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  2. That's all from here for today my Friendlies! Kibble kisses and Buddy Bisket dreams! NITEY NITE!! AndiPants
  3. Have you been watching the response to your pic on Greytalk? It's been really fun. I love all the pics and stories! Thank you for sharing your picture!
  4. yes overnight many paws is no bueno. hospice was so wonderful and the chance to say how much I loved him and her and him...well you get the picture. Hospice folks have been amazing. I'm sorry I've been so hit or miss catching up lately. I miss you and love you guys. ❤
  5. I just posted a pic on the Greytalk FB page for you...check out my fuzzy girls! I'd love to see a picture of Tesla! I hope your other pups start to enjoy her energy and to play with her...I have that hope for my two as well because, despite being littermates, they aren't really in sync with their play styles. Keep us posted on how Tesla does; I love hearing about other ex coyote hunters enjoying their new lives!
  6. But onny abowt a yeer lader, she got that mennypaws, so she finks mebbe they shooda takin them. Yeah, butt it's probably nicer to have a more gradual menopause than literally overnight ... Miss Jennie
  7. Insanely jealous. I've flown through one airport with friendly dogs--the SPCA brought in dogs you could pet and they could get socialized (unlike the bomb dogs who also seem friendly but you're not allowed to pet). I'm a nervous flyer and it would be even better to have greyhound friends to be able to hang out with before flights.
  8. it was almost summer here today, 11 C, that’s about 50F. There is a 16 year age difference here... Patsy I’m so sorry about Bob, but happy you were able to have that chat with him, I’m sure you’ll remember that forever. Velcro....I sew that on all my doggie PJ’s so can sew Velcro if needed. The trick is to put the Velcro sides together when washing the garment. After a while it does get non-Velcro-ey though. I basically use black or white (2” wide) but colours in 1” wide are available. I’ve sewn the new right over the old on some PJ’s, no problem. MissCharl got a young Galgo in today, he was probably thrown in front to a train, can’t walk right now...so sad. Michael went to the home and garden show today, need to pick him up soon. Ms Tin
  9. Actually I'm 5 1/2 years older than Mr Patsy. My theory is get 'em young and train 'em right. It didn't work but oh well. 🤪
  10. Yesterday
  11. Hola! Wow, we miss a cupple daze, an it is hard to ketchup. But Miss Patsy, we are so sorry to heer abowt yer deer frends. Such a short thyme.....we are glad you can be a help an a komfert. Owr gest last week, Miss Annie, is a hospise nurse, an she sez it is such a good fing, fer the pashunt an fer the fambily. Oh, Andi, those are beeeeeyoutiful picshures. Good luck in yer shows, Hamish. Moore dogs shood make it innerestin. An you will still win, I fink! Mom is the differnt one heer, I gess. She is 5 yeers OLDER then Dad! An she sez it is a good fing. Cawse he cant eben keep up wiff her NOW. Si, Merc, hace MUCHO frio! Speshully yestiddy, wiff that wind---brrrrr. Today is still kold. Miss Jennie, you an my Mom sownd bery much alike. She aksed to keep her overies too. But onny abowt a yeer lader, she got that mennypaws, so she finks mebbe they shooda takin them. They are doin nuffin in there now. Oh, Dad is sayin he wants to eat----moore lader. Laila Mariposa
  12. Well considering the way this group checks up on him every Christmas, I don't think she has any choice in the matter.
  13. You will never know exactly how much I appreciate your support! I'm sitting with Bob while Dixie does laundry and sheets etc. Her sister is coming for the weekend today and daughter and sil arrive Monday noon. He goes home still in hospice Monday and I hope he makes it thru Monday to see his daughter again. We were able to talk for a while and I was able to say how much I would miss him and how much a part of me he had been for 35 years. That was a big relief to me since I'd been horribly nervous about that. This is a first for me. Yea for $25 Really good winter parkas. Score!!! Don't know who/what JBs is but good on them as the locals say around here.
  14. Pippin, cookless catastrophe has been averted at your house! What a relief. I myownself actually ate the last Greenie on a Friday night and lived in anxiety until Ma went out to Costco and came back wif more Greenies. Whew! She cut that way too close for comfort, just like MIss Kerry did. Poor planning is what it is. Spirit Spirit
  15. Miss Cindy, I am sure there will be another GUR coming up soon! Just sayin'...… Pippin, we lubs K9 Voyager coats! Those Chilly Dog coats are nice too- some ob my frends at playgroup hab them. Miss 'Lizabeth! Score!
  16. Patsy - I missed your post. I am so sorry - that does sound really tough Ivy, yooze gonna look fab in purkle! I yam red and I look fabuluss in purkle tu too! Mummy sez so, so it muss be troo. I no wut yoo meen about dat velcro. It is KNOT sticky enuff no moor. Dat's why mummy decided to try ChillyDogs cotes when she adopted me - dare's velcro bits on eech side butt da main cote closure is wiff pieeces ob plastic dat fit inside eech udder and go click. She likes dat. BUTT da k9 apparel cotes is also bery gud cotes plus also dey're longer at da end so dey will keep yer tooshie nice and warm! Pippin P.s. Mummy juss sent me a teggsto and she tode me she got me LOTSA BISKIES in town tooday! I can KNOT wait fur her to come home!!
