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  1. Perfect subjects for glamour shots any day of the week.
  2. GreyPoopon


    I'm so very sorry. Godspeed Bisbee.
  3. I'm so very sorry. It's always hard to lose a special dog, but it's even harder when it's so early and so suddenly. Godspeed Jax.
  4. I remembered to wish my three Happy Mother's Day before our morning walk. They were singularly unimpressed, except by the prospect of a walk.
  5. Bella and her Mom are so fortunate that you are willing and able to help. Congratulations on landing in the perfect "vacation" home Bella! Enjoy Petunia--she's special.
  6. So, apparently, does carpet edging. Glad you saved your "chikken;" wish I could say the same.
  7. I was reading this as I waited on hold. The woman I eventually reached used "perfect" to acknowledge my answers. Sigh. The collar is truly perfect. Also awesome. And sooooooo appropriate. Cletus.
  8. Just right. Hope the wellness visit went ... uh ... well.
  9. Great job Nigel! Great job Nancy! That's a _lot_ of visits and much-needed and appreciated service.
  10. Lexie, you are a star with or without a hat ... or a vacuum. As was Pimpmaster G. I wonder if my girls would prefer the vacuum to a shedding blade. Hmmmmm.
  11. He doesn't _look_ like a Greyhound, but he has the behaviours down cold. Except for the stamina ... he needs to learn to give that up.
  12. Nurse Paddy is dedicated but not always ... gentle. Glad you survived his "help."
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