs would drink pond water = Leptosporosis
  10. Google 'dog leg bandage from a sock' https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/563583340851849701/
  11. They are all super relaxed and getting along like they've lived together for years. We muzzled for the first intro. Outside in the yard. First with Charlie and Sid...he's my most laid back one. They we added Kibo the Spanish Spitfire, but that was a non-event too. Then we let old Nigel into the mix. There was a flurry of peeing, peeing and more peeing. And lots of butt sniffing. And then they all came inside and promptly fell asleep and they've barely raised their heads since. Unfortunately Charlies Momma is from out-of-Province, and had to watch the goings-on from a social distance outside the yard.
  12. Sweet Charlie has come to stay whilst his MammaBear (GT 'locket') is on vacation He brought his very own bed Beautiful morning for walkies with Kibo... And now there are Irish (Sid), Spanish (Kibo), American (Nigel) & British (Charlie) hounds in the house
  13. What?! Wait! How is this possible? I have not been anywhere CT
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