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  2. Sounds like everyhoundie hadda good day!! Miss Patsy nobody has posted that Grammy picture yet, according to Momma. Hope your event wasn't too boring! That's all from here for today my Friendlies! Kibble kisses and Buddy Bisket dreams! NITEY NITE!! AndiPants
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  4. Charlie, it is ok to growl a leetle wen sum win takes your bone...or trize. lila, we fink you are a lubbellee senior lads houndie,
  5. I'll ask around for you. Even though it's not the closest option, we go to Grassmere (not just because of Sweep, but because it's been my family's preferred vet since I was a kid), so I'm not much help, I'm afraid. Are you on Facebook? If so, you might post on the GPA Nashville and Music City Greyhound Adoption pages too.
  6. That’s great. I will let you know.... thank you so much!
  7. If you find no transport now, I'm going to WV the week after xmas and would be able to bring her all the way to NJ. But you'd have to wait until December 31-Jan 2, thereabouts.
  8. I can’t believe it’s been 8 years! I love this story and it is so amazing that it all worked perfectly!
  9. Oh no We are so sorry to hear about Dippy! Rachel We're thinking of you Rest in peace, sweet Dippy. We will never forget you.
  10. This is my favorite story, but it's bittersweet this year. Missing Whiskey
  11. Lila, don't be worrying your mom like that. You weren't jealous of that penguin, were you? They really should invent cheese wrappers to be absolutely silent when opened. I mean, really, I shouldn't have to go into the garage to open my cheese? I got busted by Hada again.
  12. Hiya! Everybuddy have a good weekend? Mistress says she gots lots done and that makes her happy. Plusalso she had a zoo thin yessirday and got to see Pip the pengwin. Knot all pengwins like scritches but Pip was hand raised so he does. He came running rite over to Mistress and put his hed down for neck scritches. His brudder Cheers was raised by their parents (pengwins really can only handle one chick) and he don't want nuthin to do wiff peeple. Dustin, it's so xciting that Harleigh is gonna come to your house! Miss Loosy, I'm glad you and Mz Soozin enjoyed the concert. Sorry bout going splat tho, hope you're OK. The anniversary of the Internashional Houndie Handoff shore is bittersweet this year. And now wiff dear Dippy gone, I guess I'm the oldest of old ladies here. I made shore Mistress knew it today. We were playin out in the yard cause it was almoss 40 petigrees and alla sudden I hold up my leggie weerd and can't walk and try to bite my pawpaw off. Mistress tried to pick up my pawpaw to look and I give the biggest, lowdest GSOD ever! She nearly had an attak of the heart. But I shook my pawpaw and all we can guess is the wad of snow that was stuck in there flew out and I went trottin in the house, good as new. Mistress didn't recober kwite so kwik and hadda have her glass of wine even tho her chores weren't done. Sorry iffen the writin on your cards is a bit messy. Wags, Lila
  13. Hi everyone....as many of you know, my JJ passed away. My new husband had fallen head over heels and wanted badly for us to find a new hound with blood lines as close as possible, we knew this might be tough given JJ was almost 12 and his daddy had passed as well. With the help of Chris Grieb who suggested that I use the second offspring line from greyhound data, I found a small litter of two year olds. There was a male and female tuxedo black. I reached the trainer with help from Chris and Shelly Lake, and they agreed to let us adopt Harold once he was done racing, We weee so excited that we went out to West Virginia to meet him and fell in love. Sadly, two year old Harold passed away Unexpectedly...non race related.,,just a horrible fluke. The trainer was wonderful and asked if we were interested in his sister, Harleigh. Of course we jumped at the chance. Two weeks later, they decided that she would not continue racing. We got word today that the owner released her for us to adopt! so, here’s the request...we can get pretty easily from Rhode Island to Harrisburg next week. We will go out and get there Friday night. Is there anyone out there...or a few people who could help get her from Wheeling to Harrisburg. We have to come home Saturday night, so saving that extra three and a half hours each way would help us immensely... Thnals to all in GT for being such a great bunch of people.
  14. Miss Lizbef, can we reed yur book in it's hole form? We are luking forward to it. mm.. Okay... Our bisitor is here for the afternoon and ebening. His is a big black houndie wearing a tuxedo and his name is Rig. He wuz playbowing and barking at me to play wif him but I only hab eyes for Merc! Ivy, Merc's girlhoundie
  15. Wow. I am telling Kevin the story! Seems like yesterday. We were all following on pins and needles.
  16. Aloha me freends! Those awr bery talentid houndies, I do knot fink I culd dance lyke dat! Ohhh da grate houndie hand off! Wot a story! I lubs Chrispmix time just fur dat! Noffing noo to report, we habs been on a car ride in da North, stayed at da cottage and now we awr bakk and snoozing. Especially after dat bone momma-bear gabe us! Boy howdy it wuz gud! Yoor freend, Charlie, who might habs growled at Zorro del galgo to keep hisownself off of MY bone
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  18. Can I get recommendations for Grey savvy vets in the Nashville TN area? We are familiar with Grassmere Animal Hospital, but hoping to find a vet a little closer to us, particularly in the East Nashville, Inglewood, Madison or Goodlettsville area.
  19. I remember this! So cool how everything worked out!
  20. While there has been no headway on the toys, guess who jumped up on the bed today?!? I must admit, I have been coaxing her, and she seems to be learning that there are big soft spots that await her.
  21. Andi pants- you are right! I did knot gibs a playgroup report! We had ninelebendy houndies there and Misser Bob brought a squawker - we ran and ran and ran!. Then somewon had a lure pole- Kraken jumped right up into the air to get that lure thingy! But since we all wear muzzles at playgroop he could knot grab it wif his teefers! Miss Robin, we got ours too and Merc is right, it is faboo! Ooooh! Look at the Hawaiian greyhounds! We habs Hawaiian print coats, does that count? Dustin, that is such gud noos that Harleigh is coming to libs wif you! I am sorry it is so bittersweet for your Momma and Daddyman. Our bisitor is here for the afternoon and ebening. His is a big black houndie wearing a tuxedo and his name is Rig. He wuz playbowing and barking at me to play wif him but I only hab eyes for Merc! Ivy, Merc's girlhoundie
  22. Dustin, that is good news about Harleigh. that the transfer and all that it entails goes smoothly. and in memory of JJ, Whiskey Biskey, Dippy, and all our other beloved houndies at the Bridge.
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