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  1. Congratulations! She's very cute. And perfect for you.
  2. I'm so very sorry. He was a sweet-looking boy. Godspeed Algy.
  3. Happy 10th Sweep! You look fantastic! I hope you enjoyed your birthday eggs and ride.
  4. Hooo boy. I hope my girls don't find this thread. In this house, even opening the fridge is too much prep.
  5. Beka--> None of my Greyhounds has been much of a barker. Perhaps the occasional woof or two, especially when excited, but still not much. The woolly dogs, on the other hand, ay yi yi yi. I guess the Greyhounds leave the noise to the poodles.
  6. Even lying down, Logan worked hard on his modelling. That's a great shot of Max.
  7. A belated Happy Black Dog Day to all the black beauties. Ivy is all in on Petunia's National Red Dog Day.
  8. Happy 10th Paddy! He's so handsome and he's in wonderful shape. I trust that you too will be soon. You can beat it again. We know you can.
  9. GreyPoopon


    I'm so sorry. Godspeed Harlan.
  10. I'm so very sorry that your handsome gentle boy wasn't able to stay longer. Godspeed Sidney.
  11. GreyPoopon


    Oh no no no... I knew Lexie couldn't stay forever, but it's still unbelievably sad--even from a distance--that she is gone. She was a GT I loved all her pics, especially those of her waiting patiently for the treats beside or in front of her. And no dog could wear a hat or costume better than Lexie. Godspeed Lexie.
  12. Such alert and eager houndies. Hildy and Toodles both go for laser treatments. They _love_ them. I think my clinic has the same cabinets.
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