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  2. Miss Wiki!!! You are a triksy girl!!!! That's all from here for today my Friendlies!! Kibble kisses and Buddy Bisket dreams!! NITEY NITE!! Andipants
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  4. Was it a real snap or was your girl "air snapping" which is a playful move our hounds often do?
  5. Hada, were yer eers burnin on Moansday? Mom wuz tellin Mr Tom da dog walker about da Mountain Hounds Hustle and showin yer picture. Ob corse he said yoo lukked like a corgi! But we ALL know yoo are muy guapa dan sum ol Corgi! Tom was working with Roman on getting in the crate, sitting (GOOD LUCK CHUMP), and general manners. Roman got in the crate tonite all by himself, so maybe something did penetrate that thick skull.
  6. Nesh is a great word. People around here tend to become more nesh as they get older. My girls are fairly tolerant of their coats. The (partial) exception is Ivy, who slo-o-o-o-o-ws down when she warms up, summer or winter. But it hardly seems right not to use a coat when the others need theirs...
  7. We adopted our sweet girl just over a year ago. She adjusted very well, slept in her crate with an open door in our bedroom from the beginning. She is so loving, and follows me around the house. She has never gone on the furniture, and we prefer that. She has a bed in the great room and I have always sat on the floor next to her bed for short periods of time, and she has always liked that. She puts her head or paw on my lap, always liking the contact. Rolled over for belly rubs, and enjoyed being petted every where on her body. Approximately a month ago she snapped at me, while I was next
  8. Yes.... I just finished it. So good!!! There's also a documentary on the creating of it which I'm settling in to watch. Hada Wiki. You're really starting to settle into home life, aren't you We have not had a stuffie-destroying dog since Bandit. Sunny but cold here today. Warming up with tomorrow then into a deep freeze for the weekend.
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  10. Wetanwindee heer tuday, thatta ower nyoos. Ha Pee Birfday HadaParsnip. Gud nyte Wagz to awl ower frendz, Nutmeg.
  11. Wiki is an owl hunter! You are bery tricksy! Happy Birthday Hada! It wuz a bloo sky day today here in Mary Land after the morning clouds and the snow flurries went away. It wuz cold and windy though. We went for a fambly walk this afternoon and got to do lots and lots and lots ob sniffing! Most ob the day Momma and Daddy were watching Tee Bee. Momma almost NEBER watches TeeBee! But she did snuggle and pet me, so that's OK. I am bery bery gentle wif stuffies and toys, but anything I habs Cherry tears apart. One ob the first stuffies she destroyed when sh
  12. There are so many thoughtful and reassuring posts here that I'm not sure I have much to add, but having been in your position I know how much every bit of feedback can help, so: I have been there!! Try to give yourself a break and give your pup a break. It's a big change and you both need to adjust, and don't stress about setting a strict precedent in these first few days or even weeks. Dogs are adaptable and we all know that they change so much over these first few months. You can start training in earnest in a week or so when you feel on more solid ground. As far as overnights, in my ex
  13. I am Wiki, the Black Bandit! I was helping Mistress fold sweaters on her bed when I spied her owl filled wiff beans that she puts on her hed when it hurts. She thot she hid it from me amonst the pillows on the far side of the bed, but I am SIGHThound! Oh, I wanted to chomp that owl. But I waited until she was in the baffroom. I jump on the beeg bed silent and stealthly and grab that owl. My desent from the bed was not so stealthly and make a beeg THUD. Then I go gallopin down the hall. Mistress come out and see me chompin her owl in the livin room. I let her have it back, but then I look
  14. Candy, tell your mom to check out The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix. sue the lurker
  15. Candy, tell your mom to check out The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix. sue the lurker
  16. Happee Birfday HadaNanaParsnipFairy ! 🧁🍰🎂🦩
  17. Happy BIrfday Hada Tell Ms. Ducky you want lots of Hope & Candy
  18. Thank you so much for your posts, I wanted to come back here and post in case anyone else is (like me) searching for reassuring threads in the future! It's been 1 month since we brought our new greyhound home and the 2 dogs are doing so well together. The first week was difficult b\ut it's been getting better and better as the days have passed and now they are very happy roommates (if not friends yet, lol). A few things helped us settle everyone in so I thought I'd share, of course I'm no expert and your mileage may vary. 1. We have plenty of beds and places for the dogs to be
  19. Shed update! Long story short, yesterday I was promised a call from the next level up in management by the end of today. The call in came just after posting about Hada's birthday. They will have a contractor who has been associated with Tuff Shed for much longer than the installer to come down next week. It may end up being an inspection first to see what all needs to be corrected, including structurally what I might not have known was wrong. She did not push back on the idea of lowering the shed height and added that the man she is sending is experienced in that. She sounded nice and did
  20. Hello my Friendlies! It was fogging earlier but it's sunning out now. Still cold in the thirtylebens tho. Hmmmm... let's see.... We use a feeding thingy that Momma and Daddy got in 1993 with they had Grated Danishes. One of the owners of another puppy in the litter that their puppies comed from made feeders for all the other puppy owners outta melaminings or something like that. It's pretty sturdy still. Momma hadda cut the legs way down tho for greyhoundies to eat outta. If she had to get another feeder she'd probly get one of them Weathertek ones. Miss Fancy, we us
  21. Rita has a honky pig from Walmart, less than $5 and thicker than the original honky pig I saw years ago. It does indeed honk rather than squeak. I've caught her trying to chew off the legs and ears but didn't even leave a scratch on it. I almost forgot that somebody here is a teenager today! Hada, the first of our "Espanich" podencos is now 13. She denies that it her fault that 2 other podencos from the same shelter followed her across the Atlantic.
  22. Good cold morning everyone. We eat Purina lamb & rice for sensitive stomach. It seems to work well for us & we like it. That is up to a week ago when Bitzi decided she didnt want to ear breakfast. She eats it later but doesnt always finish it. She will eat it for dinner w/o delay. When honky pigs came out mom bought us some but Penny could kill one in a second. That made mom nervous & so she gave them away. Ms Ducky any updates of the shed disaster ? Daphne & Bitzi looking forward to warmer days.
  23. I dunno. It's de same day eberee yeer. Sumtimes, Mummy misses it, tu.
  24. Separation Anxiety is probably *the* most common issue we see in newly adopted greyhounds. It can be challenging to deal with, but it's also completely normal. You are not alone. You can search through the forum for different threads on SA - there are a LOT of them - to see how others have dealt with this issue. Just keep remembering that his entire world has changed overnight, probably a couple times, in a very short period of time. He's scared, anxious, and struggling to find comfort with the only things he can, and there's bound to be some whining and crying. Spend some time j
  25. There's little to no interaction between the two of them. My poodle is 13, very timid and laid back and isn't in the best of health unfortunately. Cleo is 9, so they're both senior dogs, but Cleo has firmly established herself as the Alpha. I'd imagine if your pinscher is a younger, energetic dog they will eventually play together. I'm not holding out any hope for my two to become best friends - I was hoping they would. Oh and I forgot to mention in my original post - keep your grey muzzled for a couple of weeks until you know her/him better and can trust him/her with your pinscher. Keep
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