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  2. Poor G has the runs. Got him and Fuzzy to eat some canned pumpkin. Gotta remember to make some rice tomorrow, they love rice. Today I learned: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Olecranon_bursitis Student's elbow! I have a ganglion in my wrist, it's smaller than it used to be. Got an email from Sherrie today, her foster boy is learning the rules and his name. It's a little more difficult since he is practically blind, even more so than Nate. She said Tiny is getting along well with him, even coming out of her shell a little bit!
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  4. I have Chrysanthemum coats. I have the first two for 20 years. I have the all-weather coats with a light fleece lining, but they do make them without the liner.
  5. Something's up! The Magical Kibble Flingin' Masheen is out .... that usually means we'll have the place to ourselves for a couple days. Well except for when Auntee Dixee comes to make our bowls of mooshy food in the evening. Da Mamaperson always comes back eventually so that's fine. It's summer and our windows are open so we can lie in them and watch the world thru the screen so life is good.
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  7. I was going to say voyager. When we camp and get stuck in rainy weather we just pop on the voyager r.c. and go!
  8. It haz bin hothothot for lotsa dayz and it myte go flashbang dyuring the nyte. Mum sed she gonna sleep heer wiv us wiv the lyte on and the raydeeyo on too. Pretty kollar Summer! Wagz to awl ower frendz, Nutmeg.
  9. Hola! We had an erly bedthyme last nite. An this mornin I woke Dad up myownself! He sed, Laila, you wanna go owt? An I jumped an spun arownd an tole him YES! I am a good gurl. Ja, ja, Mom sez I hab had a 3 yeer hunnymoon peeriod. An now I am comin into myownself. I am spinnin an tellin peepel I hab to pee, an barkin at odder dogs an barkin at minny odder fings, an gettin onna bed. Is pritty fun. Dad had a good nite. He dint hab much payne. There is sum seepidge, but he called, an they sed that is normil if it isnt lotsa brite red blood, like afore. Fanks fer the good thots. Si, Miss Vanessa, I fink it is a bursa. An Dad finks he will feel bedder in jeneral, cawse there wuz prolly sum infeckshun too, an that hand (his left) hert an swelled a lot. He is takin sum anty bioticks too. Dad haz still bin gettin Mom stuff fer her birfday. He sez it shood last abowt a week. That is sweet, si? It is knot big stuff, but just fings she likes. Like fer sum reeson, they dint hab the bakin sweet taters atta store fer weeks. An now they do! Mom got 2. An they dint hab Kens Ginger an Sesamee Salad Dressin fer weeks ether. An Mom got 2. An Mom got a avocado. An a beech towel. An si, Miss Lucy an Spirit, I fink she shood get moore ice creem, an Dad shood hab sum too! An eberybuddy is happy. Eben Kiva. Ah, we shood hab thotings ob Popeyes in owr heds too...Did Mom heer they now hab plant based chikken? I know, that duznt sownd good to lotsa peeple, but Mom wood like to try it. Mazys ears..... We just looooove orrigammi ears. We met a Grey at Grapehounds who had em, an Mom wuz puttin em in differnt ways forebber! She eben made a tent owt ob them. It wuz fun. Glad Lulu is bedder. Aw, Charlie, yer poor naybor dog.... Summer, that is a beeeeeyoutiful collar! An perfeck colors fer you. What a lovely gift frum Miss Ducky. An you look bery kewt. Is hot an hoomid an a grate day fer stayin inna AC. Laila Mariposa
  10. Miss Tin! Good luck wif the new project. Fings hab been hectic for Ma too so she sends her best wishes that you bof get some relief. Summer, what a great collar! Like MIss Banessa says, it just brings to mind lazy, warm summer days wif good stuff to eat and shade to sleep in. Spirit
  11. :wave I am still alive. Last week was hectic in so many ways but I'm back at work today starting that new project. The Prof is coming down in a few minutes to talk about it. I hope everyone is OK! Hope to write a bit more tomorrow. Ms Tin
  12. HI Ebereewun! I hope y'all are feeling better and eating better and sleeping well! Guess WHOT? Lookit what Miss Ducky sent me! Ducky, it's a beautiful collar and she looks darling in it, thank you so much for your kindness - and the new mask too!
  13. Hello my Friendlies! Cloudings maybe all day today, and much much cooler. We probly will only be just above 70lebens today!! Aaawwww!!!! Lookit that Mazy girl and her fun earsies!!!! for Miss Lulu's foot being all better!!!! Mam be careful spraying that stuff all around!!! Hope you hadda fun paddling! Mister Charlie I do not think that is fair that you don't get to go looking at the shooting stars!!! Course you and Mister Zorro would probly just sleep there as well as at home!!! Momma says your Momma should take videos of that poor puppy next door. Miss Lizabeth it's been too cloudy here to see much of anything at nite. Plus also, all we gots are big tall trees in the NE of our house!! Miss Soozin we hope little Battle learns his lessons real good and wins that showing! Nothing much going on here essept that Mom's palsy thing is acting up and she feels kinda yukky today. She didn't sleep very good last nite eether. Wishings for a wonderful Windsday for all my Friendlies!! BYE-EEE!!! AndiPants
  14. Good Woesday! Nother hot and sweaty one. Waiting for the guys to come and clean the dryer vent out, we share one with a neighbor, but the stuff gets stuck in our portion. Oh Mazy, how lovely you were. Nancy-Mam, I have a spray which is peppermint oil, it works and is less toxic than other stuff. waiting to see where this latest tropical storm is headed...
