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  1. Getting on the road shortly. Spending tonight in Columbia SC with a Greyhound Crossroads person, then boarding the bus Thursday morning for the Florida tracks.
  2. Ms Halise, inquiring minds want to know if you dress up for your Science Fiction gathering? Do you dress like a Klingon, some kind of alien creature, or just wear your jammies?
  3. Beka is back where she belongs. Although in a different earthly form, her warm and loving spirit is still beside you.
  4. Carol Ann! I'm going to be at the Sanford-Orlando Kennel Club track (in Longwood) on Saturday Feb 22. I'm riding on a charter bus with a bunch of folks from Greyhound Crossroads of South Carolina. Our itinerary says we will only be there for a short time because we'll spend that night at Daytona. We are spending the Friday night in St Petersburg and departing there at 9:00am Saturday for Daytona. So, we will only be there when the afternoon racing program starts at 1:30 and must be back at the bus no later than 3:00. = There will be a rare Ducky sighting in the Longwood FL (SOKC) area on Saturday 2/22 around noon-ish and departing eggsactly at 3:00.
  5. I canceled my reservation for the Best Western today. I hope to you guys in 2021.
  6. Morning. Lila, iz your tummy better this morning? Farewelling to our older houndie friends and welcoming new ones. Dats da cycle of life here. Hugs to dam dat need dem.
  7. Sara, from what I've been reading it's more of a transportation issue. Dogs are available but getting them dispersed around the country has some challenges. Also, Jenn Boswell on Facebook with the Alabama group gave a good explanation, including that it seems too many groups are picky about only wanting females, no black dogs, must be cat safe, must be spay/neuter first. Jenn delivers dogs to Canada and to the US west coast, with stops all along the way.
  8. Did any of those odd growths look like Lulu's? I just did some googling of DM and it did mention cysts but I couldn't find any photos.
  9. Kathy and Sara, I am so sorry that your beautiful girls had to leave you. They will be in good company.
  10. Saying goodbye to the beautiful greyhounds and their friends who left us in February 2020. As you run with the wind send a caress to wipe our tears. Gone but never forgotten. Loved forever. Run free with those who have gone before you. Greet all those that will follow. Beka Bella They'll always be with us, just slightly beyond the point that we can see with our eyes. In our heart, though, they'll be bright and clear, as they always were.
  11. You're welcome, Mary Pat. I'll hold off on cancelling the reservation I had for the Best Western for a few days, in case someone is interested in taking it. Unfortunately, they have a no dog policy.
  12. Mary Pat, is there a time later today we can figure this out? I'll be out most of the morning but I'll call the Quality Inn and see how best to facilitate this transfer. The second floor is okay for your dogs?
  13. I won't be going this year. Instead I'm going to spend some time with old friends on Ocracoke Island NC. I lived there in the 1970-80's. They were hit really hard during hurricane Dorian and over 65 homes had to be demolished. Businesses are rebuilding and struggling to get back on their feet. So my money will go to bringing some needed items for them and spending my money in the few shops that are open. For my dear, now very elderly neighbor, I have a few framed photos and my sketches since all her photos were destroyed. I will be cancelling my GIG reservations. I booked at both the Quality Inn (upstairs room) and the Best Western (no dogs allowed) since I wasn't sure I'd be bringing a dog along or not. If you haven't been able to book a room let me know so I can switch one of those reservations to your name.
  14. Kids bouncing basketballs terrified Mazy. My mutt Pudge was only afraid of manhole covers swallowing her up.
  15. Phil, you will get some replies here, but also go on the Greytalk Facebook page (unrelated to this dot com message board) because you may get more responses. How long have you had your her girl? Was she normal 5 days ago prior to this onset? Was an xray done to see if there was any foreign matter in her stomach or bowel? Did she ever eat non-food items? Is she still able to eat and drink now? Have you contacted your adoption group to see if someone there has any ideas on what to do for her?
  16. I see that your post about a Go Fund Me was deleted. That kind of request isn't allowed on GT. Are you on the Greytalk Facebook page? It's not related to this dot com page and folks often post GFM requests there.
  17. 2/11/20 update: The stem-like growth is gone. The pea-sized lump just under the skin is still there. Vet got it to ooze some clear fluid but there was no blood. Recheck in 2 weeks if that lump doesn't go away, then we'll consider surgery. Update: This is a ruptured cyst. Vet says it is not related to the anal glands or rectum because there was no odor and of the location. However I did learn that sometimes anal glands can "migrate", but Lulu's hadn't. Felt more dermal to the vet. On antibiotics and will be rechecked in a week. Lulu the podeco has a vet appt this morning. This stem-like growth appeared over the weekend. It's at the 10 o'clock position beside her anus so not really near anal glands. No foul odor or discharge, just blood. I can feel a thickening or pea at the base of it.
  18. Pumpkin can "backfire" on you. While it has helped some dogs, for my Gracie and Mazy it made their poop worse.
  19. Doxipen was a big help for my greyhound. He was 11 years old when diagnosed. This medication when it is started as soon as possible once diagnosed. Each pill lasted 12 hours and I could tell when it was wearing off. He experienced no side effects and we were able to avoid the Lar-Par surgery.
  20. Wayne Lambert was the kennel manager at GFNC for many many years. Before he let me bring home another greyhound he would gently whisper in their ears for them to be a good dog, and I think they heard him.
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