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  1. I'm so very sorry. He was much too young to leave. Godspeed Merlin.
  2. I agree! Miss Petunia is gorgeous and thoughtful. What a doll!
  3. Lucky Grace. I guess you'll be shopping for more chicken sausages.
  4. Thanks you two. Now I'm really on the hook. Daisy has offered to clean up.
  5. I'm late to the party (sorry) but ... What a bash! Happy 4th ladies! Happy Birthdays too! I have three celebrating this week and next: Hildy (9), Opal (11), and Toodles (10). They are irritated that I haven't provided sundaes.
  6. Oh my, what a traumatic experience for poor Conner. Good thing Petunia, Pet Activist is on the case.
  7. Happy 12th Bea! You look fantastic! (Why the haircut? Too much coat?) Cletus-->There's one at every party. Silly boy.
  8. Cute as a Button.
  9. Happiest of Birthdays Lexie! You are an inspiration to all houndies--gorgeous, aging gracefully, and unbelievably co-operative about all the amazing photo setups. (Aside: Your Mom is incredibly creative.) I hope you enjoy all your birthday treats and presents. Special special special Lexie--->
  10. A very belated Happy 11th Val!
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