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  2. That's all from here for today my Friendlies! Kibble kisses and Buddy Bisket dreams! NITEY NITE!! AndiPants
  3. Greetings from Brooksville, FL. It was sunny and mid 70s today. I showed one of Laze's dogs today, and because we were the only "class bitch" naturally we won! Then I had to go back in for the best of breed class, and we came in second so Diana got another point toward her championship. It's MUCH more fun getting a ribbon than not! Looking forward to meeting Carol Ann and Dan tomorrow. FYI, we are in camper space 313 down a little "road" called Terrier (that's just a row of RVs). We went out for dinner with a bunch of people tonight and good lord those folks all made noise! It was fun. I got a sunburn today. I almost feel guilty about that reading about all the cold elsewhere! Tomorrow I won't have to show a dog so that will be more fun. Hmmmmm, not much else! I am pooped. I am sharing the tiny bed with Hamish--who FINALLY ate after a two day hunger strike of sorts. He would eat, just not his meals. But tonight we gave all the dogs tripe with their kibble, and Hamish could not resist. I just noticed all the other lights in the camper are off, so I should shut off the lights so the ladies can properly sleep. See you tomorrow Carol Ann!!
  4. I'm reminded of circa 2000 when I was drilling a new vet on greys and anesthesia. He very politely said "Ma'am if there is a vet that doesn't know about greyhounds and anesthesia protocol they've been living under a rock for the last twenty years".
  5. Boston is freakin freezing! On the positive side, my brother and I killed a bottle of mango saki. Now, I’m getting into bed to watch videos... with noMerc to keep me warm!
  6. I've been there! Momma and I went up Molly's Knob when we were a bit younger. I don't think I could drag my two up nowadays. My Momma's mom did wear combat boots, she was a British Army nurse during the war. LOL
  7. Rachel RECarol I love bats! Most places in OhCanada would not be at all suitable for a cob house - too cold and wet - but that gal certainly found the perfect spot. Abby Sherrie Sorry Doug is having issues. Pap has to go back to PT on his leg/knee. Still not 100% amost a year after his huge muscle tear and resulting hematoma. Along with the 2 BC pups, a 5 month old GSD joined Kibos class tonight. One BC started staring & barking at us before we even got in the room, which set Kibo off, then they all joined in, but they all settled quickly and did very well. It is still cold - minus 22 - when I looked out at the thermometer a few minutes ago. And we're are going to get and more starting tomorrow.
  8. Hola! We hab bin reedin but knot postin cawse nuffin is noo inna Berg. Well, till Dad hadda go to the ER yestiddy. I will let Mom tell that. Miss Rachel, we are glad you got yer beeeeyoutiful kristal. Oh, Miss Kathy, yer poor car. An poor door! Ja, ja, Abby! Grate fambily picshure, Galina! Laila Mariposa So Doug has had this swelling in his right elbow for some time. It's really big, but hasn't given him too many problems. But yesterday, it was swollen huge, and all down his arm. And it really hurt. He went to his PCP, and she sent him to the ER. Lots of tests and bloodwork later, they are not sure what causes it either. But he's on several different antibiotics. The poor guy. This morning, his left ankle was also swollen. We're a good pair. I'm having a muscle spasm in my back again.
  9. Yesterday
  10. MEC, I think that young couple would like that little house very much. Good idea!! Miss Tin has a couch full o'houndies!!! What fun!!
  11. tippy toe into da club.... Hello, tis me Abby. Ma is in da potty room so she not gonna ketch me. Maybe Me misses all me friends. Me hopes you not forgetting me and Tiny. We been so buzy with all dem stuffs humans get in trouble Sheesharone, dey needs to libs like houndies. Me taught Ma a lesson yesterday. Herbs lefted us so eye showed herbs. I went into da big safe room and snuffled around. Me found da basket ob lufly smelly cloves. Eye decided to take all da liddle white drawers out to play with. Eye did not play with da sox, shirts, pants or towels. But dem drawers was da bomb. Me neber tried dis before. Eye lefted a nice trail from da safe room to da garage door. Eye made sure dat der was ebenly spaced apart like a good decorator. And so Ma would feel extra suprized, eye took one pair and chewed it up like dem designer cloves. You know da ones with all da holes in dem? But before eye could make dem all match, Ma come home and da suprise was blown. Then today, herbs stole my very own sissy, Miss Tiny, and lefted me all by my onsie. Eye showed herbs. When dey comed home, eye did not meet herbs at da garage door eben though eye herd dat motor crankin. Eye did not eben come out eben when herbs started callin me. Just as she done checked majority ob da house, eye sneeked out and told herbs she don't do good with hide and seek. She was not amuzed. Dat was when eye found out eye was spared da debiling ob da dremel. She took Tiny toget herbs toesies buzzied. Oh, while she was gone me found da papers she picked up yesterday. Der is some mighty big words on der dat eye don't understand. Like femoral tear, a right paracentral to proximal foraminal annular tear, disc dessicatyion, protrusion and lots ob other stuffs. Dis better not mean dat my trip to Mountain Hounds and Abilene for Greyhound America is gonna get ruint. Ma did not say much, just kept reading and reading and reading. She gonna start moneyday looking for a date. Herbs is gonna be berry picky wanting a neuro surgeon. Eye copied dees big words ofn da papers. Back to da vacations. Last week she finalized da hotel reservations and da registration. Me gonna put me paws down about keeping all da fun on da agenda. Eye read up some betwixt Ma vacating da puter. All dat cold white stuffs, rainyrains, trabelers and da cold season sickies, you habs my sympathies. You must be made ob such sturdy stuffs to put up with dat northern climate. Sending hugs and snuffles to you all. Oh oh, here she comes again. gotta go! Abby sneeking in today
  12. Do lock the gate. I didn't lock mine and, sure enough, my dog got out. When I got home, she was sleeping soundly on her bed and I probably wouldn't have known of her adventure except my housebound neighbor told me it was very entertaining to watch all the men on the crew trying to catch the escapee. When confronted, the contractor confessed to the mistake and said he now realized why I made such a big deal over them not using that gate.
