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  2. Hahahahaha!! Mister Charlie!! Momma says the *only* good thing about having all girl houndies is she doesn't hafta worry about her flowers getting peed on!!! We wanna see pichers of your garden, too!! Miss Bikini! How do you NOT do roachings???? Momma says I spend most of my life inside down!! Glad you are feeling some better Miss Nancy! No pork choppings today, but we did get some jerky!! We mite have hot doggings tamarrow!! That's all from here for today my Friendlies!! Kibble kisses and Buddy Bisket dreams!! NITEY NITE!! AndiPants
  3. HAMISH!!! Everyone's are so wonderful I routinely wake up at around 3 and can't get back to sleep for at least an hour. That's why I take naps in the afternoon sometimes Miss Jennie
  4. wow. No wonder it was so hard to pry that little bar off the battery and why I couldn't solder the new one back on to that arm augh.
  5. Hola! I fink it is finely summer. It wuz hot today. We went fer a ride wiff the AC on this affernoon. Mom had a bisit fer cat feedin an dog lettin owt fer long thyme klients, an we all went. Wuz grate to relacks inna AC. Mom sez she haz "terned a korner." Dint see that happin, but she seems to be doin pritty good. Dads bak is still bad. Miss Elizabeth, you shood go to Grapehounds! Miss Jen, Mom is allays awake at 2 AM. Sumthymes 4. Knot fun. Happyest ob Happy Birfday, Hamish! One yeer awreddy. Seems like yestiddy when you were just a baby. Grate picshures, like always, Miss Chris! Hola, Bikini! Roachin is fun! It shure wuz hot ware you lib. Laila Mariposa
  6. Oh Ms Andipants, you & your sisters look so gud! Mama & I are doing OK. I just stay here at home - same as always. Mama goes into the dotters 3 days a week to babysit the grands. That’s about it. The grandkidlets are doing really well. School’s over now. They haven’t seen any classmates since this kwaranteen started. UNTIL TODAY! Julia went to a friends house today for an overnite! And maybe tomorrow nite too! They have a pool - enuff said. (Well, the kids have a pool, too, but they’re still working to get it open.). It got up to 87 today!!!!! OMG! So our AC is on today, for sure! Hey Hamish, you guys have a great looking family now! Be careful how you treat them liddle guys. Mama planted some more flowers and tomatoes 🍅. The tomatoes are in pots. She’s excited! We’re watching Harry Potter today. So that’s gud. I gotta go, everybody stay safe & cool. Bikini PS. I forgot - i’ve lived here for 5 years, and i’ve never roached, not once!!!
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  8. Can you give us a little more info on how the vet diagnosed a ligament injury? X-rays, MRI, etc.? Did the vet check for corns? Does your dog walk better on soft surfaces? My girl has what we assume is an old racing injury on the exact same toe that did not heal properly and is now arthritic (she is 10). She first starting showing intermittent lameness around 5 years old and we did a whole slew of tests and therapies. She still takes an NSAID as needed, depending on the season and her level of activity, and that has worked well for us. Hopefully your guy just has something acute that will eventually resolve. Ligament injuries can take a long time to heal, but keeping him on-lead and minimizing activity are good strategies. You also might want to try another pain med. What was he taking?
  9. I have recently adopted an ex racer. He is 4 years old. He came over lame after his walk and vet diagnosed a ligament injury to third toe left front foot. He has given pain relief but he is still lame. When it does improve he uses the foot and then pulls up lame again. I do not let him off the lead. Anyone have any advice on this injury/treatment/recovery? Thanks
  10. Happeee furst burfday Wee Misser Hamish! Miss Ivy, ifn yoor momma does knot roach, do knot worree. Sumtimes it takes a couple monff fur a nooly retired to settle in! We spent da day outside yesstirday and today we ware too tired and spent da day inside. Not dat we did much outside, juss lay in da grass occasionally turning over. Momma-bear and da Misser planted a lot obs fings! Owr tomatoes awr KNOT as gud looking as Miss Chris' tomatoes, butt dey will. They will! We already got sum beans, but we awr KNOT allowed to taste dem or pee on dem. Such iz life... Dat's awl fur now, momma-bear needs to study and we gotta be quiet. Charlie, sleeping anyhoo
  11. Our website has been updated. Great items coats, collars, and even cat items. https://www.milkysgreytgoodies.com/
  12. mmm …. indeed! Love me some pig! ScooterMan did too!! He would mug me for it.
