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  1. So very sorry for your loss
  2. ooopppsssss......I missed this. Happy belated birthday. Hope the old man went out and got you some french fries.
  3. So very sorry for the loss of your sweet boy.
  4. What a wonderful time she had. Good memory.
  5. Sounds very encouraging. See Section 8: https://www.coutovetconsultants.com/frequently-asked-questions/ So many people, when they think of chemo, think about the reactions family and friends have had when they were administered chemo. While some dogs might have some reactions, a large majority of Greyhounds tolerate it just fine. Possibly some stomach upset, easily controlled practically immediately with the use of Cerenia, an anti-nausea drug.
  6. Taylor was a happy boy. He was a strong boy. He loved and demanded rides and walks twice a day for the next 10 months, before he went to the Bridge.I shall be with him again, some day. Posted 4 years ago on Facebook: Taylor does stand, LOL.He runs, and spins and leaps in the air (including catching a mouse off the top of the 6' tall privacy fence).He runs just as fast on 3 legs as he did on 4 legs, and still runs faster than Face as he has for the past 3 years Face has been here. Almost 17 months after Osteo diagnosis, and almost 14 months after amputation. He's a happy boy.
  7. So very sorry for your loss
  8. PARTY TIME Poor Cletus.......feed that dog.......I thought Cletus was going to start eating the paper plates!!!!
  9. So sorry for your loss.
  10. Beachbum1


    Today is 3 years since my sweet boy Taylor went to the Bridge.2 years, 2 months, and 13 days after he was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma (bone cancer) in his right front leg.He was almost 2 years as a happy, hopping tripod, loving and demanding rides and walks 2-3 times a day.He loved seeing people, loved getting hugs.But the pain became too much to control at the end, and I promised him when I adopted him that I would do whatever needed to be done to keep him a happy boy. It was time. No more pain for my boy. 12/11/08-3/23/17 My heart aches as much today as it did 3 years ago. It never gets better. I feel great comfort in knowing that I will be with him again, someday.
  11. After a Dairy Queen Blizzard, I would need at least 2 of them close by.
  12. So very sorry for the loss of that sweet girl
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