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  1. I don't need the meds, but wanted to say how sorry I am that you have lost Penny
  2. What fun! I would have loved to see their expressions watching that tortoise
  3. Seems to work well for dogs in the middle, Val is 11.6=70.2 which sounds about right, but Conner was 14.4 when he passed and 73 doesn't sound right. Still, better than the old 1 dog year = 7 human years formula
  4. you may never know what caused it, but I hope that whatever the reason, she gets back to her “old” ways!
  5. I am so sorry, I have always loved seeing pictures of your beautiful girl.
  6. I had another thought while walking the dog this morning If it is just (or mainly) going down stairs, but not up, be sure and check her neck and shoulders as well.
  7. Do you have a vet chiropractor in your area? They can check her spine, hips, etc to be sure they are in alignment and not sore (Val just had such an assessment). Checking her vision is another good idea.
  8. As long as finances aren't an issue, I would say go for it!
  9. Soft tissue injuries can take a loooong time to heal, especially if they are not rested. Like, six weeks to two months minimum. I would keep him on restricted activity like you have been doing and the anti-inflammatory for a few more weeks, give it time to really heal. He is gorgeous
  10. Yes, first of all, try to relax! Hard, I know The dog you bring home will probably not the dog you see in six months. She/he will probably be pretty quiet, maybe not very responsive to you, trying to take in all the new things. Don't worry, you haven't adopted a dog who hates you Most don't have separation anxiety, you may have to deal with a few "accidents" as she/he gets used to your schedule. Really, they are all individuals, and it will be easier when the dog is in your apartment and you can ask specific questions. Good luck and have fun!
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