  17. I know there are several of us here who use Purina Pro Plan Focus Large Breed. I just placed a Chewy Order and it is $34.97 for a 34 lb bag instead of $47.98 as usual. At a savings of $13 per bag, I ordered 2. Note that you will need to reach $49 for free 2 day shipping on Chewy as usual or be charged $4.99 flat rate regular shipping.
  18. Hello my Friendlies!! Gonna be partly sunny and kinda warmer today before those cloudings come in and start raining on us again. Miss Lizabeth, Momma has ishoos with coats. She couldn't care less about shoes or perses, but she loves buying winter coats. Miss FancyPants maybe you will get a new bruther sometime then. But it mite not be a greyhoundie!!! That mite be fun! The naybers behind us gots a big shepherd and Momma just loves her. Plus also, she has a really big, deep scary barking! It doesn't bother us, but Momma would like to have more of a guard dog again siince there's getting to be some criming isshoos in our nayberhood. Mister Pippin!!! Outta biskies????? That's messed up!!! Miss Ivy that's good you are getting yourown warm coat!! Mine is black with brite PEENK lining!!!! Oh Miss Velvet!!! We hope you have a good time at the kennel! And that Miss Rachael enjoys her show! Mister Hamish you are lerning about that fancy prancing really good!!! Are you gonna be in the show with Junior?? No Subways today!!! Momma says she's thinking about making sumthing called "gummo" or something like that, cause it's the end of MardingGrah. Plus also, she gotted her new levels from the Amazon yesserday evening so she's gotta work fast before the rainings come in to get the new garden beds rite. She's gonna be innerested to see how close she got just by using her eyeballs, but *I* bet it's not close at all!!! Wishings for a warm day for all my Friendlies! BYE-EEE!!! AndiPants
  19. Did I tell youse guys dat Mama has been coming home from work smelling like a small dog ebbery day since January 8th? Well she has! Her boss, da Principal of da school has been fostering a tiny wee Pug & Boston Terriorist! Da rescue gots her out of a shelter, and she was super duper UNDERweight. Like her bones were all sticking out and ebberyting. Anyways, Charlotte - da BUG - Boston/Pug - has been coming to school ebbery day wif da boss lady. Da kidlets just lub, lub, lub her! She is super good wif kids, and just lubs ebberyone. All of da staff and kids hab been trying to get da Boss Lady to keep her so she could keep coming to school each day. Alas, da Boss Lady says dat BECAUSE wee Charlotte is so good wif ebberybody is da reason dat she needs to find her berry own home. Dat she will be an easy dog to adopt. Mama is sad. She is knot a small dog person really, but she lubs wee Charlotte. Molly McNewshound.
  20. Wow! Lots ob coat shopping going on for hounds and human! Fancy Pants, I fink it's a great idea for your folks to bide their time until a dog chooses them. That is what I did to Ma. She really didn't think she wanted me. Silly old thing! I knew better. Hamish, good luck wif you training and your fun playing! Lila, I'm glad you eat and played. Velvet's in kennel whilst her Mom travels. Hab fun, bof ob you! Spirit Patsy, many years ago I worked for a hospice that helped families who wanted to keep their loved one at home. We provided nursing visits, and social work support, and volunteers. It was a hard road but the families we worked with never seemed to regret the choice. It always seemed to be a time rich opportunity to share love, reminisce, and support one another. I'm sorry you and your friends are having to travel this road and, I hope the hospice workers will be there to help the walk be graceful and comfortable. Lucy
  21. I think - maybe - GTer Krissy's Henry had this. The biggest difference is that amputation *can* be curative (or at least really extend survivability) with this kind of cancer. I think.
  22. Ivy! A noo purkle kote!!!!! Yes, all is rite in muh whirled eggsept... Paris, did yu eat Fancy's liver again? Mummy botted a kote tu. There I was in BJs minding my own business when I saw a rack of winter coasts for $16.99. On the rack were Jones New York anoraks. They, theirownselves, were $24 but still. The retail tags were on them $240!!!! But, there was no mirror! Just then, a little old lady came by and said, "excuse me". I said, "No, excuse me. There's no mirror so.... " She and her two friends were soooooooooo cute. "Zip it up. That's the only way you can tell." "Do you have enough room in the shoulders?" I've got the shoulders of a 10 year old boy but I took her point. "That's a good color on you." It was between a deep garnet red and a maroon. Not exciting but easily paired with purple, grey, pink, etc. And... I just happen to have matching yarn at home (and deep purkle purple, etc.) Just goes to show..... um.... something.
  23. For those of us in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware, Concord Pets is celebrating Leap Year with 20% of the entire store. I plan on buying two large bags of kibble.
  24. I am so sorry for this sad diagnosis. I do hate cancer. It is the thief who robs us, every day, of those we love.
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