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  1. O!! M!! GEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Those loud blowing yard doods was here for 3 1/2 hours!!! Course there was only two of them! And the yard was a mess!! Now the yard and the deck and the pateeyo are all clean and nice and it all looks a-MAZ-ing!!! Now Momma just hasta figger out how to pay for it!!! She better not use any of my bikkie munnies!!!!!! Plus also, the tank cleaner dood called back and their tech dood is coming out tamarrow to try and clean our oil tank sludge. Everybody cross your paws that their system works!! Miss Ducky, this shed drama is kinda slipping into
  2. Hello my Friendlies! Sposed to be mostly sunnings today with just some hi cloudings coming and going. But it is very foggy so far, so no sunnings at all this morning! Plus also, it's very cold so the roads are kinda icy. Miss Ivy, it sounds like *everybody* got torchoored at the vetamarian!!!! Sorry you gots tonhave anuther dentill. GO MISS LOOSY!!!! Miss Ducky!! What's going on NAOWWWWW!???????? Mister Gino, are you sleeping in the living room all nite long?? Miss Wiki is getting her pakkige! Sometime! Miss Jenn had a nice birfday trip in the snow
  3. That's all from here for today my Friendlies!! Kibble kisses and Buddy Bisket dreams!! NITEY NITE!! Andipants
  4. Hello my Friendlies! Probly at least partly sunning today, then mostly sunning tamarrow. Momma mite get some of the branches moved around more better so we can get to all our potty places. The yard doods are spsosed to come this week, but she bets it will be next week till they can get to us. OK. I gots some pics of the storm and the afters. This is when it was still just starting on Thirdsday nite. It was mostly snow then cause the freezing rainings were the next day. 20210211_234922 by Greysmom6, on Flickr This is us looking at the sound of a car crash out on the
  5. Miss Ducky it's really nice to know that your efforts are preesheeyated, even affer you're not there anymore!! Momma was gonna watch that Brite an Byootiful show but she always forgot about it. Maybe she'll catch the reruns. Anty Jennie, Momma has always thotted one of the trabesties of translating the HP books to the movies was that all the great secondary character stories - like Neville's - gotted lefted out. How was you birthday Mister Pippin?? Miss Daphne, I DO NOT LIKE ICINGS AND SNOWINGS!!!! Really I do not!!! Momma made fone calls around but she hasn't found
  6. Hello my Friendlies!! Well, the saga of the non-working furnace goes on and on!!!! We are using little tiny hot air blowers all over the house and they are keeping us warm. Thank goodness we gots our lektricals back!!! But the jury is still out on whether we got to replace our whole furnace or just clean it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISTER PIPPIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Momma also had to work extra hard to get the lappytopper working this morning. Things just take sooooooo loooooong!!!! I mite be back later affer Momma makes her fone calls and stuff. But we are happy to be warm a
  7. That clause in in adoption contracts because they don't want you to make money off your retired racers, I think. Lots of us have PALs and do AKC events with our adopted dogs. There's also LGRA and NOTRA (Large Gasehound Racing assoc and N-something Oval Track Racing Assoc) events to look into. You might want to do a Blue Slip ownership transfer first to make things easier. Just make sure she's in racing condition before taking her to any kind of racing trial. Lots of daily walking and exercise in the back yard will help keep her in shape.
