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  1. Bowie She was also part of Dr. Mason's vaccine study, she was part of the second wave of it, the expanded field trial.
  2. She looks pretty cool, sort ifof a charcoal color when next to a jet back greyhound. I'm still trying to get a good photo of her color, but it's so hard with a black dog!
  3. I know it sounds crazy, but it's not white hair or fur, it's almost like it's turning into all silver blue or steel gray undercoat, no black guard hairs. I would love to post a picture, I don't know how well it would show up, but I can't seem to post photos anymore now that Photobucket is not viable. If I could email one to you maybe you could post to this thread for me?!
  4. Gildy is my third black greyhound, I've had greyhounds for many years now, but I'm seeing something I've never come across before. Gildy is turning blue. It's not like a gray face or chest as in the aging process, I am very familiar with that (Doodles lived to be 14 and was very gray in the face and front of her chest). Gildy's face is turning gray like normal, she's 5.5 years old. She's turning blue from the underside up. Her neck is blue and it's starting to wrap around to her ears. The sides of her chest are turning blue and it's moving up towards her back, as are the lower part of her thighs. The blue fur is bunny soft, too. When I adopted Carl, he had red patches of fur because it was August and he was still blowing his winter coat, plus he was living at an all breed shelter in the high desert, so I'm familiar with that color change. Has anyone ever experienced this? Gildy is as healthy as a horse, her mama, my beloved girl, Bowie, was a blue fawn.
  5. I hold on to them for a long long time and reuse in a pinch.
  6. Please add Harlan AKA Mega Parhump. He was one of Bowie's pups from her first litter. He came off the track, we discovered he had PRA. He went to a home who seemed to welcome him until he was 8 years old and had lost all of his sight and they returned him. I have no kind words for that. A friend of mine fostered him, showed him the love and gave him the life he so deserved. She had taken him on an adventure to the pet store the day before he passed, he was so happy - you could see it in the photos. She woke up the next morning and he had had a massive stroke. There was nothing to be done. He's running free and seeing in Technicolor with his mama Bowie now.
  7. seeh2o


    Bowie's pup, Harlan, from her first litter passed suddenly and unexpectedly on Monday. Gut-wrenching.
  8. And now notification of a 50% increase for two dogs, one is 4 the other 5, and not one claim submitted. I've emailed them and am now shopping for companies. #healthpaws
  9. Doodles did something like this. It was early morning and cold, so she was sleeping in a coat. I heard a squeak, thought she was dreaming (she was on a dog bed outside of my room), then another a few minutes later she gave a scream. I ran out to check on her and she had rolled off the dog bed onto the floor. Totally dead weight, completely still. I thought she'd had a stroke. I was trying to get her pajamas off of her and, it was just like you described, she was completely limp. I finally got them off of her, they were filled with static. It took a while, but she got up and was physically fine. She was a spook when she came to me, when this happened months had passed and she was doing a lot better, but this set her back for a short while. She became her old spooky self again for a free weeks. All I could imagine was that the static made the coat cling more tightly to her and scared her. She had a couple of other episodes like this in her life, but none as prolonged and scary as this.
  10. My beautiful broodie, Bowie, was part of the expand field trial of her vaccine. She passed with coat lungs 25 months after her first limp. I'm very grateful, still in mourning, but grateful.
  11. I think I'm going to start wearing one myself!
  12. Doodles did that at first when she came home, she got over it pretty quickly. I think it was a trust thing.
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