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  1. Hello my Friendlies! Kinda yukky out rite now, but it's sposed to get more betterer later on. Momma hopes so cause there are a few things she'd like to get done. Hey Mister Gino! Hey Miss Nutmeg! Hey and Howdy-doo to all the peeps!!! Mister Merc, I like peas too! Tho hekk, I pretty much like most stuff in my bowl! Miss Ivy we been having a balding eagle flying over our house for several weeks now. Momma thinks there must be a pair nesting closer to us cause of the river. The local Awdoban Society place has been reporting lotsa more raptors and bigger birds aroun
  2. Hahahaha!!!! Miss Ducky Two Sheds!!!! Momma says it sounds like those workers wanted to start their holiday weekend as early as possible!!! That's all from here for today my Friendlies!! Kibble kisses and Buddy Bisket dreams!! NITEY NITE!! Andipants
  3. Hello my Friendlies! My docter was real pleased with how my stoopid leg is healing up!!! But I still gotta be on the stoopid leach for potties and everything and go slow walking and no running!!! That's messed up! And I don't hafta go back for 3 1/2 munths!!!! But now I am ZAWsted so I gotta take a nap break! Wishings for a super Satidday for all my Friendlies! Later Gaters! Andipants
  4. Welcome to Greytalk and the Cult of the Greyhound! First, I'd like to ask what country you and your greyhound are living in?? It sounds like you might be from Australia? And *where* is tyhis behavior occurring, and under what circumstances? Thx!
  5. That's all from here for today my Friendlies!! Kibble kisses and Buddy Bisket dreams!! NITEY NITE!! Andipants
  6. Hello my Friendlies! It's clouding and fogging and dripping all over rite now, but we are *sposed* to having sunnings!!!! Mister Gino, you are getting the windings that were here on Munderday and Toozday!!!! We could hear that video Miss Fancy!!!! But we are all non-rooers around her too. Mister Merc, Lilly has been gagging a lot lately too, so Momma started giving her a "omeprazole" once a day, and that worked lreally great!!!! Momma says she was tolded by a internal specialist that "omeprazole" is really the only kind of acidy reducer that works on dogs cause of
  7. That's all from here for today my Friendlies!! Kibble kisses and Buddy Bisket dreams!! NITEY NITE!! Andipants
  8. Hello my Friendlies! It has been a day and a haff around here, let me tell you! We losted our lectricals last nite when a tree fell over somewhere, and our teevee and innerwebs went rite with it and didn't come back forEVER!!!! Then Momma was bizzee, and we had other things to do and that's why I'm just now getting around to cotching up with all my Friendlies!!! And it's dinnertime!!! So just pretend that I made witty commints and made everybody laff and laff, and then I gave everybody a virchuall hugging, and then I said... Later Gaters! Andipants
  9. If you're on Facebook, join the "Greyhounds with Corns" group. Lots of knowledge and support make it worth joining FB even if you're not on it yet. What a vet means when they say "surgical removal" is basically just a really really deep hulling under anesthesia. THIS IS TOTALLY UNNECESSARY!! Mostly because they just come back no matter how deep you go. There is a surgery that many people have had success with in getting completely rid of their corns called a "Flexor Tenotomy." This involves snipping the tendon that controls the toe and creating what trainers call a "sprung toe" on th
  10. We don't got no lectricals again!!! So I am just gonna say... NITEY NITE!! Andipants
  11. Mister Pippin, iffen you just gots a little "epulis" thingy on your hummingbird, Momma says she mite ask your vet about maybe just using a local and a bunch Trazadone!! It would be loads cheaper that way to not do full an-es-theezya. Unless you need to have a dentil at the same time. Then you're screwed!!! Momma knows all about expensive vet bills cause a my stoopid broked leg! They were looking forward to finally taking us to the beach for vaycayshun later this year, but hadda "re-allocate" the vaycayshun munnies to pay my $6100 sergery bill. Miss Wiki you'd never know by the w
  12. Hello my Friendlies! Wow! We really hadda nite last nite!!!! It was so windy and raining and everything - really hard and loud!!!! Around 11 pee emm, the water alarm wented off inna basemint and there was waters coming up the drain. Momma watched it but it was coming in preety fast, so when Daddy gotted up they fixed up the sumper pumper so they could get all those waters outta there!!! THEN the lectricals wented off!!! That popped off the sumper pumper for some reason an it tooked 30 minutes for it to reset. In the meantimes, those waters were still coming up! Daddy had to
  13. From dealing with corns and very dry pads I stay away from any mostly petroleum based treatments as they seem to be drying, which is the opposite of what you want. You can use any human lotion or cream that is for "extra dry" moisturizing, for cracked heels or hands, or winter dryness. Again, from dealing with corns, the go-to is Burt's Bees Hand Salve cream. Soak in epsom salts then immediately moisturize, then cover with a nice, thick toddler sock to keep the foot protected. Couple other things... Dry. cracked paws *can* also be a signal she has some sort of food allergy or
  14. Good news for Mister Clarkie!!! Mister Gino, I been eating those dry carrits and they are really good!!!! And Momma says they helped my poops too!!! But Mister Roman's gotta get riddance them hooks!! Miss Wiki i think you are doing really awesome at learning how to live in a house, all by yourownseff, with a new-to-you human persin!!!! We are back to hard rainings and fast windings for a few more hours. If this is coming to vizit you better batten down whatever hatches you got!!! That's all from here for today my Friendlies!! Kibble kisses and Buddy Bisket dre
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