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  2. We installed the new vinyl plank in the "dog room" of our last house, and loved it so much that we're in the process of installing it throughout in our new place. Totally waterproof, dog nail proof, looks like wood, and is super easy to clean. Has some texture so the dogs don't skip and slide like they were on the laminate. Lowe's sells SmartCore which had the underlayment already installed (this is what we went with), and Home Depot has their equivalent called LifeProof. Totally in love with it!
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  4. Seriously - neither of them have a clue that they are 11. It's a big part of the fun with both of them.
  5. We will be looking for your star JJ, you will shine the brightest..
  6. Oh no. Robin, I am heartbroken for you We will never forget you, JJ.
  7. Congratulations! She's lovely. It must be both disconcerting and reassuring that she share's some of Atom's qualities.
  8. Spirit is my "super senior", born 1/8/2007, so he's 12 years and 8 months old now. He was born a shy, skittish hound. Though he trained to race, the kennel owners quickly recognized that the track atmosphere (all those strangers ) would overwhelm him. They spent their time just loving on him. I visited the kennel to meet my pre-adopted girl, MoMo Meany Pants (aka FTH Chyna Moon) and Spirit worked his wiles on me. I brought him home a couple of weeks later. He's still a firm believer in stranger danger, but once he's been around a person often enough to trust them, he is a HUGE love sponge, who'll take any amount of petting and scratching and loving and kissing. When he arrived he had a very dark, mostly black face that has gradually faded to mostly white now. He is such a dear soul. His nicknames progressed from Little Boy to Booger Boy when I realized that the various small dark blobs on the yellow bathroom wall were Spirit's dried eye-boogers--he would come in for petting and then shake his head, depositing blobs on the wall. Here he is after winning this spiffy Ladies Man Hat in the 2018 Miss Nellie Auction. I love this photo--he's excitedly exploring a treat that arrived in a splendid care package from GTer sabrina. He hates it when delivery boxes are opened. I've no clue why, since he's never been assaulted or abused by an Amazon box. I took this picture of him up on the bed a few months ago after he'd swiftly fled the living room to escape a box opening. He can still hop up on that tall old-fashioned bed of mine when he wants a snuggle. Ensconced on his beloved Slumber Ball. At the vet's office, anxious and with one of his huge, gorgeous ears up--an all too rare sighting. And finally, hilariously occupying the cat bed and sharing the sunbeam with Miles. He's still eating eagerly, always ready for a treat or a Greenie. He plays with toys and with his newish brother, Nate. Runs sometimes in the yard. And yet...he's sometimes wobbly, worries about being knocked over when Nate gets rowdy, and is clearly slowing down considerably. He's my darling Old Man and I hope we can be together for many moons more.
  9. I haven't tried that product specifically, but have been impressed with the foods in the Pro Plan line that say they have specific benefits, like Bright Mind, Focus etc. Reviews and reports from other owners are really good, and our own experience with the Large Breed Focus was so good when Rocket ate it, that we are now feeding it to Kate and Petunia since the "senior food" we were using was discontinued. They are both doing great on it.
  10. Searching around the internet last night about things to help Calvin's anxiety, as I often do, and I came across Purina Calming Care, a daily probiotic supplement with a specific strain of probiotic to help with anxiety. Apparently it came out late last year and it looks like it's prescription-only. It says it can take 6 weeks to see an effect, which is one box. The box is a bit pricy, $49.99 on chewy.com, but if you order directly from https://www.proplanvetdirect.com/ there's a $10 off your first order code. And I gotta say, if it helps, that's not so expensive that it wouldn't be worth it. Has anyone tried this? The reviews are surprisingly good, both on chewy and on that website I just linked to. I'm thinking it might be worth trying, but I was curious if anyone here had tried it yet. I've tried so many other things, and he's much better than he used to be, but I haven't found anything that really helped much, honestly. Thoughts?
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  12. When Annie started to spook from noises, big trucks, fire engines, etc I kept her on the curb side, I was next to the traffic. I shortened the leash to less than a foot. A good leather or biothane leash folds easily into your hand and I picked up the pace. I would just say, "let's go!" And fortunately those barreling trucks were gone. I also would pull out a dehydrated liver chunk as a reward. The one time we lost her was at an antique show. The obnoxious porta potty cleaning trucks with loud air brakes came barreling down our row spooked her. Yup, she was wearing a properly fitted GH harness! She cranked her neck and got out of it and bolted down to rt 20 the center of brimfield dozen rows of vendor tents. Massive traffic preventated her being run over. She made her first left(track training) and finally hid in a yard.talk about a night mare! She ran full speed for a good 2 miles on black top. Annie survived, we survived. So, since then I have stuck with thinner, 3/4"martingales(Lupine brand). There is more control with a thinner collar. The tools and professional training that one acquires always helps in gaining confidence and communicating with your 4 legged companion.