  8. Momma says she really loved her shower! It was really HAWT and really LO-O-O-O-O-NG! That's all from here for today my Friendlies!! Kibble kisses and Buddy Bisket dreams!! NITEY NITE!! Andipants
  9. We still gots lektricities, but our skedool gotted all mixed up again cause now the furnace isn't working again!!!! It was doing ok from when the bad service dood was here, then we losted our powers. Then it did ok overtime from when the lektricals comed back on until about 5:30 this morning. The same bad service dood comed to fix it again. Apparent,y, the lines from our tank need cleaning. Momma's never heard of such a thing, but she'll call about it tamarrow and see what the what is up. Fo4choonately, we still gots lekttricals, so we can use space heater instead and stay pr
  10. Yeah!!!!!!! We finally gots our lectricals back!!! 3:34 pee emm this affernoon!!! Daddy turned the hot air blower on IMMEDIATELY and it popped rite on! Now the house is nice and warm and I can stretch out in comfort! I know I missed loads of stuff, so I will try an ketch up tamarrow morning. That's all from here for today my Friendlies!! Kibble kisses and Buddy Bisket dreams!! NITEY NITE!! Andipants
  11. No change. And found out we may not get power for several more days. No idea what the issues are. The power company stopped giving reasons and estimates days ago. This is getting to the point of absurdity now. Dennis may be here by himself if he won't change his mind and leave. Though power is still a problem all over. At least we're above freezing. There's no wifi, so I've been going through phone data like water. My cell bill is going to be insane. Hopefully we'll be lucky today, but I'm not expecting anything. Later MC eA
  12. No change. Yet. Supposedly our power is coming. I will be convinced when my lights turn on. In other news, McDonald's hot chocolate is really really good!!! Thank goodness for food delivery!!!! Later Gaters!! Miss Chris et Al
  13. Today's status is still unchanged. No power for us, along with 200 thousand other folks, and no time frame for getting it back. Everything in the fridge and freezer is spoiled. And we're pretty much out of hot water left in the hot water heater. I *really* want a shower!!! We even tried to go to a hotel yesterday, but no one would answer the phone! Maybe I'll try again today. The dogs are fine, but Dennis and I are getting tired of dealing with this. At least we can have hot food delivered, and get out of the house, now that the snow and ice have melted. Glad every
  14. Still no powers. Though Momma gotten a email from the company last nite saying our powers was back, except they weren't, so she hadda call and tell them we were still out. So hopefully soon. Later Gaters! . AndiPants
  15. Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!! It's the Pokkyclypse!!!!!! All the ice is falling off the trees and it's like a shooting gallery outside!!!! How am I sposed to potty in this???? Still no lektricals. This is messed up!!! Later Gaters!! . AndiPants
  16. Still no lektricals. I am bored. But we are getting lots naps! It's sposed to start warming up tamarrow, but it was (barely) over freezing all day today and all the ice is melting and crashing off the trees. It's really loud and scary!!! Hope I have better news soon. NITEY NITE!! . AndiPants
  17. No powers yet. Momma is sitting in the car warming up and trying to charge up our phones! I DO NOT LIKE ICEINGS!!!! We are fine. The Momma and Daddy are kinda cold. Later Gaters!! Andipants
  18. We had no lektricals all day and it's starting to get cold in our house!!! It's still below freezing outside with freezing rain still falling!! We got like a inch of the stuff!! We mite hafta go to the neighbors who gots a wood stove if they don't get our power on soon!! I can't postie again til we get it back cause Momma's phone is running outta joose. Stay safe and warm and dry all my Friendlies!!! NITEY NITE!! AndiPants
  19. We've had horrible freezing rainings all affernoon!!! There's, like, a haff inch of icings on top of a couppla inches of snow. I DO NOT LIKE ICINGS!!! It makes my leg hurt. And it's slippery!! And I hafta walk with starfish paws all over! And we losted our lectricals once already tonite. Momma expects it to go again sometime. Hello Miss Chick!!! That's all from here for today my Friendlies!! Kibble kisses and Buddy Bisket dreams!! NITEY NITE!! Andipants
  20. Hello my Friendlies! Well, we thot our snowing was gonna be a big old BUST last nite! It was just icey pellets and freezingk rainings until about 10 pee emm. Then we finally got about a inch or two of real snowings!! Then it qwit for a while, but this morning it's been snowing litely since the sunnings came up. We're sposed to get a LOT more snowings (or maybe freezingk rainings again) overnite tonite. Thanks for the YUMMO snaks Miss Summer!!! Fries and donuts and eggies!!! Miss Fancy, I think my Momma is gonna go nutso having me on the leash for 3 more munfs too!!! Wh
  21. If you can call and talk with your vet, maybe send in a picture, and they can advise what OTC powder/clay/soak can help it would save a trip in - though he probably does need to be looked at, at some point, just to make sure. It might have started out as a scrape or poke and got out of hand, or it could be a fungus, or many other things. You could start with epsom salt soaks, which will help with a lot of things. 1 TBLSP of epsom salts dissolved in 1-1 1/2 C hot water. Cool until tolerated. Soak a washcloth in solution and wrap around the foot, cover with a plastic bag and secure
  22. No snow for us tonite I gess. Just ice pellets falling from the sky making everything all slickery!!! Oh. And my surgeon called back to say - or his tech did - saying I can't do any running till he sees me in MAY!!!!!! I am gonna go to crazy town before then!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's all from here for today my Friendlies!! Kibble kisses and Buddy Bisket dreams!! NITEY NITE!! Andipants
  23. Hello my Friendlies!! Since everybody is FREEKING OUT about being on page 49, I will go ahead and start the new Club! Remember the Houndie Rules: 1 - No see, no sky, no pee 2 - If you see (or are standing in) snow, let it go!! And the Humin Rules: 1 - No politicking ever!!!! Welcomes to all our Friendly Lurkers, Club members, New posters, and any body else that has something to say! Have fun and be nice!! Later Gaters! Andipants
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