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  1. This is why I have resorted to stacking beds! The nice new bed with the solid supportive innards on the bottom, then the thin, flat, ratty bed on the top
  2. Ooo Tiger, a goat's foot what a lucky boy you are!
  3. I used the Springtime supplements (Fresh Factors and Joint chewables) For years until the Picky Princess decided she didn’t like them anymore One thing I noticed with my own arthritis was the MSM really made a difference.
  4. so, do you think this has anything to do with the small tip she left you on the slumberball the other day?
  5. well, I don’t see any feathers sticking out of his mouth, so I’d have to say, innocent until proven guilty!
  6. I am far from being an expert, but sounds to me very much like resource guarding. In the first case, the treat, and in the second case, you It sounds like NILIF that Chris mentioned would be a big help. Good luck!
  7. I know the Home Depot nearest me doesn’t allow dogs, although, as I think on it, I see people with their little yappers everywhere, even the grocery store! But I bet if I tried to take my 70 lb black dog in, it would be a different story . I had forgotten about PetSmart/Petco, that’s an option.
  8. She was still able to get in the car (Luckily I have a minivan, about a foot off the ground ) in March when we were still going to meet & greets. I think she probably would still be willing, but I am not aware of any indoor places around here that let dogs in. Although, most of the indoor malls are half empty and dying, maybe they would be less picky these days.
  9. She is getting treatments and meds, the acupuncture and Assisi loop really helped a lot at first, but less so now. I am concerned that soon it will be too hot to walk and 3 months of no walking could really set her back. She just doesn't handle heat well. The chiropractor Conner went to has an underwater treadmill, we might have to try that. Jan, I am so sorry that Aiden is now dealing with this
  10. Poor girls! Those little critters can be dangerous
  11. I realize this is a “depends” question, depends on the dog, the situation, the treatment, etc. but I am wondering how fast this condition progresses. Is there an average time once the diagnosis is made until it gets too bad? I had thought (hoped) it was a slowly advancing disease, but I am not so sure anymore. Any experiences would be helpful, thanks.
  12. I am so sorry, I too hate cancer in all it’s forms
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