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  1. DocsDoctor has provided you with a good list. You can Google for photos of each, but be warned you'll see some scary stuff. Can you post a photo for us? Are the bumps covered by fur? Any redness or bleeding?
  2. Was it xrayed? How long has it been this way? How old is your boy?
  3. Jerilyn, thinking of you out in your nightie and that you live in the land of ....
  4. Lila, inquiring minds are wondering if your mom bent over to pick up any poo whilst the SWAT was out and about. Please tell us that she did knot twerk.
  5. Elizabeth, you will be just as busy in retired life. Look at Kathy and I. Both retired and still up too early each morning. Me, I'm off to go park walking with friends shortly.
  6. Welp, my sissy Lulu can be picky abowt eatin. Her likes it butt wants it on her own skedule. Dat gets da rest ob us giibin us da hairy eyeball and dat makes her knot want tu eat. Mom habs to stand guard. Lulu donut act stressed. Dat gurl iz always chill. So fer dindin tonite we all hads libberwurst soup on own kibbles. Must be a secret fambily recipeepee becuz Vavoom, er violin, er vawalla! Lulu ate! Liddle Hada, short on legs I'm da Hamburger Helper witowt da hamburger. Wate, dat donut sownd rite. Liverwurst is our pill hider of choice. Plusalso I put a few liddle bitty dots of i
  7. Noor!!!! Welcome to dis side of da Atlantic! Lila, pleeze don't worrtwee yor mom. Merc, remind yor mom dat she iz a perfesser an can afford turkey nexks. liddle Hada, short on legs butt knot likin' tall grass
  8. I would not recommend your videos or page to prospective adopters. Are you a veterinarian or just an experienced owner? I am only an experienced owner of 14 greyhounds + fosters + emergency pulls and transports and I disagree with too many of your suggestions after viewing the articles on your website. Endorsing human toothpaste? Xylitol may not be in all of them but if your adopter uses the wrong one... Have you ever seen a dog die from xylitol ingestion? I have, at the emergency vet, where an owner's chihuahua ate one stick of chewing gum with xylitol in it. Stick to suggesting
  9. Have you tried this? https://vcahospitals.com/know-your-pet/metronidazole Does Buddy drink any outside water, as in bird baths or puddles? I had to get rid of my birdbath years ago but all my dogs drank from it and all 3 got roaring diarrhea. You should be able to find Yucca like this over in the UK. https://greyhoundgang.com/collections/gut-help Slippery Elm powder can also help calm the gut. https://www.clinicaladvisor.com/home/features/alternative-meds-update/slippery-elm-an-effective-anti-inflammatory-agent/
  10. I have no excuses to knot mow with my ain't got a motor mower today. It is cool with no hoomids. With lawn guy knot coming until next week, I absolutely must mow Hada's favorite potty section of the yard since she hates having her exit ports touching damp dewy grass. How do I know this? Because the other day she trotted outside with the gang, put her front paws on the dewy grass, then turned right around and back in to the house where she promptly took "the position" for a poo! At least it bounced.
  11. Saying goodbye to the beautiful greyhounds and their friends who left us in September 2020. As you run with the wind send a caress to wipe our tears. Gone but never forgotten. Loved forever. Run free with those who have gone before you. Greet all those that will follow. Bibbi, the kitty Sophie, the kitty They'll always be with us, just slightly beyond the point that we can see with our eyes. In our heart, though, they'll be bright and clear, as they al
  12. Vanessa, I'm sorry that Bibbi had to leave you. I will add her name to the Bridge Angels list.
  13. Miss Tin, I, too, wash all the dog bedding before a new dog joins us. I think it's funny because the new dog probably doesn't care about what's clean and what isn't. We just have to do that "nesting".
  14. Yup, they're happy. Not sure that I would enjoy a sand-coated cow's ear though.
  15. Vanessa, I-95 is a bad road on a good day. And then to add nutjobs like that guy shooting folks whilst driving? Eek! In SC they caught a guy with a brand new expensive sports car doing 195mph!!! Cindy, I do knot have a magical pocket coffee maker. At Dewey with Elizabeth I lugged my regular Keurig. They do now make a more slender, lighter Keurig. https://www.amazon.com/Keurig-K-Mini-Single-Serve-Coffee/dp/B07GV2S1GS Elizabeth, when I complained to Keurig about a previous brewer knot getting hot enough, they sent me a new one even though I'd bought mine on eBay. No way to empty
  16. So young I have added Camille's name to the list of Bridge Angels here on Greytalk.
  17. In their defense, perhaps one of the hounds fell so deeply asleep that they didn't realize that the turd fairy blessed them.
  18. "Has anyone heard of Hyperkeratosis nose, or similar, ...?" My human dermatologist says I have multiple hyperkeratosis spots and laughs when I call them barnacles.
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