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  1. That sounds perfect.....so sweet. We all grieve, but the innocence and love of a child is so special.
  2. Virtual hugs to you. Along with our sympathy
  3. Of course on all the photos - what comforts you will comfort children as well. Our Ronee (rollover ronee) passed away when our grandboys were 2 and 4. They live close and were here frequently pre-pandemic. Ronee was the favorite of our 3 greyhounds - super soft and always gentle ...the boys were frequently found curled up with Ronee on her bed sleeping. For a year or so after Ronee died the second the boys came over their first comments were about Ronee “where’s Ronee” “Ronee died didn’t she?” “Is Ronee still in heaven?” “We miss Ronee” . We would quietly say we missed Ronee too and tha
  4. Welcome back! Great pics (again)
  5. On January 3rd, Teddy Palmer’s birthday, Halfway home greyhounds in Tulsa, OK officially posted on their website: “With the changing racing greyhound industry and many of the greyhound farms closing, there are fewer greyhounds that need homes. With the lack of greyhounds along with family health issues, it is with sadness and a ”greyt” sense of accomplishment, that halfway Home Greyhound Adoption closed its doors in 2020. Since 2001 we have helped over 6,670 racing and farm greyhounds move into adoption groups and forever homes. Thank you - we could not have done this without you
  6. Welcome and you’re welcome here no matter if your new greyhound is adopted after (or before 😂) racing or not! Mine are all adopted ex racers so I’m of no help to you either. But a big hello.
  7. Hi there - bluey is quite handsome! Looks like a keeper to us 😃. Welcome to gt
  8. Omg - great way to start my morning with a laugh!
  9. Phog says welcome to the elite eight annie! Happy birthday
  10. Jill and Phog say thank you rocket man for such a greyt idea! Kind of like a special toast to rocket!
  11. Oh thank you! I agree - bring on Thanksgiving! Oh wait - were by ourselves this year 😁. Seriously tho.....one of my all time favorite gt pics!
  12. I know - darned corns! Like with your Rex it broke our hearts to see him hobble. Phog is doing great! Thanks!!!
  13. So far we are really impressed - his gait is now smooth! So good to see. I know some are having good success with cimetidine (Tagamet). But Phog has a heart murmur and also is in remission from a bout of pemphigus (probably spelled wrong!) and still takes low dose meds for that - so we never tried that route. I’ll try to update if there’s any change - and let you know when the corns have all (or have not) exfoliated. GreytOwl When you have a few more posts you can message me and feel free to do so!
  14. Birthday greetings and scratches to Katie!!! And many more ♥️♥️
  15. All greyhound people get it! Loved your stories....I feel like I knew Walter ♥️
  16. Phog has suffered with 4 corns on 3 of his feet since we adopted him. When we first heard about Dr Mike Guilliard flexor tenotomy surgery on gt, of course, we were hopeful. Started following the results. About a year ago we started inquiring around the kc area to find a vet that had or would do the procedure. Last summer we were referred to Dr Heather Millard, a surgeon at blue pearl Overland Park. So weird with COVID protocol that we’ve never met her! At our phone consultation during her initial exam of Phog she seemed quite knowledgeable on the anatomy and basis of the surgery - she im
  17. Jan - I cant tell you how many mornings Cletus stories were part of our breakfast table! What a great story - from the beginning of his happy home with you until he crossed the bridge. We will all miss Cletus shenanigans. Thank you for sharing this special old fella with all of us! ♥️
  18. Many thoughts and prayers coming your way. Phog had surgery last week - so the “scary surgery day” is a very fresh memory. Burdette will be in a very capable surgeons hands.
  19. I’m sure Dr Millard would be happy to talk to other vets too - she was very pleased with how the procedure went today. He is home! Of course the weather here (after months of dry weather) has turned damp - so until the bandages come off - we have to keep them dry when leash walking ☹️ They sent him home with iv bag coverings 😂😂 but my brilliant hubby has taken a pair of his bike socks and is spraying the bottoms with flex steel paint - hopefully the invented socks will be easier to put on and take off. I’ll keep you posted on his recovery and success (hopefully) thursday update - he h
  20. I’m so sorry - they Take a piece of your heart. From experience and our vets advice - always better a day too early than a day too late. You gave wags the greatest gift of love.
  21. As always GT is the best for advice, help and friendship. Thank you so much to greytpups and fiveRooooers for all your guidance and PMs. Phog has fought Corns since we got him - we have tried everything - and I mean everything. I have been researching and following flexor tenotomy surgery since we first heard about it (on GT, I’m pretty sure)... Wednesday he is having the surgery. Believed to be the first in KC. thanking all here for thoughts and prayers in advance.
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