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  2. In case the link is not working for you, try this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1860425107606648
  3. That's all from here for today my Friendlies!! Kibble kisses and Buddy Bisket dreams!! NITEY NITE!! Andipants
  4. Summer, tell yer momma the onlee help you'll gibs him iz givin SAINT a place to stay. Mom sent Mizz Lizz sum pics. She will donate more iffn yoo need it. Fank Roo!
  5. I try to give the dog a little mental and physical exercise inside when the weather is bad; not that southwest Virginia gets as cold as Canada but we still have our days. Various kind of treat puzzles (Christmas is coming!) and those mats that you can hide treats in. Playing hide and go seek inside the house. (Good for reinforcing the "stay" command.) Working on obedience. Setting up a hurdle course with soft and low hurdles. I may start "nosework" this winter just to help keep them occupied. Even giving them something to chew can distract them for a while.
  6. Oh gosh, we hope Capn Jack is better soon! Molly McDecorator, nice job!. My mom sez she's starting to decorate too. Why wait? If we do it now, we can enjoy it longer! Mom says she talked to her x mister and he fell off a ladder at work and shattered his elbow and needed surgery and plates and screws. Then his Daddyman passed away. Mom feels bad for him and let him know she can help if he needs it but he's pretty dismissive and not friendly so mom figures she offered and he can take it or leave it. She doesn't like that they aren't friendly and in touch after almost a decade togethe
  7. I am a dedicated chewer. I like toys well enough, but destuff them quickly. I am crazy for a "lure pole" ("flirt pole"). I go through the old-fashioned nail clippers pretty fast because my nails grow like crazy. I tolerate a little clothing -- ties, bandanas, and such, that Ellen sticks on me when we go on therapy dog visits. I eat anything and everything. Ellen likes teas and coffee, and exotic spices. My dream present would be for someone to release about 2 dozen live bunnies in our back yard.
  8. Twice inna day! Wot iz up wiff me? Miss McMolly dat's a nice tree! We do knot know ifn we will be abul to put a tree heer due to Mystic da kitteh! Miss Chris, dey did poke a hole in hims nodes. Negatibe Dey upped his gabapentin today and he ate jusst lyke Miss Lila Momma-bear habs been gone awl day so we habs been staying wiff da Misser. He wuz wiff us awl day! Now we awr bakk to napping wiff momma-bear! Night night! Yoor freend, Charlie
  9. Aiden says he isn't lazy - he just has a system...
  10. Here is ma outside all finished and decorated! Ma poof is sort of flat today cause I need a bath. I am wearing ma new Christmas collar! Mama lubs, lubs, lubs our new outside table. Right now in da photo it seats 4, but if you raise up one end it seats 6 and if you raise up da udder end it seats 8! She says it was da best $150 bucks ebber! Molly McBribedtositstay! d
  11. We get fed THREE times a day! Mom sez it keeps us from hurkin a big hurk, and keeps our tums settled at nite. Yes, we are missin da Tin bunch as well. We are gettin toe choppin tomorrah. Mom iz so meen.
  12. Oh no!!! Captin Jack!!! (Cynthia have they biopsied a lymph node yet?) Miss Izzy, I will have Momma postie a picher when it gets here, which was sposed to be Windsday, but now it says next Toozday!!!! Glad you are in a good eating mood Miss Lila!! I love those roses Miss Ivy!! And I forgot to say Congrats to Miss Hope and Miss Candy's foster on getting hisown home!! Later gaters!! Andipants
  13. Hiya! Rekord breakin noos - I finished alla my supper by 5:30. This has knot happined in a vary long time. I wonner iffen I'll still get my bedtime snak meal....? Cap'n Jack has me wortweed. Merc! Your mom did good werk getting that awkshun up! You musta bin neglekted for a long time wiff her doing all that nittin. Hope & Candy crost the lake, I'm glad your fosser gots his own home. Now you can have your momma and daddieman all to your ownselfs. Hey, where's Laila? I know her mom was havin a tuff time. Please let us know you're out there! Wags, Lila
  14. Happy birthday Punkin cute as pie! Nice work with the donation and you will for sure beat lazy Aiden at the kibble game!
  15. Happy Birfday, Punkin! 9 is Divine! Come bisit! It's still warm here. Petunia and Kate
  16. Merry Christmas and a Ho Ho Ho! With Rudolphs' nose all aglow! Milo please ... let us know Exactly where we need to go For toys galore? Ones that squeak? Or some tasty treats that really reek? Maybe Mom needs something too Red or yellow or maybe blue? Milo, Milo...please give us a clue!
  17. Yesterday
  18. Mummy finally got froo Misser Jeff's ProtoCall Eggstrordinaire and gotted de ockshun posted to GT See it heer And Mummy sez we habs a NonnyMoose donor hoo will help pay postage fur dose hoo donate.
  19. Thank you for the swell wishes for Punkin Seed/Muffin/Pie/Jam/Top! She's had a great calendar-flipping day and confirms, 9 is soo fine
  20. Bill we received your card today. It was our first holiday card. I didn't even get to take a photo yet. Thanks.
  21. Happiest of birthdays to roo from Flying Odin in lower Delaware.
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