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  1. Just catching up on this thread. Good luck tomorrow. I hope whatever is bothering Jeter can be treated successfully.
  2. Interesting. But not as interesting as your definition of "expert."
  3. Me too. Happy 12th Sweep! It's so awesome that you are able to enjoy your celebration and treats! Minus the pawdicure, of course.
  4. I hope the pred buys you and Emerald a lot of quality time.
  5. Oh wow! So big, so handsome, and so black--I'm surprised there isn't more grey on his face. I had much the same thought as FiveRoooooers--would you like some jam with your toast?
  6. I'm so very sorry. Your special boy had to leave too soon and too suddenly. Godspeed Ernie.
  7. Cool! The CBC airs each season a year later, so I'll catch up next summer.
  8. I have a picture of Edie like this. She wasn't a broodie but she was a character. I've had a lot of broodies. My spec sheet eventually boiled down to (age) 10+, lots of litters, lots of puppies. I find broodies to be incredibly accommodating of their humans, perhaps because they've had so much handling. They also tend to remain playful as long as they're physically capable, perhaps because they spend months with their puppies. The more litters and puppies they've had, the sweeter they are. My oldest girl Opal (13+) isn't able to run any more, but she's incredibly social with both people and dogs, and bounces around like a youngster when she greets either.
  9. Glad you're back, although it might take a while for me to make the association. Saoirse and Abu look great!
  10. Sweep! Glad you found your new balance point.
  11. I'm so sorry. I've lost several to OS. I have never chosen amputation, primarily because I lean against it, but also because all were older or had other health concerns that made it an unappealing choice. The time we had after diagnosis varied tremendously. The longest was about 3 months. I made the decision based on the hound's apparent level of pain--serious limping, yelping, flatness... I think I've said goodbye a little earlier each time because I know how much worse it can get.
  12. That's why she's a _starving_ artist. Glad she got a bonus after her work was ready for exhibition.
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