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  1. Hello my Friendlies!! Loads of sunnings today, but there mite be some hi cloudings to cut down the hots. Yesserday was The Warmest Day Of the Year around here and it broke lotsa records and stuff. It only got to 81lebendee degrees at our house, but up to 84 at the airport where they meashure offishully. Today is sposed to be warmer than that. MISTER SPIRIT!!!!!!! SSSSSSHHHHHHHH!!!!! Do NOT say anything about toe chopping!!!!! I have been trying to make Momma forget we all need it for, like, a week now!!!! I do not like that toe chopping!!!!! Momma's got lotsa seeds and s
  2. I think this poster means "lipoma" (which is a benign fatty lump), not Lymphoma (which is cancer). This could be so many, many things that to jump right to any form of cancer is a little premature. How big is the lump? Is it hard or squishy? Can you move it around - that is, is it mainly in the top layers of skin or is it attached to the underneath muscle? Can you get your fingers all the way around it? Is it visible on top of the skin when you part his fur? What my vet does when we find a new lump is to extract some cells (fine needle aspiration) and ju
  3. Antie Jennie I was just wunnering how your garden was growing!!! Mam, we are sure thinking of your Mom and hoping she doesn't linger in limbo and in painings. That's all from here for today my Friendlies!! Kibble kisses and Buddy Biskit dreams!! NITEY NITE!! Andipants
  4. Miss Vanessa, I furgotted to say this morning that we have the same arrangement for Bill paying that Miss Lucy does. All our accounts are set up in the bill paying section on the bank webbysite, but Momma hasta skedool them herownseff each month. We could do auto pay - where the lektronic bills that come in pay themselfs - but Momma prefers to have control. She might only use one check every two or three munths now! And she's gone paperless with all the bills she can so they don't even come by mail anymore! Miss Ivy and Miss Cherry hadda another great playgroop!! Later Gaters!!
  5. Hello my Friendlies! Gonna be hothothot around here today!!! Up into the 80lebendees!!! That's way too hot for April!!! We've had two wildfires around in the rural subberbs this week, and that's really scary given how bad our last wildfire seezin was. Miss Lizabeth, is that like testing for your students??? I mean, that's what they called it when Momma was a stoodent a millyun years ago!!! Miss Vanessa, if you get a big enuff one, Roman won't be able to fling it very far up in the air. Lilly can toss that big one we got, but not not up in the air. How are you
  6. Miss Vanessa, Momma says you want some of these: Toys For Aggressive Chewers We got one that's massive - like almost 10 inches across, with handles - and it's totally awesome!!! And really indestructible!! Hey Mister Pippin!! Haha!!! I *did* get another illegal running this affernoon!!! That's all from here for today my Friendlies!! Kibble kisses and Buddy Bisket dreams!! NITEY NITE!! Andipants
  7. Hello my Friendlies! Gonna be sunnings and even warmering today here - almost up to 80lebendee degrees!!! Then OVER 80 this weekend. We gots Red Flag Warnings all over the state cause of the fire danger, and those windywindies are really strong. Mister Spirit we're glad Miss Loosy finally gotted her puter stuff back, but it sounds like those other peeples skrewed it all up again!!! Miss Wiki, I hope your leggie doesn't get too hurty. It mite be your nek being hurty too. Momma's gotted a whole Box Of Medisin for us, just in case we have a temprary ouchie like that - nsa
  8. Mister Merc is home safe and sound!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS DAPHNE!!!!! HAPPY GOTCHA DAY MISTER PIPPIN!!! Miss Laila hadda breakthroo!!! Congradumalashuns!!!!! Miss Fancypants we hope that boneceakker gets your neck all fixed up!!! Y'ALL!!! Momma's cat sergery isn't until NEXT Thursday!!! We had nice sunnings today and I sneaked a off leash run in all by myown self when Momma wasn't looking!!! It was TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!! That's all from here for today my Friendlies!! Kibble kisses and Buddy Bisket dreams!! NITEY NITE!! Andipants
  9. Hello my Friendlies! It should be pretty warm and with sunnings all day today. Akchooally, it should be warm and sunnings till this time next week! But we are sooo dry that they have to put up fire bans so we don't start wildfires already. I really hope we don't have those again!!! Miss Wiki, I KNOWED it!!!! Momma just didn't wanna get us anything!!! Miss Kerry you will be BRILLYANT today!! Mister Charlie I think that's a excellent arrangement too! What houndie wants anuther human living with them, taking up their Momma's time and attenshun?? I sertinly to N
  10. That's all from here for today my Friendlies!! Kibble kisses and Buddy Bisket dreams!! NITEY NITE!! Andipants
  11. Mister Pippin, at least you are just *walking* with Tobin Doofus and not living with him!!! When you *live* with em, you always gotta "share" or "wait your turn" or "scoot over!!!" Plus you gotta keep close track so one of em doesn't get any more treats or fuds than you. And you gotta make sure you're the firstest one in line for the door inside so you can get the bed you want! It's exHAWStificating, let me tell you!!! Miss Wiki meeting those kids sounds like fun!!! Oh!! Momma says to tell your Momma that we got choklits coming to our house!! I do not know why *I* should care
  12. Hello my Friendlies!! It was calm all nite, but now those windywindies are back. We still gots our lektricals so far tho!!! We're sposed to get up to 70lebendee degrees for the first time today, then hotter and hotter throo the weekend!!!! Mister Spirit, good luck to Miss Loosy today with her migrating! Miss Tin, Momma says the next step is an echocardiogram of his heart. It's really easy and doesn't take any sleepy joose. Momma had the vet give me one when I firsted comed here because of my bruther Atom. MY heart was perfect!!! Happy Birthdays too!! Have fun wit
  13. Yes, it's certainly possible, and raising a child with a dog (any dog, not just greyhounds), can be done very successfully. But it takes firm rules about supervision and boundaries, and knowledge of both dog behavior and body language. Many tragedies could have been averted just by observing the interactions and reacting appropriately. There are many people here on GT that have managed to raise kids and dogs together.
  14. If you are on Facebook check out the group called The Pro Greyhound Movement. There are a lot of trainers and owners on there who could give you good advice. And many of the professional racing kennels and breeders maintain FB pages and social media presence. But, in general, which country you live in matters, as there are licensing issues for trainers/owners that vary greatly, costs, rules. etc. Just the differences between the US and UK are pretty big. As far as I know (which isn't very far), there's no legal barriers to owning and training your own dog, but no breeder or owner I cu
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