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  1. We'll be starting the modified prison protocol next week. My dogs have seresto collars and I see that Adv. Multi has the same flea medication. I am concerned with doubling the amount they would get but still want to prevent ticks since we live in a wooded area. How have others handled this? They will have to be on the Adv multi and panacur or drontal for awhile and I can't let them go unprotected from ticks. Thanks for any comments!
  2. Thanks, everyone for your input. I have options to check out now. And Fireball says thanks too!
  3. My boy Fireball has managed to kill his beloved slumber ball bed. He is a major nester/digger. I want to find something similar to his slumber ball but I need to get it quickly. My girl Star (non digger) still has her slumber ball so I don't want that to become the one bed everyone likes best. I see Victoria peak is no longer in business and I am not near a Costco so any suggestions much appreciated. Help Fireball find a bed. Thanks!
  4. Thank you. It was fun to hear how they raced. Funny that the best racer (Gomer Pyle) never bothered to run in retirement at home. Now he was a bounce and we got him at 9 but he had zero interest in sprinting around the yard. The others wore a track with their lapping.
  5. We enjoyed hearing of the racing careers of the two you checked on for us and I would so like to hear of 3 who have crossed over now. RJ's Gomer Pyle, Rooster Fancy, and Peppered Bakin. Thank you so much for this.
  6. Thanks so much for the info! Always fun to learn more about their racing careers!
  7. would love to know more about my recent two. WW Char Fontane 11/13 and Spry Fireball 11/14. Thank you
  8. My boy had a reaction to Drontal. Restless and did not sleep for 14 hours. In fact when he laid down he never closed his eyes. Next day he was back to normal. Weird
  9. Thanks. That was my thought too.
  10. We are fighting a heavy dose of hookworms that he came with. It has been suggested that we add Advantage Multi instead of our usual Heartguard Plus. My concern is that he is wearing a seresto flea and tick collar and the Advantage Multi is for fleas as well as the worms. Is this going to be double dosing flea meds for him and cause a problem?
  11. Bakin was 8 years 4 months. Ask for the xray s to be read by an outside radiologist.
  12. Bakin. Officially Peppered Bakin. I did not think to see her name in this part of greytalk for a long time. I thought we had years yet together. She came to live with us in May of 17 at the age of 7 and I looked forward to, was naively confident in, 4, 5, even 6 years together. Sadly osteo changed all that. But what a wonderful 13 months we did have! She was my first brood and I fell in love. She picked me to be her go to person after most of the others had chosen my husband. It was flattering, delightful, and the most wonderful closeness. She had 25+ pups so she knew to be in charge
  13. Thank you all for your advice and concern. The greyhound community is like no other and I am thankful for it. Pls have a thought for Bakin at 11 this morning when she runs free.
  14. My 8 year old girl has been diagnosed with osteo, front leg, top of the humerus. Began limping beginning of May. Since then 3 sets of rads, a second opinion, an outside radiologist reading to confirm. She is now on gabapentin, metacam, and Tylenol with codeine. It is still a bad limp and she stands as little as possible. Still eating and now with meds sleeping through the night. She gets excited when it is the usual walk time but those walks are now twice a day for a block. She can't do the things she has always loved , running in the yard, chasing squirrels, and long walks. My question to th
  15. Several years ago our first greyhound began to limp on one foot. We were newbies at greys and feared the worst, took him to our vet for xrays, etc. No conclusions after much examining, etc and they finally suggested taking him to U of PA where he would, they thought, probably need surgery on his hip. We were very upset and started researching with greytalk, google greyhound limping, etc where the corn possibility came up. Sure enough he had a corn, verified by a very greyhound savvy friend. Went to the website of the animal hospital that specialized in corn removal (think it was Grassmere
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