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  1. Miss Patsy we're sure everyone around you wishes you a good showering too!!! Momma moved that little baby skwerril outta the backyard. The momma hasn't come for it, so maybe it's sick. Maybe the momma will come affer dark. That's all from here for today my Friendlies!! Kibble kisses and Buddy Bisket dreams!! NITEY NITE!! Andipants
  2. Those Bees are Bees and not murdering hornets!!! Not the big black an yellow ones, but smaller ones with striped butts!! Momma thinks they are just not gonna put that feeder back up, cause we got the wrong kind to put Bee guardings on. NOW we gots anuther problem!!! There's a tiny baby skwerril fallen outta a tree onto our dog bed. It's so little - like the size of a mouse!- and doesn't have any furs or nuthing. Momma leaved it alone and put some fencing up around it so maybe the Momma would come for it, but she hasn't yet. Mam we been watching that horse dancing that you and Mister Widget Pony do!! Only these horses are really BIG!!!!! We hadded some Arby's sammiches today!!! Later Gaters!! Andipants
  3. Hello my Friendlies!! More of the same - cloudings to sunnings to hawtings. Tho not as hawt today and tamarrow as later on in the week. OMG!! OMG!! OMG!! Miss FancyToo!!!! I bet that was so ascary when Mister Sam runned away from all of you!!! So very glad he comed rite to your Momma!!! I'm sure you were very important too!! Mister Merc it looks like you all had loads of fun at Grapehounds!!! We seen Miss Laila's video on the FB!! And the pichers you and her postied. Miss Laila, Momma always hasta upload videos to YooToob before she can post them on GT. Miss Candy we know it takes some time to work up to being a pain!!! Miss Loosy!! Momma says Mister Nate sound like a KITTEH!!!!! That's what those kittehs do - let you pet them for a while and then smakk your hand with their paw knives!!!! Apparently, my Angel sister Toni was that way too, so Momma feels your pain!!! Not literally anymore, cause nobody here does that now, but... you know! Momma is having a issue with one of our hummingbird feeders that we never hadded before!! We've had the feeders in the same place for a few years now - so we can watch those hummers feeding and flying around! But this year, around June, a buncha bees showed up in the yard - finally!! There had been a few small bees around in the garden and stuff, but then it was like a whole swarming of bigger bees!! Momma thotted they were waspspspsps for a while but they were just bees. Anyway - first they were just getting waters from the birdbaths, but THEN they founded one of the hummingbird feeders!!!! OMG!!!! it was like the only bar in a cowboy town was open!!! There were HUNDREDs of bees flying around and trying to get the sugar waters!!! Momma's been researching and trying to figger out how to get them to stay away , but nothing has worked!!! She thinks they mite just hafta take that feeder down!! Which makes Momma sad cause the hummers need it too. That's the big essitment around here. Wishings for a magical Munderday for all my Friendlies!! BYE-EEE!!! Andipants
  4. That's all from here for today my Friendlies!! Kibble kisses and Buddy Bisket dreams!! NITEY NITE!! Andipants
  5. Hello my Friendlies!! Weather - same, same, same. For a new home for Mister Henry Hedgie!!! Mister Nate!!! Momma wunners if maybe you are resource guarding cause you can't see the rest of the resources around you and you just wanna keep what you got and not give it up??? Anyway. Don't growl at Miss Loosy!!! Miss Ivy and Miss Cherry gotted yummy new treats!!!! Hey!!! Where's MY new treats????? MOMMA!!!!!!!! Miss Lizabeth my have Grapehoundie vision!!!! Miss Fuzzy told off a doodle!!! Tho it's sad it's owner wasn't even paying enuff attenshun to know it was gone. We aren't left alone outside for more than a few sekinds ever. How's Miss Rita's eye scratch doing today?? Well, the eyeball fun just doesn't end for Momma. Now her left eye won't stop watering and the inside corner kinda hurts when she presses on it. Maybe she has a sinus infection?? Nothing speshul planned today I gess. Wishings for a Super Sunnyday for all my Friendlies!! BYE-EEE!!! Andipants
  6. That's all from here for today my Friendlies!! Kibble kisses and Buddy Bisket dreams!! NITEY NITE!! Andipants
  7. Hello my Friendlies!! Same old weather tho kinda more hawter today - around the 90lebendees. We mite have 100s again next weekend. Miss Wiki, you are not a b-a-d dog you just have a ekksess of enthoosiazm!!! Hope Miss Jerilyn heals up riteawaykwik!! Mister Merc and Miss Laila, have loads of fun for all of us who can't be a Grapehoundings this weekend!!! Miss Ivy we are glad you are feeling more better and able to fully enjoy your playgroop!! We are glad that mam and Mister Sid get to finally go see their old peeps again!!! Miss Loosy Hey Mister Nate!!! How are you getting along being a solo houndie?? I don't think I would like that, but then again, I wouldn't hafta share my Momma with *other* houndies!! We are just gonna hunker down from the sunnings and hawtness today. Maybe we will watch some Lympics. Lilly likes watching the horses dancing and jumping!! Wishings for a superior Satidday for all my Friendlies! BYE-EEE!!! Andipants
  8. Miss Ducky!! That's all from here for today my Friendlies!! Kibble kisses and Buddy Bisket dreams!! NITEY NITE!! Andipants
