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  1. Sounds like everybody had a pretty good day!!! It was windy with rainings here, but we found some dry time to go o-u-t. There was some medium size branches blowed down in the yard we got to sniff! That was fun! That's all from here for today my Friendlies!! Kibble kisses and Buddy Bisket dreams!! NITEY NITE!! Andipants
  2. Hello my Friendlies!! Gonna be a blustery, stormy, gloomy horrible no good day around here!!! Momma is not looking forward to pikking up the yard!!!! Miss Daphne, did I miss *why* you gotta have a chestal hexray??? Are you not feeling good??? Momma says my angel sister Miss Toni was the Fun Police around our house. If she wasn't the trubble maker, nobuddy else could be!!! I don't care if other houndies are having fun, unless they are getting attenshun from MY Momma!!! That's not allowed!!! Have a good flying Miss Patsy!! And a good viziting with Miss Kestralynn et All!! We hope you got that kitteh into the box without losing too much bluds!!! Miss Ducky, you *are* a good friendly!!! But I think that chiwawa owner is ghosting you and making excuses. It mite be time to extricate yourownseff from this sitchuashun. It sounds like that little Bella is safe with somebody and not out on the streets. Kinda slow this morning around here. I'll chekk back in later on!! Don't everybody panic about the page numbers!!! Momma will start the new Club when it's time!! Wishings for a Scintillating Sunnyday for all my Friendlies!! BYE-EEE!!! Andipants
  3. That's all from here for today my Friendlies!! Kibble kisses and Buddy Bisket dreams!! NITEY NITE!! Andipants
  4. Hello my Friendlies!! Rainings and showerings all day today. The bad weather really starts tamarrow affernoon when those BOM windy windings get here. It will probly blow all the pretty leaves down. Hope you guys had a fun play groop Miss Ivy!! Miss Ducky, we rememmer back when this first happened and you said you thotted maybe somebody had pikked up that little Bella alreddy and was hiding her. We hope her peeples get her back soon!! Miss Daphne we will be baknforthing for you on Toozday. Mister Merc and Mister Nate!!! Miss Laila, Momma seems pretty clear our house market will be huge and expensive until two days before she decides it's time to sell our house, then it will collapse and we won't get any good munnies for it!! It has turned dark outside - like, maybe after sunset dark!!! - and Daddy is outside taking a walkie!!! We hope he gets back to the car before the rainings start!!! Momma is still thinking about going to Costco, maybe, today. Wishings for a Satisfying Satidday for all my Friendlies!! BYE-EEE!!! Andipants
  5. Oh yeah, Miss Jenn!!! We are rite in the middle and that BOM is gonna split and hit norvern Californeeya and norvern Warshingaton, so you and Antie Jennie are gonna get BOMBED!!!! We hope there's not any flooding or mud slidings where the fires burned. Miss Laila, Momma says our reel estate market is one of the most spensive around. Stuff is sooper hi priced and gets snapped up so fast you don't even have time to think about it iffen you find a house you like. You pretty much gotta grab it the sekind you see it!!! There's even peeples making offers just from seeing houses on the innerwebs!!! Momma was reading a artikle today in the paper and it said the average time a house stays on the market is less than 17 days! Momma did not go to Costco today, so maybe she'll go tamarrow - tho the rainings are not sposed to be any more betterer then! That's all from here for today my Friendlies!! Kibble kisses and Buddy Bisket dreams!! NITEY NITE!! Andipants
  6. Miss RE Carol!!!!!!!! I can't even... I have no barks!! Miss Jerilyn, look up the word BOMBOGENESIS. (I think that's how you spell it.) Weather peeples call it a Bomb Cyclone, tho it's not a bomb and it's not really a cyclone! AP
  7. Just FYI When you get ready to make the list you should put a thread in OT, as lots of people don't read this section. So excited!! We picked out cards last weekend. Now comes the chore of getting the dogs lined up for a picture!!!
