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  2. One kitten is doing good and one is doing not so good and a buncha tiny kittehs are gonna be running all over pretty soon!! Miss Halise we hope you did something fun on your birthday too!! Mister Merc!! Mister Merc!! Speak to us dood!! Tell us you're alive!!! Miss Patsy that sounds like such a nice spot to relax! It rained really pretty good all day long today. So we got really wet playing outside. It was all good tho cause we had Subway for Lilly's 9nff birthday today!!! Momma says she can't believe her little puppy is 9 years old!!! IMG_0339 by Chris Harper
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  4. I want the one in the back with the great raccoon 👀. Sigh. I spent the late afternoon watching for loons on the lake our cabin sits just above. Peace and quiet and the trees turning marvelous colors. Life is definitely good. It's always great to get someplace where maples are happy to grow. Yellows and oranges are all fine and good but fall needs some REDS too. Sending Pisser all my good thoughts. Stay safe everyone!
  5. (Wow!) I hope that you get to go out on a few more kayak adventures before the cold weather comes to stay. I bet the night sky is amazing where you are! Merc Happy birfday Ms Halise! Mummy tooked me to da feelds dis afternoon and da wedder wuz juss hebbenly. Mid-sebenties and only 36% ob da hoomids! I hadda gud run and did sum jumps and den mummy tried to fotograff sum AndiPants, yoo look soopah kewt in dat pikchur. Charlie! Pippin
  6. https://www.greyhoundgang.org/learn/greyhounds/essays/heat-kills/#:~:text=A dog's normal body temperature is between 101 – 102.5 degrees. "A dog’s normal body temperature is between 101 – 102.5 degrees. "
  7. Five weeks today, eating solids and mostly making it to the litterbox: https://photos.app.goo.gl/AtLvatMKMZ5W249e6 https://photos.app.goo.gl/edNguTNTZ1jy17jcA
  8. Hola! We all just wached a moobie on Netflicks cawse we are finniched wiff 800 Werds. The moobie wuz Enola Holmes. An it wuz reel good. We wood recommind it---haz Millie Bobby Brown, the gurl who wuz in Stranger Fings, if innybuddy wached that. She plays Sherlock Holmes liddle sisser, an she is eggcellent. Happy Birfday, Miss Halise! We are sorry you hab to spend it doin stuff that is knot fun, an plusalso, trabbellin. Oh, Pisser, we hope you get bedder. Alla those meds shood help. Fings are happinin at Miss Vanessas! That is a lovely pic, Andi! An wow, you get
  9. I have a 7yr old retire greyhound that just recently appears to be depressed and who's body temp go from normal to a little bit high 101 and back to normal. He had a whole blood panel done and urinalysis and everything is normal. He has been put on omixcillian 500mg twice a day and he has not getting better. So my vet put him on omixcillian/Cav 500mg twice a day. Seems to be a little more active but still has the warm cold body Temps. Has anyone ever had these symptoms with their dogs?
  10. My sweet DoBee, one of the original Watching and Racing greyhounds passed away today at the age of 12 1/2. We spent so much time here watching him race weekly. He was an amazing racer for such a little guy but was full of heart for the sport. I will miss him forever.
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  12. I found three of the greyhound blood value cards while cleaning up, if anyone wants one, I'll pop it in the mail. I have international stamps, too.
  13. Pisser Greyt We have had some very ccccooool mornings, but the daytime has warmed up nicely. I hope to get out for another couple of paddles before putting the kayak away for the winter. We have a glorious view of the very starry night sky here in the boonies, with the BigDipper making an appearance over my barn every night. My friend and I have done 4 of the 9 challenges. JimmyTheBarnKitteh is doing just fine. His hole in his side is healing up beautifully.
  14. You're welcome. We've been using those velcro soft boots for years and they do stay on. Good luck and keep us posted!
  15. I carry this in my purse since last Yom Kippor. You can repeat it any time you say the Kaddish.
  16. MERC! Do knot skeer me like that! You can knot go to the lite! Oh, your Momma says you are going to the vet to get your foot looked at. You will still be wif us! Dustin, Momma sed that orange looking star is Mars. She used her Star Walk app to be sure! Happy Birthday Miss Halise! Andi, that is a nice ob you! Salvo, did you like the ob Cherry in her fleece coat? It's a beautimous bloo sky autumn day here in Mary Land and Momma says it's time for our pre-dinner potty break and then we get to eat! Cherry is already bugging Momma to tell her it i
  17. My lurcher, Liberty, was a burier. She take a bone outside. Then she'd dig a long hole parallel to her body. Then, she'd drop in the bone, perpendicular to the hole and attempt to cover it. She'd get quite frustrated when it didn't work the way she wanted.
  18. I did try it in early days when the corns were barely visible, but didn't have success. I may give it a try again - he's very patient when we work on his feet. I haven't had success keeping socks on either, but maybe the soft boots would be helpful as they have velcro. Thanks, FiveRoooooooers!
  19. Muh troo frens I noo de day wud come wen I hadda say gudbye And on Miss Halise's birdfay no less Oh for Pete's sake! We're just going to the vet because your fut wound keeps reopening. Farewell muh frens! Muh byootiful Ivy! I see de lite!!!! Merc, that's the sun. It's gorgeous out. Want a car ride? Car ride!!!
  20. hola! How are awl mah frends? We are hokay. Noor is settling in a bit eggsept: he is afraide ob da teebee! More precise, da people on da teebee! So we habs has some quiet times at our house. Happy Burfdays to Mam and Miss Halise! Tomorrow is Salvo’s furst Gotcha Day! Daddiman went to pick him up on hims burfday last yeer! This yeer Daddiman will be home on hims burfday cuz he is still selb-isolaytin. He can’t go no where! Eberyone in any paff ob any herrikane, stay safe! Dustbin we hope your kitty is gonna be hokay! Leeking from his pee shooter sounds, well, KNOT
  21. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS HALISE. We wish everyone a great, greyt day. Daphne & BItzi
  22. Happy Birthday, Miss Halise!! Gino, that was nice of you to come close and lie down. You know Miss Vanessa is a nice person, right? AndiPants, what a pretty face you have. I would love to stroke that earsie, it looks soo soft! Off to the Socrates Club at the library. We meet on the patio, socially distanced, to have lunch and discuss weighty things. Today the subject is sympathy and self-preservation. Should be interesting, but I really go because . . . Pizza!!! With mushrooms!!!
  23. Hello my Friendlies! The rainings started early here this morning so everything's alreaddy wet and drippy! Me and Lilly don't mind so much, but Princess Flizzie doesn't care for getting wet!!! Mister Spirit, Momma thinks that our angel kitties woulda climed rite up that robe to get to the mousie!!!! Miss Cherry you are a morning houndie!!! All of us here essept for Daddy are evening houndies!!! Momma says she loves our house and nayberhood, but the trees have growed up so much that we only have a little bit of nite sky to look at now. We can see mostly to the south o
  24. Hi This is a great site for newbies like us, I've only been a dog owner for 10 days and it is getting easier. You will find that a lot of experienced owners will reply with advice and support .Also look back at past talks. My dog totally ignored his Kong for several days, but now I'm able to use it for alone training. Good luck
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