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  2. Well, it's just SoVeryHot (where is the sizzling emoti?)
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  4. Miss Vanessa!!! Duh!!! You *never* take treats from sumbuddy you don't know!!!! Stranger danger!!!! Molly Dad wants to see yur haircut!!! I will check on the FB too. Lila i was wunnering if you were having severes with the heat and storms! I have to say, i did laff kwite a bit over hiding from a tornado in a bakery!!!! Miss Soozin when the grass is dry it just gets all chopped up and disappears into the lawn. When it's wet it gets all clumpy and makes ugly lumps in yur yard so you feel like you gotta take. Plus also it gets all over yur mower! Miss Loosy, Mom says our crappy myrtle is knot gonna bloom this year cause it's too small. Knot too hit today but we are still napping in the ac cooled airs!!! Back later! WBSB!
  5. I'm so very sorry. He was much too young to leave. Godspeed Merlin.
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  7. works for me I wonder if some dogs would drink pedialyte. My dogs won't drink anywhere but at home. Would someone explain to me why a toilet is preferred to a water bowl?
  8. just let him lick it, don't argue- not worth it. felix literally ripped off stop pads playing. i don't know but they sorta grew back. if you are really worried smear some triple antibiotic ointment on it once and then your pup will go to town!
  9. Susan, it seems that even our grass that's in direct sunlight in the morning "sweats". I mowed in the late afternoon. Now our yard guy does it. Time of day varies with his schedule, but if the yard is still damp there are large clumps of cut grass all over. It only gets cut every other week. We'd had so many dry dry dry days that one huge thunderstorm had the grass sprouting way too high almost overnight. Another downside to cutting wet grass is that you may need to hose off the underside of your lawn mower. I used to enjoy mowing, but our backyard is so big and bumpy lumpy since we've had our killer pines taken out. Vanessa, you'd asked earlier about getting a friend for Gino now rather than later. I think Gino needs some mom and me time with you. He'll gain more confidence on your outings and be a better big brother for your next greyhoundie. None of my crew ever eats cookies given out in stores or at drive-thrus. Merc, my vet gave me a tremendous discount for Howie's dental. It would have been $864, but he knocked off nearly $400 for the rescue group discount. And over all these years he has given my personal dogs the rescue discount too. Normally a dental with no extractions costs about $325. Lila, hiding from a tornado in a bakery sounds pretty good. I envisioned your mom plucking cupcakes out of the air. And, in situations like this, I don't think there should be any Weight Watchers points applied. Misser Tony strikes again! Molly, I don't think that Miss Lucy's gas pimping skills can magically put gas in your tank. Howie went to his new foster home in Raleigh today. They're a very nice young couple who are active in helping out the Mid Atlantic IG rescue group. They have 2 younger iggies that immediately wanted to play with Howie. He was knot so sure since they were alternately humping each other. One good thing about having older iggies is that by the time I adopt them their humping madness has past. Even though Howie got along well with my crew, there was a much happier energy in the house this afternoon. Charlie doesn't feel as slighted. Hada is running around like a doofus. Georgie has been more engaging. My three stooges have got their groove back. This same thing happened when young foster iggy Zorro was here. an you hear me bolstering my case for adopting another senior podenco? None on my radar yet, but old and slow is the way we roll here.
  10. So..... duz dat meen dat ifn Mummy runs outta muniez in TiesLand, she kin pump gas ⛽️ to make munniez? She nose how cuz she hadda Jon in collidge doin dat.
  11. {{{Jeannine}}} I am so sorry you’ve lost your precious Merlin. ~Sixty sleeps. Hang in there.
  12. So very sorry for your loss.
  13. Kitties hold a special place in our hearts. Rest well Merlin and remember your Momma will always cherish you.
  14. Thanks all. He is improving day-by-day. Maybe he is a quick learner (fingers crossed). He seems to have got it that ultimately he will get to meet dogs that he sees so it's OK to be patient. Yesterday without being held he waited patiently at the edge of someones property until the resident dog sauntered over to say hello. He really is a super fellow. Just very young and super curious and eager about everything. Next up, prey drive - this new guy is a bit exuberant. If anyone remembers, I live in a neighbourhood that is overloaded with wildlife. Rabbits on every lawn, at least a couple of deer on every block. A subject for another post in a few days. Here is the late greyt Hester getting along with the wildlife:
  15. The quiet is deafening......hugs to you
  16. I'm so sorry for your loss. I couldn't stand being in the house without a dog here after we lost Rocket. It's quite the adjustment. Hang in there - it gets easier eventually but never soon enough. Rest well, Merlin.
