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  1. Two beautiful girlies. I am so happy for you.
  2. Happiest of birthdays to roo from Shine and Odin in lower Delaware.
  3. That is so enjoyable. So many beautiful dogs.
  4. I just tried them recently for a diarrhea episode with my Odin, and they really work. It seems to me that the volume of poop has increased but I guess that is due to the added bulk.
  5. So handsome. I am so very sorry for your loss.
  6. I am so sad and sorry for your loss.
  7. Welcome from Delaware. Mike is very handsome.
  8. I am glad we got to meet him. Why is life so cruel sometimes? I am so very sorry for your loss.
  9. Silly me. I was waiting for something "wild" to happen.
  10. I crate our dogs at night and when we leave the house. The amount of time your dogs are spending in their crates seems excessive. Is there a reason?
  11. I am here already awaiting your arrival.
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