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  2. Mam we are so sorry about your Momma!!! Hey Miss Daphne!! Our daphnees are blooming!!!! Momma says it smells soooooooooooooooo good!!! Momma got the takses done and filed so maybe she can focus on other stuff now!!! That's all from here for today my Friendlies!! Kibble kisses and Buddy Bisket dreams!! NITEY NITE!! Andipants
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  4. We are caught up . Miss Jen thanks for the treats & drinks. Just perfect on this windy, cold day. Ah Cap'n Jack isnt responding to chemo & now he will just take meds. Mom is very sad she loves him & says it so unfair to cross at the end of winter. She says you should go before ugly winter weather or get to enjoy a lush spring. Brighter news is Miss Sherrie had her operation & is OK Miss Elizabeth we are sorry Mr Richard lost power but glad it is back. Mom says she is so glad you got to stay in Florida (for a change) this year. Miss Carol Ann are you OK ? W
  5. I would not be giving Kibo head-kisses for a while. 😷
  6. There are people out there selling fake seresto collars. You have to be careful to get the real Seresto collars. I have used them for a few years now, they work great, and have had no problems.
  7. Oh, I don't know that he is--his nose is sheltered from the storm.
  8. Cap'n Jack I am glad Sherrie came sailing through her ordeal just fine! My boobs got squished and the tech was gentle and kind. Truly, I've never had a bad squishing yet! However... In other very sad news... my Mom has had a bad stroke She is in 'serious but stable' condition, but does have a DNR if she crashes. She lives 2+ hours away and in a hot Covid zone. My two brothers live quite close and one of them is her 'spokesperson' (and executor). No visitors are allowed ... not even my bro... so I am staying home for now. Perhaps these will make everyone
  9. Captin Jack Mister Pippin Momma says i am like that too!! Always happy about life and what we're doing and adbenchures and everything!!! Plus also, I gots a helichopper tail!!!! Miss Ivy, it takes a few days to grow those pee bugs big enuff to see em!! Anty Jennie that will be awesome on your desk. Momma and Lilly says. I have not seen it of course. I was hoping to get up there for a racing meet in a few munfs, but now that's all not gonna happen Momma is obsessed with doing something called takes so I hafta give up my tablet. Later Gaters!! A
  10. yes.. I did see this. I've used these for a few years with no issues. I will use them again this year. Before that I used the 'Preventic' collars, also with no issues.
  11. Well we're broke of the heart to hear about our darling Cap'n Jack, we hope he has all good days wif sunshine and snax until he decides he's ready.
  12. Miss Sherrie! Pippin, I like that leetle house! It wuld be nice to libs in the middle ob the woods! Oooh, those treeets are nom nom nom! Momma and Daddy liked the wine! Ummm Laila, is THAT your CrispMix tree? My tortunarian sed that my results will knot be back for 5-7 days. Sigh. Miss Banessa, I am sorry you are dealing wif this. Plusalso for all the other hoomans who had a bad time wif their parents. It wuz windy and chilly today but sunny and bloo skies! We went on our morning walk wif Momma and saw the two beegles, Moet and Chloe.
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  14. Hello me freends! I yam bakk and alibe! Dat's right! I yam sorry I know I have KNOT been on much. I wantid to let yoo know sumfing. Today we received a Chrispmix card! Dat one obs yoo postid on da 28th obs Nobember It will stay up on da fridge fur two monff like awl da odder cards did, do knot worry! I also wantid to let yoo know dat Cap'n Jack's chemo is knot werking anymore eben ifn dey upped da dose. So now he gets a bunch obs meds until he does knot feel gud on dose meds. Dat's awl fur today me freends! Yoor freend, Charlie
  15. Saw this earlier today. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/investigations/2021/03/02/seresto-dog-cat-collars-found-harm-pets-humans-epa-records-show/4574753001/
  16. Pippin, you wrote a Piper Nobel! Miss Sherrie, Miss Jerilyn, Miss Chris, lookie what I made! https://tinyurl.com/2k2d9ar6 I'm going to grow Shiso leaves and chives in it on my deck this summer Miss Jennie
  17. G got himself stuck AGAIN this afternoon. You'd think he'd learn not to go in the kitchen... We are glad Sherrie is on the road to recovery. Hopefully it will be a smooth one, she has had more than her fair share of medical drama! Jenbo, I promote therapy with the right therapist myownself.
  18. Awww.... I do dat afore dinner or affer dinner mose nites. I did it just now! Richard lost power last night in New York. 10 degrees out. One of the power lines snapped at the pole leaving only 120 volt coming in. That means no furnace and no well pump. Between the generator and the kerosene heater, he made it through today until Central Hudson fixed it. Of course, this means he's justified in having someone actually in the house all winter. Fortunately, next winter will be my last at Marist. I could be talked into retiring this summer but it's not practical and the
  19. Thankx for the snax, Summer. I bet they were all made in your geenormus gormay kitchen. Good job, Jerilyn! Pippin, what kind of houndie is your walkin' friend?
  20. Kerry that reminds me, I had a dream about Saint the other the night and marveled at how enthusiastic and joyful he always was about every. little. thing
  21. Hip Hip - Hooray! Gud recubbering Miss Sherrie! Take it eezy! Glad yur meeting went well Ms Jerilyn. BUTT yoo muss be pooped! Wiki, beleeb me it is KNOT nice out dare. KNOT nice at all. I didna hab no walkies tooday needer. Well, we juss walked to da end ob da street and I did two peepees (yes thank you Pipkin, I don't think they needed details), and den mummy said Are you ready for dinner now? and I hopped and twirled and grinned, and mummy wuz trying to stop me frum herting meown leg again I love this little dude. He is just so joyful about the little things. Wut wuz dat
  22. Fer Miss Sherrie! That is bery good noos. An YAY fer Miss Jerilyns presintashun too! Those snaks were ahhsum!
  23. Yay for Sherrie! My presentation went well too, but I could use some of those drinks and snacks. Wiki is mad at me because we're skipping walkies today do to my meeting schedule and because it's super windy out there.
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