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  1. Um, Buddy, as lovely as those floors are, they're not soft. Maybe you should try the evil bed. GreyPoopon, the Human, who is still trying to figure out why some beds here are popular and some are not to be trusted.
  2. Congratulations! Good treats are worth a chatter and some zoomies.
  3. Happy Birthday Tiger! It's fantastic that you can finally get out for two walks. The goat foot/leg is a bonus!
  4. That poor girl. Ivy, 12 1/2 and also a redhead, says all lovely girls need appropriate support for their heads.
  5. It was a prize. It needed to be savoured. ETA: I've had houndies that would take a special treat elsewhere (usually a bed in the living room) to savour. Milk Bones probably wouldn't qualify (too common) and I doubt any would have lasted through a walk.
  6. Those don't look like chikken feathers to me either. Here it's hawks/falcons that do such a thorough job. Wasn't Cletus. Not that precious sleepy boy. (Hope that's not a food coma.)
  7. I'm so very sorry. Godspeed Eureka.
  8. She's either late or she's intending to retire from retirement.
  9. Congratulations! I can't wait to learn more about your new addition.
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