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  1. Well, they both have pretty spectacular ears
  2. I’ve heard Doberman as well, especially for black pups. I always thought Whippets were fairly rare in the US, but I have seen several in my neighborhood over the years, so what do I know?
  3. My picky seniors have always liked runny oatmeal. I mix it with goats milk.
  4. Sigh. At least he said Whippets, not Great Danes or Chihuahuas or something else. I said, no, greyhounds, but he wasn’t listening.
  5. I have never heard of a problem with using lidocaine in an otherwise healthy dog. Sounds like a good alternative to putting her under.
  6. That is what the cops with K9 partners do out here in AZ. Should be OK as long as you can lock the car and are not gone long (in case the AC or car quit working)
  7. this means you get extra treats, right?
  8. for months I was able to hide Conner's pills in mini peanut butter sandwiches
  9. Nice! Work it Sweep! Is the kitty Momo?
  10. Could be just a dislocation that popped back in on its own or, not sure how old Henry is, could be something Conner has called "sprung toe" where the ligaments around the joint are stretched out and the joint swells. That usually heals on its own with rest, but cold laser helps. Hopefully vet will figure it out.
  11. Jax sounds like he was just about the perfect dog, I am so sorry for your loss. It is so hard on us when they go fast like that, but it is better for them
  12. Good update! hoping it is something easily treatable!
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