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  1. Miss Vanessa!!! Duh!!! You *never* take treats from sumbuddy you don't know!!!! Stranger danger!!!! Molly Dad wants to see yur haircut!!! I will check on the FB too. Lila i was wunnering if you were having severes with the heat and storms! I have to say, i did laff kwite a bit over hiding from a tornado in a bakery!!!! Miss Soozin when the grass is dry it just gets all chopped up and disappears into the lawn. When it's wet it gets all clumpy and makes ugly lumps in yur yard so you feel like you gotta take. Plus also it gets all over yur mower! Miss Loosy, Mom says our crappy myrtle is knot gonna bloom this year cause it's too small. Knot too hit today but we are still napping in the ac cooled airs!!! Back later! WBSB!
  2. Howdy Doody Friends!! Gonna be really warm and sunny today and then hothothot tamarrow. I know I missed so much yesserday - it was all Mom's fault! - so I know I am knot gonna be able to comint on everything. Miss Soozin you gotta innerdoose us to Hammish as SOON as he comes home!!! Mister Tony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Miss Loosy I am glad to hear yur luntsch wented good! Mom wants to know if yur crappy murtles are blooming yet? Molly are you gonna have a real poodle cut?? Aaawwww, Gino. It will be ok dood! Hey Merc! Uuummm... I have furgotted what else to say! Have a super awesome day friends! Toodles! Whiskey Bisket Samba Boy!
  3. Purina Sensitive Stomach has a basically limited ingredient turkey formula that has worked well for my dogs that need it. Plus, everybody's stools are excellent (and they weren't bad before) and smaller, and they only poop once or twice a day rather than three or four times. We also use a probiotic every meal (Naturevet Digestive Enzymes), but you can use Forti Flora or plain full fat yogurt or even buttermilk consult your vet about what to use for your dogs.
  4. First I would survey the fence line for any rocks/sticks/sharp objects sticking up as that looks more like a cut or split than a worn spot. He may need a vet visit if you can't get it to start granulating and healing. Feet are very hard to deal with! Get some Dermagel or other wound spray and apply after soaking the foot in warm-to-hot water with epsom salts daily. Keep dry and lightly covered with a toddler sock. For outside make sure you keep the foot dry. Use some Paws rubber booties, or other walking boots you may have.
  5. Have a awesome sleeping friends! Good Night! Whiskey Bisket Samba Boy!
  6. Howdy Doody Friends! Hot! Have a super awesome day! Toodles! WBSB!
  7. Mom's got a early meeting for coffee and *I* am KNOT invited!!!! Which means I will knot be around till later in the day. Hrumpf!!!!! Have a awesome sleeping friends! Good Night! Whiskey Bisket Samba Boy!
  8. Miss Carol Ann, that was way too close!!! Miss REC Miss Soozin!!! Miss Jennifer Lilly weys 92 lbs rite now. She's been as high as 96 and as low as 88 since she got all growed up! Mom wished she weyed about 85, but it's hard with her weerd eating. And Mom and Dad had a foster a million lebenty years ago who weyed 99. He was KNOT fat just really big!! That YELLBOY probly needs to go on a diet!!!!! Back later! WBSB!
  9. Howdy Doody Friends! Showers are over and we will be getting back to the start of summer now. Still KNOT as hothothot as you eest coasters tho!! Miss Soozin mooving day!!!!! We hope everything goes smoooooth! On the subject of nail files, Mom says to look for something called a "wood rasp" at the hardware store. Merc, my Dad makes our brekfist everyday, and Mom makes dinner, so we get the best of both!! Fancy try and keep Paris in line for that dog sitting persin!! We will miss you guys for a couppla weeks tho! Have fun Miss Cindy and !!!!!!!! Miss Carol Ann, didja figger out where that litening hit? Mom wanted me to say that a couppla years ago we had a lektrishian put a "whole house surge protecter" on our lectrikal box so if our house gets hit by those litenings we won't essplode!!!! Miss Sherrie!!! That musta been awful to see, not to menshun drive throo!! Isabella thatsa whole lotta bikkie munnies for fiksiing that AyCee!!!! Stay cool in the hoomids freinds and have a super awesome day! Toodles! Whiskey Bisket Samba Boy!
  10. Miss Nancy, Mom knows how you feel with worrying about yur hussbudman's helff and wellness. We are all that everything works out for both of you. Breeeeeeeve!!! Miss Carol Ann you might have gotted hit by that litening!!!! Have fun at yur reeyunium Miss Sherrie!!!! Mam Have a awesome sleeping friends! Good Night! Whiskey Bisket Samba Boy!
  11. 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 We need MORE Petunia pictures!!!!!!!!!
  12. Howdy Doody Friends! Gonna be cloudy and showery turning to rain later on today. Then summer comes back over the weekend! KNOT like the summer you all are having on the Eest coast right now though!!! We are KNOT sorry we're knot having that kinda weather this year! Miss Lizabeth, Mom says if you *have* to make chikken on the grill in the summer you gotta make beer can chikken. It gets done all the way and the meat stays real moist. Or you could put some thihs in a foil pan with some beer or cider and cook it that way. You should trade that instant pot in for a Ninja cooker! For Beka!!!! Glad that Howie is recovering good affer his dentill! Spirit, how is Miss Loosy doing? Hey Laila! Is yur Mom and docter too?? OMG!!!!! You guys!!! There's been TWO COOGER sitings, like, less than haff a mile from our house!!!!! I DO KNOT want to see a cooger in real life EVER!!! Mom and Dad are gonna make sure to check our yard really good before we go o-u-t at night!! Nothing much really is going on around here. Just same old stuff - naps, treats, more naps, meals, some playing, and more naps. Hey! I gess that's knot so bad affer all!! Have a super awesome day friends! Toodles! Whiskey Bisket Samba Boy!
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