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  2. Good morning! It's me! Cherry! Oh Andipants, those hamburglers and hot dogs look good! Today is playgroop day! I have been out for my morning potty break. It was still dark wif stars in the sky, I had my brekkie and now I am just waiting for Ivy and Daddy to wake up and come downstairs so we can start our day. Cherry
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  4. My Shannon could eat anything; but if Lily gets anything with even a smidge of bell pepper, things get...ugly. How about you?
  5. Not sure how it works in the UK, but here your vet can call for you to get you seen on an emergency basis. You might try asking your regular vet about that. It's good that the Gaba is helping in the meantime. I may have missed this, but is she also on muscle relaxers and/or an NSAID? They can all be used safely in combination so worth exploring if she's still having some issues. I agree with restricting her to shorter leash walks for now. No running, playing, on/off furniture for now. Limit stairs if you're able. Hopefully it's just something that needs some time to heal. Agree as well that there's no harm in trying pEMF or cold laser, and acupuncture or massage therapy could be helpful if you can find someone good and she will tolerate it. I would avoid chiropractic treatments.
  6. I prefer the West Paw Toppl to the Kong. Easier to stuff and clean imo and more durable. It comes in 2 sizes, you'd want the larger of the two. Bully sticks are the only other thing I give at this point, and those are supervised. Unfortunately at one point I wondered why I had stopped giving cow hoofs and started giving them again. Got my answer. One very expensive dental surgery later and out went the split antlers, nylabones, etc. Even bully sticks have risk, but mine aren't such heavy chewers that I worry about them breaking pieces off, which is the risk with those.
  7. Oh Mam!!! We were sure wunnering if that ban was gonna impact getting Mister Mario to Oh!Canada! Hope hey can figger something out for you and him! Miss Wiki, sometimes I just gotta bakbarkbark at our nabey too! Miss River is just, like, maybe around ONE years old, so she's pretty crazy still. She like to run up and down the fence and barkbarkbark too, so we do it together, esspept then Momma yells at us to stop it cause fentse running is rude. Mister Clarkie, I hope you gotted some steaks!!!! Here is me supervising Momma using our new grilled ingredients for the first time!! We just had hambergers and hotdogs today so Momma could see how it all worked. We gots steaks to do for Father's Day this weekend! 20210618_130723 by Chris Harper, on Flickr 20210618_132547 by Chris Harper, on Flickr That's all from here for today my Friendlies!! Kibble kisses and Buddy Bisket dreams!! NITEY NITE!! Andipants
  8. That's why it went into C&F. You get it. Poor girl lost Kate, then got attacked by the new broodie. Then Starz came in and is getting spoiled to try and nurse her back to health. Mom leaves for a week and then the whole usual daily routine goes out the window the same week, and it really is a more than a hundredlebbenty degrees so we can't walk. Now I have SA.
  9. Send her here. I have one who needs to go out multiple times in the middle of the night, one who sometimes doesn't make it out the door before the poop drops ... Aside: I hate it when people take C&F posts too seriously or offer unsolicited advice, but I'm going to make both mistakes: I don't interpret Petunia's behaviour as irritation but confusion. There have been a lot of changes in her world lately. She might need to be treated as if she has mild SA.
  10. CK. Sure howpe you got some steak Yucky flies at Duckys Richard Wiki I most certainly hope that Labradork behaves hisownself from now on. He clearly doesn't know who he's messin' with! Pap has gone to our nephews cabin so they can get out on the alke very early in the morning...Bass opens tomorrow And sadly little Mario, the tripawd, has had his flight cancelled They're trying to arrange another one for him and the others However, starting July 14th the USA has put a ban on dogs arriving from a lot of eastern countries, including Qatar due to people falsifying Rabies certificates in order to import dogs So far, OhCanada has not implemented such a ban.
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  12. Wiki, sumtimes dem odder dogs need to be Told Off.
  13. Petunia, from one Moody Broody to another, I see nothin wrong wiff your actshuns. I myownself had to tell off the labradork next door last night for being obnoxious. It's a good thing there was a fents between us. But reelly, it's our right to xpress our displeasure. Wiki
  14. Happy gotcha Clarkie! Whippy creem and a noo toy is pritty good, but I say go for it all and ask for the steak! I was inspired by Pippin's desire to fite them huskies and turned snarlin wild beest on the labradork next door. He was on the other side of the fents, so no damidge done cept to my reputayshun. I was layin down by the fents when the peeple were tawkin and he was being crazee so I said a leddle ggggrrrr and he kept being crazee so I said SSSNNNNAAARRRR. But he kept being crazee affer I toll him to knock it off so I sprung up and went chargin and snarlin at him. His fault, not mine. He snarled back at me. Mistress wasn't mad, juss shokked. Don't mess wiff the Black Bandit. Wiki
  15. I’ve been researching them, too. (Because just what I need is one more thing in the house). DH has no immediate signs of tick borne illness but it will be a week for that blood work to come back. We’re rooting for you Clarkie !
