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  1. DR Robin we will be thinking of you and Mister Kevin and Dustbin and most especially our sweet JJ all day, and holding you all close. I wish we were there with you to give you {{{hugs}}} in real life instead of just over the innerwebs. We love you....... Miss Chris et al
  2. Dr Robin et Al Andi got in to the vet tamarrow morning last minit for her first appoinkmint so I won't get to post till later. Have a awesome sleeping friends! Good Night! Whiskey Bisket Samba Boy!
  3. I haven't started watching it yet!! It's all on the DVR so far!
  4. Abby!!!! You hardly have any white on yur face at all!!! Oh! The teevee man is talking about all the rain you guys are getting from that Imelda storm!! Don't float away!!! Merc!!! Put those snaks in the Party thread in EEG!!! Charlie, I am confusalated!!! Is Zorro getting just part of hisown ear removed or the whole thing??? We'll be thinking about him tamarrow!! Back later! WBSB!
  5. Congratulations!!! I can't believe her face is not more white!!!!
  6. I was pointed out to me today that I have been remiss in introducing our new girl. She's been home since 9/7 so I think she's here to stay!! After Atom crossed the Bridge in June we were really missing that kind of energy in the house. And losing him the way we did - to a congenital heart issue - was really wrenching. He was so young and had a whole life ahead of him that was cut so short. We kind of felt cheated out of all the years we weren't going to have him. So we began to look for another young dog - though KNOT another puppy!!! Our group, like most adoption groups, is really hurting for dogs. The Florida situation and having so many breeders and trainers getting out of the business means there's not the supply of greyhounds out there - particularly in the opposite corner of the country from where most of the dogs are right now. Plus, there's a waiting list of people 20-30 deep, who have put in their applications and paid their money to get a dog. So I started looking at other types of rescues, other breeds, even other countries for a suitable new family member. Nothing seemed like the right fit. On a whim, I contacted Atom's breeder in Kansas to see if any of his litter were going to flunk out of training. She said no, but that there was one sister who she was keeping at the farm due to a minor injury. And we said we'd take her! It was more tyhan a month of waiting before a haul could get arranged and filled, and then the hauling truck broke down in some small town and there was another week of delay! But she finally got here, and we are totally smitten! Here she is at the kennel that day the haul came in. 20190907_184727 by Chris Harper, on Flickr 20190907_160435 by Chris Harper, on Flickr And at home later 20190907_210351 by Chris Harper, on Flickr 20190912_112856 by Chris Harper, on Flickr And a picture of Atom for comparison. 20190604_143333 by Chris Harper, on Flickr Despite them being separated very young - Atom was 12 weeks old when we got him last year - they are *very* much alike! She's got a little softer personality, and doesn't have his boldness, but their expression and mannerisms are really similar. Even her barking voice sounds a lot like his! And she is seriously one of the most gorgeous dogs I've ever seen! Pictures do NOT do her justice. Technically, I think she's listed as a red fawn, but she's so heavily sabled all over that she looks dun in some lights. We are just smitten with our new princess!!
  7. We have been having a discussion in the WFUBCC about our super seniors, and super angels, and how old our sweet kids have been when they've passed over the Rainbow Bridge. We didn't actually realzie we had so many of our dogs who were not just 10 years old, or 11 years old, but 12 years old and beyond! Some are having issues and some are thriving, but they are all sweet and super and deserving of way more face time than we give them! So post your pictures of your old dogs!!! Let us see those white faces and shaky hind ends! Let's talk about memory foam beds and tempting them with baby food and watching them run around the yard with your heart in your throat and a smile on your face!!! LET'S HAVE A PARTY AND CELEBRATE OUR SUPER SENIORS!!!!!!!!!! Here's a couple pictures of Whiskey, who turned 12 on June 9th!! 20190916_134949 by Chris Harper, on Flickr Senior stink eye 20190725_112222 by Chris Harper, on Flickr Upside down!! 20190625_141052 by Chris Harper, on Flickr Such a sweet face! 20190620_224905 by Chris Harper, on Flickr
  8. As usual, Miss Loosy says exactly the right thing. {{{HUGS}}} Going to start a party thread in EEG. Post your super senior pictures and yummy snakks!!
