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  1. my Poodle mix is HIGHLY allergic to organic white chicken breast. She vomited for over a year before I figured it out. I was poisoning her.
  2. 5 days with no vomiting !!!! I have made sure she only has the RX food and treats, and so far she is doing better. Meds are finished now too. I am curious what kind of anti inflammatory you are referring to ? I know some can cause irritation. Thank you
  3. Yes, they are the ones who did the scope and the original ultrasound. She was given a shot the day she vomited 9 times, and then we have Sucralfate that she was on twice a day for 10 days. No vomiting for 2 days with no meds so far. Keeping my fingers crossed. I also started a probiotic yesterday
  4. I have tried ginger in treats and in her water, she won't touch it.
  5. When she was a young pup, we were told to feed her a ginger cookie from Trader Joes an hour before trips in the car. Worked great, but she will no longer eat them.
  6. The diary is a good idea, I will start that today. She had a stomach and small intestine biopsy, and they said it showed inflammation. That was about 14 months ago. My vet does suspect IBS. I will see if the labs you suggest were done, thank you
  7. Thank you for your replies....let me see if I can answer all the questions. Yes, she had another ultrasound 1 week ago, and I know she has not swallowed a foreign object. She is a VERY picky eater, and she only eats small amounts when the mood strikes. She is a nibbler, small amounts all afternoon and evening. She has food available all the time, and gets small amounts of canned food twice a day, but doesn't eat it very often. She doesn't like food in the morning, so I am thinking she wakes up with nausea? Had Sucralfate (sp?) last night like she has had the last week+, this morning w
  8. I have a 23 month old Poodle mix who has had issues with vomiting since we brought her home as a puppy. We switched foods a million times (plenty of time with each change), took to the vet hundreds of times, she has had labs, been scoped, had an ultrasound, was tested for liver duct twisting (? I can't remember what it was called), and was down to eating boiled organic chicken, all to no avail. After too many food switches, I realized that she is allergic to chicken and all poultry. The new vet I took her to thought we should try her on Royal Canin Hydrolyzed protein diet, which seemed to real
  9. We donated all of her things (except for a couple of special collars) to Project Pooch, which is a program ran by our local juvenile prison. They have an amazing program training dogs and then adopting them out. They were very thankful, and said that with the cut backs on taxes, they are afraid they will not get many donations. Thank you all.. I know my post was silly, of course we all miss them when they are gone. The house just seems out of balance. We moved here 10 years ago, and we brought Ruby home the following Summer. She belonged here.
  10. It has been 8 days since Ruby left us. I still look for her all day long, listen for her feet coming down the hall, and yesterday, while I was napping in another room, I swear I heard her rustling around. I just miss her. We have a 18 month old Poodle mix who is sweet, and silly, but there was such a sense of calm seeing Ruby laying upside down on her bed. I miss her
  11. I'm so sorry....it is so hard when they are sick. Sending prayers.
  12. Thank you all so much. We miss her terribly. I keep thinking she is just asleep in the corner, but when I look, it is bare. She was such a perfect girl. She never stole food, begged, chewed up anything, pottied in the house (except on meds, not her fault) barked, or did anything to scare a soul. She was amazing, and I will always hold her close in my heart.
  13. Our sweet girl Ruby had to leave us Saturday after a slip and fall that happened about 3 weeks prior. She became painful when we touched her, she quit wagging her tail, and her eyes told us it was time. She had injured her neck in the fall, and no matter what we tried, she was in pain. The last 2 days she started to limp on her front foot. Ruby came to live with us almost 9 years ago, and what a blessing she was to us. She became my 2 year old grandsons best buddy, playing together and laying down, curled up for a nap each afternoon. They adored each other. Everyone that came to our home f
  14. What to do , what to do...... thank you all. Last night she woke up in the wee hours of the morning needing to pee, so out she went. We did watch her tank up on water all day yesterday, so that has got to be the problem.
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