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  1. Hello my Friendlies! Just gonna be regular HAWT today in the 80lebens, but tamarrow and Sunnyday will be EXTRA HAWTHAWTHAWT up to a hunderd!!! I bet we get to have our pool filled up!!! Mister Charlie we are glad that little kitteh is doing good and you and Mister Zorro are ebing good bruthers!! Miss Fancy, keeping the humans in line is pretty much a full time job for us houndies!! I got my Daddy trained pretty good, but Momma seems to have a ways to go yet!!! Miss Vanessa, if Mister Gino's poops don't get more better soon he probly needs to have some medicines to get him more better. He *could* have some pancreatitis or something more serious. Plus also, lotsa poops can really dehydrate a houndie, so keep track of his hydrashun! Miss Nancy, we had that smae thotting about your earing being maded into a nekliss or charm. Momma says you are having a really good Happy Birthday!! Miss Ivy, Momma has been watching horse racing and some of them are from a place in Maryland called "Laurel Park." They were talking about all the rainings they got overnite!! Have a good walkie!! Umm... I think I forgot some stuff, but I can't rememmer it so I gess I can't say anything!! Wishings for a fantastic Friedday for all my Friendlies! BYE-EEE!!! AndiPants
  2. I'll just add that a *really* long race for a greyhound still only takes around a minute to complete. A normal 550-660 yard race is about 30 seconds long - less if they're going really fast! That's considerable shorter than even a thoroughbred race - more like a short quarter horse race! And they do this only once every 3-5 days. The rest of the time they are getting massages, lounging in the therapy pool, laying around in the sun in the turnouts or their kennels, and eating and sleeping!!! So two walks a day is considerable MORE exercise than they usually get when racing. She probably *is* a bit afraid of the dark since they aren't regularly turned out late in the evenings, so being outside in the dark with only a flashlight or streetlights could be pretty scary. If she'll pee right beofre bedtime that's really good enough!
  3. It's not a question of hardware failure, it's one of security. I almost always end up using two leashes or some sort of coupler when I put a harness/collar on my greyhounds. In my experience with multiple dogs through the years (all older retired racers) they become confused and lose whatever training they have walking quietly if they don't have the familiar pressure of a collar around their neck. They kite all over the place on the end of the leash, statue, pull amazingly hard, go off in their own direction. Plus, it *is* added security if you are using just a regular harness, which most greyhounds can easily get out of if they try hard enough. Nearly all the galgo rescues I know of recommend using both a harness and collar for their new adoptees. People use harness for many different reasons - medical, legal, physical. I *always* use a harness on my young puppies until they learn enough commands to not be a super flight risk, and a martigale fits them better. If they are acting up or being squirrely puppies, I can grab a harness more easily and more safely than a collar. Slip leads/collars are OK if you have the training and/or supervision to use one, but I would *never* suggest them for first time dog owners or someone just starting out with training a newly retired greyhound. You can easily injure their neck and/or pharynx and cause permanent damage.
