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  1. Zorro, I bet you were trying to tell him he was sitting in a danger zone! Bonus points if he was wearing $300 pants and $500 shoes.
  2. This is an Rx stimulant to encourage eating. We haven't had to try it here. https://www.elanco.us/products-services/dogs/entyce
  3. I don't think it could possibly be any more humid. Just checked and it's 100%! Perhaps that 2 mph breeze will cool me off whilst I go pond walking. Didn't even bother with a shower this mornin because I'll be soaked before I can my first lap done. Hada continues to love her new food! Summer, you are quite the beauty. Vanessa, I see the greyhound was on a bus. https://www.comicskingdom.com/mary-worth/2021-07-30 I like reading Mary Worth and Judge Parker, but sometimes it's hard to follow the story lines. And with Judge Parker the characters nearly all look alike.
  4. Um, Nate? I have met your mom and she is nothing like you describe. And that was even in the very bad heat and humidity of summer when she never would have had a cloak on. I suggest you take a look in the mirror, young man. Oopsy - you can't! Saying something like that would be what being mean would be like. The ducky was solo at the pond today so he got all the peas to himsownself, with a few left over for brunch. Oh, how I wish we had a camper when I was growing up! My parents dragged us all over California, Virginia and Maine with only a tent. And every time we camped in Baja Mexico in the middle of nowhere we had to sleep on the ground with a reminder to shake out our sleeping bag to oust any critters like sneeks and scorpios! We did have a bear go in our tent whilst in Yosemite (I think). We were unpacking the car and had left the zippered tent entrance wide open. Seeing the bear we hopped into the car. Mom tried to 8mm film it. Nowadays that clip coulda won a zillion dollars because it starts with the bear walking around the tent, into the tent, oopsy! as mom flings the camera into the air whilst screaming, and catches said camera in time to record bear waltzing out of our tent. Our food cooler was always secured in the car. We learned later from the park rangers that the previous campers on our site did leave their cooler in the tent. The same bear didn't know how to do zippers so he made his own entrance, exit, and floor slicing after eating the cooler food!
  5. Hada is (so far) loving her new kidney bean food, Royal Canin's Renal Support in the "Tasty" flavor. She has such a very picky tongue that I thought maybe she'd only eat the Beneful wet food and spit the "T" aside. Nope. Who'sagoodgirl?who'sagoodgirl?who'sagoodgirl?
  6. Guess I shoulda added that those 5 lbs in 4 months brought her from 27 lbs to 22 lbs. Percentage-wise dats kinda scary.
  7. Hada, age 13, saw the vet yesterday so we could try and figure out why she needs to go out to pee in the middle of the night. If I don't wake to the sound of her tags rattling, she will go on the carpet. At least it's knot a bucketful like Charlie used to do. As I suspected, her kidney bean values have gotten worse. Urinalysis was fine but her bloodwork should a big uh-oh. On a scale of 1-4 she is now nearly a 3. Notsogood. We will repeat just the bloodwork in a month to gauge the speed of decline. So far she enjoys eating but she has lost 5 lbs in 4 months. Vet has told me what signs to look for if her numbers are getting worse. Through all this she remains my happy and silly clown girlie.
  8. Oddly, only the ducky was at the pond this morning. Knot a goose in sight. He was kinda sad and although he did come up to us for peas, he wasn't his usual silly self.
  9. Jerilyn, regarding Ms Goosey and Mr Ducky (knot my MIsser Ducky), strange things are going on. Bad days are when there is a flock of 30-40 geese at the pond. We can barely get started tossing peas to Goosey and Ducky before we get mobbed by those geese bullies. At least they aren't there everyday. Goosey has disappeared again and this makes Ducky sad. She can still fly, swim and do a hop-walk even with the bad leg. So far she's been MIA for the past week. I hope she returns soon. Ducky is usually knot alone. Two other geese joined him for a couple of weeks, and then a single goose joined up as well. Those 3 have either left or melded back into the big bully pack. Heading out shortly to see them. I just love the way Ducky comes running/waddling up to me. How do I post a video off of FB? Photos I can do but have never figured out videos.
  10. So glad to hear that your Lemming is improving. She's a lucky girl to have you and your boyfriend cheering her on.
  11. Eggsellent poem, Nutmeg! No drama with returning the pickles and moldy blackberries, just yet another mega-grumpy Walmart employee at customer no-service. Did this as a return, knot an exchange, and even she had great difficulty in dealing with no barcode. Wouldn't ya know it? Ya know I had to go look. Every remaining Walmart pickle jar on the shelf had a barcode/nutrition label. The one I'd picked was the only one probably in all of WallyWhirld without the paper label. I have updated my FB messaging to WM and now wait with unbaited breff for their response. I should at least get a prize for my poem, amiright?
