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  3. Hello everyone, I recently reactivated my membership after being away for a dog's age....literally. Am finally looking into getting another greyhound. Seeing some familiar usernames on here after so many years has made me smile. I hope you are well!
  4. I also haven't been on in a while. (Hi @FinnslizLiz!). A REAL long while. I wish I was retired, but still have a ways to go. Will still try to check in whenever I can.
  5. Hello my Friendlies!! Loads of sunnings today, but there mite be some hi cloudings to cut down the hots. Yesserday was The Warmest Day Of the Year around here and it broke lotsa records and stuff. It only got to 81lebendee degrees at our house, but up to 84 at the airport where they meashure offishully. Today is sposed to be warmer than that. MISTER SPIRIT!!!!!!! SSSSSSHHHHHHHH!!!!! Do NOT say anything about toe chopping!!!!! I have been trying to make Momma forget we all need it for, like, a week now!!!! I do not like that toe chopping!!!!! Momma's got lotsa seeds and s
  6. That's so adorable! And so smart that he's able to tell when people are too fragile to approach. I've seen another grey on FB who is a therapy dog and they're so bright. Not that I'm trying to disrespect my grey, but he'll do it for food, not me
  7. I think this poster means "lipoma" (which is a benign fatty lump), not Lymphoma (which is cancer). This could be so many, many things that to jump right to any form of cancer is a little premature. How big is the lump? Is it hard or squishy? Can you move it around - that is, is it mainly in the top layers of skin or is it attached to the underneath muscle? Can you get your fingers all the way around it? Is it visible on top of the skin when you part his fur? What my vet does when we find a new lump is to extract some cells (fine needle aspiration) and ju
  8. Good morning Shhh we need our toes chopped too. Mam we hope your mom soon finds peace. I know how hard this times can be on the whole family & I am sorry you are experiencing it. Merc did you have a comfy night in your NY bed? It is nice out so we are going to take sun naps. Daphne & Bitzi
  9. I taught Milo a version of "paw" for when he's visiting someone very frail or inaccessible because of medical equipment in his role of therapy dog. He sits a respectful distance away and "waves hello." This is a way for him to interact without touching, and it's a big hit with folks, who will wave back. He doesn't maul me to get treats, but he will when he's up on the sofa and wants more petting. But he did that before he learned the trick.
  10. Good luck wif your seed sprouting, MIss Jennie! Ma's got a buncha flower seeds and summer squash and cucumbers and beans to plant but she finks it's still too cool here. What she otta do is get a soil thermometer and then she'd know for sure. Let us know when you got seedlings, please? Mam, I'm sorry Granny is knot better. The waiting can be difficult and draining. Hey CK and Miss Hallise! I'm afraid today is gonna be toe chopping day for me here too. I don't like long nails and I don't like toe buzzing. Sucks to be me. Spirit
  11. My Nate's most solid command is down and he now offers down regularly in hopes of getting whatever food the humans have. Not as much fun to watch as your boy's spin! I'm eager for the video.
  12. Vet appointment. Your vet will also check all of his lymph nodes- under front legs, groin, rear legs etc. Most likely a go e needle aspiration will be done and sent off to CSU. That is the major research center where the cells can be identified and a free consult w/ an oncologist. If it is lymphoma every dog reacts to treatment differently. Mine had such an aggressive case that after a week of prednisone he was starting to really fail. The monthly treatment after steroids was not expensive and has very few side effects. For the life of me I can't remember the name of the drug.(I wonder w
  13. We've got Ruggables. One is a runner, 2.5x10, coming in from the deck door--heavily dog trafficked with South Carolina red clay to add to the decor. Another is under the dining table, 8x10 I think. There is another 5x7 in my bedroom. They all respond really well to spot cleaning. We've washed the runner and it was easy enough to do and came out clean and looking great. It seems to help if you pretreat stains so I do that. I washed the runner in our home washer. I think I can get the 5X7 in the home washer as well but the 8X10 is likely to have to go to a commercial laundry with big mac
  14. Hi there. Just wanted to offer my own recent experience. Sweep broke her back right leg on March 9 and had surgery to repair it on March 11. Here is the post about it. She has a plate and 9 screws. Her surgeon is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon and she was treated at a specialty clinic/e-vet, and they did not use a cast or splint either. This surprised me too, but she has recovered beautifully. Your post-op instructions might be a little different than ours because Roxxy is a young whippet and Sweep is a senior greyhound, but we were told leashed potty breaks only for 8 weeks. Out and bac
  15. Great stuff! I think it’s a good sign that he wants to eat after reading your other current post
  16. I'll try and catch him in the act tonight, which shouldn't be hard as he's happy to spin for his dinner
  17. Agree with MerseyGrey, make an appointment to get it checked out next week, because there are lots of things it could be, and try not to worry too much meanwhile! One thing she didn't mention was thyroid glands - he will have two of these, symmetrically placed either side of his throat. I'm sorry to say that when my old greyhound, Ken, developed a lump on one of these it turned out to be a thyroid tumour. These are not always bad news, some are benign but again something you want to get checked out (usually via a needle biopsy) swiftly. Ken's alas was an aggressive one and though we whip
  18. I think we need video evidence...
  19. Gud Sunnyday! We got our toes chopped and backs cracked. Mom sez she can tell I yam gettin older, I yam faborin one leg and da nails on dat one were longer. Ob corse da Galoot thought ebberyone wanted to be jumped on, he just gets TOO excited.
  20. My boy Rumble has picked up the spin trick really quickly, but then he'd do the watusi for chicken. I'm genuinely quite impressed, as even my parents border collie didn't pick it up as quickly as Rumble. The trouble now is, because he's utterly food motivated, he thinks spinning around will get him whatever food I have, whether it's his or not. It's so adorable, bless his silly brain. On a related note, I read that it's not advisable to teach greys "paw" for the same reason; they'll pretty much mawl you constantly for food!
  21. I suspect this a tough one to answer without being able to feel it. I don’t know much about greyhound physiology, but I know a very little bit about lymph node pathology. Firstly, are you certain that it’s a lymph node - could it be a cyst? Could it be explained by an insect bite? Secondly, even if it is a lymph node there are lots of reasons why it could be enlarged, infection being the biggest culprit. Something like sore teeth or swollen gums could result in enlarged lymph nodes in the throat. Does he have any other lumps in his throat/armpits/groins? So, try not to worry too much - I
  22. My understanding is that lymphoma tend to be benign. We've had numerous removed from our dogs. However do get it checked asap.
  23. Time to replace our living room 8x10 carpet. Does anyone use a Ruggable carpet or mat? They are a big investment but they look to be totally non-slip/non-skid and washable. TIA!
  24. Hi all. I found a lump on Rumble's neck today, on one side, which is causing my terrible anxiety that it might be lymphoma. He's eating and drinking as normal, but has been a little lethargic, which is adding to my worries. I'll be booking him into the next available vet appointment, as there is no way I can get him seen on a Sunday where I live unfortunately. Does anyone have advice as to what this could possibly be, if not lymphoma? Could you also please pass on any "greyhound educational materials" about their physiology that I can have on hand for my vet? I'm hyper paranoid tha
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