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  1. That other dog was off lead and not restrained. What if it was a larger dog and had attacked Sully? That could happen with an off lead dog. It's the other owner's fault for allowing his dogs to rush up on yours. No one can assume what a dog will do when approached by a loose dog. And, size of the dog does not matter. One of our greys was attacked by Yorkshire Terrier. He received over 30 bites and punctures up and down his legs. Sorry, not sorry. It's not your dog's fault.
  2. Glad you are back and feeling well. I am sorry about Andy, but Abu is very handsome and sweet looking.
  3. Happiest of birthdays to roo from Flying Odin in lower Delaware.
  4. Happiest of birthdays to roo from Flying Odin in lower Delaware.
  5. Oh, Wendy, this is so sad. I am so very sorry for your loss. We have all lost so many dogs this year.
  6. I have had 4 ft fences with greyhounds for 20 years and they have never tried to jump the fence. I have 3 ft. green storm fencing separating the yard from the patio and grassy areas and they have never budged that fence either. I think you have to know and watch your dogs. We always go out with them; in all kinds of weather. I wouldn't swear that it is 100% safe as stuff happens. We can't keep our doggies in a padded room, either.
  7. I have Chrysanthemum coats. I have the first two for 20 years. I have the all-weather coats with a light fleece lining, but they do make them without the liner.
  8. I am sorry for your loss. You were his best friend and he looked to you to keep him safe and well. You took away his pain. He will be in your heart forever.
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