  13. hola! It’s still cold and we’re freezing, BUTT just wait till Sunniday! It’s gonna get warmer! To eberyone KNOT feeling well, get beddah! Guest, Mistress, Gino, and anyone I mist! Mistress that’s a long time to work at one place. Congratulashuns! Mama habs workt at da Uni for thirdysebben years, butt under threelebben profs. Her current one is twennytoo yeerz. And she habs nebber got nuffing! Well done shubbling fings around Auntie Patsy! Drive safe Miss ‘Lizabeff! Dippy Pippin ifn we awl could find that $ tree we could awl move there! Nutmeg hehehe. So Mama’s got a werm in herbs eer….she can’t stop listening (don’t eberyone look, cuz KNOT eberyone will like it, we know. Miss LOOsy will we fink Lookie HERE, Mama's fabrit young frend!) Oh, all sebben ob us who came from Miss Charl's got on da couch last nite. Mama took a quick wiff herbs eye-pad. Enzo, Nei, Salvo, Hero, Picasso, ME! and Oasis. Hola! Galina
  14. Your mother wears Orthopedic Therapaws? Something similar?
  15. Humph, I fink there izza young kuppul wivva littul baybee who jusst moving to OCananada who gonna need a littul howse away frum everee wun, maybe thay kood bild a littul cob howse lyke that wun? Nutmeg.
  16. What a smart idea, Miss Patsy. Daring Do to outrun a fearsome storm! Miss Robin, what werk did your Granddaddy do for that amazing 45 years? Safe trabels, Miss Elizabeth. Merc will be eagerly awaiting your return home, safe and sound. You sure did a wonderful job of looking after Merc by leaving a careful and detailed cookie, meal, and petting list for the Mister. Hab a good visit. Miss Banessa, maybe try some PoopDrops for Ginos's arthriticals? It really helps me. Ma says it is actually called Dasequin (get the one wif MSM). The chews are shapped like brown obersized gumdrops. Velvet and Miss Rachael. Miss Kerry, there is somefing qwite magical about that charming house. Good job helping that liddle bat, Miss RE Carol. Ma is indeed interested in reading that Terry Pratchett's books. He had the kind ob humor, wit, and outlook that speaks to her. Good luck wif thwarting those pesky squirrels, Miss Chris. They will clean out a feeder in no time at all! Ma's day started out normal butt then her boss announced that he's retiring at the end ob June. He is a terrific person and a great manager who'll be hard to replace. They are putting someone else Ma knows well, from a completely different dept, in that role now. The new boss will be just as kind and even keeled but she is gonna miss the old boss a lot. He, on the other hand, habs earned retirement and time wif his wife and grandchill'uns. Ma just gots a sort ob unmoored feeling at the moment 'cuz fings will change and she is a dyed in the wool rut dweller. I'll hab to be extra nice to her to help her frew this. Spirit
