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  1. Sweep, you are so beautiful. Happy birthday!
  2. I already purchased my holiday stamps; by mistake. I picked up the stamp card at BJ's and didn't realize I chose holiday stamps. After they handed them to me, I figured I will just put them away. Oh, that was in July!
  3. It was so nice to see you and Chris again this year. For us, the event was very nice. As a vendor, I don't get to participate very much with the other event activities, but heard that the boat ride was very nice. I hope the walking tours were fun as well.
  4. Mary Pat, I am so very sorry to read this. I do hate cancer. It is the thief who robs us, every day, of those we love.
  5. You might have a greyhound if you have more art, statues, jewelry or t-shirts with greyhounds on them.
  6. There are vendors in the firehouse. I've gotten the info from my friend who runs it. As of two weeks ago, she had four spaces available. I don't really know how many vendors there are in the convention center. Once we get the e-booklet, I could let you know. Look for Houndtime Clocks/Zoom Doggies Coats in the convention center.
  7. I use the Two Hounds Harness with the double lead. It is actually less expensive on Chewy than buying it from two hounds.
  8. No advice just wanted to say that I am sorry for the sad diagnosis.
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