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  1. He sure is a handsome boy. He's posing very nicely. The coats are tremendous! Very Christmassy (if that's a word ).
  2. Great pics of Cletus soopervising. And of his turkey chikken coma.
  3. Happy Thanksgiving! I'm sure the Soos Chef did a great job with Cletus's choice of bird.
  4. I'm so very sorry. Your handsome boy had to leave much too soon. Godspeed Mumbo.
  5. Yum, peas! Good thing the stove wasn't on. Whew.
  6. Another vote for Whippet. The bathrooom part of this ad is also on CBC Gem (free streaming). There's another--I think it's mentioned in a different thread--with a guy in a tub. That dog looks like a Greyhound.
  7. Oooooo, Bette sounds perfect. I hope she's home already. Aside: Unless you have to get her out of the crate ASAP, I wouldn't rush it. It's early days and she is getting used to both being in a house (so many distractions!) and being alone.
  8. GreyPoopon


    My sympathies to your friends. Godspeed Nadia.
  9. Happy 13th Katie! I'm so glad to hear that you're hale and hearty.
  10. Another vote for Chilly Dogs. I'm still using the coat I bought for Edie in about 2007, give or take a year.
  11. Welcome back! I'm glad to hear that you've been doing well.
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