  17. Miss Lucy is a gas pimp? Mister Tony, Ma is now howling wif laughter. My ears are ringing wif da racket. Miss Susan, bof pieces ob mowing advice are correct. You don't wanna mow when grass is wet but often, if it's been rainy that happens by 9ish. If knot, then the trick is to wait until later. Like maybe after 4 when the UVs aren't as bad. Ma says thanks for the link! I don knot. I say where does your loyalty lie? I say phooey on da to chopping! Gino, you're gonna be a traveling hound and a social budderfly. Miss Banessa is gonna to teach you to lub alla dat stuff. You are gonna score lots ob cookies! Yesterday the humids here were at 99%. That is just WRONG on so many lebels. Myka, I see that your fambily is still fighting the mighty stench ob SkunkBoy. Miss Chris, Ma was just finking ob you 'cuz she read an article on propagating Crepe Myrtles. Owrs are blooming pretty well but they are still really knot big. They're about up to the top of Ma's legs. Nate and I hab been watering them so we're doing owr share. Lila, I thought about you last night 'cuz we had severs too. Lots ob lightening and boomers. Yours sounds like it was much much worse. I"m glad you are OK. Ma thought about gibing them a gas pumping lesson at first butt then it just seemed maybe kinder to get Little George, the company gofer, to go ger da gas. Maybe it would be better to show 'em, though. She'll ask if they want a lesson. Right now we are at 91 degrees wif da heat index taking us to "feels like" 104. I'm just gonna pee in the house. Don't tell Ma. OK? Spirit
  18. Harley's racing name was Tweed Prince. Thank goodness I knew his trainer Don or I'd have gone blue in face trying to get him to answer to Prince.
  19. I am so sorry. Rest well, sweet boy.
  20. I'm so sorry for your loss.
  21. Miss Soosan, is a deerhound poopie a land shark like greyhound poopies are? Misser Tony, you are always a funny guy! How is Cormorant? Molly is getting a poodle cut! It is hothothot today and Momma and Daddy are only taking us out for potty breaks. We might go for a short fambly walk after the sun goes down. We went to playgroup at 6:30 this morning and the temprachur wuz 74 pedigrees. There were sixlebendy other houndies there. The sun was bery low and had knot heated up the airs yet. But as soon as it got higher in the sky we went home. Momma brought cool water for us to drink after we got in the car. We are spending the afternoon in the cool airs! Ivy, cool houndie
  22. Hiya! Oh boy, we bin in the seeveeres! Not juss the hothothot but storms and tornados! Lass nite was 60 mph winds and lotsa boomers round bed time. I was panty but laid down and rested nice on my bed in Mistress’ bedroom. It was like a sauna (pronounced korrektly by Mistress of Finnish descent as sow-nah ) outside this morning and there was sticks all over the lawn. Mistress hadda do sum errands and saw on the radar that the storms would be here by noon and she would be home by then. She had her stuff on the belt at the grocery when there was a tornado warnink! They all hadda go to the safe spot in the bakery. She could see that the worst wasn’t reelly here but the warnin was for the county, for 45 minits! She was knot gonna stand round eatin cookies so she did self check out and drove home reelly fast. She juss got in the house when the tornado sirens went off. She was freeked out but I couldn’t have care less. Early reports say we had 80 mph winds. And there’s anodder round of storms comin. Poor stinky Saint. And poor Miss Jen and Myka for havin to live wiff him. Spirit, you Ma is very nice for takin care of the Thais. Maybe she should have given them a gas pumpin lessin though. Gino, I don’t eat treets fro strangers either. It’s juss knot safe. Glad you had fun at the reonion Miss Sherrie! Sounds like the house stuff is going good Mz Soozin. It is a tricky blanace between mowerin before it gets hot but the grass is knot too wet. The prollem when it’s wet is that it don’t get cut good cause it’s all smashed down. Plusalso it makes a gunky mess unnerneat the mower. Well, I gotta get Mistress in the shower and cookin me sum chikkin before the next round of seeveeres. Wags, Lila
  23. I am so sorry. That quiet is so hard to live with
  24. Susan, I am so excited that you might get a puppy, but truth be told, I think you are crazy! Better you than me. Michelle
  25. Howdy Doody Friends!! Gonna be really warm and sunny today and then hothothot tamarrow. I know I missed so much yesserday - it was all Mom's fault! - so I know I am knot gonna be able to comint on everything. Miss Soozin you gotta innerdoose us to Hammish as SOON as he comes home!!! Mister Tony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Miss Loosy I am glad to hear yur luntsch wented good! Mom wants to know if yur crappy murtles are blooming yet? Molly are you gonna have a real poodle cut?? Aaawwww, Gino. It will be ok dood! Hey Merc! Uuummm... I have furgotted what else to say! Have a super awesome day friends! Toodles! Whiskey Bisket Samba Boy!
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