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  1. Mister Charlie, we hope your Momma Bear was happy and satisfied with how all that talking turned out, cause having yourown house and yard is totally awesome!!! Miss Lila, Flizzie gets so mad at Momma cause she (Flizzie) likes to dig random holes all over when she's feeling frisky and snarky!!! Then she (Momma) has to walk around with the rake all over the yard and fill the holes in. That drives her (Flizzie) crazy and she jumps around and digs the hole again. Then she (Momma) fills em in again, and on and on and on!!!!! Lilly is doing more better tonite. She's eating a little
  2. Vanessa, we use Whimzee bones because they don't have any chicken in them. Plus the granulated rawhide Munchy Sticks. When we had more dogs, Lilly got her own chews and everyone else got Busy Bones. But Lilly hasn't been able/willing to chew anything harder than a Buddy Biscuit lately. I hope she'll like the Whimzees again once she's all healed up.
  3. Hello my Friendlies! Partly to mostly clouding today but it's sposed to be warmer by a few degrees. Miss Vanessa, Momma says my bruther Atom used to walk under Lilly all the time when he was still a little puppy!!! She says Lilly always got the funniest expression on her face!!! Miss Lizabeth, Lilly can totally relate to how horrible toofer issues are rite now!!!! Miss Ivy, losing their fones is a big deal to most humins!!! But it is funny that your Daddy didn't notice before. Momma says the battery is probably d-e-d by now which is why you can't hear it ringing (i
  4. Lilly has mostly slept all evening, though we've gone out to pee a couple times. She's still a little wobbly, and really nauseous (turns her head away from plain water), but doing ok. Andi and Flizzie have taken turns laying next to her. And they shepherded her around the yard when we went out. So, we're all saying good night from our house to all our Friendlies! Thanks so much for all your concern and good thoughts! NITEY NITE!! Andipants et Al
  5. It's almost 4pm here now, but no word yet about Lilly. I know she was down the list of today's surgeries, and the two extractions are hard ones, so I'm not (overly) worried. Yet. Just as I was writing the above, they called!! Lilly's home and doing good. Still pretty wonky on her feet, but the extractions went well, and everything else looks good in her mouth. Hopefully it's the last one for another 5 years!
  6. Hello my Friendlies! It was clouding and fogging this morning but now it's clearing off to sunnings. It's very cold tho. Momma dropped off Lilly and now the hard part is the wating. We did see on FB that Miss Angie di NOT get her dentill this morning cause of a reaction to the anesfeeshia. She mite be home by now. Or soon. Happy Birthday Miss Ducky!!! Aaawwwww!!! Lookit that cute little Miss Rita!!! We really hope she works out at your house Miss Ducky! Thanks for the snakkings Miss Summer!! I'll be back when Momma gets news on Lilly! Wishings f
  7. Stepping on my for a minute: Anti anxiety medication is a perfectly reasonable treatment modality for helping dogs to overcome anxiety. It's NOT a cure-all or a crutch, any more than it would be for a human suffering from PTSD or life-altering anxiety. Medication is a valuable *tool* that helps your dogs brain be in the right chemical status to accept de-conditioning training. Once the crippling anxierty is mitigated that dog can be helped forward in his behavior. If your dog had an infection, would you decline antibiotics? If he had parasites, would you not treat the problem an
  8. Antie Jennie your town is famuss!!!! Miss Lila everybody around here is spekulating about our winter this year. We haven't had a real hard, wet, cold winter in a long time. Momma says now she wants home made chilis!!! Yes Mister Spirit!! Delivered bakkin brekkie!!! It was awesome!! Miss Ivy you and Miss Cherry look all wet!!! Mister Battle!!! You are so BIG!!!! Miss Laila I bet your sister is done getting her teefs cleaned before Momma even drops Lilly off tamarrow!! Lilly's drop off is 8:40 ay em our time. She's, like, the third or forth one on the s
  9. Hello my Friendlies!! Gonna be sunnings all day but very very chilly out there!!! And windy!! We probly won't even get up to 50lebendy degrees today!!! Miss Ducky!!! I put it at about 100 percentages!!! Miss Ivy and Miss Cherry are home!!! It's so nice that you have a great camping place to go to when your Momma and Daddy take vaycayshuns! Mister Spirit, my sister Lilly likes to sleep under blankets. She naps with Daddy that way all the time in the winter! I get too hot and scratchy. Miss Nutmeg, we do the time changing next weekend - like everybod
  10. This trial is being conducted to better characterize retinal degeneration syndrome in greyhounds with hopes of identifying the genetic components of this disease. Understanding Retinal Degeneration In Greyhounds Particularly if you have a dog who is sired by Kiowa Mon Manny, whether they have been diagnosed with PRA or not.
  11. There's no bloodwork that will show up cancer in dogs, so if it was recently done, and it was fine, there's no sense in doing it again. A full xrays set of his whole leg - toes to hip - will probably be more diagnostic. And, I suspect, if he has corns on one foot, he probably has corns on other feet as well. Corns can become an issue long before they erupt on the surface of a pad to be seen. Especially if pain meds and nsaids don't appear to help at all day to day, a corn is a more likely prosepct. But xrays first, and a full physical exam focusing on his hind end.
  12. That's all from here for today my Friendlies!! Kibble kisses and Buddy Bisket dreams!! NITEY NITE!! Andipants
  13. Hello my Friendlies! Cloudings and cold this morning. It's sposed to clear up but get really windy later on. At least it should be sunny for a couppla days! Miss Halise!!! We love you!! Mister Spirit don't tell me you actually need some - gasp! - jimjams!!!!! Miss Soozin, Momma has that same issue for probly the same reazins. When she had her MRI for her Palsy the reader person said there was "minor narrowing" of her cervical spine. NOT!!! Momma's hands fall asleep all the time!! Mister Battle that's excellent that you get to earn pointings now. We got
  14. Re: your sister. and most especially if she has kids - it should be explained to her firmly that small children (and even big ones) need to leave the dog *completely* alone when she's on her bed or has a treat. If they want to interact with the dog it's best to call the dog over to YOU and supervise their interaction, with your dog on her feet. Watch her body language closely and cut things off if she gets anxious. I mentioned it before, but all three issues you're dealing with are extremely common in retired racing greyhounds. We literally have all been where you are now at some point
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