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  1. seeh2o


    What a beautiful tribute for a beautiful soul. Thank you for sharing your girl with us. I'm so sorry, she left way too soon
  2. Thank you, Dick, I really appreciate it. Barney is a very happy go lucky boy, but didn't get the memo that greyhounds don't bark. He is sometimes known as the fun police around here! Gildy is a firecracker. Small and mighty, she rules the boys. She's quite a hunter, too. In the short time I've had her, she has killed two squirrels. Barney ran in and grabbed the second one and gobbled it down in about 30 seconds. He was kind enough to leave a paw behind for Gildy to enjoy. Life with dogs!
  3. Bowie had her front right leg amputated when she was 9, also. I did take her for walks post amputation and during chemo, but they were short and I tried to keep her on grass. She was a BIG girl and that was a lot of weight on that remaining leg and paw. I tried a variety of harnesses, but none of them worked very well, they would all twist around her. The one from Roughwear was the best, but it has a lot of fabric on it, not good for walking when it's warm outside. I'm puzzled as to why your oncologist didn't want her to go to physical therapy during chemo. I did make walks shorter around chemo, I let her decide if she wanted to go for a walk or not on chemo day and the day after because she would be tired. Have you visited the Tripawd site? There is a ton of information on there and they keep it up to date. If I can find the exercises and stretches Bowie's oncologist wanted me to do with her I'll scan them and send them to you. Not sure if I'll be able to find them, but I'll try! We moved in October, so finding things is "fun". Bo made it 2 years and one month, she was a tough happy girl. I miss her terribly.
  4. Could you tell me about my two, please? Bam's Barney (Barney) and Mega San Onofre (now Goldy - she wouldn't answer to Onofre and that name has bad bad juju here in Southern California). Both ran at Caliente at the track in Tijuana. Gildy is a broodie and a pup from my beloved Bowie's (Bella Run Softly) last litter. Bo passed in December and, unbeknownst to me at the time, Gildy had been in a foster home with our group side October. Thank you!
  5. If she really seems visually impaired, I would make an appointment with a board certified veterinarian ophthalmologist. I'm sorry you are both dealing with this.
  6. Cleptogrey, he is now being eaten alive by mosquitoes. The Advantage Multi seems to have kicked in for the fleas. He came in Saturday night and his mosquito bites had mosquito bites. I had to give him Benadryl so he wouldn't scratch his fur off overnight. So now I need something with a mosquito repellent, too. He needs a BIG bubble <sigh>
  7. We're pretty lucky here, heartworm isn't an issue - yet
  8. How frequently do you have to apply it? I think I had the water based version years and years ago when Carl was being eaten alive by fleas.
  9. I just can't wrap my head around that giving a dog a pill that puts bug poison in their veins is ever truly safe. After talking to Bowie's oncologist about it when she was going through chemo, I hate even using the topicals.
  10. Thanks for that info. When I went back and searched here, you were the only person who had used it. I guess I'll cross that of my list.
  11. I'm looking for a topical that will work for fleas and ticks. We had to move last year and now have a massive flat yard with tons of fruit trees (at least 11 different varieties of orange trees), which has a lot of wildlife at night who brings in fleas and ticks. The Seresto collar is ok for my little girl who is black, but it's not good enough for my party boy who is white and red - think pink skin. The fleas just love him. Right now I'm using Advantage Multi which came in their new adoptee bags, but it doesn't work against ticks. I'm interested in Frontline Gold, saw a thread about it, but there haven't been any updates since 2017. I'm hoping there may be more users with feedback by now.
  12. Cleptogrey, I'm considering Frontline Gold. Our new place is like a park, so lots of critters bringing in critters, lots of fleas, lots of mosquitoes, and I am assuming ticks as well.
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