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  2. I am so sorry for the loss of Wags. The memories which are so gutwrenching now will gradually come to be a source of comfort, and even happiness. You will come not think so much of their death as of their life. Sometimes, even many years later, the emotional bandage will be ripped off and the pain will stab you again, but not nearly as often as you will smile at the thought of him. Everyone does this on their own timeline.
  3. Happy Sunnyday Snowyday! Yep went out affer supper and it’s snowin! It’s even stikkin on the grass. It shouldn’t be mutch tho. Miss Halise, I’m so sorry you are still feelin the loss of Maamma Martha so mutch. But why wouldn’t you, youse lubed each other lots. Spirit, you like getting cubbered up? I would turn into a roast beest. I even take the blankie offa my bed so I don’t have to lay on it. Ivy & Cherry, I’m glad you’re back home. Um, does your sitter live in a park? Cause that’s a pritty fancee yard. Speekin of fancee, Miss Fancypants, I hope you and your Guest an
  4. I love your stories about Walter. And I wish his spirit Godspeed, to whatever place the souls of dogs go. And send to you and the rest of his family.
  5. Miss Ducky, Momma made that spanich rice recipe from AndiPants and she let us taste some in your honor for your "foster" spanich doggie!
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  7. Molly was a very good ‘whosesagoodgirl?’ today! She kept going to a corner of our family room and staring at the floor. Sure enough there was a huge jumbo size lizard hiding out in that corner! I did a cup removal after he ran clear to the other end of the house! He is now reunited with his outdoor brethren. Good job Molly!
  8. Ooooh, lukkit that hairy houndie!....that BEEG hairy houndie! Nutmeg, KNOT a hairy houndie.
  9. Hola! We got Dad to walk this affernoon. Ob corse, he an Angie onny walk haff, an me an Kiva an Mom get a good long walk. Is a nise krisp fall day. Wow, it is kold at Miss Chris'. We had rayne the odder day an Mom let us owt at the presise momint that it wuz POORIN! We ran up an down the steps 3 thymes afore we finely peed. Si, I know.....Mom sez if we wood just be qwik, we woodnt get so wet. We haff to get up at O'Dark Erly tomorra. Me an Kiva get to go wiff Angie to the vets. Ob corse, we do KNOT hab to get owt ob the car. Poor gurl. She is gonna be rilly rilly skeered.
  10. Oh Lucy.... Yesterday I got the 'shrooms all out. The crop that fills this cart is what popped up with last night's rain.
  11. HeyRunDog I'm using a harness with 2 rings - one at the front and the other on top. I find the harness gives me more control than just a collar alone. Besides if she takes off I think the collar would do her more harm. FeeFee147 I'm only an inch taller than you, so you know how walking 60 lbs of pure muscle pulling with full force can be scary! Yesterday when I was getting ready for "walkies" I noticed her hind quarters were trembling like a leaf which told me she was nervous about the walk. Luckily we didn't run into any dogs and she quickly calmed down. Poor thing, I feel so badly that
  12. Dis here Wee Battle! Cud won of yu nice ladies go on Momma's Facial Book page and postie da picture of me doing ma dog show stretch???? Fanks!!! FREEDOM!!!! Battle
  13. The gist ob it is to remove them manually before they release their spores. Sorry. Thanks, Lucy, and .................. now running outside to prevent releasing of the spores........
