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  1. Poor girl is still wayyyyy too stressed. She could give Opal a run for her money in the roaching department.
  2. Pam--> I haven't had a Greyhound who wanted to bury treasures, but I have had several who would take a special treat away to eat.
  3. Nursing is stressful. Annie needed to take it out on Lambchop.
  4. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! I'm so happy for you, Sadie Rose, and Miss Petunia. In my experience, lots of litters and lots of pups = extra sweet.
  5. Love the smiles, especially in the first pic. Sweep.
  6. I'm so very sorry. He was a very special--starvin'--boy. Godspeed Marvin.
  7. That chikken didn't stand a chance against Jaws, AKA Cletus.
  8. In general, the Easter Bunny has longer ears than nose. Wiki has it reversed. Wiki.
  9. What a cutie! Have fun with him.
  10. The thighs are impressive, but it's the toothy grin that I find amusing.
  11. Gorgeous girl in a beautiful spot on a nice day. Who needs to keep moving? Ivy, almost 13 1/2, would be right with Peggy.
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