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  1. I am glad I am not the only one who keeps seeing bath house Even though I know better
  2. I am so sorry for your loss, Nova sounds like quite a character
  3. That more recent picture of her and Kyria it looks like she is doing the typical adolescent “look at me! Pay attention to me! Me me me” and Kyria saying, I’ve done my time, why do I have to deal with this again! she is a cutie, I am sure she will grow out of it in a couple-three years
  4. You did the right thing. That doesn’t make it any easier
  5. The thing about goat’s milk for cats is it has a lot less lactose than cow’s milk, so much less likely to cause diarrhea or upset tummy. I don’t know if the fermenting that makes kefir would have the same result, or not. I do know some people who give it to their dogs, and the dogs love it. Mine didn’t
  6. I am so sorry, it is never easy, and with losing Zeke so recently Run free Larry
  7. I am so sorry you are facing this. I don’t think it really matters whether the mass is caused by hemangiosarcoma or something else, he clearly can not continue like he is. I did have a probable hemangiosarcoma diagnosis for Fletcher through an ultrasound and let him go the next day. I also had a cat with an unidentifiable abdominal tumor that I let go when she stopped eating. The only possible treatment would be surgery to remove the mass, and I can tell you, having done that for another of my dogs, I would not recommend that.
  8. Yes, I used goat’s milk for a kitty who wasn’t eating (not cancer though) All my animals love it and none, even the cats and my IBS dog had any problems with it. It has become a standard “desert”. After they finish eating, they get a splash of goat’s milk for desert oh, and it freezes well
  9. If you have copies of her vet records and vaccines you should not need a travel certificate. Make sure she has ID on her AT ALL TIMES! I assume you are taking her food, some people also take bottled water, but I never did. Give her a nice comfy place to sleep and that is probably what she will do . I took my dogs out to pee anytime I stopped for myself, sometimes they did, sometimes not. If you are staying in a motel on the trip I would not leave her alone in the room. I haven’t done too many long trips with my dogs, but many on here do it all the time, I am sure they will add whatever I have forgotten.
  10. Val has gotten pickier with age (as is her right!) I have found adding a bit of canned food to each meal works great, and it makes a convenient way to give her powdered meds
  11. I know this sounds silly, but maybe he just noticed it? Anyway, I would turn it off for now, give him a chance to get comfortable in the living room again.
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