  8. Hello my Friendlies!! Gonna be mostly yukky rainings and windings and pretty chilly all weekend. Antie Jenny is rite about anuther one of them BOM things heading for us on Sunnyday, but it's not gonna be too bad for our house. Hmmmm... Miss Laila, Momma says that house still has too many stairings to soot her, but there's a bedroom AND a haff bath on the main level, and going out to the backyard is flat. Some of that carpet would haff to go tho!! The indoor garage is a plus, and it looks like it has extra off street parking. The frunt porch is AWESOME!!! The nayborhood looks nice. And the price is super awesome!!! I know it seems like a lot, but here that house would be 2 or 3 times that much!!! Miss Ivy, Momma was thinking if Miss Tracey could come over and just, like, hang out with you guys and your Momma and Daddy for a while, like Friendlies. Maybe play with some toys, give out some (a LOT) of yummo treats, maybe have a nice dinner on the dekk - just hang out, ya know??? So Miss Cherry gets over thinking she's gonna be hurty everytime she comes over. I know that's her job and all, but maybe she would do it once or twice for, like, haff price?? Mister Nate, I think you are... waitaminit, I gotta look up how to spell this one... INCORRIGIBLE!!!!! That's what Momma calls ME all the time so it must be good!! Miss Fancypants, I am so happy that your pills and stuff are working good for you and that you are feeling more better now!!! Miss New Carol, Momma has never seed that Dude Abides movie, but she says it all the time too!!! Have fun at skool Mister Merc!!! Hey!!! I wunner how Mister Pippin is doing??? Mister Gino, I eat those carrits too, and it tooked a few meals before Momma figgered out zactly how much was good and too much was not good!!! I get one heaping teaspoon once a day in my dinner and that seems to be the rite amount!! Flizzie eats em too and she only gets, like, maybe a third of what I get. Her poops are HUGE tho. Like Grated Danish HUGE!!!! But she only poops once or twice a day, where me and Lilly poop 3 or 4 times. Lilly only has one little plop each time!!! Momma says that's TMI, but us houndies like talking about poop!!! Well, Momma's gonna try and go to Costco again today to pikk up Flizzie's medicine. She was gonna go three days ago, but Daddy's rabies shot really kikked hisown butt, so Momma didn't wanna leave us alone for him to take care of. So it's getting done today. Or maybe tamarrow. Or Munderday. Wishings for a Fantastikal Friedday for all my Friendlies!! BYE-EEE!!! Andipants
  9. Miss Laila what a house adventchoor! I do not think I would like looking at somebody's house when they was rite there!!!! Miss RE Carol we sure hope you get to have your kitteh sergery this time!! Miss Ivy, I wunner if Miss Cherry gotted scared or hurted (not on purpose!!) when Miss Tracey putted in herown harness one day?? Poor thing sounds kinda really scarded! Maybe she could have herown harness in already when Miss Tracey is coming over??? That's all from here for today my Friendlies!! Kibble kisses and Buddy Bisket dreams!! NITEY NITE!! Andipants
  10. Hello my Friendlies!! Dry but clouding and cold!!! That teevee man said there's BOM coming our way with windy windings!!!! But Antie Jennie will get the worst of it!! Mister Merc!!! Um... Somehow I don't think that house will CHEKK anybodies boxes!!! Speeking of boxes Miss Ivy and Miss Cherry finally gotted something good from a box!!! I love fishies on my kibbles!! I bet you're getting essited to see Miss Kestralynn, Miss Patsy!!! Is Mister Patsy going with you too??? Why does that kitteh hafta go to the rezort??? Speeking of kittehs, we're sorry your kittehs are slowing down Miss Fancy!! Momma really misses having a kitteh sometimes, but NOT when it comes to cleaning that litterbox out!!! Miss Jerilyn we're glad you got your migrating bird prollem fixed up riteawaykwik!!! Mister Nate gotted a nice walkie and now he's gonna nap the affernoon away!!! I think that's what I will do too!!! Momma was kinda sad yesserday so I hadda punch her in the face (Accidentally. Really. It was a accident!!). Plus also we got to have Mickey Dees cheezebergers cause they were Dude's favorite!!!! YUMMO!!!! In other news, Flizzie is starting to eat crunchy kibbles again instead of mushy soaked ones. Nobody here really chews their kibbles anyway, so that's the best place to start. Momma also gotted some soft dog treats so Flizzie doesn't use up all our cheeze slices!!!! Wishings for a Three-star Thirdsday for all my Friendlies!! BYE-EEE!!! Andipants
  11. Happy Anniversary Miss Kathy and Mister Jim!!! My Daddy got his rainbees booster AND his floo shot at the same time in Munderday!!!! He's been really dragging since then. Mam, no chikamunks on the west side of this state, but loads on the eest side! That's all from here for today my Friendlies!! Kibble kisses and Buddy Bisket dreams!! NITEY NITE!! . AndiPants
  12. Hello my Friendlies!! Windings and rainings on and off today, and for the foreseeable future. Welcome Home Mister Gino and Mister Roman and Miss Fuzzy - and Miss Vanessa!!! Miss Ducky Miss Ivy!!!! That one has pokey things on his head!!! What's up with that??? Miss Kathy we hope you get all the rite papers filled out!! Mister Nate we do not have chikamunks here, only stoopid skwerrils. I think I could probly ketch a chikamunk!!!! Momma's gotta pikk up Flizzie's pills at Costco today or tamarrow, so she's making a list of stuff she needs to get there. I think we are gonna score a couppla new beds!!!! She was also hoping the garden crew that came to clean up our yard affer the ice stormings could come back and hepp her move alla the planter pots, but it looks like that's not gonna happen. She and Daddy will just hafta move em one at a time and one every other day or so cause they are so heavy!! Momma is also very mellon collie today. It's been ten yeers since our angel bruther Dude wented over the Bridge. Momma and Daddy still miss him every day... Wishings for a Wunderfull Windsday for all my Friendlies!! BYE-EEE!!! Andipants
  13. Miss Jerilyn we hope you get you problem solved rite!! This migrating stuff seems like a pain in the buttokks!!!! Miss Kathy Momma sawed a news thing that said your travel agent could help you figger out all the papers to sign for travelling! Mister Clarkie I like green beems, roasted or raw or steemed! I just like em bestest IN MY BOWL!!!!!! That's all from here for today my Friendlies!! Kibble kisses and Buddy Bisket dreams!! NITEY NITE!! Andipants
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