  15. Lila, I'm glad the Mystery ob the Green Blob was solved. Good sleuthing, Mistress! Sorry you had an uncomfy time getting up, butt I'm glad it did not last. I worried Ma all day yesterday because I just kept looking at her and whining. I neber gaber her any more clues about what I wanted or what was wrong for me. I too am a Hound ob Deep Mystery! Ivy and Cherry, what a great place to hab a fambily walk! The trees and the stream and the shade look so comfy and relaxing. Laila, it sounds as if you Dad's surgery went pretty well. I'm glad that lump will knot bother him any more. It was real lucky he was still at the horsepiddle when it decided to bleed again. Maybe he'll feel better wif some ice cream? I also understand that sharing wif other helps people feel better as well. Can you imagine the health benefits to be obtained by sharing ice cream! Lookit Mazie's ears! They are indeed mobile and creative like Ivy's! Mam, I bet you're gonna win ober those wasps! I hope you had a good paddle. Ma used to be real active in that SCA group. It was tremendous fun, she says. She's sorry to hear that parts ob it hab been spoilt by greedy people. When she was involved there was no money to be made...only money to be spent, as befits as fun hobby. Spirit
  16. I wuz gonna ask de same fing. I was disappointed last night. At 10:00 I lay on the deck for a few minutes and saw one meteorite. I got up around 1:00 to go back outside when the viewing should be better. The cloud cover and mosquitoes were coming in. I'll try again tonight.
  17. it takes years for bats to inhabit a man made bat house. from what i have read they often like houses attached to your house- no thanks- i already had bats in my covered walkway entrance to the garage. my dogs never looked at the bat guano when they were active. it's great garden fertilizer.
  18. and btw a really strong dose of ivomectin is administered for walking mange. don't fret.
  19. Hello me freends! Miss Lulu iz bedder! Good luck wiff da nest! Habs a gud paddling Miss Nancy! Hmmmmm...Charlie, don't say that! Wot? Anyhoo, we gottid thunderboom yesstirday and da BBQ slid awl ober da patio. Momma-bear puttid it back. She also secured da tomato plants so dey wuld knot fall. Da neighbors leftid dare dog on dare patio...Dumbdumb...Dey let him in when awl hell broke loose and da poor pup wuz screeming hisown hart owt. Oh how we wishes animal control wulda seen dat We nebah met him. He nebah goes on walk. He goes poopie on da patio. He nebah leabes da patio or da house. Dat's no life fur a big poopie... Noffing much to say. Today momma-bear iz wiff us and den she might go see dem falling stars ifn da sky iz clear tonight. Lass year she wentid wiff Zorro del galgo and I stayed home to nap. Dis yeer she iz going wiff da manfreend and we awr knot inbited ondaaccountda dey will go wiff da open-top roof car and we can knot go into dat car. Yoor freend, Charlie
  20. Doug. Hope he had a good night. What a lovely cool place to go for walkies, Ivy! No burning of the barn, CK! At 8pm when I was pretty sure all the nasty stingers would be tucked up in bed, I donned my boots, gloves and rubber rain suit, pulled my cap with the mesh netting down over my head and carried a large garbage bag up into the loft, armed with the potent wasp killing spray and inched my way over to the nest. I sprayed and sprayed and sprayed some more and covered the entire thing with the garbage bag. I will do the same again tonight just to make sure I got them all, then tromp the nest down with my boots. Guess I'll have to toss a couple of bales...horses probably shouldn't eat that poisonous stuff! Off for a paddle...
  21. Battle has recovered nicely from his rough housing injury. It did not shut down his puppy school! I don't want to take him all the way to Ohio and have him act like a goober! We have so many distractions I think it will serve him well! I doubt there will be any kittens in the show pulling on his lead, or Hamish in the other room whining and carrying on!
  22. Lulu had a followup vet visit for her ouchie paw. Vet declared it allbeddernow. She is so happy to be out of the cone of shame.
  23. Ivy, have you ever seen another houndie with origami ears like yours? Can you stick them straight up or half-masted? Mazy had origami ears. It would have been so cute if she and Ivy would have been able to meet up in the furs.
  24. Great pichers Miss Ivy!!! What a nice place for walkies!! Miss Laila we hope your Daddy didn't essplode again!! Lilly had a good visit with our vet, but she hadda get her earsies cleaned out!!!! Then we had Popeyes cause Mister Merc put the thottings in Momma's head!!! That's all from here for today my Friendlies!! Kibble kisses and Buddy Bisket dreams!! NITEY NITE!! AndiPants
  25. Speaking from experience your pup is starting adolescence. Hold on!!!! Strange things will happen. Regression, goofiness, temporary loss of all knowledge once acquired and their body becomes a foreign object. Be patient Be consistant and remember to laugh.
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