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  1. He was awesome “moderator” for the watching and waiting thread……. So knowledgeable, understanding and helpful to all! Ditto hoping all is ok with him!
  2. If Hunter Biden can sell his art for half to a mill apiece, I think Wiki has a million dollar art piece there! 🤣🤣
  3. It’s clear Rosie got her first place winner when she was adopted by you! So glad you posted and hope you’ll feel welcome to post as you grieve and your heart hurts - we’ve all been there and get it.
  4. Oh no - I’m so sorry. It has been a hard spring and summer for gt babies. When we had to say good bye to both PHOG and Jill within 2 months I was hoping there would be no more gt bridge angels for awhile
  5. I am so very sorry - I would say the walk is never lo g enough, but in petunias case she had a personal driver when the walk was long enough. Our sympathy
  6. I am pretty sure our precious ladybug toy that every greyhound we’ve ever had has loved was destroyed this evening by our new whippet puppy😭.  Rest In Peace sweet ladybug.   Her outer shell is still intact, however ever ounce of stuffing and the squeaker has been demolished.   We had several batmom toys I think.  A snake?  The ladybug for sure…..and something else .   Best toys ever! 

  7. Who cares if she poops on any bodies foot - poop is progress!
  8. Beautiful! Just simply beautiful…..
  9. As we held precious Jill in her last moments we thanked her for adopting us. I told her she was perfect…..well, except for her one fault of jumping on people when she got over excited……in that moment I forgot about the digging and the small altercation with our daughters chihuahua (it WAS all his fault after all). Someone at the farm in her history knew her well to give her the name Rowdy Jill. She was our forever puppy. Always excited to go on a walk. - whenever/where ever. So beautiful she had many admirers. She was excitable and jumped on people to show her enthusiasm. It was truly meant to be that Jill came to live with us. After her Wheeling career her owner wanted her to be a mom. Two unsuccessful tries later he turned her over to halfway home greyhounds for adoption. Jills mother had been adopted thru our group and they took her home to join her mom. But She was returned when they didn’t think mother/daughter “recognized” each other. We were supposed to be adopting another but when we went to the kennel with Ronee - she chose Jill❤️…..and they were best friends until Ronees passing. We are so happy she was a member of our family….meant to be! After losing PHOG in May to osteo it is hardly fair to have to say goodbye to Jill so soon. Our hearts are broken and our home seems empty. And so ends the greyhound chapters in our life……Whistlers Win, Rivendell Escort, K L Baby Bleu, Rollover Ronee, Beware of Phog and Rowdy Jill. Each was the best dog in the world. We now find ourselves older and not as able to manage a bigger/heavier dog. So the end of an era has come. We are blessed to have been adopted by six of the most amazing dogs in the world. I pray they are all running zoomies together waiting to greet us when we cross the rainbow bridge❤️
  10. That makes my heart hurt……hugs to you Jan.
  11. Lovely! Just lovely…..both handsome buddy and the walks too. Congrats on a wonderful website.
  12. Thanks - after losing PHOG in the spring, it has truly been a double whammy - and after 20 years of having a greyhound in the house it is beyond heart breaking
  13. Please add Rowdy Jill to the July list. We are heart broken and houndless.
  14. What a wonderful tribute to your Miriam. They leave a hole in your heart for sure. Our sympathy
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