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  1. That's all from here for today my Friendlies! Kibble kisses and Buddy Bisket dreams! NITEY NITE!! AndiPants
  2. Sometimes it just all works the way it's supposed to. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
  3. So adorable!!! Their personalities really start forming as individuals at about 4 weeks!!
  4. Hello my Friendlies!! Mostly a dry day today!!! It's even sunning rite now!!! MIss Abby, I gess fiting with that bilder is gonna be your Momma's hobby for a wile!!! But let's see - me andmy sisters live on the left coast, and Myka still lives in Californeeya, and Antie Jennie in Warshingaton!!! Oh! And Miss Charla outside of LA too! Miss FancyPants, I have readed that you sometimes get waffells and pamcakes for brekkie. I would be innerested in that sort of eating!!! Mister Pippin, my Daddy has been really down in the dumpers this winter cause of all the gray cloudy raining days. He has to be carefull about that deep pressure like Miss Kerry sometimes, so he goes outside and walks almost every day, even if there's rainings! Merc!!! How can we hear about your day at skool if you don't go to skool??????? Momma has been reading a lot this munth too. She goes throo fazes of being obsessive and not reading at all cause if she's reading she doesn't really get anything else done at all!! I gotta go cause we are getting groshrees delivered. Wishings for a warm and relaxing day for all my Friendlies! BYE-EEEE!!!! AndiPants
  5. Miss Nancy, Momma says that prepping is a lot diffrent now. Still sucks, but it's eezeeyer. My Daddy has to have one every other year!!! Nice pichers everybody! Lilly had a good check up today, but she gotted her ears cleaned!!!! And she got her shot, and her bludds stolled for some testings. She's really tired tonight!! We had a pretty good day, but now it's time for sleepings! That's all from here for today my Friendlies! Kibble kisses and Buddy Bisket dreams! NITEY NITE!! AndiPants
  6. Susan, on a pc/laptop it's easy because there's a clickable button to "embed" in Onedrive. But on the tablet all I seem to be able to do is put a link in to the photo. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AuMaOhtORLQlhuZYtS9zBtz_b_-XQQ
  7. Hello my Friendlies! Raining showers today, but it's unusually warm out there. BYE-EEEE!!!! AndiPants
  8. The largest we've had was a 98 lb medical foster. He was *large* - but sooooo sweet!!! Our biggest adopted boy hound was Copper - 85 lbs, and very tall. But our largest greyhound is our current Lilly. She is *very* big!! Weighs about 90 (but feels best a couple lbs less), and she's 32 inches tall. I think greyhounds that big are a rarity of either gender. I would be wondering if that 102 was a bit overweight, or if he's just really big??? But there's nothing sweeter or funner than a big, laid back boy hound!!!
  9. Wow! Slow day in the Club!! I hope that means everybody had a wonderful day!! Ours was less wet than "they" said it would be, so we were happy too! Lilly has a early vet pointment tamarrow morning for a regular check up, so I will postie when I can. That's all from here for today my Friendlies! Kibble kisses and Buddy Bisket dreams! NITEY NITE!! AndiPants
  10. Hello my Friendlies!! Raining raining raining all day today. YUK! It seems to me there's a whole lot of butt nipping going on in this Club!!! Miss Molly we saw something on the news this morning about lizzerds falling from the sky in Flowereedah. Be carefull you don't get beanings on your floofy noggin by a lizzerd!!! Miss Soozin got some new clothings!!! Mister Merc's going to school again. I got only two coats and I hardly ever wear them. We aren't out long enuff to get coldings and we just get wet when it rainings!! Mister Gino!!! You gotta share!!! My and Flizzie and Lilly share pretty good, but sometimes I get a ugly face made at me for, like, no reezin at all!!! Momma is obsessed with trying to use her OneDrive now cause those Flikkering folks decided to up their price again. She's really POd about it! Hey! That mitta worked! Wishings for a relaxing Wennzday for all my Friendlies! BYE-EEEE!!!! AndiPants
  11. There is also a group called The Littermates List both on FB and a website. And don't discount Mr Google. Try searching for their racing names and see where/if they ended up with an adoption group. Their info on Greyhound Data will also sometimes list the group or even the adopters.
  12. Hmmmm... yes. But I can't figure out how to embed a picture from OneDrive. Using the tablet. One more try. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AuMaOhtORLQlhuZhSwTQ8A9AC9S8TQ
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