  12. Rut-roh! Thunderboomers this morning just as the sun is coming up. My Wiki-walkie will be cancelled. Note that I say "my" Wiki-walkie. Rita,Hada, Lulu, and Georgie much prefer to have a post-brekkie nap. Plusalso, if I brought them to where I walk with some oldie peeps Mr Ducky (knot my Misser Ducky) and Goosey would not enjoy trying to eat their tossed peas (knot pees). Some of you may remember my Toaster vs. Walmart story from oh so many years ago. My new story is the Pickle Saga. Walmart is knot my favorite place to shop, ever. You can imagine my annoyance whilst in self checkout to discover that my store-brand dill pickle jar hast no barcode, nor nutritional label on it. Wut's up wit dat? The attendant fussed and fumed and told me to get another jar. Nope, knot gonna do that. Eventually she found the product on her handheld computer, still couldn't find a scan code but entered something in and finally found it. Note that this is the same attendant who used to go off unsolicited on political opinions back during the election that were contrary to my own. I never complained or reported her then. Revenge could have been sweet until I discovered that the blackberries I'd purchased were moldy. (That was knot visible in the store due to packaging.) So, still annoyed when I get home, I decide to write to Walmart via their Facebook page. Surprisingly, I got a response. An actual human who asked for forgiveness over my experience. Tune in later today to see what happens after I return the pickles, which, by the way, I discovered to have a crack in the metal lid. That explains my shopping bag smelling like vinegar. For your amusement I am posting a portion of my encounter with Ms Walmart Online. If you're gonna be a Karen, might as well make someone laugh. The pickles I purchased had me perplexed. No barcode label had me vexed. How did they ever get on the shelf? By a lid-cracking gnome or a near-sighted elf? Back in the bag it will go on the ‘morrow. No pickles tonight, alas tis my sorrow! signed, your Pickle Patron
  13. Teri, I am so sorry that Rowdy Jill has left you. She is in good company across the Bridge.
  14. Nuttin new here. Rita's eyeball looks fine and is almost healed. Dats all I got udder than to complain about the hot hot hot weather.
  15. Rita looks okay this morning. There's a little scab but no swelling. Normally I would remove her eye boogers but I'll leave the area alone for now. How many of y'all just have to pick away eye boogers?
  16. Rita got a booboo. Georgie thought she wanted to play when they ran outside. She came up on Rita's blind side. Not sure if it was a tooth or toenail that got her. No yelps and no fighting. Rita is acting fine. Not rubbing the spot at all.There is an itty bitty slit in the skin as you look at the right end of the blue line and there was an itty bitty bit of blood. It then tapers to the left. This left eye is the one blinded by Leishmaniasis and any other weird eye things you might see are normal for her. Of course it's now too late to get a vet check. I can put a cone on her if she does start to rub it. The eyeball and moist edge of the eye are fine. Since the cut is so close to the eye I think I shouldn't put Bactracin or other OTC antibiotic ointment on it.
  17. How is Ivy this morning? Did she have dreams last night?
  18. Document everything while it's still fresh in your mind. Take photos of the area where the chihuahua got under your fence. Have documents handy that show your boy is up to date on all vaccines. Then, hopefully, you'll never need them for anything. If you are able to find the chihuahua on a lost pet page, do not make contact. Let Animal Control handle it. I am leery of having you muzzle him when off your property. To me, it seems to signal that he is a dangerous dog. Yes, he's reactive when charged at, but otherwise not dangerous. If you are following all the rules - always leashed when off your property, vaccinated, microchipped, and has ID tags, you've done everything right. The Lexus Project may have legal advise if you need some. http://thelexusproject.org/
  19. Bakanforfbakanforfbakanforf for Ivy today!
  20. Chris, what is med for Flizzie's Idiopathic Reflex Dyssynergia? I don't think that's what Hada has but I'd like to read up on IRD and the medicine.
  21. Any update on Hadas’ beans Had a nice chat texting with the office manager/lead tech about Hada's symptoms. Certainly not critical to rush her in this week plusalso soonest opening is next Wednesday. No pee accidents during the day when she has plenty of oppeetunities go to out. The increased drinking worries me more than the night time peeing. Hopefully it's just an old lady dog thing rather than kidney beans gettin worse. Georgie gets her nails chopped today. Last month was her first time with the groomer vet suggested. That caught her off guard so it will be interesting to see her react today.
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