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  1. It is very early, but I am sorry to say that she does not sound cat trainable to me. By all means, talk to your group, but for the safety of your cat, she may not be the right dog for you.
  2. My Fletcher was like that, and at 90 lbs, he could be a challenge. If you are walking him with a collar I would strongly suggest you switch to a harness. I found this gave me much better control. Also, if you can try the same technique you are using with cars, that can help, although I know it is hard and takes time. Do a search here for “look at me” training. Try to cross the street to put distance between you and other dogs, and, plant your feet and make him stand. Fletcher was stronger than me, but I outweighed him . It takes time and patience, and he may always be somewhat reacti
  3. Also unlurking to say I could see and hear it, and enjoyed it. Val totally ignored it
  4. I am sorry you are having two losses so close together
  5. Welcome Wiki And welcome Jerilyn to the wonderful world of Broodies They definitely live by their own rules, but you will never be bored. yes, black dogs are so hard to get good pictures of
  6. Happy Birthday Spirit, it is always a good day for a birthday, and yours is super special Enjoy your outdoors adventures!
  7. I am so sorry, she should have had so much more time with you
  8. It depends on the individual dog, and, to a lesser extent, to the individual cat. The group you are working with (I am assuming an adoption group) will at test their dogs, which helps, but isn’t fool proof. Dogs have been known to lie on their cat tests The cat test will eliminate the obvious high prey dogs. I had five cats when I adopted my first grey. She was an older dog (7), very calm, and pretty much ignored the cats. My cats ranged from confident to a spook. My second grey was supposed to be cat safe, and he was with confident cats that were used to dogs, but I had to teach him not to c
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