  9. Sure. As long as you commit to spending time with your dog the rest of the hours of the day, getting them adequate exercise and socialization, and keeping them generally happy and healthy. Lots of single people do exactly that quite successfully. It's called living a real life with a dog - any dog, not just greyhounds. But, be aware, that a lot of adoption groups are (IMO) overly protective and will not adopt a dog into those circumstances. It's just cutting off their nose to spite their face, again, IMO. So you may need to be extra persuasive, or ask around in your area for a more realistic adoption group. When you find one that will work with you, make sure they know that you need a dog who will be OK being by himself for most of the day. Especially if you live in an apartment, you need a dog with no, or easily workable separation anxiety. A group that fosters their dogs will know this better than a kennel based one. Good luck!
  10. Howdy Doody Friends! Gonna be anuther rainy day here today, breaking up a little this affernoon for sun breaks and boomers! Balti, you got the pathetic look down dood!!! Oh Molly!!! Andi must be having sympathy dying rear!! She started the squirty poops and bad gassiness last nigth too! Mom thinks it was drinking nasty water from the bukket at the playdate on Saturday. Now she's gotta call the vet again! See,s like we can go munths and munths without having to see them, and then - boom! - somebuddy's going every week!! Miss Soozin we hope you have fun with Junior there playing with Hamish!! Didja get some more better feeding instrukshuns this time?? Spirit that's like me too!! I can still run and chase and stuff, but it's mostly just knot wurth the effert!! Miss Nancy when do you leave for Spayne?? Hello and Welcome Little Lulu!!! What does everybuddy think? New thread or just post and party here?? Have a super awesome day friends! Toodles! Whiskey Bisket Samba Boy!
  11. Oh dear! Oh dear! Balti having mollers removed and Zorro having hisown ear taken off and Mister Doug getting that annyerism fixed!!! We need lots and lots of around here! Mom will start the party thread tamarrow morning cause it's too hard to do pics on my tablet! Have a awesome sleeping friends! Good Night! Whiskey Bisket Samba Boy!
  12. Were glad Balti came throo his cleaning good. But that pulling part sounds very ouchie!!!!! Mom says we should start a Senior Party Thread so everybuddy can join in and post pictures of their golden oldies. We could have snaks and talk about napping and complain about overactive yunger siblings! I am mostly feeling better, but I still get nawshuss about my foods, like I didn't want to eat tonight. Mom says that Entyce appetite stimulater works really good. I had to jump around after that lure poll today, so Mom thinks I'm just kinda wore out! It was knot raining here till dinnertime, and now there's boomers and it's all dark and wet. Back later! WBSB!
  13. Howdy Doody Friends! Gonna be hard rainy rain showers all day today, which means probly thunnerboomers this affernoon. for Balti and for Ambi!! Hamich is *definitely* growing like a weed!!!! Mom used to say she could see the Grate Danish puppies growing - from the morning to the evening they'd get bigger!! JJ, we are in the same boat dood, so hang in there. You and me and Spirit and Lila - having back end trubbles and not able to walk or get up and down very good. I am taking that meloxicam, the gabbypencils (2 times a day), and the codiene sulfate for pain (3 times a day). There's still room to up my doses of gabbypencils and codiene when the time comes. Mom says she would probly stay away from that preddizone cause it makes our mussles get even weaker. I have had a coupple those little "spells" over the past few munths and Mom figgers they are little strokes too. BUt I am still eating (mostly), and still able to go potty by myownseff, and I will still bark at the crows, and run affer those three nutball sisters of mine for about 5 seconds so she thinks I am doing pretty good for a old guy! MIss Tin, you know we are always up for a party!!! Lila, what happened to scare you in the bakkyard?? Did that barky dog bark at you? Or maybe there was a scary animal or something?? Miss Ducky how is Little Lulu doing today? Gess we'd better get outside before the next rain shower. Have a super awesome day friends!! Toodles! Whiskey Bisket Samba Boy!
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