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  2. Hi Abby! Look at those kewt kittehs at Fancy's house! Make sure that Zeke knows they are frends knot fuds. Merc's Momma is home! Miss Lucy is retired! We had another quiet day today. It wuz a beautimous day wif low hoomidity and bloo skies. Momma walked us this morning around the pond and we did a fambly walk this afternoon. We laid out on the deck wif Momma in the morning while she drank her tea and then this afternoon while Momma and Daddy ate their dinner on the deck. That wuz a nice way to spend the day! Ivy, who LUBS habing a retired Momma and Daddy!
  3. MISS CHRIS!!!! Ooh! Thick library books are the best. I KNOW! Miss Lucy is RETIRED Cute little kittiekins there, FancyPants Miss Jennie
  4. Do you think retired racers remember their lives before LOVE and snuggles and having servants?
  5. Running frew... happy birfday Miss Chris. Summer, hope your tummy feels better soonest. Abby dashing out
  6. Mummy’s home! I desided knot tu forgib hurfura while. I finully gabe in tu hur paffeticalness and got up in de brown chair wiff hur. Butt she made me miss Miss Chris birfday. Happee Birfday Miss Chris!🧁
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  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS CHRIS Happy 1st day of "retirement" Miss Lucy Spirit we will be thinking of you next week. Dont get too upset , maybe they will give you extra treats to compensate being put out of your house. Today was a big day for mom, she got her hair cut & is a happy camper. The salon is a pretty big space but only the owner & her mother-in-law were there. Ever body including mom wore masks. Mom had her temperature taken & had to sign a paper. The paper ask if she had symptons , if she had been tested for 19 , if anyone in her house had 19 , been on a airplane, knew you can have no symptons but still have it, & she forgets the rest . She came in, they washed her hair, cut her hair & as she was paying the next person came in but was at the other end. Instead of the usual cloth cover they put a paper one around her when Molly cut her hair. Mom doesnt get her hair dried just cut . She paid & left. Mam how did you appointment go ? Molly has a son who would be in 2nd grade but she isnt going to send him back to school this year instead he will home school. She is worried that there are too many things the school cant control & can go wrong. Charlie so are you going to have a cat family member ? If so wouldnt it be better to just let him be an inside cat ? Time for walkies, Daphne & Bitzi
  9. Can you put the bathouse just outside the fenced yard? Bats will still fly through your backyard.
  10. Fecal float test is not enough to test for hooks. You need to go for the antigen test. My girls float was negative, the antigen was positive. Which I suspected because her poo is still like pudding.
  11. Shipping from providers in the UK and Australia are experiencing similar delays. Although the companies we've used are responsive, the shipping and postal systems in overseas countries are experiencing delays of 12-16 weeks with packages being delayed in the mail system or parcel services. There is literally nothing the shipper can do about it once the item leaves their hands. Sounds like you may be dealing with multiple issues, but be aware that international shipping is all hosed up. We've been waiting for one international package for over 4 months. The package is still trackable, but sitting in a trailer somewhere. We ended up ordering our hookworm meds from a US provider this time and it still took 2 weeks for a small First Class package to go from Texas to AZ.
  12. Not sure if its still open but I stayed at the Paw House Inn in Rutland Vermont. They had a fairly large fenced in area with agility coarse. I had 2 greyhounds at the time and they loved running in there. Some nearby hiking, restaurants. Not sure about lakes though. Take a look. It was an awesome place.
  13. Hi, just a warning to members about Pet Shed, who I have used and recommended for years, including here on the hookworm threads. They used to be Australia based and shipped to US from the UK. Now they appear to ship from Singapore or Hong Kong (if they in fact do even ship at all). The web has been full of complaints about them for months from customers who have paid for meds and not received them and have been been given the runaround about refunds if they can get a hold of anyone there at all. My experience is over 6 weeks and still processing for shipping according to the tracking email I got back when I ordered. I tried calling what used to be good customer service and just got a dead end recording. No person answers the chat box, and the email and support ticket route just connects you to a page with a broken link to no ticket and no information. Recent customer reviews have said that there are no responses. Older reviews say that PS was telling people to wait up to 90 days, but people were still not getting product or refunds. Hopefully the 90 day thing is not just a stall to put people past their credit card dispute window, or to a point where they just fold up and take your money. Or maybe I am off base and their entire staff quit months ago and they are doing the best they can. I suspect now that they are not the same company and someone else is controlling their web domain since there is no customer contact anymore. This is clearly not the same company that I have dealt with for years. Hopefully I am wrong, but in the absence of a response from them, I have filed with my credit card company. Be warned.