  4. That's all from here for today my Friendlies!! Kibble kisses and Buddy Bisket dreams!! NITEY NITE!! AndiPants
  5. Hello my Friendlies! Gonna be sunnings all day but not kwite as HAWT as it's gonna get over the weekending!!! We are gonna be up around a HUNDERD for three days!! A offishul heating wave!! Miss Patsy, don't Linus and Jazz hunt those spiders for you? Momma says all our kittehs were good bug hunters. Maybe they will get that spider while you are gone!! Or I can send Flizzie over there to eat that spider for you. She's a good bug hunter too! Miss Ducky, Momma says don't forget to have the vet check Little Charlie's heart function. Coffcoffcoffing can be a sine of heart trubbles too. Hey Galina!!! We sawed on the FB the pichers of those galgod coming over!! Miss Vanessa Momma says you can try giving Mister Gino some Imodium (or generic loperamide) if you think he's not got some virus or something. Momma keeps some metronidazole on hand for situashuns such as this. She actually keeps a lot of stuff for different ishoos on hand. Mister Charlie we hope Little kitteh Mystic is all done and nearly back home with you by now. We are also very glad that aminal control is making a visit to that poor puppy, tho they mite not change anything. Did your Momma see any meteors last nite?? Momma feels kinda mostly more better today - just another weerd symptom of the never-ending saga of her Bell's Palsey which won't go away or get any more better!! She's so tired of having her face not work rite anymore and just wishes she was like everybody else and it would heal all up again. Likely that is not happening tho so I have to deal with hearing her whine and complain about it all the time.. Other than that we are mostly all good here! Wishings for a thankful Thirdsday for all my Friendlies! BYE-EEE!!! AndiPants
  6. How have his poops been? If they are normal-to-good it's likely his whining isn't caused by the deramaxx. Though do make sure you're giving it to him on a full stomach right after a meal. If his stools are bad or getting worse, I would contact your vet asap as he likely is having a reaction to it. Nsaids are tricky - one will work fine for one dog and be horrible for another. We've had bad luck with Rimadyl here, but meloxicam is fine, while others say the exact opposite. So you just may need to try out a couple to see what he tolerates.
  7. That's all from here for today my Friendlies!! Kibble kisses and Buddy Bisket dreams!! NITEY NITE!! AndiPants
  8. Hello my Friendlies! Cloudings maybe all day today, and much much cooler. We probly will only be just above 70lebens today!! Aaawwww!!!! Lookit that Mazy girl and her fun earsies!!!! for Miss Lulu's foot being all better!!!! Mam be careful spraying that stuff all around!!! Hope you hadda fun paddling! Mister Charlie I do not think that is fair that you don't get to go looking at the shooting stars!!! Course you and Mister Zorro would probly just sleep there as well as at home!!! Momma says your Momma should take videos of that poor puppy next door. Miss Lizabeth it's been too cloudy here to see much of anything at nite. Plus also, all we gots are big tall trees in the NE of our house!! Miss Soozin we hope little Battle learns his lessons real good and wins that showing! Nothing much going on here essept that Mom's palsy thing is acting up and she feels kinda yukky today. She didn't sleep very good last nite eether. Wishings for a wonderful Windsday for all my Friendlies!! BYE-EEE!!! AndiPants
  9. Great pichers Miss Ivy!!! What a nice place for walkies!! Miss Laila we hope your Daddy didn't essplode again!! Lilly had a good visit with our vet, but she hadda get her earsies cleaned out!!!! Then we had Popeyes cause Mister Merc put the thottings in Momma's head!!! That's all from here for today my Friendlies!! Kibble kisses and Buddy Bisket dreams!! NITEY NITE!! AndiPants
  10. Hello my Friendlies! Starting off cooler with cloudings today, and even cooler tamarrow, then we mite get close to a HUNDERD this weekend!!!! Mister Battle, we hope you're not hurted too bad and that Mister Hamish gets his sh$t together and doesn't hurt you again!!!! Tell your Momma that ice cream makes booboos feel more better kwikker!! Miss Lila, I hate when my tail gets krinked up!!! I would probly screem too!! Glad the mistree is finally tolded out! Miss Noo Carol the SCA used to be really big here back in the 90's, Momma says, but some bad folks took it over and they hardly do anything anymore. The one Momma's friendly belongs to is a big nashunall groop. Miss Patsy is having a big day of errinds!! Just nice to get outta the house probly, yes?? For Mister Doug!! Lilly gots to go to the vet today. Momma says she mite take me with em just to have me go somewhere!! Maybe not tho cause Lilly gets kinda skwirrely riding in the car. Wishings for a tremendous Toozday for all my Friendlies! BYE-EEE!!! AndiPants
  11. Yes, it could easily have been sleep startling, or a response to being manipulated in a painful way (or at all), or he just doesn't like his butt to be touched. The important thing to remember is that this wasn't a *deliberate* show of aggression towards you and it wasn't personal. If he had wanted to hurt you badly he certainly could have. It's probably mostly bad luck he caught you as much as he did. He's not a "bad" dog, or even a cranky one - it's just the way dogs react and communicate. He likely forgot about the whole thing seconds after it happened. I wouldn't even look at it as a failure of any kind in his training or bonding. This is a dog who responded exactly the way a dog usually responds. You can go ahead and do all your plans - they can't hurt and likely will help - but like I said, it sounds like he's fine. It's harder for humans to forget and move on! Now you know what NOT to do, so you and your partner just have to remember NOT to do it. Every dog teaches us something, and you just had a lesson.
