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  1. I'm so very sorry. I love your tribute and the photo of her direct gaze and wonderful ears. Godspeed Nova.
  2. Congratulations! He's gorgeous. And what a good boy!
  3. I'm so sorry. It's good that the signs were so clear, but I too wish you'd had more time.
  4. I agree with FiveRoooooers. Have her wear the harness as much as possible, especially during things she likes (meals, playtime). You might also practice putting it on before those same activities. And we need details! And pics!
  5. I've lost a few--at least four--without a diagnosis, some with little or no information except symptoms. I made the decisions based on how they were and the poor odds of recovery. It's very easy to torture oneself with questions, but I try very hard to refrain. on your decision.
  6. I'm so very sorry. It's very hard to lose a special dog, and even harder when the goodbyes are so close together. Godspeed Larry.
  7. What a great--and lovely--setup to enjoy (bearable) summer days.
  8. Absolutely. Only two of my seventeen have been under 6. All--even the 10 1/2+ year olds--have been more than lively enough.
  9. Congratulations! Ursula is definitely the perfect addition, especially since she's Bette Approved (TM). She looks like a really happy girl. She might give Opal--the happiest dog I've ever met--a run for her money.
  10. Basically, I agree with this. The sticking point, though, is the definition of control. The OS rate in my departed hounds has been close to 50%. Yes, really. I've found that that I'm sending them off earlier and earlier. If they start to limp badly when the meds are maxed out, I say goodbye. I know that we might miss a good day, but I also know that they can have an even worse day.
  11. Happy (belated) Gotcha Day Lila! Cinnamon-coloured sugar is all the rage for redheads--Ivy's sporting the same look. She also has frosting on the back of her front legs and the front of her back legs. It looks like she was straddling a white paint roller.
  12. Happy (belated) Birthday Petunia! I hope you enjoyed some good treats after you woke up. Ivy and Opal--both 12--send special birthday wishes.
  13. Gorgeous! Go Ducky!
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