  13. Ma sends this song to Miss Robin for JJ. It always makes her cry and touches her heart everytime she hears or sings it. Your Long Journey
  14. I hadda speshul dinner in JJ's onnor tonite. Mummy put homemade beefstoo on muh kibbuls. Sheez still pritty leeky butt she kin shure cook.
  15. Safe and speedy journey to the bridge, JJ. I will miss you, my friend. You are a sweet and loving Houndie. I will look for your star tonight. My heart is broken for Dr. Fruutcake and Misser Kevin and your loyal brother Dustbin.
  16. Nigel is our senior boy. He turned 11 on June 2 and is definitely slowing down. He still has a fabulous appetite but walks are shorter and slower and zoomies are pretty much a thing of the past. Nigel has been a St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog for several years and he has been been a 'Paws 4 Reading' dog for the past 5 years. He will be retiring from this program this year as he finds it more and more difficult to get up and down from his reading mat. Here he is with some of his younger students....
  17. Oh, deer, sweet JJ, we are all cryin fer you. We cood feel how bery tired you are, but cood also feel the strong bond ob love yer fambily shares. We dint know the story ob how you came to be wiff Miss Robin. Fank you fer tellin us. How we will miss yer kind an sensibel presense heer. Fly free, preshus one, you hab bin the best proteckter, the best lissener, the best smile maker, the best kompanyun. I cood be rong, but just mebbe you had a paw in bringin Misser Kevin into yer fambily to take kare ob yer Mom cawse you knew you woodnt be arownd forebber. You dont hab to wurry abowt her now, an I know that is important to you. But I fink yer hole fambily wood feel bedder if you cood send them a sine that you made it okay, an fownd yer old frends an mebbe the bakin bar. Laila Mariposa Oh, Robin, if ever a dog had a more safe and loving goodbye it is your JJ. We would wish for all of our pets to be surrounded by such love. He told you clearly that he was ready to say goodbye, and you listened with your heart. Sending hugs and much sympathy.
  18. Good bye ma friend J.J. We will all miss you here in da club, but your Mama and Daddy will miss you mostest. Lub, Molly McSad.
  19. JJ-Know dis, yu habs touched so many libes. We will look fur yur shooting star tonight as it iz going to bee da brightest eber! Run free Isabella
  20. Daphne, Bitzi & Caroline here & very sad to hear our friend JJ is making his journey across the bridge tonight. Robin it is hard thing you have faced, I am sorry but I am sure you made the best decision. My thoughts will be with you, Kevin & Dustbin.
  21. JJ, I yam glad muh mummy met yu in de furs. She sed yu wuz a reglar gennelman. I wish yu well on yur journey tonite. Robin, you've done right by him as he's always done right by you. You are very smart to have Kevin there for the final goodbye. JJ needs to know you're safe and you need someone to sob on (and with). Jerilyn, at least I got home from work before I read this and cried. I only teared up at work (about work issues) but was able to leave then.
  22. Oh JJ, I’m so sorry you have to leave. Look up my sweet Tickertape, she’ll dance with you, I’m sure. We’ll miss you down here. I love you, big boy. Robin, my heart breaks for you. I know the love you feel for JJ. I’m glad you have Kevin. Please feel my hug. Dustin, please be brave tonight for your Mom & Dad. I know you’ll miss him too. Here’s a big hug for you. Barb & Bikini
  23. Tears and few words—I met JJ several times, and he is a big, sweet fellow. I know you will miss him terribly Robin. Run free JJ.
  24. Dear JJ, we hope that your trip to the ‘Bridge tonight is a calm and good one. Eventually we will all meet agin on the other side. We will look after Dustbin, Fruutcake and your new Daddiman Kevin, we promise. We will look for your star (mebbe tomorrow as it’s sposed to rain tonight). Robin and Kevin we hope you have a few good hours with JJ before the vet comes tonight. We all of you.
  25. Zorro, I hope your ear heals fast and hope you are feeling better. Oh JJ, I am so sad to hear you are making this journey. You have been such a delightful addition to this group. Please dance with my Breeze when you get to the Bridge and you will feel healthy again! Sending to your Momma and Daddiman too.
  26. JJ, dear friend, I wish you had foreber with your beloved fambily, butt we are wise enough to know that it canknot be so. I can feel how hard this will be for Dustbin, your faithful friend and support, and for Miss Robin and Mister Kevin, who love you wif their whole hearts. You do knot need to worry. Dustbin and Mister Kevin will take good care ob your Mom and keep her safe and cheer her when she misses you. She could knot have had a better, more loving, braver protector than you have been through all these years. We will all miss you beyond what werds can say. Fare thee well, my friend. Enjoy the delights of reunions with dear old friends awaiting you up there. Spirit Robin and Kevin, I'm so sorry. What a joy that you both had last night snuggling with JJ. I remember how much my afternoon on a blanket in the sunshine with MoMo meant to both of us. A special chance to express love and savor time together. I'm so grateful for vet's who can come to your home. That is a loving, generous gift to their patients. LIke Spirit, I wish there were no goodbyes. Lucy
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