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  1. When I met her I thought she was about 5 or 6! Of course, Petunia doesn’t look or act her age either
  2. I would avoid bamboo. I don’t have it, but when I was looking at flooring a couple of years ago the salesman told me that bamboo was not a good option for people with dogs, it was “softer” than other types of flooring. I have very wide plank wood-look tile that I really like. It has some texture to it, the grout has not been a problem. I agree with going to a flooring showroom, there are so many options these days.
  3. Poor Annie Our temps are supposed to drop down below the triple digits for a few days next week, I will tinker with the footwells.
  4. Thanks to everyone, this have given me some great ideas. I do still have the minivan (gold standard for houndmobile) but really want to sell that and just drive the smaller car.
  5. I saw this and liked it, but wanted something under it for support.
  6. Yes, that is exactly what I had in mind! I will try cutting up the foam I already have first (cheaper!) but good to know this is available if my red neck fix doesn't work.
  7. I have some 4" furniture foam I used on the couch after I took the cushions off for Conner (to lower the couch seat to make it easier for him to jump on), I can try cutting that to fit.
  8. I hadn’t thought of those foamy ottomans, that might work. I think the hammocks might not be stable enough for Val, any movement would spook her.
  9. Not sure that is the best title, but what I am asking, if you carry your grey in the back seat of a sedan type car, do you fill in the foot wells? What do you use to keep them on the seat? I am not explaining this very well, but most things I see are hammock type things, and I don't think that will work.
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