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  2. Miss Halise We are having Birthday Subways tamarrow!!! And that street working is all done. The worker doods came and picked up all their signings! Later Gaters!! Andipants
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  4. Hope For Hounds is back. I have stuff! KLilly & Halise Oh My Goodness. There are way too many ouchie people this week We've had 2 days of RainRainRain. I almost called Misser Mark to see if we could borrow his ark.
  5. Thank you for the rememboree, FancyToo. JJ is very much missed, though he is probably a regular at the Bacon Bar and busy playing will all his Hebbenly Frenz! and for Miss Dr. Robin and everyone else who loved him. Miss Kathy and Miss Jerilyn, I'm glad you are feeling better. It's not fun to be hurty.
  6. We think the rain has stopped & moved on at least we hope so. Miss Halise that damn C is such a ugly beast. we are sorry for your dad & your family. Daphne & Bitzi signing off
  7. Miss Halise, we are finkin ob yoo... (in odder noos, Fuzzy peed on da Galoot's head. Serves him rite! Always tryin to hog da best smells)
  8. Miss Halise, I'm so sorry about your Dad. and Cancer is indeed a horrible beast. Nate
  9. Wiki I will tell Mum abowt the bats.🦇 Daphne, Mum gonna hav hur kitteh tooked owt in two weeks tuday. She gotta do ten dayz self isolayshun starting Moneyday. They doing the ordinaree flu nocculayshun atta GP surgeries on Satonday morning so she gotta go thayre. She bin watching a Teevee program abowt sum beeg myuseeum in New York. We ar wayting fower ower suppa. Wagz to awl ower frendz, Nutmeg.
  10. If Hunter Biden can sell his art for half to a mail apiece, I think Wiki has a million dollar art piece there! 🤣🤣
  11. Su agrees with Sweep & Val. If it's chewable & says your dog will love it, it is clearly a poison to be avoided at all cost. She wishes they would make something like, "New Improved Cat Poop Flavor. Your dog will love taking their medicine in Pooptsie Roll form." My guy Luke should up with liver enzymes out of whack. Ultrasound found nothing of note. A round of antibiotics later and he was okay. We'll never know why. My boyfriend has a history of intermittent liver enzyme elevation. He did end up doing the liver biopsy. It should there had been some sort of damage from unknown cause but things were healing. Do not ask me what they found that helped form their conclusions. We did go back through records and each time things were out of range it was after he'd had an injury and took naproxen as prescribed by a doctor. My sister's dog, a Boston terrier x French Bulldog, had a situation very much like Remolacha's Conner. They eventually did a liver biopsy that was inconclusive. In the end, liver problem never amounted to more. He passed when very senior of unrelated issues. There! I've been absolutely no help at all. But I do send good wishes for Jeter.
  12. I can't access the full article, so I'm not quite sure how good this study is (and it is a relatively small sample size), but this article was in this week's internal medicine news round-up email that I receive: https://avmajournals.avma.org/doi/abs/10.2460/javma.259.7.749 Seems to indicate that starting chemo within 5 days after amputation significantly improves survival time. Something to consider and discuss with your oncologist.
  13. Well done Grace on the speedy recovery and well done you on the insurance pay out!
  14. Thanks for the birthday wishes. I’m down in Florida with Dad. He’s not doing too well. Pretty much given up. Keeps saying I waited to see everyone. Now it’s time. He’s almost 90. Cancer sucks. Miss Very Sad Halise