  17. Worry not, little one. Merc has a Daddyman and a schedule of every "out" treat, meal and biscuit of his day.
  18. Hello my Friendlies! So the very last little but of snowings was sposed to be this morning and - like usual - we did not get ANY!! Miss Patsy, you are getting our storm that just lefted here!! Essept you will all get something!!! Mister Merc we hope your Daddy will take good care of you!! Hi Miss Ivy!!! How's that Miss Cherry doing? How about Miss Beka? Miss Vanessa, Momma says it mite be time for Mister Gino to have some medicaments, eether sometimes or all the times. Momma started giving Lilly some meloxicam cause she was kinda slow and ouchie getting up and down and doing the stairs, and it has helped a lot for her! Talk with your vet about itnext time. Oooo!!! Mister Dustin!!! Are you guys gonna be all alone by yourownselfs??? That's a long time to not see your Momma and Daddy!! I think I would NOT like that at all!! Oh Miss Rachel and Velvet!!! That got to your house really SUPER fast!! Momma just mailed it a week ago!!! We love you! Miss Nutmeg, Momma wached that Good Homen show and she really liked it!! She readed lotsa Terry Pratchett years ago, but hasn't for a while. Mister Pippin, Momma always thinks of your Momma when she sees ads for houses in the woods or jobs really far away from everything!!! There was one on the FB yesserday for two peeples to work at a cawfee shop and a little B&B on a eye-land off the coast of Ireland. They gots no lectricity or innerwebs tho, so maybe it would not be good for Miss Kerry!!! Nothing going on here today. Oh! Momma ordered a new skwerril-proof bird feeder that's coming today. Daddy broked that last ones we had so we been using old feeders that those skwerrils can eat outta, and they were going crazy and getting so fat!!! But Momma misses seeing the pretty and fun little winter birdies, so she got one those skwerrils can get to. Wishings for a comfortable day for all my Friendlies! BYE-EEEE!!!! AndiPants
  19. This. If at all possible, get a padlock installed on the gate and make them come to you if they need it opened. Otherwise, telling them will go in one ear and out the other. NeylasMom nailed the advice. Drowning out the sound will help a great deal, but make sure they let you know when there will be loud banging or power tools used that have more of a boom sound. That will be a good time to take your pup for another walk.
  20. Gud affernuun frendz. Fower those ov yu inna frozin Norf I gotta tell yu that ower Sprink bulbs ar kumming froo and we gotta littul purkle/burgundy kuller mini Iris in flower awlreddee! Mum say it will problee freeze and kill ‘em awl off next munf! Lotsa Krokus are froo, sum neerlee in bloom eevin be4 the Snowdrops are doing enneefing. Yesserday affernuun Mum got kalled abowt a Bat that need help. A telefone engineer brottid it to ower howse and Mum tooked it to Miss. Sally. Missr. Sally just fone to tell Mum that the littul Bat iz eeting hiz mealwurmz awl by hissownself, witch iz veree Gud. Mum start to watch Good Omens onna ketchup TeeVee on hur kompoota lasst nyte. It start owt so dark she koodent see Nuffing but improved layta. She sed I gotta aks Miss. Loosy iffn she gonna read Terry Pratchett now she watched Good Omens and Going Postal? We gots awl the books. Trayning Klas# tunyte butt wivvowt ower Dexta ‘cos he gotta go owt wiv hiz fambilee. KNOT a bad day tuday, wiv sum sunneeshyne but kkowld wind. We gotta waak inna forrist. Wagz to awl ower frendz, Nottee Nutmeg.
  21. I would emphasize the gate issue with your contractor, but DO NOT rely on that person to spread the word. Padlock the gate shut if your dog can get out there unsupervised.
  22. Yes, although I’m kind of glad this wasn’t posted this morning, before I took mine in for a multiple tooth extraction ☹️. I’m hoping he’s not going to need anything else that requires him to have anaesthetics but it has given me things to look out for on this occasion and I can ask more questions next time without feeling neurotic. Thanks!
  23. This is a great article! Thanks for posting!
  24. You won't have to do something as drastic but in 2013 when I had almost every area of my house remodeled, I rented a nearby place through VRBO for 3 months. I'm having my en suite bathroom redone starting Feb 10 and plan to close off both doors to my enclosed porch (door from the kitchen and door from my bedroom) for Sheba and I to hang out for the duration, 1-2 weeks max I hope. There's a dog door to the fenced side yard and I'll tell the contractor and workers to not enter the enclosed porch or open the gate to the side yard under any circumstances. Good luck with your remodel and acclimating Charming to the new routine.
  25. Ooof! Wut a week! Mummy sez she habs been "slammed" at her werkjob, I do KNOT understand why she wood put up wiff dat! Iffen sumwon wuz slamming me against fings I wood leeb! Classes start up again neggst week after Misser Mahtin Loofah Kink day, so dare is lots and lots to do to make shore da classroom tekanology is werking at its bestest. Plus also da egos hab alreddy ensured dat da furst meeting ob da yeer wuz fillt wiff drama and peepuls gedding huffy Mummy says if only she cud find dat dastardlee monies tree she been looking for all deese yeers, she cud juss moob to da rainforrist ob Bee Cee in O Canada like dis hooman did, and hab her bery own leedul cob house! Isn't it KEWT??? It's juss beeg enuff fur me and her! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LlzpfkjjqOw It's Fried Day! And when Mummy asked Siri wut da temprachur wuz dis morning, Siri sed "Brrr! It's ten petigreeze rite meow". She didn't say right meow. Well mummy it sounded like she did, gib me a brake. Ennyhoo we went out and da reel feel wuz like minus 7 fahting height, and it wuz so dat I hadda lift me paw seberal times because it frozed! Mummy rubbed it warm fur me again I guess she habs her uses I will a bit later! Pippin Pee ess Dippy Ms Chris Ms Rachel
  26. Interesting ... https://www.purinaproclub.com/resources/dog-articles/health/saving-sighthounds-from-anesthetic-drug-death?fbclid=IwAR0IkPY3avPhGS2DTl2BAG8_lTFXuEOQ7ilMnAeRBTWuo20kLIghiW-e2ck
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