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  1. I couldn't see the video either, but ... Happy Monthly Birthday Katie! If you run like some of my oldies have, there's more up and down than forward, but lots of joy.
  2. Definitely. It's wonderful when they derive comfort from their person.
  3. Thank you Ducky. I hate that one of mine is on the list, but I very much appreciate that you post it.
  4. I'm so very sorry. A little girl who has been through so much should have much more time in heaven-on-earth. But I've lost enough dogs to kidney disease to know that they reach a point where their interest fades.
  5. Never mind, Annie, Toodles and Hildy are just as unconcerned about tongue exposure. It's a human problem, not a houndie one.
  6. I'm so very sorry. Your handsome boy was much too young to have to leave. Godspeed Ewan.
  7. I'm so very sorry. He was even more extraordinary than he was handsome--therapy dog work is a special calling and he excelled. Godspeed Nigel.
  8. Those poor girls. Petunia is clearly looking for more help. Kate has given up. It's very sad. I hope they get more covers or warmer temperatures, poor dears.
  9. Not here. I use one "electric" on all with enzyme paste, and one manual on all with enzyme rinse. It's a nightly ritual that we all endure. I never have to subject a dog to a basic dental, although there have been broken teeth and a couple of infections due to pre-adoption erosion (bad teeth that probably should have been extracted). Toodles gets her teeth brushed even though she only has 6; Cal's 4 were done as well.
  10. Happy Birthday Cletus! I hope the menu at the bridge has lots and lots of chikken.
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