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  1. I thought exactly the same thing when I saw that face!
  2. Wow, that will give you whiplash! I hope the treatments help her feel better and she can stay for awhile
  3. I know that scream and it is the worst sound I have ever heard.
  4. I agree, toss a treat to make sure he is fully awake, those incidents both sound like fear based startle reactions, as you have said. Greyhound signals can be very subtle, and at three months, you are all still getting to know one another. If you can be patient with him, I think you are on the right track. Gus sounds like a very timid but loving boy
  5. Ernie sounds like he was a joy to be with. I am so sorry for your loss
  6. Conner would eat absolutely anything, except raw carrots. Someone on GT, I forget who, called him a food whore, and that described him perfectly Raw carrots were the only thing he spit out.
  7. I haven’t tried the wipes yet, they are going on my next Chewy order, but I have tried the rubber finger thing. I have found that it was about as acceptable to the dogs as a toothbrush, and since none of mine were happy with the toothbrush, we never used it long enough to see if it worked.
  8. My broodies have had a variety of personalities, but I think one thing they all had in common was confidence in who they were (queens of the universe, that would be ) My 90 lb hyper, leash aggressive issue boy could be calmed and quelled with one look. One broodie glance, not even a tiny growl, and it was “ma’am, yes ma’am, sorry ma’am, won’t happen again”
  9. Sweep I knew you would do great! oh and wonderful news on the wrist thingy!
  10. Oh no! Poor Grace, but I expect she will soon have forgotten all about it. Val is missing one of her upper canines but it happened before I got her so I have no idea what happened. Like Grace she has no prey drive, so who knows.
  11. Val agrees with Sweep, no “chewables” for her I have resorted to breaking them into small pieces and doing the shove down the throat method. For her regular daily meds I wrap them in Velveeta. Velveeta is better than any other processed cheese slices for this
  12. When Conner got sick (vomiting every few hours, even when there was nothing left to come up) I took him to the e-vet and they did blood tests and an ultrasound. Found nodules on his liver and elevated liver levels I was sure it was cancer. We never did figure out what made him sick, but his levels went back to normal, the nodules never developed into anything, and he was fine. Not a vet (or play one on TV) but it does seem that infection or illness elsewhere will temporarily send liver values out of whack. Hope this is all it is for Jeter
  13. Rosie sounds like a character I am so sorry for your loss
  14. I wouldn’t be happy about someone adding broccoli to my food either Good luck with Su. The only reason Val is currently eating relatively well is the herbs her vet prescribed that stimulate her appetite. Otherwise, I am sure we would be in your shoes.
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