  9. Miss Ducky, if you have a tube of AB cream or ointment with a fine tip I think applying a thin coating would be ok. It's not really going to hurt her since she's blind in that eye anyway. for Rita! MC
  10. Hello my Friendlies!! Weather - same. Tho there's sposed to be anuther heat dome coming our way next week. For Miss Ivy and Antie Jennie feeling more betterer!!!! Have fun all you wine-os out there!!! We gotted a announcement from our big humane society here and they are doing a big wine fundraiser thing like this called Canine Cabernay or something like that. It's for all sorts of dogs, not just greyhoundies tho. If Momma liked wine more better they would probly do it! Mister Sid try some real fake dimunds!! That's always impresses the ladies!! The moon *is* really pretty! And brite!!! But I bet it's all red cause of the wildfire smokings for you East coasters. Not a whole lot else to say so I will just have wishings for a Fabuluss Friedday for all my Friendlies!! BYE-EEE!!! Andipants
  11. Jerilyn, get some screw in hooks or just a couple of nails in the doorframe/wall and hang the gate across the door so it covers the door handle. I also have a door (from when Lilly was a puppy! ) that has gate hooks on both sides top and bottom to hold the door shut extra securely. Momma!!!! Do NOT give Miss Wiki's Momma any more ideas!!!! Have fun with Mister Merc tamarrow Miss Laila!!! Mister Gino we are all shedding like mad around here too. It's a good thing we all like brushes pretty good! Momma is feeling kinda guilty I think. She didn't think Flizzie was feeling bad cause of her IRD (Idiopathic Reflex Dysynnergia), but she has been so SASSY this week since she started her medicaments!! She's been causing trubble and barking and jumping around and pulling the blankies off the couch, so we hafta go o-u-t and runrunrun to get her yippings out affer our chew bone every nite!! It's really fun!!! That's all from here for today my Friendlies!! Kibble kisses and Buddy Bisket dreams!! NITEY NITE!! Andipants
  12. Momma calls it a spit bath Miss Loosy. Mister Tiller I would say that it was messed up that you didn't get anything from that white box!!! Momma and Daddy talked about a lotta things to get this house throo a mergency - cause Momma thinks both freezings and HAWTINGS are gonna happen more and more often. But they hope to not be here too much longer, and don't want to sink a bunch bikkie munnies into a place and then leave. Plus also if they start adding and changing things it's gonna mean something else hasta be upgraded or fixed and then something else and something else until they ought just redo the whole dang house. Which is what they don't wanna do. Probly. Anyway... Glad Miss Ivy is home and doing good!!! Later Gaters!! Andipants
  13. Ivy!!! Miss Jerilyn, Momma says to put a baby gate in front of the door, or maybe a xpen. That doesn't sound fun, Momma!!! Later Gaters!! Andipants
  14. Hello my Friendlies!! Weather report - same as yesserday. Though the cloudings never really burned off yesserday and we had our first day in the 70lebendees all munth!!! Miss Cherry, hopefully your sister is eether done or almost done by now!!! Please let us know when you hear from her docter that everything's hunky dory!! Miss Wiki do you guys have anything essiting planned for long weekend?? Miss Daphne that sounds like a horrible weather nite!!! I think Momma has that PeeTeeEssDee about power outages affer not having any for 10 days!!!! She keeps looking at those generator thingies and wondering how big a one she needs to get. Have a safe trip to Grapehounds Mister Merc et Al!!! Mister Nate I'm not sure that Mister Spirit was completely honnest with you about things. Nothing planned here that's essiting in anyway at all. Wishings for a thought-provoking Thirdsday for all my Friendlies!! BYE-EEE!!! Andipants
  15. Prey drive isn't like a lot of other behaviors in dogs - it's mostly instinct and DNA - not something born out of their upbringing or nurturing environment. That is, prey drive isn't learned so it's not something that can be unlearned. You can mitigate it with distraction training and desensitization, but you never know when it will kick in and override all your hard work. If a trainer tells you s/he can permanently change your dog's prey drive, keep looking for another trainer. That being said, it sounds like you're doing everything you can do, so as others have said, it is what it is. Having a high prey drive dog means you need to be vigilant out on walks (and really anytime your dog is in uncontrolled environments). It's up to you to protect both your dog and other people's dogs your boy encounters. The other thing to do is to periodically check your yard perimeter for holes in the fencing and fill in low spots so small animals can't easily get in. We are so accustomed to thinking of our greyhounds as friends and companions that we often forget how 1000s of years of breeding can effect their behavior. The incident was upsetting and dealing with the aftermath is never fun, but your boy was just following his breeding - which you already know. Hug your boy and say a little prayer for that little chihuahua, whose owner couldn't be bothered to be be a responsible owner. If you have anger, that's who direct it towards.
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