  14. I am back! We had such a fun time at Miss Nichole's house! We are glad to be home too! Plusalso, guess whot? Momma gabe us mooshies! She sed they had a fire pit at the cabin and made s'mores and there were mooshies left over so she brought them home to US! Miss Ducky, a spanich doggie is coming to be "fostered" at your house? We are getting rainy rains here today but we went for walkies anyway. Here is a ob us on our rainy walk: There was a LOT ob gud sniffings to be done since the leabes were wet and we habs knot been home for a week! Iv
  15. We would dig the mushrooms out and sprinkle the sight heavily with lime (the white powder stuff, not the fruit) Miss Halise
  16. Miz Ducky, I bet 100% that you will fail fosterint that lucky old Spanich dog. You are such a good person. I made Ma look up mushroom eradication info for you. She expected to find some kinda spray you could use, butt mostly that is knot what they said. This seemed like a reasonable and informative article: https://lawnchick.com/how-to-get-rid-of-mushrooms-in-yard/ There was some mention ob vinegar on the wild and wooly interwebs butt in general that sorta thing is wishful thinking. The gist ob it is to remove them manually before they release their spores. Sorry. If she
  17. Hello my Friendlies!! Gonna be sunnings all day but very very chilly out there!!! And windy!! We probly won't even get up to 50lebendy degrees today!!! Miss Ducky!!! I put it at about 100 percentages!!! Miss Ivy and Miss Cherry are home!!! It's so nice that you have a great camping place to go to when your Momma and Daddy take vaycayshuns! Mister Spirit, my sister Lilly likes to sleep under blankets. She naps with Daddy that way all the time in the winter! I get too hot and scratchy. Miss Nutmeg, we do the time changing next weekend - like everybod
  18. This trial is being conducted to better characterize retinal degeneration syndrome in greyhounds with hopes of identifying the genetic components of this disease. Understanding Retinal Degeneration In Greyhounds Particularly if you have a dog who is sired by Kiowa Mon Manny, whether they have been diagnosed with PRA or not.
  19. There's no bloodwork that will show up cancer in dogs, so if it was recently done, and it was fine, there's no sense in doing it again. A full xrays set of his whole leg - toes to hip - will probably be more diagnostic. And, I suspect, if he has corns on one foot, he probably has corns on other feet as well. Corns can become an issue long before they erupt on the surface of a pad to be seen. Especially if pain meds and nsaids don't appear to help at all day to day, a corn is a more likely prosepct. But xrays first, and a full physical exam focusing on his hind end.
  20. To Ducky! We have the 'shrooms everywhere, too. Our "landscapers" just mow them down with all the sticks and other debris.
  21. I'm another cautionary person suggesting you attend lure coursing events before continuing to do this. There is more to being a lure operator than just running the lure. You need to know how to always keep it in front of the dog so it doesn't catch it, know when to slow it down so dogs don't get their legs sliced by the line, and always check the field for holes. Dogs running it need to be in shape, not just going for a walk every day shape. There are dogs running in sanctioned events that get injured so be prepared for that. People always need to hold on tight to the leashes of their dogs tha
  22. Sunday is the one day I can sleep in late, although I still am up by 5-ish. My alarm clock does knot ring. It goes moany moany moany harumph and its name is Hada. After the dogs are fed I can go back to bed for a while. OMG I slept until 10! Lotsa rain here too, Lucy and Vanessa, but it's light and there are no large puddles in the backyard. What I do have I a massive sprouting of yucky mushrooms, the largest batch I've ever seen! The rain must have kickstarted them. Over the years we've taken many dangerous pine trees down and I can see that the mushrooms grow in a path following decayin
  23. Ivy and Cherry are home! Merc, sleeping under the covers wif your Mom. I myonwself get up on the bed to sleep wif Ma maybe once or twice a year, when I am feeling worried and insecure. Your story reminded Ma ob MoMo, though. Mo lubbed to sleep wif Ma and wanted to be under the covers too. Ma misses habing a cuddler. Miss Halise. Nutmeg, your time got messed wif this weekend and owrs get's messed wif next weekend. Ob course there is still one elderly electric alarm clock in the house that "remembered" that today was the OLD time change weekend and woke
  24. As he should be. Did he bring along a stuffed bear friend?
  25. Hi everyone, We adopted Louie, a 5-year-old ex-racer about 6 weeks ago - our first greyhound. He's a lovely dog: affectionate, calm, happy to be manhandled, easy on the lead, etc. However, we noticed some concerning behaviour when we tried to start recall training him off-lead (with a muzzle) in a small dog exercise area near us - he'd start furiously chasing other dogs and ignore their barking/crying, and seemed to be trying to nip them through his muzzle. (We've since stopped doing this after reading several threads on here about greyhounds in dog parks, and the danger of muzzli
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