  14. Charlie, that kitteh's name is Emmi. Hiya Velvet & Galina! Sorry bout the gurgle tum Summer. Andipants, mayhaps you'll get sum naan! Mistress is missing Indian foods sints the lockdown. She only gets buffet from them cause she wants to eat ALL the things. So Mistress has plans to got out for the first time in like forever, to a rooftop beer garden, and it's gonna thunner storm rite when she's supposta go. Lila, not going further than the corner and that's OK
  15. Mom sez HAPPY birthday to you, Miss Chris! Nothing too exciting here, I have several walks - 5 usually. I am good with big dogs now and starting to get better wit littler dogs. Mom sez I have a gurgly tummy today and I havent eaten my breakfast yet. So I will nap in the sun for a little while while mom works. Habs a great day ebereewun
  16. Thanks all. It's good to know time and patience should work. The kennels seemed very surprised when I emailed them about it which was obviously a bit worrying for me as a first-time dog owner. It's been as much a learning curve for me as it is for her! I didn't take her out Sunday or Monday...so she's been bounding around the house and garden full of beans. But she did go this morning after bribing with a cut-up hot dog, and in the evening she did get there in the end after a lot of stopping and starting and changing the route. Treats do work to an extent - but she gets wise to them pretty quick! The thing is, she's absolutely fine the second she gets to the park, it's just the way there - and they're not super busy streets either. I could understand if she was fresh off the track but having lived in a house before I thought she might know the routine a little. RE my office...unfortunately I live in London and I'll be taking her on the bus for 20 minutes I don't have a car or access to one. Would make my life easier if I did! I'm hoping that in a few months she'll have settled and be more amenable to leaving the house/the idea of going on public transport - I did explain this to the rescue when I adopted her and they said it should be fine!
  17. Miss Chris! Miss Chris! Happy birthday! Ooooo lots of kitties! Dippy would have made them squeak in a bad way. I would probably just want to say hi!!! Not too much happening here really. The days blur a bit when you're locked down. The weather hasn't been summery so most of my time is spent looking after the sofa. Love to you all Velvet
  18. Hola!! Happy Burfday today Miss Chris!! Cuz you like flowers! Charlie and Zorro....Molly...she looks like a Molly and it sounds like Monte. KNOT berry original but she just looks like a Molly. Da ‘rents are cleaning da BEEG aquarium filter pump so I had two minutes to tic. Gotta go now. Galina
  19. HAPPY BIRFDAY, MISS CHRIS!! Fancy and Charlie bof hab kitten guests in their houses. This are cuties, Guest. This is Ma's first day as a consultant...with a week and a half full ob emails to deal wif. Fancy, this weekend Ma and Auntie Ann put tarps down in the garage and ferry out all the boxes they hab been filling the last few weeks, plus all the portable furniture and eberyfing they can get out there. The floor guys are coming Monday morning, 7/20. They think they can finish in 2 days. We'll get loaded up in the car sometime Monday morning and taken to the boarding place wif owr beds and owr foods and toys and GREENIES. Ma keeps telling us what's gonna happen, like that's gonna make it easier. Spirit
  20. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Miss Chris! More hot hot and hot! The Hoomids are running rampant! Nuttymeg, I hope the mama bats find those pretty little babies and takes them home. Oh, frozen yogurt, yes! Miss Vanessa! (Running out to pick up some key lime and coconut creme and heading for Miss Chris' place) Yay! for Charlie and Zorro getting used to Nameless the Kitteh! Oooh, look at the cute kittehs! Fancy, you are right to keep Paris and Zeke separate from them. That would be bad 'cause although they would squeak, they do not have squeakers. Have a good day, Everybody and Everyhoundie! Stay safe and cool.
  21. It's TootsDay everwon! AND, it was a gorgeous morning here, so Guest took Zeke and I on a long morning walk! However, Zeke is deciding that he is not a morning kind of guy, so he needed lots of *persuasion* to walk. He eventually got with the program though. I wore my old boots. Guest is going to work them over later this week - been really busy with work and other things. Here are a couple of the other things. They are with us until July 31 so they can get used to being in a house and not outside. 12 weeks old! They are upstairs, so we haven't been able to say hello or anything! Guest isn't too sure if Paris or Zeke would try to make them squeak. Happy Birthday, Miss Chris! We hope you have a wonderful day and your birthday week extends for another week! That's all for now, the work phone is driving Guest batty! TTFN Miss Fancypants
  22. Hello my Friendlies! Gonna be sunny and HOT today!!! It's Momma's birfday so now summer can start. She says THANKS for all the birthday wishes. We are gonna have a nice, normal, quiet day here at home cause we can't go anywheres. Daddy's been giving her birfday cardings every day for a week now so she feels properly appreciated!! We are NOT having Subways today. Momma wants food from the Indian restrant instead. I think we will have them sammiches later on this week tho. Wishings for a terrifik Toozaday for all my Friendlies! BYE-EEE!!! AndiPants
  23. Happy birfday Miss Chris!!!! I yam happy to report dat I yam one hondred per cent (ok ok maybe ninefy five percent) cat sat! I play bowed to da Kitty but she just walked away. Zorro del galgo iz bettah when he sees her. Yoo habs to know dat momma-bear scolded him bery loudly too when he lunged at da kitty yesstirday. She comes in fur a foo hours per day and we can see each odder, den she goes outside fur da night and come on da window ledge to say good night. Noffing else to report! Charlie wiff a noo freend! PEE ESS : We wantid to call her Monty when we thought she wuz a boy, but now dat we know she iz a gurl, wot shuld we call her?
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