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  1. You didn't add mini chocolate chips to the tuna one, right?
  2. I remember them. Such a sweet pair. Rest well, Fencetop, and enjoy your reunion with your best friend.
  3. A belated happy #13, Petunia! I'd say "I hope you got spoiled rotten" but I see that's been taken care of.
  4. My heart goes out to you. What an awful thing, but totally not your fault and your dog was acting on his instincts. Sweep lives peacefully with two cats and yet when an off-leash Maltese snuck up on her on the sidewalk a few years ago, she grabbed it and managed to break its leg before I could do anything. It happens so fast. I felt horrible even knowing it was not my fault. The owners were right there and thankfully took full responsibility, and the Maltese is still around to this day but kept well contained. It's unlikely your dog will be totally trained out of the behavior, but you're doing all the right things to keep everyone safe.
  5. At the risk of jinxing us, I think I can say we have avoided the bad side effects from round one. She was picky yesterday, but we gave her a mirtazapine early and that helped ensure she ate enough that she never got totally empty or dehydrated, which made her feel so much worse last time. Today she has eaten everything offered to her. Next baknforth scheduled for August 5. Thank you all!
  6. Gorgeous girl! Congratulations!!
  7. We lubs you, Aiden (thank you for teaching me the word "ankylosed"--ouch!). Sweep says don't hesitate to play "Let's Make a Deal" until you get the tastiest offer. Annie Oooh M, you're a good nurse. Paddy would be proud. Hang in there, Mom!
  8. Aiden. Cousin Sweep enthusiastically ate a bowl of chikken and oatmeal this morning--score! She says maybe you would like that when you're feeling a little more like yourownself, although your mom will probably need to make the chicken pieces very tiny for your sore mouth. Feel "more better" soon! This is about the point where she started needed encouragement to eat last time, so I was happy that she ate so well and without any negotiation this morning (I didn't even bother offering kibble).
  9. Nadine, I was shocked and sad to see Paddy's name on the Bridge Angels list for this month. I'm so sorry for your sudden loss. Paddy was such a beautiful boy, and you clearly loved each other very much. Cherish those photos and your happy memories. I hope Abu and Saoirse are doing okay without their buddy. Rest well, Paddy.
  10. Sending leans and stinky kisses to Aiden from Cousin Sweep! And hugs and virtual adult beverages from her mom to his.
  11. Morning report: no longer walking like she's been riding a bucking bronco all day. (Trazadone? Never seen her so wobbly and bowlegged before.) Drinking a lot. Doesn't want kibble for breakfast, but doesn't show any sign of nausea so I think she's just a bit discombobulated still. Pretty sure she'll go for cheesy scrambled eggs. Her ears just sprang to attention at the sound of the whisk. ETA: eggs gone. 👍
  12. Thank you...she's snoozing peacefully now.
  13. Me too! I'm not loving how she is acting on the trazadone but hopefully that will be short-lived.
  14. Just got home. She got trazadone for her anxiety this time (I didn't know that was an issue for her before but apparently so!) and they said she did well. She ate dinner and will probably pass out momentarily. Thanks for the support, everyone!
  15. I'm so sorry for your loss. What a beautiful tribute to your girl, and what a perfect match you were for each other. Rest well, Miriam.
  16. We're sending good thoughts your way.
  17. July 15. She's been so good the past several days, fully back to her bouncy, chowhound ways...I hope it goes better this time.
  18. I am so sorry for your sudden loss; this is heartbreaking. He was a beautiful boy. Rest well, Oreo.
  19. Still a bit punk from the chemo, but eating with encouragement/toppers and drinking, so I'm hoping we're on the upswing. I wish it wasn't stupid hot and humid out, which only makes things more unpleasant for her. (She and I have never been fans of Nashville summer.) Thank you for checking on us!
  20. Thanks! We have given her the cerenia pill every day since chemo but the injectable must be much more potent because here's the scene tonight. and that belly is full of chicken and oatmeal!
  21. Thanks! This is the oncology department at the specialty clinic, so hopefully they know that! I really like the tech; she asked us today if it was okay that she referred to Sweep's lump as a tumor. I was so touched by that. We are under no delusions about what we're dealing with, but it was super sweet of her to ask.
  22. Thanks, all. I was worried about her getting dehydrated because she was even refusing water, so I called the clinic back. They were able to see her this afternoon. Blood work was still all good, phew. She got sub-q fluids, a Cerenia injection, Metronidazole, and Mirtazapine. (The last two as a just in case.) She's already eaten some chicken and is looking better. Going forward they'll give her a Cerenia injection with the chemo as a precaution in addition to the tablets they gave us.
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