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  1. We had several cut fresh off the deer and none of my Greyhounds, Ibizans, or my Galgo would chew them. I gave them to a friend with breeds known to be heavier chewers and they devoured them.
  2. There are no podenco adoption groups or breeders that will place a dog with an electric fence. Their prey drives are significantly more intense than most dogs and they'd ignore a shock in pursuit. They'd probably also never cross back over the barrier to re-enter the yard. Also, invisible fences offer no protection for your dog and allows people, other dogs, and prey animals to enter the yard so they're really just not a good solution for safety. I have 5 Podenco Ibicenco (Ibizan Hounds) and they would keep hunting through any injury or shock. When they are focused nothing stops them.
  3. I have several raised beds and I have never had a single Greyhound or Ibizan use them without me adding some type of pillow or padding on them. I use outdoor furniture cushions.
  4. I missed the sign up. I had to put down one of my pets and didn't have the funds. I look forward to seeing what everyone gets!
  5. I'm really considering it. I need to take a look at my budget.
  6. Ohhh...despite previous experiences I am tempted to sign up since it is the last one. I'll think about it.
  7. Good thinking! We always use one as a backup on our leashes.
  8. I always want to participate and have for many years, but more years than not I have had people who could not bother to even acknowledge that they received their package, let alone what they thought. Because of this I will opt out. It really kills the fun when you spend time and money on somebody who does not even acknowledge that they received your gift and it has happened to me multiple times.
  9. It is not as common as you would think. People who deal with it are much more likely to post about it than people who don't because it is a non-issue for them. I have never felt the need, for example, to post that none of my current Greyhounds or any of my Ibizans have this issue. I agree with Krissy. No dog is perfect. Even my "practically perfect" dog can have a bad day and be in a grumpy mood. My recommendation would be to evaluate what you can and cannot handle and find a dog that has been fostered long-term. I had several hang out 6 months or so. Bounces might be an option as well. Dogs can act differently in different situations, but you get an idea of basic temperament and personality. I had one who was a holy terror in my home. She hated being in a pack. Once she was a single dog she was really good. I've also had dogs that hated being solo and acted out come into my pack and thrived. Their core temperament obviously did not change but their behavior did. Dogs can be sweet and amiable until they have a resource to guard, so don't think a dog with these concerns is a contradiction. My worst space and sleep issue dog excelled with people and worked Renaissance Festivals with literally thousands of patrons to interact with. I just removed him from the crowded areas and set him up for success when he needed to lie down and rest. Out of the around 100 Greyhounds I have had come through my doors, we've had 9 that had either sleep startle or space issues. Only one might have bitten if not given proper berth. The others just complained loudly and bared teeth. Other than being loud and annoying it wasn't an issue.
  10. I'll have my mother-daughter Ibizan pair, Ava and Aziza, at the Carolina Renaissance Festival on Oct 6 and Oct 20 if anyone wants to meet them.
  11. Congrats! I met my first Greyhound at faire as well, and eventually adopted and joined my group. I have placed many fosters that way as well. You can contact the Arizona group here: http://www.greyhoundsoffairhaven.org/arf09.php E-mail: info@GreyhoundsOfFairhaven.org Phone: 480-419-7133 Address: 16632 North 105th Way Scottsdale, Arizona 85255
  12. Almost everything I have Including, but not limited to, about 6k worth of fencing, a house in the country with land, and two vehicles. I think I have probably bought my vet a new house by now too.
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