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  1. "DOODYHEAD" is such a awesome wurd!!!! Well, we wonned some stuff in the awkshun, but we gotta wait til tamarrow for Miss Nancy's. Almost time for bed! Kibble kisses and Buddy Bisket dreams! NITEY NITE!! AndiPants
  2. Hello my Friendlies! Kinda fogging, kinda clouding, kinda sunning, kinda chilling. It's a good day to stay inside and eat tacos! Miss Lizabeth Mister Merc, see, I sometimes don't like meeting new peeples so much, cause, you know, they might not be nice like my Momma and Daddy. But I did like meeting all my new friends at the rasing place, so Mom hopes it's just a confidence thing. MISS SOOZIN IS COOKING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Miss Fuzzy didja catch one of those tree rats yet??? OH! I furgot to say what a pretty picture that turned out for Miss Ducky of Little Hada!! Momma says we dod KNOT see enoough pictures of your doggies and I conkerr!! Ivy, didja go to playgroop this morning or didja stay home and sleep in with compny?? Mom's bidding on a few things in the Miss Nellie awkshun so we gotta keep up on those. Then we'll switch over to Miss Nancy's one for Scooby. Mom is happy cause all the stuff we donated has bids onnit! Wishings for a great day for my Friendlies! BYE-EEEE!!!! (Did you know that this little emoji dood looks different whether I'm on my tablet or the lappertop??? ) AndiPants
  3. One of ours used to roll off the bed regularly. As it was a fairly high fall we took to piling up rolled blankets along the sides of the bed like bolsters to keep him from hurting himself! So funny!
  4. Hi Antie Jennie!!! That's all for Fridday Friendlies! Kibble kisses and Biddy Bisket dreams!! NITEY NITE!! AndiPants
  5. Really! I'd love it if I could teach them to put the toys away when they're done!!! We actually can't have toys out at our house because one of them (coffcoff Felcity! coff coff) thinks all the toys *are* hers and no one else should have any toys ever!!! And she backs that attitude up with snarlies and ugly face! She resource guards toys and special treats so we have to monitor all play times!
  6. Just popping in for a minit to read about mr Friendlies' days and to for Miss Kerry!!!!!!!!!!!! Later Gaters!!!! The Pants
  7. Hello my Friendlies!! Raining rainy rain here this morning which is sposed to stop soon and maybe be partly sunny. Right now the stoopid garden doods next door are blowing the wet soggy leaves all over the yard insted of just raking them up!! Haymisch!! Momma says "The bigger the dog the bigger the bladder!" She's weirding sometimes! But I agree with Lila that you should get some Buddy Biskets!!! Miss Patsy, Momma agrees about maternity cloves, but she thinks it's cause wommins hadda hide being pregnant for so long that now it's "reactionary" whatever that means!! Merc's going to skool again!! I don't think I would like skool, but maybe I should be trying it out cause you like it so much? Hahahaha!!! Lila!! We don't have winter like you do! Today's only the third day in this munthing that we have any rain!!! Everybody's starting to panic about the weatering sitchuayshun already cause we are like 6 inches behinding in only two munths!! FUZZY!!! I think we are BFFs cause Momma gets mad at me when I do the same thing - she says "NO HUNTING SKWERRILS!!! GO POTTY!!!" All. The. Time!!!! But I'll catch one yet, I tell you!!!! Not much else going on here. We might have tacos for luntsch and that means we might have some too!! Wishings for a wunderful day my Friendlies! BYE-EEEE!!!! AndiPants
  8. {{{hugs}}} all around!!! Hope she recovers well and easily!
  9. Hello to Mister Tony!!! I have never been meeting you before!!!! Miss Kerry we will be thinking about you tamarrow and sending you Miss Mam!!! You got so much snowing!!! Mom spended all evening chopping vegemals so me and Flizzie got lots of choppings!!! That's about it from here for today my Friendlies! Kibble kisses and Buddy Bisket dreams!! NITEY NITE!! AndiPants
  10. Hello my Friendlies!!! Fogging to sunning today. Ho hum!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MISTRESS JERILYN!!!!!!! That's a great picture you painted!!! You're a real Bob Rossing!!!! Miss Lila we think your pretty too! OH! And Happy Birthday to Miss Molly McPoodle!! Mister Haymisch we're glad to here that your feeling more better!! Yes Miss Vanessa!! Any heatings yet? And Merc's at hisown workjob before he goes viziting!! Hahahahaha!!!! That cow baby sure is cute!! I think you shudda got two of them! Galina!!! A HUNDRED FISHIES?!?!?! WOW!!!!!! Nothing much exciting going on here today. Momma's got our garden all taken apart so she can redo it this winter and Flizzie has been a b-a-d gurlie and digging in it!!! It's funny when Momma yells at her!!! Wishings for a fantastic day for all my Friendlies!! BYE-EEEE!!!! AndiPants
  11. The other thing to do is stop them from taking flying leaps onto the deck. We have a baby gate across the entrance to the deck anyway, but it has the added help of making them stop on their way back inside if we need them to slow down.
  12. Time time time - any injury like this is going to take weeks/months to heal. One of ours had this issue - tendon injuries following an insane running session - that impacted several toes. He limped for a few months, was on nsaids and pain meds for a few weeks, and rest, and then he began using his foot normally again. His foot was flat as a pancake, but it never impacted anything he wanted to do as a pet. He could still run and play and do whatever he wanted.
  13. Mister Pippin, we are sending all our loving supportings to your Momma!!! :kiss2 Merc you will be a excellento trial houndie for those peeples! They will love you too!! Ivy we haven't had vizitors yet but I think I might like that more better!! The sunny sunshining finally came out and we had a awesome playtime!!! Now it's dark and windy tho. That's all from here for today! Kibble kisses and Buddy Bisket dreams! NITEY NITE!! AndiPants
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