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  1. What a wonderful tribute to your Miriam. They leave a hole in your heart for sure. Our sympathy
  2. This is just heartbreaking……please accept our sympathy.
  3. I’m so sorry to read this. Such a sweet beautiful girl. Our sympathy
  4. Just hoping all is going well with violet !
  5. teri_d


    Sweet idea and I love it - we have a couple Etsy pillows on our couch with all of our greys ear tat numbers on them - I think of all my precious ones every day. edited to add - so sorry for you loss of Charlie — it’s so hard
  6. I’m having the same issues - won’t let me log back in either
  7. 😂😂😂. That’s been our experience with memory as well…..the ice cream man last summer had doggie ice cream. Yes, please…..when the ice cream truck music was heard this year they both jumped up and ran for the door only to discover they did not stock (but would try to add soon) doggie ice cream.
  8. Beautiful start! The collar is gorgeous on her
  9. Prayers for recovery with no infection this time! I always hoped no crime would be discovered at my house, cause if they did the luminal test for cleaned up blood they’d arrest me before discovering it was canine! Happy tail memories of my sweet Ronee❤️
  10. Not sure about reunions held at bar k but that’s a great idea. Kc has 3 area greyhound groups - the newbie, retired not rescued, mokan, and Regap (anti racing). We moved here from Oklahoma 3 years ago with our greyhounds, so we have not affiliated with any of the groups in the area.
  11. Somewhere you might want to check out is Bar K in Kansas City, mo. We’ve never been but I know lots who have and swear by it. It’s a restaurant/bar/dog parks. You have to have a membership but can get a guest pass. They do have a website and their phone number is 816-474-2275. If you go there let us know how it is!
  12. The greyhound museum (hall of fame)in abilene at least used to be greyhound friendly with a catch.....you must call ahead and let them know you’re coming. They have, or used to have, a greyhound that lived at the museum and seeing as how it was home they put it up before other hounds come on to their turf. 785-263-3000 is their number.
  13. Ah - happy tail - Ronee was the happy til queen. Vet finally had to amputate her ankle length tail to knee length. Agree foam rollers and also foam pool toys - the long noodles - can be cut into appropriate lengths.
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