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  1. DA, have your Momma use some colding paks on that swellings!!! Miss Laila!!!! Mister Dustin that baby cow is so cute!!!!! Momma's got 2 more episodes of that Picard show left. Then she'll probly watch that Discovery star trek series. Hopefully before her free month is over! That's all from here for today my Friendlies! Kibble kisses and Buddy Bisket dreams! NITEY NITE!! AndiPants
  2. Hello my Friendlies! Dry now but the rainings are coming overnite and tamarrow morning. Then after that we should be DRY and SUNNY for the hole next week!!! Miss Ivy, we hope your Momma is being smart working in that hospital!!! Have fun viziting Mister Charlie!! That little Albus kitteh sure looks yummy! ... um... CUTE!! Yeah. CUTE!! Hi Mister Clem!!! Miss Caroline and Miss Noo Carol Momma loves those chippy thingies too, She eats probly too much hummusing that way!!! Nothing much else going on around here. Wishings for a lovely day for all my Friendlies! BYE-EEE!!! AndiPants
  3. Musher's Secret is a balm you can put on their pads prior to playing that helps protect them from damage. There are loads of similar products out there. If he needs more help than that, try the Paws boots. They are like thick rubber, balloon shaped booties for dogs that will protect them better. Probably the "purple" size, but measure him per their instructions. You can try regular hiking or protective boots, but, in my experience, they don't really stay on very well during playing. They're OK for walks - especially if you're walking on concrete or pavement. Try and keep him to grass or sandy areas if you can until his pads toughen up.
  4. Miss Halise, you should ask your peeple docter about what the rules are where you live. I forgot what was on the last page and I'm sleepy!! That's all from here for today my Friendlies! Kibble kisses and Buddy Bisket dreams! NITEY NITE!! AndiPants
  5. Hello my Friendlies! Clouding rite now, but we're sposed to get sunning breaks later on. Then two days of rainings. THEN four days of sunnings and 60lebenty degree weather!!!!! Oh DA!!!!! That's what Momma thotted it was when she sawed that picher on the FB!!! She wants to know if they did a xray anyway? Miss Lila maybe our sunnings will head your way when they are done here!! CONRATULATIONS MISS SOOZIN AND LITTLE ALBUS!!! HEY! Miss Lizabeth!!! Momma wants to know if you can send her a couppla of those masks you been making?? Daddy thinks he needs to be wearing one and we don't have a sewing macheen or nothing. She will make a donashun to you so you can buy more fixin's to make more!!! Send her a pm or email or something. Thanks a bunch!! Mister Pippin I hope you got your walkie by now!! Wishings for a snuggly day for all my Friendlies! BYE-EEE!!! AndiPants
  6. Mister Dustin I'm looking forwerd to seeing your kitchen! But what I really wanna know is how's your new sister working out??????? That's all from here for today my Friendlies! Kibble kisses and Buddy Bisket dreams! NITEY NITE!! AndiPants
  7. No!! No!! No!! DA you CANNOT be limping!!!! Nononononono!!!!!! Mister Merc, barking of, how's your toe??? Mam we were glad to hear the good news about Ollie!! Miss Ivy, all the human kid playgrounds are closed here, but the doggie parks are all still open. The humans gotta do soshul distancing tho. Miss Lila we had some pretty good sunbaffing time today too. Followed immediately by a hail storm, but, hey! You take what you get!!! Momma gotted her erbs replanted except for the chives, which gotta be divided, and the lemmin grass, which is d-e-d! Later gaters!! AndiPants
  8. Hello my Friendlies! Gonna be mostly showering today but we mite have some sunnings later on. Miss Soozin we are so jeluss about you having nice warm weather now!!! But then later on we will be cause you are so HOT!!!! Miss Patsy, Momma says cleening will always be there so there's no sense making a big deel outta it!!! :rolleyes But everybody already knows she's not the bestest house keepinger in the whirled!!!! Hahahahaha!!! Wandering around aimlessly!!!! That should be the motto for this whole thing going on rite now!!!! Miss Lizabeth Momma would pay real munnies if she could get more than 6 hours of good sleep a nite. At leest she's figgered out how to not lay awake in bed for hours and hours before dropping off. Now if she could only get rid of the bug sound and lady laffing sound hallucinayshuns she has. Those are really disturbing. Hey Miss Laila!! Hey Friendlies!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!! Good pestoing lessons Miss Lila!!! You are a expert!!! If it doesn't raining too much Momma mite try and plant some of the erbs she's over wintered in the new garden. We'll see if she actually does or not!! Wishings for a snuggly day for all my Friendlies!! BYE-EEE!!! AndiPants
  9. Haha!!! I don't know! Dennis brought it home from a plant store without a tag. Some kind of philodendron maybe? Lila!!
  10. Here's my plant!!! And I'll see you a alien (or any type) Christmas ornament!! 20200401_164211 by Chris Harper, on Flickr
  11. Hello my Friendlies! Gonna be rainings most of the day today. I hope those sunnings get to come out sometime! Have a fun walkie Miss Ducky!!! How is everybody there today? Miss Loosy you be careful doing all those workings!!! Mister Nate!!!!! What's going on buddy?? Great picher Galina!!!! Uh-oh!!!! Mister Hamish is snotty!!!!! Maybe just a springtime snotting! Momma has been doing sneezings cause of the pollens and stuff. Mister Dustin how's the new kichen?? Does it have lotsa space for dog bowls?? I think we need a pcher of it! Kinda boring around here now since nothing is going on!!! Wishings for a fun or relaxing day - whichever you want! - for all my Friendlies! BYE-EEE!!! AndiPants
  12. Glad she's doing well. She should start to pick up again soon. Any infection in the mouth, or anywhere really, can cause problems in other parts of the body. Hope the new ABs help asap!
  13. Mister Charlie Momma said you can postie something to look for in the scavenger hunt if you want! And NO! I cannot get into the garden to do ANYthing!!!!! Miss Laila we're sorry about that lady going d-e-d. Glad you Momma could help them tho! Mam Momma liked the first season of the Brodcherch show but she didn't watch the rest. That's all from here for today my Friendlies! Kibble kisses and Buddy Bisket dreams! NITEY NITE!! AndiPants
  14. Mister Hamish we sawed that picher of you and Miss Molly on the FB!!!! Both my Momma and Daddy wented [[THUD]] right on the floor!!!! Mam were sure about that horsey!!! Momma finally gotted all the new garden fixed up and fenced off I helped her plant the first row of pea seeds on Wennzday! I checked today and they haven't come up yet!! Here's a picher of it! Across the bottom in the pots is a huckleberry, and two peenk blueberries. In the green pot in the back is some red currants. The little crabby apple stikk will go somewhere too. Later gaters!! AndiPants
  15. Miss Kerry it sounds to ME like "sumwon" wants to have "sumwon" just "do it" for her, and she will make it as difficult for "sumwon" as long as she can until that "sumwon" just gives in because they've been pushed to the edgings and it's easier than dealing with her anymore!!!
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