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  1. Happy Birthday Petunia She is so beautiful
  2. I agree, I would not muzzle him as long as he is on leash. Your control is a much better solution, he can still hurt a small animal with a muzzle on. I never muzzled Fletcher except for play dates, and that has nothing to do with aggression, but greyhound’s paper thin skin.
  3. Yes, first thing, deep breath. I know how you feel, the exact same thing happened to me except that my dog did not initially get a killing grip on the small dog and I was able to eventually pry his mouth open and the small dog ran away, apparently not seriously hurt. I looked for the dog, but never saw it again. My other two dogs were in the yard and just watched everything calmly, mildly interested. It still upsets me, more than ten years later. Neither you nor your dog did anything wrong. I would continue with the leash training and always be alert when he is around small animals, although he may not be as reactive on leash as in his own backyard. Or he may be worse, but now you know to be careful. Fletcher was always very leash reactive to strange dogs of any size, and chased any cats in his yard, but lived peacefully with five indoor cats, so you just never know ahead of time how any individual dog will react.
  4. She reminds me of my first girl
  5. He can drool all over Buffalo Chikken and get him smelling right again!
  6. It is never easy, but losing your heart dog Run with the wind Paddy
  7. Glad she is home, I hope there are no “afters” this time!
  8. You are doing very well with the training, I am impressed! My 2 yr old didn’t do that well . I would say, on average 2.5-3 years is when they really start to settle down and lose the toddler behavior. But, as you know individuals can be on a different time line, and some never completely get over the occasional “what were you thinking?” behavior
  9. I am so sorry for your loss. You gave her a wonderful life
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