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  1. My beautiful broodie, Bowie, was part of the expand field trial of her vaccine. She passed with coat lungs 25 months after her first limp. I'm very grateful, still in mourning, but grateful.
  2. I think I'm going to start wearing one myself!
  3. Doodles did that at first when she came home, she got over it pretty quickly. I think it was a trust thing.
  4. My vet won't prescribe it.
  5. How do you get them to pay for it?! Based on diagnosis? This is incredible news.
  6. Just seeing this, sending healing thoughts. I hope they can figure this out and get back up to speed.
  7. You're welcome! I'm excited that retired racers will be represented!
  8. The Dog Aging Project is once again enrolling dogs into their study! I enrolled Doodles into it years ago. They are really hoping to find people who know what year their dogs were born (we greyhound owners typically do!) and if you've had your dog since it was young, know its history, etc. I just enrolled Gildy because I have access to some of the people who took care of her when she was younger and, because I know her mama - Bowie. Please consider enrolling your dog! It's free and the researchers are really nice. When I had to let them know that Doodles had passed, they wrote me a sweet note to let me know that her DNA will continue on with the project and help others down the road. She lived to the beautiful age of 14, I was so fortunate <3. https://dogagingproject.org/
  9. I heard about this 2 years ago! Bowie's oncologist was talking about it. This article is from 2017, I wonder if there's an update and what's happening with the drug.
  10. Just a cautionary tale here. Carl got nailed by another dog on the top of his head, at the same time his nail was pulled completely out. The ER vet really messed up what should have been at the most, 6 stitches and never so much as cleaned the paw/nail bed. He ended up going to a different ER about 12 hours later when he was brought home (I was on vacation in Hawaii at the time) his head was massively swollen and he looked like a lab. He spent 5 days in the hospital. Again, torn toenail was never attended to because they were so worried about the head. Later, he began limping, they thought it was osteo, until it wasn't. He died horribly at home of sepsis - needlessly, I couldn't get him to the emergency vet fast enough. I had taken him to really great vets because of the botched stitches, when I asked about the toenail, everyone poo-pooed it. Moving forward, I always make sure when they rip out a toenail that it gets cleaned and they go on antibiotics.
  11. I'll take a look! I was just at one of the Costcos in Las Vegas last weekend and here in LA on Tuesday. I'll look again, thanks for the heads up.
  12. Wow, they don't have them at our Costco stores here or in Las Vegas. Rats!
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