  15. Wow, that one really brought tears to my eyes! Lovely tribute.
  16. Hello my Friendlies!! Mostly clouding this morning but it's sposed to be mostly sunning late on. Have a nice trip Miss Ducky!! Glad you're feeling more betterer Miss Kathy. Miss Ivy I know you and Miss Cherry are way to nice to take advantage of your Momma's disabled state, but *I* would be taking advantage of my Momma's disabled state!!! Mister Nate, is there anything more betterer than laying in a nice sunshining patch???? Mister Gino you are gonna be a couch houndie yet!! Mister Merc, we sawed on our news last nite about a bad accident where a car rammed into a bus, and the bus nokked over power poles, and peeples was hurted and everything - and the city was, like, a hour north of the NYC!!!! We were wunnering if that was anywhere's near where you live??? Miss Nutmeg, my Momma does that lots - spends HOURS chopping up stuff that's she's alreddy prooned so it can go in the big bin to get tooken away!!! BORING!!!! She's started cleaning out the garden beds now too, so there's even more boring activity going on!! Play with ME Momma!!!! Miss Wiki, we glad your Momma gotted rid of her mindgrain!! And the news about those batties!! Our batties here have been hot pretty hard too. Well, we do not know if we are gonna get our Birthday Subway today or not. Daddy just gotted back from his morning walking and he said there's nobody working on the street today. But we don't know if they are done, or just gonna start later. So I gess we are gonna wait and see. I hope we get it today!!! Wishings for a Theatrical Thirdsday for all my Friendlies!! BYE-EEE!!! Andipants
  17. Good morning well morning, it is raining & is suppose to rain until tomorrow All going to GIG stay dry& enjoy the day. Lilly you are 10 ? Mom says how can that be she remembers when you 1st came to live with MIss Chris . anyway & we hope you do get Subway sandwiches. Please, give Miss Chris hugs from us in memory of Whiskey Biscuit Sambo boy. Miss Kathy glad your eyeball is getting better. Speaking of eyeballs Miss RE Carol when you get your eyeball fixer upper operation. Daphne & Bitzi signing off & going back to sleep
  18. Hi! Hi! Hi! Mistress woked up wiff mindgrane and went back to bed. She took sum medisin and took me Wiki walkies in the cool and feels a bit bedder now. Happy birthday Lilly! Wow 10! Happy birthday Miss Halise! Are you still by your dad? I’m disappointed that Cherry & Ivy have not taken vantage of Miss Kathy’s disability to reck sum havok. Hmmm, lotsa hooman dental stuff. Miss Patsy prolly wins tho. Did they put that hexray thin on your toetoe to verify it was broke? Nutmeg, we did not see that, but indeed sum beeg golf thin is here in Wiskconsin. It’s in the town famiss for makin toilets, and fancee showers. Oh, there was a thin on our noos lass nite that bats in Wiskconsin are doing mutch better now. They had a reel bad time wiff that white nose disease but now there are lots of them! Wiki
  19. Nutmeg...dat iz too bad abowt dem pansy plants. Mama lubz panseez.
  20. Anty Patsy wy did yu brake a baby’s toe? Did the baby cry? Ha Pee Birfday KLily and Miss. Halise. Ivy, we howpe yu get to go tu GG wiv Miss. Kathy feeling betta. Wiki, did yu see the Yuropeen gowf teem waring cheesy hats yesserday? The pikshur waz in Mum’s daylee payper tuday. Mum bin owt inna gaardin chopping upp the bits ov booshis that she prooned lasst week so it awl go inna gaardin reesykling bin to be kollektid next week. She waz KNOT pleezed to fynd the nyoo littul pansy plants she put owt inna frunt gaardin had been eetid by the deerz. Fancy Too. Wagz to awl ower frendz, Nutmeg.
  21. I wondered where you had gotten to. Glad you're back.
  22. Gud morning ebberbuddy. Juss checking in to say, in rememboree ub mah Uncle JJ, ah lubz all mah frenz!
  23. Yea for birfdays and yea for Miss Kathy feeling at least a titch better. You can buy an eyepatch at any drugstore btw. Yea for Miss Nellie's is coming back!!! Just yesterday I was looking at the ZipLok of jewelry culled for Miss Nellie's which has been sitting looking folorn and lonesome on my attic steps ever since The Plague hit. Hummmmm. I wonder what else I have sitting around which would thrive in a new home??? Hummmmmmmm Betcha you didn't think I would be clever enuf to break a baby toe at my dentists' office yesterday. Admit it--it never occurred to you amirite? 🤪
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