  12. MIss Lila, was it one of those thingies you eated, like, a few weeks ago that the vet said to just let it work its way out by itsownseff? Mitta been why you didn't wanna eat tho. Why would you wanna eat something that wasn't fuds??? That's all from here for today my Friendlies!! Kibble kisses and Buddy Bisket dreams!! NITEY NITE!! AndiPants
  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS FANCY!!!!!! Miss Nancy, Momma thinks that Lymey dizzeeze is kinda always there once you get it. The doxy can make it go away, but things like stress or anxiety or other sickenings can bring it out again. Once she has her doxy she should be fine to get her teefs done tho. Good luck with Mister Doug tamarrow!!! Miss Lila!!! YOU GO GURLFRIENDLY!!!!!! Mister Charlie we're glad that kitteh is over being too hot!! Good for her sergery on Thirdsday!! Those cornings Momma got the starts at Home Deepoh. They are called "Peaches and Cream." They are kind of a mix up of yellow and white sweet cornings. We actually got a lot of cornings this year, which is good, cause it's Daddy's favorite! Miss Noo Carol, Momma has a friendly here who is in that SCA stuff and she makes costumes and goes to camps and meetings all sorts of fun things! Mister Spirit!! Pretty soon your whole house will be new!!! Miss Molly!!!! Those pichers are kinda... weerd looking!!! Glod your Momma's first skol teaching day was a sucsess!!! Miss Caroline!! Your baseball team and Momma's baseball team split their series!!! But you were wiping the floor with her today!!! Almost time for chew bones!! Later gaters!! AndiPants
  14. Hello my Friendlies! Gonna have sunnings and hawtings today, then cooler the rest of the week till next weekend when it's gonna be over 90leben again. MISS IVY AND MISS CHERRY!!!!! ARE YOU GUYS ALL RITE???? WE HEARD ABOUT A BIG SPLOSHUN OUT THERE THIS MORNING!!!!! Miss Soozin, Momma says one of ehr Great Danes ate a whole batch of cookies off the BACK of the counter once!!! Lilly can reach the counter now, but she doesn't care about people fuds unless it's turkey sammiches or hamberglers or tunafish. I cannot reach the counter cause I'm too short!! Mam I can send my sister Flizzie out there to deal with your bugs!!! She's a really good bug hunter and spends a LOT of time hunting them in the summer. Miss Laila we are for your Daddy but I thot you said his sergery was on Toozday??? How's Miss Lila today?? Miss Summer I forgot to say that you did a great job on those snakkies last week! How are you and Miss Jenn doing? Mister Merc!!! We love Popeyes!!! I like the biskets bestest!!! We used to have to drive clear to the other part of the city to get it, but now we got one rite in our nayberhood!! Momma maded her gaz-pachows yesserday and she *says* it tastes good. I do not know cause I did not get to taste any of it cause she putted those stoopid onyums innit!!! I did get to eat a few cukummers and tomatues tho!! Wishings for a marvelluss Munderday for all my Friendlies!! BYE-EEE!!! AndiPants Oh! I forgot again! Momma and Daddy have started eating the corns!! The ears are kinda small (why do they call them ears??? They look more like corn STIKKS???) but they are very tasty. They say. Cause I have not got to try any of them eether! 20200808_140146 by Chris Harper, on Flickr
  15. Hey Mister PippIn!!! I always like when you vizit us to tiktik!! You're funny!! That's all from here for today my Friendlies!! Kibble kisses and Buddy Bisket dreams!! NITEY NITE!! AndiPants
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