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  1. I'm so very sorry. The connection between you and your special boy shines through in your stories. It's incredibly sad that he had to leave. Godspeed Walter.
  2. I'm so very sorry. The first time I had to make the decision was devastating even though there was absolutely no alternative. The grief does ease in time. Godspeed Wags.
  3. Gorgeous visitors and great fun. What could be better? Thanks for the pics.
  4. Happy 11th Sweep! You look fantastic! I love your cake meme. (Hi to you to Momo.)
  5. It looks perfect! Lots of room for two houndies and more besides. Aside: I'm impressed with your platform. Mine is "built" on Rubbermaid canisters (small pails with lids).
  6. When our old SubaROO died on the highway, the CAA driver let me ride in the cab and the SubaROO dealership let me inside. The sales guy even held me while Mom went out for a test drive. It was an exhausting day. Hildy, SubaROO fan. ETA: Congratulations!
  7. Thank you. Lots of familiar scenes there. My favourite was the flipping of the giant toy--Edie used to do that.
  8. I'm so very sorry. Your handsome boy was too young to have to leave. Godspeed Billy Bob.
  9. Awesome! We have a lot of neighbours that love dogs but don't have their own. We often stop to visit on walks--I stay at the end of the leashes and the girls give and receive attention. It's wonderful that Aiden has found Annie.
  10. Happy 11th Paddy! You definitely refuse to look your age. You look fantastic!
  11. Abu looks soooooo good while enjoying the game.
  12. Happy Gotcha 2 Annie and Punkin! You'll soon be old enough to be legitimate Campers.
  13. Happy Gotcha Day Katie! With special congratulations from broodies Ivy, Opal, and Toodles!
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