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  1. Mine, dogs and cats both, go by when the sun comes up, or it starts to get light. Lots of fun here in the summer when it starts to get light before 5 a.m. but nice in the winter
  2. Looks like a wonderful get away! Beautiful place, and beautiful dog
  3. I am so very sorry. It never gets any easier, but the first time you have to make that call is gut wrenching. Nearly everyone here has been through it, many of us multiple times. I can only tell you the pain does ease with time, and you will start to remember the good times. You can come here and talk as much as you need to, GT people will listen and understand.
  4. Looks like everyone had a great time! You sure can tell those guys were athletes, look at those muscles!
  5. Great video for anyone who has had a whiner I have to agree, annoying as whining can be, a barker is worse!
  6. Sounds fairly typical! It is always hard to relax with the first one, soon you’ll be a pro
  7. When Rocket was visiting me, I gave him his carrots with each meal. I know I made up a days worth the night before and kept it in the frig, but I don’t recall how much. I am sure Don remembers.
  8. Happy Birthday! No way do you look 11! (nice drive by Momo )
  9. Took me a minute to realize that was a toy she was playing with Poor Abu, sisters!
  10. Might just be puppy enthusiasm Fletcher pulled me off my feet more times than I can remember!
  11. Is he young? Fletcher was quite the klutz when he was younger, he did get better as he got older, but he never quite nailed the “graceful greyhound” thing I don’t mean a puppy, exactly. He was 2 when I got him, a 90lb racing school drop out.
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