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  1. Greyhounds have long, boney feet And long boney toes, so yes, minor foot problems aren’t that unusual. I would watch the one who lost a toenail, the nail shouldn’t come off that easily and he may have SLO, an auto immune condition. I’ve had several who dislocated a toe and as you found, it usually pops back into place. If the same toe keeps re-dislocating (is that a word ) you may have to treat it, but this only happened once for me, and I never had to remove the toe, although that happens too. As for your girl, I think a vet check is a good idea, she may still have some slivers imbedded in her foot. If not, it may just be sore. So, bottom line, toe woes aren’t that uncommon, but usually minor.
  2. I was going to ask if you had checked her nails as well. Val doesn’t have an extra nail (that’s weird!) but a couple of her nails are brittle and they were causing her to limp. She doesn’t have SLO, but her vet thinks it is some kind of mild auto immune condition. My other thought was a corn that hadn’t come out yet.
  3. Bea was the quintessential broodie How lucky you were that she worked her magic on you! Run wild Bea, no limp, no corn, no pain. Jan
  4. Your comment about control is interesting because I felt like I had much more control of Fletcher with the harness. He was very leash aggressive with stranger dogs (fine with his “girls”) and I thought the harness worked better than the collar. I was also afraid he would hurt his neck when he went batsh*t crazy.
  5. Oh Bea, happy, happy 13th I hope this is a wonderful day for you For your mom
  6. That diet looks fine (great, in fact!) but a bit of work. Personally, I have fed mine raw for years, but if you don’t want, or can’t do, the extra work and expense, most dogs do fine with a good kibble. In my opinion adding some raw meat, and/or things like raw chicken (raw! Not cooked) with bones will greatly improve the kibble. Ask five greyhound owners what the best food/ diet is, you will get ten different opinions
  7. You did the right thing, correcting her and making her get down. If it only happened in that one spot, it was probably the chair, but it could have been you. Hopefully it was the chair, much easier to manage. I would make the chair off limits for now, and see how she does. Fletcher was not allowed to sleep with me because he did not share well, but he learned to share the couch just fine.
  8. We used for Sallie. I didn’t notice that it helped much, but at that point, not much was helping . Maybe if given earlier, or with less pain? As Jen said, it is supposed to enhance the other pain meds, not relieve pain itself.
  9. It did seem to help, along with his gabapentin. He was only on it for about 6 months before he passed though.
  10. Excellent update! Conner was on Galliprant, it didn't give him any problems, but hardly anything did
  11. That is a relatively good update! If you can give her a good quality of life for 6-8 months for an adorable (again, relatively!) cost, good for you and her
  12. Poor Sweep! Conner had a wonky foot and a bad toe. We managed it with meds and laser treatments, but it looks like Sweep’s toe issue is different. Whatever you decide
  13. It depends on the day. She ate well on her birthday, but it was a sardine day, those usually go over well
  14. Many greys are very cat like, in that they go do their own thing. One of my broodies was what someone on GT described as a "background" dog. Not meaning it in a negative way, just that she was the opposite of an in-your-face attention hog She would often go outside or into the bedroom and hang out by herself. Doesn't mean she wasn't happy here, or that it didn't break my heart when she passed. They are also very sensitive, and changes in their world, like moving or having a baby (you, not him!) take them a while to process. He sounds pretty normal to me
  15. I am so very sorry for your loss. I know Pat is happy to see him again
  16. I just stacked the slumberball on top of an old round Costco bed, but the slumberball still has some poof
  17. Val had to miss the Golden Girls party last year She was hoping to go this year, but, pandemic
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