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  1. Hi! Can you tell me about my not, Bam's Barney and my girl, Mega San Onofre? Both ran at Caliente in Mexico. Onofre (aka Gildy) was a puppy from my beloved broodie, Bowie's last litter. I was so lucky she was available for adoption with our group when Bowie passed.
  2. I'm so sorry to read this. I know you'll keep her comfortable and showered with love in the time you have left together.
  3. Try Prudent Pet. I jumped ship and signed up with them. A friend did it, too, and she just submitted her first claim. Had a very very good interaction with customer service when she had a question. Customer service is not outsourced and the person actually listens to you and responds appropriately, not from reading a script.
  4. What do you think of getting Californians who have been hit t with these big - inconsistent - increases and as a group, reporting it to our state insurance commissioner? I know a number of people in my greyhound group and at work who have been hot with huge increases and are not happy about it.
  5. The reporter came to our Homecoming and followed the dogs through the whole process from picking them up at the pet kennel in TJ through the homecoming and fostering process. Nice article and great photos. https://www.latimes.com/lifestyle/story/2020-01-24/racing-greyhounds-pets-adoption
  6. Not Healthy Paws anymore. They used to be great. I just left then and signed up with Prudent Pet.
  7. Insane increase. What state do you live in?
  8. Please add Rico aka Clooney. He was only 2.5 years old, died very quick of an aggressive liver cancer. Poor boy had only been in his new home a few months.
  9. Check out Prudent Pet. I just signed up with the after Healthy Paws did the same thing to me - plus they've shipped their customer service overseas, really bad form.
  10. I just signed up with Prudent Pet. Healthy Paws has jumped the shark. They've outsourced their customer service overseas, over paid one of my friends, keep denying my other friend's claim (she took both her dogs in, submitted claims wish were clearly separated by soon on the invoice) because they keep mixing the claims up. She asked to speak to a supervisor and was told they couldn't find one, but they would "make an appointment" for her to speak with one. What sad decline of a once really great company.
  11. I heard back from what I believe to be "Patrick" who wrote me before and he wrote me right away. Never addressed the issue of the 15% discount, but he was quick to point out how much I have sent to them in claims and how much they have reimbursed me since 2011. I was impressed how quickly he responded, was not impressed with his response. I don't think they want me as a customer any more, given the last part of his email: Thank you for your feedback. I do empathize with the position you are in, as I have two dogs of my own who mean so much to me. Their care is extremely important to me and a decision like yours would be very difficult for me to process. In the time that you have been with us, the pet insurance industry has changed and grown significantly. Pet parents, who in the past may not have been able to afford life saving or altering treatments for their pets now have the ability and choice to do so. Of course, with the increased usage of the insurance, premiums have had to increase to meet those increased needs. We do try very hard to keep our rates affordable while also continuing to provide unlimited lifetime coverage. However, this unlimited coverage does require us to ensure that we maintain as much of a balance as possible between the incoming premiums against the outgoing reimbursements. With the higher cost of available care in California, comes the unfortunate higher cost of premiums over time. As you indicated, you have been a valued member of Healthy Paws for many years and in that time we have helped cover over $34,000 in claims and have provided over $27,000 in reimbursements for you and your furry family. I hope that during your research, you will find that even with the increased monthly premiums, Healthy Paws still provides a level of service and coverage above that of the other companies. To help you in your research, I have included a few websites that provide a comparison of the various coverage options available. https://www.consumersadvocate.org/pet-insurance https://www.petinsurancequotes.com/compare/ https://www.caninejournal.com/pet-insurance-comparison/ If after performing your research, you decide that you would prefer to go with another company, you can follow the link below to cancel your policy or you can respond to either of my emails and I will help you through that process. https://myaccount.healthypawspetinsurance.com/Login?ReturnUrl=CancelPolicy As I indicated previously, I am open and available to discuss this further with you, either over the phone or through email. I truly am sorry for any difficulties that this situation has placed on you. Please let me know if there is anything further that I can do.
  12. Well, the plot thickens. I have an email from April 2017 stating that I had a 15% discount applied to my account because of my workplace. I and a friend who has HP, called to see if our discount was still current. Hers was, mine was not. I was told that it had never been applied. They saw the email that was sent to me stating that it had been applied. What are the odds that they will 1) honor the discount and/or 2) retro my over payments to them for the last 31 months? It will be interesting to see what they have to say.
  13. Thanks for that, I just shared it with her. Have you tried it on any of your pets?
  14. Reviving this thread as a greyhound mix I know has an elevated ALT, it's 361, was 315, went down to 300 on Denamarin, came off Denamarin and it went up to 361. Dog has no symptoms, though lost 2lbs when being boarded. Question: can a TBD cause something like this?
  15. Ducky, I think you may have missed my post above. Please add Kimberly in October and Louise in November. Thank youu
  16. That's a 98.2% cumulative increase from age 7 - 15. I didn't include the increases from age 4 - 6 (I wasn't sure what they were).
  17. Sure! Rate increases start after age 3 and go up from 6% - 20% until age 13 @7 years 20%, 8 years 16.7%, 9 years 14.3%, 10 years 12.5%; 11 years 11.1%, 12 years 12.5%, 13 years no increase, 14 years 11.1%, 15 years no increase. Those are some pretty hefty increases, especially cumulatively.
  18. Thanks, Jen! I'll keep you posted on what I hear from him, you do the same, too, please! I had a very interesting call with ASPCA pet insurance, they actually gave me their set rate increases for each age. If anyone is interested, I'll post it as I did write it down. It's steep enough that I decided not to go with them. I had been considering them over over Pets Best.
  19. Please add Kimberly, she passed last week. Her companion Greyhound Louise, passed suddenly yesterday, so I guess she becomes a November angel. I'm so so sad for their family, they lost them days apart. Kimmie was not so unexpected as she was 14, but Louise was much younger...no one saw that coming.
  20. Would you share his email address with me, please? I am getting ready to switch to PetsBest and want him to know why before I do it. I hate to do it, but I can't deal with the rate increase that's supposed to take effect this month.
  21. LOL, yes, 10 greyhounds and 1 galgo! Here is a little video of them being sooo stressed out. https://photos.app.goo.gl/ZYzH7tpobT3UG5G47 Let me know if you have problems with the link.
  22. My friends were evacuated all day yesterday, so from about 7:45am - 6:45pm we had 110 greyhounds and 1 galgo at my house! They went home and the electricity was back on, too. I can't believe in 2019 rolling blackouts are even a discussion. Our utility companies need to be public, there should never be stock holders for such things
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