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  1. Howdy Doody Friends! Cloudy this mornign with maybe showers or maybe sun later on. Kinda like that for two or three days, then warming up back to normill May weather for the holliday weekend. Myka, we are for you and yur sergery today! Mam Miss Cindy, we hope you are doing OK now, and you too Fancy - leave yur snitches alone!!! Miss Soozin, Mom saw a container in the store the other day with a speshul long pooring spout so fill feeders with seed eezeeyer. Uuuummm... Knot much else to talk about I gess. Hope all my friends have a super awesome day!! Toodles! Whiskey Bisket Samba Boy!
  2. Mam we are sorry the news is KNOT so good about Paps bruther. We will be thinking about yur famly tamarrow. Just like we will be for Myka's sergery! Barking of sergery, has anybody heard from Miss Cindy since she had her procedure? Have a awesome sleeping friends! Good Night! Whiskey Bisket Samba Boy!
  3. Ivy I do KNOT think it's fair that Club peeples are meeting up without any houndies!!!! That's messed up!! (Remembering our Toni) Gino that's how Atom is with Mom! She can't even shut the bathroom door!!! Miss Jennifer how did Myka break her leg? Probly doing something cute, knowing her! Miss Patsy, you know Mom doesn't pay much attention to baby stuff, but she saw this article about potty training little babies so they don't wear diapers at all! Basically they did it like you would a puppy - every time the baby woked up or played or eated or anything they would put the baby on the toilet until it potties, then they praised it like crazy and stuff, and pretty soon the baby was all potty trained before they could even talk! Mom thot it was interesting but weerd. Back later! WBSB!
  4. Howdy Doody Friends! Dry now but rain and thunnerboomers coming in later on. We are real glad to hear sweet Myka had a good night. Drugs are yur friends! Miss Patsy, that's what Mom says about Atom all the time - he's not the sharpest crayon in the box!! We are all doing prety good here so no worries. Have a super awesome day friends! Toodles! Whiskey Bisket Samba Boy! Oh HEY! Here's a picture of our tiny tomato! 20190515_142746 by Chris Harper, on Flickr And a picture of our new garden gate 20190515_145046 by Chris Harper, on Flickr
  5. Yes. Make sure it fits properly. You also should put some duct tape over the bottom holes or she will be able to bite through them to get to the bandage.
  6. Have a awesome sleeping friends! Good Night! Whiskey Bisket Samba Boy! : mexi2
  7. No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no It just caKNOT be osteo!!!!
  8. Howdy Doody Friends! Dry and partly sunny now but the rain and showers come back later on. Miss Ducky, we can't find where Miss Jennifer posted about Myka???? Anyway, we are so sad about it. Poor Myka and poor Miss Jennifer and Mister and Saint. Miss Soozin can't you turn off the predictive typing thing on yur Ipad??? Mom has it turned off on my tablet, but all our stuff is droid stuff. Laila, we're glad yur Mom will be home soon. Galina, I don't know if you are coming here today, but we been loving seeing yur Dad's pics from Spain! Merc, I don't mind gardening as long as it's nice outside and I can get some sunbaffing or dirt napping in!! Johnny that Gino isn't the sharpest crayon in the box, is he??? Mom says that about Atom all the time!!!! Nutmeg I didn't know they had a competition for that Hooping stuff!!! Mom also discovered last night that Atom can catch things in his mowth! What a suck up!! Hey! Guess what?!? We got a tomato on one of our booshes! I would post a foto but that Flickr place is being stoopid again! Maybe later. Have a super awesome day friends! Toodles! Whiskey Bisket Samba Boy!
  9. Have a awesome sleeping friends! Good Night! Whiskey Bisket Samba Boy!
  10. Howdy Doody Friends! Gonna be kinda showery today but maybe some long dry spells. Mam we are so glad you finally got ahold of Pap to tell him about his bruther. We are thinking about you and yur famly. Lila, my Mom would love to cuddle a coyote pup too. I say we alreaddy got one with Atom!! Miss Nancy, it sounds like that dog yur sitting on needs to be on some sorta medicamayshuns riteawaykwik! How's everbuddy eltses day going??? Have a super awesome Friedday friends! Toodles! Whiskey Bisket Samba Boy!
  11. Have a awesome sleeping friends! Good Night! Whiskey Bisket Samba Boy!
  12. Oh no, Mam!!!! How scary!!! Miss Ducky, we are about 5-6 hours from that Spoky place! We do know some singing peeples who used to live there! Miss Soozin!!!! ::thumbs-up Molly we are knot surprised that her studints missed yur Mom too! Happy Gotcha Day Dippy!!!!! Mom had nice luntsch with her friends. We got nothing! Back later! WBSB!
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