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  1. Well, my non medical professional opinion is that unless it is specifically a once a day med, spaced out through the day is better.
  2. Yes, ask your vet. As I recall, when Sallie was taking it she was taking it two or three times a day (five years ago, my memory is a little vague), but hers was for osteo pain.
  3. Conner had an old injury that didn’t heal well (although it was treated) It gave him a wonky foot, but he never let that slow him down I did find later in life that the wonky foot threw his gait off, and gave him a limp on his left shoulder (foot was the back right) Regular visits to the chiropractor helped a lot. good luck Carmen!
  4. We have been getting dogs from some of the farms in the Midwest, and are expecting some Fla dogs in the next few months. Other than a transportation problem, I don’t think there will be a shortage in the immediate future. Long term, who knows
  5. What a beautiful girl! I am so sorry she couldn’t stay longer
  6. Glad you got to go! I've been to a few local shows, always interesting to talk to the people. I felt sorry for the dog that acted out (Irish Water Spaniel. I think?) but as they said, given the pressure it is surprising it doesn't happen more often, even at an event with experienced dogs.
  7. When Molly wanted an occupied bed, she would lie down on another bed, then leap up and run towards the dog door. The dog on the bed she wanted leapt up and ran out the door, thinking something exciting was going on. She turned and ran back to the bed she wanted, curled up with her back to the room, and ignored anyone who thought they were coming back to their original bed Worked every time!
  8. Val is afraid of babies and small children. If we meet people pushing babies or walking toddlers on our walk she will hide behind me. I know now to cross the street. I had a cat who was terrified of the smell of smoke. If we grilled outside, she would hide in the closet all evening. Even snuffing a candle would freak her out.
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