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  1. When cats do it they manage to look around like “yeah, I meant to do that”, houndies just look surprised!
  2. I've had a few hounds that took their toys outside, but this is the first time I've heard of one who brought them back in
  3. Glad that Bella sailed through surgery and is doing well! A standard subtext of pet ownership should be “where the **** did that blood come from?”
  4. Isn’t the poop from raw food wonderful
  5. I am not sure where the “don’t mix raw and kibble” came from, but the diet most trainers feed at the track is some mix of raw meat, cooked veggies, and kibble. I have never had a problem mixing kibble and ground raw. That said, I would probably not mix RMBs (raw meaty bones) and kibble in the same meal.
  6. I have adopted seven greyhounds over the years and fostered a half dozen more, and never had one with a severe case of SA. Not saying it doesn’t happen, of course it does, and maybe a little more often in greyhounds than other dogs just because greys are so used to being around a bunch of other greyhounds their whole life. Many greyhounds (and other dogs) are nervous in new, confusing, different surroundings but this wears off in time. We say the dog you have in six months will not be the same dog you brought home, as their personality blossoms. I think getting two at the same time is a good idea if you have the finances, room, etc for two, they usually enjoy the company. I have heard of animals that form a strong bond with each other, but never heard that they couldn’t/didn’t form a strong bond with their people as well. Love is not a finite resource All of these comments should be read with an implied “often” or “usually”, because obviously, each dog is an individual.
  7. I am so sorry, Holly was such a special girl. She knew you needed her and made sure you took her home
  8. Of my seven greyhounds (not all at once, but I usually had at least two), five have been girls and they all got along great. As has been said, it is the personality, not the gender that matters.
  9. Its kind of creepy if you think about it, so I try not to
  10. Thanks a lot! I clicked on the link and now Flooret ads are showing up on my Facebook page
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