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  2. Have a awesome sleeping friends! Good Night! Whiskey Bisket Samba Boy! : mexi2
  3. My greyhound Tera has a cut on one of her hind legs. The vet treated her and wrapped the wound with a bandage wrap. He also put a cone collar on her that she really annoys her. The problem is she some how can get her foot inside the cone collar and tries to chew off the bandage . I have some racing muzzles that seem to stay on but I was wondering if I can use a muzzle long term until the wound heals .
  4. EllenEveBaz


    It is so very hard when you are trying to do the very best -- anything, everything -- but it is not enough. I am so sorry.
  5. Oh, my goodniss! Miss Jen, we are so sorry, an will be sendin so minny good thots to Myka. Her lungs look okay? That is good. We shure hope it is knot osteo, an it sownds like it isnt, but is good to hab Dr. Couto take a look. Oh, si, isnt it a releef that she wuz knot by herownself when it happind? Sweet gurl, injoy that turnkey, an those meds. You let yer Mom an Dad take good care of you, an we will be bakanforfin on Mundy. Miss Nancy, that is cawshus good noos! How old is Paps brudder? Pleese let us know how he is doin, an we will be hopin he duz improob. So we will be hopin we heer 2 positib updates. Ja, ja, Chancey, you are smart. You wanna go, but you dont wanna come home. Moms home! We are glad. An so is she. Laila Mariposa
  6. I'm so sorry. No matter how much time we have together, it is never, never enough. May your spirit run with the wind, handsome Jax.
  7. No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no It just caKNOT be osteo!!!!
  8. I am just catching up with club news. Myka broke her leg you are almost sure it isn't osteo but want Dr Cooltoes to check it out. I hope he gets your xrays & gets back to you by Monday. Most important of all is that is just a broken leg. Good night all, good dreams & most of all we hope the beautiful Myka has just a broken leg Daphne & Bitzi
  9. Perfect subjects for glamour shots any day of the week.
  10. That is good news Mam. I tried to watch golf today but it was so boring without a Tiger, although you heard a LOT of “Go Tiger!” shouts when the leader hit. I was lonely today. Cats are fun but they just aren’t dogs.
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  12. Myka There is a slight glimmer of hope this evening for Paps brother. Slight. They decreased his oxygen late this aft and he responded OK to the decrease. They will wait for swelling to lessen and do a cat scat Mon or Tues
  13. We can't wait! Already have our lodging, just bought our Grapehounds tickets!
  14. Jen, Kathy's post is the correct email address. Sometimes he responds quickly no matter where he is in the world. Sometimes it takes a few days to hear back.
  15. I sent Beka's X-rays to Dr. Couto at coutovetconsultants@gmail.com
  16. Very good, thank you Susan. And yes, our hearts broke all morning. I'm just glad our girl wasn't home alone when it happened.
  17. The fourteenth annual Grapehound Wine Tour® kicks off on Tuesday, July 23 for those who wish to start their wine tasting early. We call them Early Birds. We have thirty-four wineries, five brew pubs and one gorgeous distillery signed up to participate with us this July. The event kicks off on Thursday, July 25th at Hazlitt 1852 Vineyards with a Welcome party from 5PM to 8PM. WE serve the hors d'oeuvres, hazitt has the wines (and do they!), and a food truck (the Little Red Wagon) will be serving tasty wraps and other foods for dinner. Friday (July 26) the festivities move to the main venue at Catharine Valley Winery where they have a beautiful view of 400 foot deep Seneca lake from the hill of Seneca Lake, along with a cool summer breeze. There we will have all our greyhound vendors in a big vendor tent sellings coats, beds, collars, leashes, T-shirts, dog treats ... well let's just say "...and a lot more!" We'll also have a big social tent where you can hang out with like-minded greyhound people and sip a glass of wine from your lawn chair. Hang out for an hour or an afternoon. Seneca Lake isn't going anywhere. On Saturday (July 27) at Catharine Valley Winery we'll continue our festivities with our Blessing of the Hounds at 2PM, then our greyhound ice cream social at 3PM with free ice cream for the people and free vanilla frozen yogurt for the hounds. At 4PM we will close out all the tremendous values in our Silent Auction. On Sunday (7/28) the fun continues at 10AM with our easy one-mile walk to the tallest waterfall in the Northeast, 215 ft. Taughannock Falls. People love to have their portrait taken with their hounds in front of the falling water. At 11AM folks may congregate at Fulkerson Winery which always volunteers to be our Sunday send-off winery. Or you can continue by touring around the lake at wineries of your choice until you have to head back home to the real world. (Ugh!) The Grapehound Wine Tour® is an event where you set the pace or set no pace, it's up to you and your hounds. Tour the lake or hang out with us at Catharine Valley. Go to twenty wineries or to six. We don't care! You could not visit all the wineries in a weekend if you tried! Make it your weekend, at your pace! Bring the husband or leave him at home, get some girlfriends and hang out with us! There are still plenty of rooms available, including cabins and hotel rooms within the area. The great hotels in Ithaca are a greyt option this year because Catharine Valley winery is closer to them than any other group of great dog-friendly, pet-fee waiving hotels! Plus they are next door to a huge Wegmans and a walmart for all your travel needs. They are all listed on our Hotels page at https://www.grapehounds.org/hotels--ny-.html Whoever you bring, dogs or humans, we are glad to see you and hope to show you and your greyhounds a greyt time. You can keep up with all the plans for this year's event at www.grapehounds.org or on our Grapehound Wine Tour® facebook page. And you can enjoy your weekend knowing that all the money we earn for the event wil be donated (after expenses) to area greyhound adoption groups and to the Humane Society of Schuyler County. We hope we see you at Seneca Lake this summer! (Jeff and Trudy: Come back to NY and see us for Grapehounds! We miss you guys! Come back to New York!)
  18. Oh Jen, how awful. Ducky knows how to reach Dr. C. Make sure when you email him you mention that you are a friend of Janet Shaffer and the WFUBCC because he knows how generously we have all donated.
  19. What a nice comment, thank you. I'm rather partial to those wee toofers myself.
  20. We're pretty sure it isn't osteo according to our vet but I do have her xrays. Does anyone have Dr Couto's email address? And that was the plan to see if dr couto could weigh in just to be sure. Myka is home now and eating a little bit and well medicated. We will keep her comfortable. Right now she's on her dog bed with a warm throw eating turkey out of my hand. once i get a little more food in her and some water, she can have another pain pill. She also has a fentanyl patch that will kick in around 9 or 10 pm tonight. We will use a sling to help her potty too.
  21. OH NO MYKA! Oh but it is knot the Ebil C, that is such a releaf! We will backandforfandbackandforf for you on Monday. I hope you gud pain meds so you do KNOT habs any pain!
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