  13. Hello my Friendlies! Partly to mostly sunnings today but we mite get showerings overnite for a clouding tamarrow. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOT-SO-WEE HAMISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have one of those extra large water bowls too. Momma is disgustified that none of us lay down in it when it's hawt!!!! Miss Ivy I have never seed a rabbit in my hole life ever!!!! Hey Mister Clarkie!! And Miss Halise!!! And Miss Noo Carol!! And Miss Patsy!! Miss Bikini!! How are you and your Momma doing??? How are your grandkidlets?? Are you guys getting throo the kwaurateen OK?? Momma barbeekewed pork choppings yesserday and maded a corn sallid!!! They were both YUMMO!!!! AND!!!! You will NEVER BELEEVE it!!!! LILLY EATED SOME KIBBLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Momma can't even rememberate the last time Lilly eated kibbles - years and years!!!! But she was acting all hungry and stuff, even affer getting pork choppings - she did NOT want any sallid!! - so Momma opened up the kibbles box and handed her a few AND SHE EATED EM!!!! So Momma did it again. And again. And then she putted some in Lilly's food bowl and Lilly eated those too!! She probly eated, like almost a cup of kibbles!!! Momma is NOT holding her breath that this will happen again any time soon!! Momma says I gotta postie this picher of Flizzie she tooked while she was barbeekewing yesserday. 20200523_170603 by Chris Harper, on Flickr Here's a picher of me and the kibble eater! Yes, I AM resting my head on her butt!!! 20200425_000050 by Chris Harper, on Flickr Here's wishings for a great day for all my Friendlies! BYE-EEE!!! AndiPants
  14. Happy Birthday Hamish. I hope you enjoy your swimming pool.
  15. Ha Pee Birfday Haymish! Mum tooked us owt to the gowf korse erlee this morning and we saw lotsa skwirrulz AND a deer that runned away and I barkbarkbarkEd at itt. We hav dun nuffing tuday, Mum haz bin wurking owt inna gaardin agen and we sunbaffed until we got too hot. Wagz to awl ower frendz, Nutmeg.
  16. Happy Birthday, Wee Hamish, my little [] plate of neeps and tatties! Have a good Sunningday everyone!
  17. Carol Ann, I am in appreciative awe of how determined and clever you are about social distancing. You take it seriously and creatively. Fantastic role modeling!! Hermione Jean, my heart kitty Mutti was terrified when he arrived at my house (from a litter of strays to a box at the construction site to my next door neighbor's house to us). For about two weeks I daily pushed a bowl of kibble and one of water under Grannie's Desk (which had a clearance of no more than half the height of an iPhone) or under my old desk at the other end of the living room (just about the same clearance). Litter box was used and food was eaten so it was just a matter of waiting for her to feel confident to come out and enjoy the good life that being one of Patsy's cats is.
  18. Happy Birthday 🎊🎁🎂🎈 Hamish! Hope you have a yummy day. And what a cute kitty! Wow, your Mommy has her hands full. Bikini
  19. Gud morning! Happy Birthday Wee Hamish! Cherry told me she saw TWO bunnies standing together this morning! They had a stare-down until Momma moved, then the bunnies ran away.
  20. Good Sunnyday! Although it is overcast and misty rite now. Hamish! One year old already!! My how time flies.
  21. How are they planning on doing Bingo? I'm sure there must be rules about how many people can gather in one room. I'm sure you'll be excellent at calling Bingo Ducky. Today is Hamish's first birthday! I got him a XXL swimming pool. Hopefully he'll use it. I got to meet a litter of deerhound puppies yesterday on their way from their home to where they're going to finish being raised. Their Mom and Dad were both best of breed winners at Westminster, so they're pretty special pups. Four weeks old. What a good Momma! Although it was upsetting to see she is loaded with roundworms. The co-breeder is livid about that because they are SO easy to prevent. She'll be fine--she's in excellent hands now. Gosh the puppies are adorable! Oh Miss Sherrie, I am so sorry you're still fighting with the builder. It does make me glad I opted not to do with new construction because I hear this sort of thing happens way more frequently than it should. There is a large and very attractive "village" near me, and apparently any house not on top of the grading scheme floods anytime we have hard rain. Brand new houses! Time to go water the flowers!
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