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  1. Oh yeah, I can see how the dried up horse apples (if they are what I think they are) would be much more appealing to a houndie than an empty ice cream cone
  2. I think she looks fantastic! I have always heard that healing wounds are itchy, and this is a good sign that they are healing well, so maybe that bit still itches? Or maybe it’s that greyhound thing, “something different on my skin, Must Lick! “
  3. My first greyhound had heart disease, and like the others have said, did not need anesthesia for her echocardiogram. Maybe since Daisy is a spook, just a little Xanax or something like that to calm her would be enough. If not, I would agree with saying no. Sugar started on lasix and enalipril, then moved on to vetmedin as she got worse. All of this lasted about 3 years, then I lost her to kidney failure. The grain free food/heart disease issue is fairly new over here. Some tests have shown a possible link, and since most dogs don’t really need grain free it seems sensible not to go there.
  4. They make training treats that are soft and tiny. The brand we usually get is Zune’s minis, but read the package carefully, they also make crunchy treats.
  5. I am so sorry Marvin had to leave
  6. Mourning glory Glad she feels well enough to cause trouble
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