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  1. Hoping you all have a comfortable night and a good day tomorrow.
  2. Prayers that some calls will come in about Bella now that this is out: https://www.jdnews.com/story/news/2021/10/20/jacksonville-couple-searching-their-dog-after-house-fire/8525257002/ If you are unable to view it, I'll snap a pic of the print version when it comes out. I asked the reporter not to include me but she still did. Owners have been able to find a new place to rent. They are very lucky because their is a rental housing shortage here and many don't allow dogs. The drone guy backed out. We reviewed the flyer-over area. It's too woody and Bella is too small. We can revisit this idea depending on sightings.
  3. Nancy, my grandparents had the Queens NY version of a Pittsburg toilet. I almost got a rash looking at all the knickknacks in that house. Hopefully they aren't a distraction so you won't see where the warts are.
  4. If the owner hasn't seen this side of her dog, film it on your phone. Have you tried sitting nearby but not looking directly at her? Perhaps toss some small treats like pieces of hotdogs of chicken since they are "high value".
  5. Just finished an interview with the reporter. She's talking with little lost Bella's owners next. The story should be in the online version tomorrow and in print in 2-3 days. I sure hope we get a sighting reported out of this.
  6. Hi Molly! Laila, you gonna be famous! No sign of liddle Bella the missing chiwawa. Sadly, the owners had been fostering a spaniel dog and it died in the fire. There is a sight chance that a neighbor may have taken the dog and swooped her away. Not enough evidence to contact the police yet, but are still sleuthing. One little ray of hope is that a newspaper reporter has agreed to an interview today. When I emailed her I used a hook in the subject line, "Not your usual lost dog story". That got her attention. Now let's hope we can get other sightings reported. Plusalso, I was able to contact a licensed drone operator but we need more sightings first.
  7. Wowza! Waking up to 45 degrees outside this morning! Gonna be quite chilly for us for several days. It's perfectly fine is my yankee and Canadian friends get a "hold my beer" chuckle out of that.
  8. I found 2 big dogs today and got them back to their owner. No sightings on the liddle chihuahua, Bella.
  9. Nice cool 53 pedigree morning with a slight breeze. Just right for yardwork and (hopefully) keeping the mosquitos at bay.
  10. Vanessa, cleptogrey said this about your print: Can't make out the signature. It's a signed, numbered print. Style is contemporary. I would say with in the last 20 years. There should be a date near the signature. Nicely framed. I'm not sure of it's a glicee print of a limited edition print. That type of high quality copy goes for $30-50. If you enjoy it that's what counts. I have strange not signed works in my collection of useless items.
  11. Vanessa, I sent a PM to cleptogrey asking her to look at those photos. She's quite an expert at IDing greyhound art pieces. No lost chiwawawa updates
  12. Dr Robin, ar yu playin' hooky frum werk? Elizabeth, I forgot about that cadaver bone. I've got one implant (not the saggy kind ) and it was faster. You definitely needed longer healing time. Mr Ducky doesn't have an implant, but he did get a cadaver bone to help the teeth and gums in the very front of his mouth. The gums had receded too much and they had to be yanked up like last week's underwear. Now, go ahead an spring for the new frames! Use the old ones as a spare.
  13. Agreeing with Kathy on that one! Elizabeth, didn't your implant process get started ages ago?
  14. Nuttin' to report today. More flyers going up for the chiwawawa.
  15. Oy, what a long morning. Spent a couple of hours putting up lost dog flyers for a chihuahua mix on the run for a week. At least there was a sighting 2 days ago on a Ring camera. I don't know the owners but the gals that work at CircleK (like a 7 Eleven) had a flyer up made by the owner. Little Bella escaped when their duplex burned down. Husband, wife, and other dog were able to escape but they have nothing so the Red Cross is helping. But little Bella ran off. I drove the husband around today putting up refreshed flyers (I cut part of theirs up, taped onto bright green paper, and inserted into a plastic sleeve. Main roads in the hood are now covered. Hoping we get more sightings, especially with the social media pages I posted on.
  16. Miz Halise, yor appleecayshun fer a Grumpeeness Pass fer tuday habs bin approoved. No good sleepin shud ebber be innerrupted! Liddle Hada, sleep speschalitst I use Nomorobo to block calls on my cell and landline but those dang spammers still get through. I hate it when they spoof a number. The latest warrant call showed up as "Nomorobo" on my caller ID. Now if they were selling extended warranties on my various joints I might be tempted to sign up. No, knot those kinds of joints.
  17. AndiPants, saying that your sister Flizzie wuz normal was the sweetest thing I recall you saying about her. Admit it, you do like her juss a liddle. Thinking of Mary Pat today and her girl Emerald (Emma) getting her wings today. Editing to add that Mary Pat has posted. Vet now says it is lymphoma so they are going to try some treatments.
  18. Good girl Flizzie! Did you get to zone out on Propofol and have a nice trip? Nuttin' new here
  19. I am so sorry that this has happened to you and Emma.
  20. Kathy, was the Rehoboth convention center at the big church along the main road of Rehoboth (knot Rehoboth Beach)?
  21. Has ebberybody recooperated from Dewey? Merc, you home now? I just might have to go to GIG next year. Vanessa, did your choo choo ride get you to your mom's okay? Good luck today Flizzie!
  22. In addition to speaking to him to awaken him, toss a small treat. Maybe he wasn't fully awake when he snapped. Sometimes it's hard to tell when they sleep with their eyes open. You are on the right path. Put his muzzle on him while praising and giving a treat so he associates the muzzle with something good. Maybe put a dab of peanut butter in it too. This could give you and your partner some breathing room and a chance to observe his reaction triggers more closely. My first greyhound took 2 years to stop sleep startling, but I don't know what "flipped the switch".
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