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  1. We’ve had various combos over the years .... our “best buddy” combos have come when we take ours with us to the kennel and let them chose the new one. Surprising how many times there is a clear choice and the easy transition when we let them pick 😀
  2. He is stunning! Congrats on your new baby.
  3. teri_d


    Our sympathy ..
  4. ❤️❤️❤️ I smell puppy breath!
  5. Our sympathy.....so hard
  6. When we moved we had to find a new pet sitter......it is frightening for sure! But we hit the jackpot and ours also texts pictures and little stories to let us know they are fine. I always leave a 10 Starbucks card to her on the counter from Jill and Phog to let her know how appreciated she is!
  7. Made my morning to open the Anthropologie email......gorgeous greyhound! If you don’t get their emails he’s also on the website
  8. We have a solo door - love it and both greyhounds do great!
  9. Phog says thank you for the good wishes! He’ll be getting an extra treat or two (as he does every day). Jill want to know when red dog day is?
  10. Hi pat! So glad you’re settled in. We’ll all be jealous when the Kansas snow and cold comes😁. Good to hear you’re settled. Teri
  11. Such a handsome young fella. Hugs to you
  12. Beautiful tribute to a beautiful girl. Hugs
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