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  1. If, you please, Shine does like chicken, sweets and cheese. She like BIG toys she can drag around. The bigger the better she even pulls on the ground. We don't do Christmas, Hanukkah is our choice. For Christmas carols we have no voice. Miss Shine weighs 69, but she looks fine in a pinch. I would say her length is medium or a 29 inch. What ever Santa brings will make her happy and she would share with her brother as he gets yappy. Thanks.
  2. Ho, ho and ho. I started my Secret Santa shopping today!!
  3. Houndtime


    Please add our friends' girl Nadia. She slipped on the ice and was limping. It was determined that she had osteo. Another greyt grey taken by cancer.
  4. Both of my dogs got the same person, so I don't think that is correct.
  5. Wishing you a most happy birthday from Shine and Odin in lower Delaware.
  6. Our deck steps were icy yesterday. The dogs went down, but they wouldn't come up. So, I figured, I would get their leashes, walk them around the front and into the garage. I went into the house, got the leashes and opened the garage. When I came back to the porch, they were both on the deck waiting for me. I guess they got nervous that I would leave them outside. Silly pups.
  7. Tricia and Burke, we are so very sorry for the loss of your beautiful Holly. I do hate cancer. It is the thief who robs us, every day, of those we love. Take comfort in knowing that your sweet girl is at peace, pain free and running once again with the wind.
  8. Mary Pat, How do we get our information to you. Will you use a questionnaire? Thanks for doing this.
  9. Hey guys. This is a fun idea.
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