  16. Miss Halise!!! I have been researching those air fryerings!! And I happen to know that a steak doesn't take hardly any time at all to cook!!! STEAK FOR MISTER CLARKIE!!! STEAK FOR MISTER CLARKIE!!! STEAK FOR MISTER CLARKIE!!! Happy Gotcha Day too!! . AndiPants
  17. Gess wot!!! Go on......gess!! Tooday is mi....fifth Gotcha Day!!!! Mammaa sez...dat I kin hab sum.....wippee creem inna ...cup aftur hur gits ...throo wif werk!!! I lubs wippee creem!!! Den hur sed.....dat I kin gits.....a noo toy!!! An a STAKE fer dinnur! Wots dat...Mammaa? No stake?? Sheesh.... I thot yoo wud....make stake fer mee. Wotta....swizz! CK
  18. We just got back from our afternoon walkie. It is a sunny bloo sky day again today wif a leeeetle more hoomidity than yesserday. But it is still a pretty day! We met a nice man who wuz sitting in his landscaping truck eating his lunch. He did knot habs any treets for us but he did say we were beautimous and asked if we were galgos. Momma told him we are greyhounds and he sed that in Brazil we call them galgos. He asked how old were were and how fast we can run. He wuz impressed wif us! Andipants, Momma did some weeding in the garden this morning. I think it is a losing battle..... there are a whole bunch ob leeetle teeny maple tree seedlings that want to grow! Miss Patsy, I had trubble wif Pippin's video at first but you habs to click on it and let it open in a different program, then you will see the leetle arrow for the video to start. It is a beautimous video! We still habs a landline too! Daddy uses that more than his smartypants phone! Momma uses her smartypants phone all ob the time. Merc! I hope your Daddyman is OK. Miss Patsy can make trash disappear! Momma says you can come here the negst time you visit Kestralyn! Miss Ducky! Fly invasion! Are they as bad as cicadas? Ivy knot a fan ob bugs
  19. For some reason I am visualizing John Turturro in the bowling alley polishing balls (ref. The Big Lebowski).
  20. Hello my Friendlies!! More sunnings and hawt today! Miss Cherry I do not think I would like having a kidlet pet me if I was laying down. On my feets is OK, and I like little girl kidlets bestest, but I always jump up on my feets!! Miss Lizabeth we hope Mister Richard is okey dokey and it's justa rash and not, like, that shingle stuff!! Antie Jennie, Momma gotted one of these for Daddy cause he can't seem to get his ear hole on the rite part of the cell fone to hear anything. It works pretty good!! Cell Phone Handset Hi Mister Spirit and Miss Jenn and Miss Patsy!!! Miss Ducky!!!! Momma thinks she mite try out the new barbeeque on some easy hotdogs or hamberger patties today. She wants to use it before she does the nice steaks for Father's Day!! It should also be front yard weeding day, but we'll see how much of that gets done!!! Wishings for a Fantastic Friedday for all my Friendlies!! BYE-EEE!!! Andipants
  21. I seem to be back in the land of the living/acceptable/signed in. 😲 I couldn't make the video move but it's a really pretty picture anyway. Miss Jennie, I think DH's old Palm Pilot is up in the attic. When yours dies I have a replacement for you. DH just discontinued our landline which outdates him and dates back to 6/69. I am a great believer in making things I know are trash just disappear.
  22. I miss my big goofy boy every day. I love my girls and they keep us hopping, but those big goofy boys are a whole other experience.
  23. Haha! *I* use one of the last functioning Palm Pilots for my calendar, and use my land line for all calls from my home, because it doesn't get HOT and burn my head, and because it's way easier to hear and be heard on it. So there. Miss Jennie
  24. Totally validated my humble opinion........I'll take a big goofy boy any day.
  25. Poor DH. We're off to the VA hospital for a Western Blot. He has a mystery rash on his collarbone. It's getting bigger. Poor guy can't take much more drama in his life. His son had his first court date on Weds. His online alcohol rehab has been postponed until Tuesday so he figures he can drink until then.
  26. Morning ebereewun! 🌄 . Oh wait, no.... that's the one
  27. Cherry,, I'm glad Miss Kathy was there to protect you from that liddle girl. That whinery trip sounds really nice. Miz Ducky, I got nuffin' on you Hitchcock fly invasion. Maybe time to put that new shed on a trailer and move? Hey, Summer! It habs been weird here all week. Lots ob werk to get logged in. We're glad it seems fixed. A new holiday for Miss Banessa! Spirit
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