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  1. I second this recommendation if you have a strong puller or high prey drive dog. I ordered one on Robin's recommendation after adopting Cristiano (galgo) two years ago and it is the best thing ever for him. I have two Freedom Harnesses and they've worked really well for my greyhounds over the years, but when Cristiano saw a rabbit on our walk, he backed out of the Freedom Harness. He backed up and twisted like Houdini all in one fell swoop! Fortunately I also had a martingale on him with a second leash, so he did not escape in pursuit of the rabbit. I can now walk Cristiano through bunny, squirrel, and kitty territory safely and with peace of mind. I do know of a couple of greyhounds that have backed out of the Freedom Harness, but unless they're high prey drive or leash reactive they're usually not prone to twist and turn and back out.
  2. I don't feel I possess the skill needed to pay a proper tribute to this extraordinary being. I can't really call her a dog, because she never thought of herself as a dog. She was people and that was just the way it was. Three days ago I helped the her to The Bridge. She was almost 14 and over the past year had gotten progressively weaker in her back end. Acupuncture had been our friend for the past year and had kept her mobile and comfortable, that is until this past week when she began to fall and was unable to get up. To say my heart is broken is an understatement. I was, however, so blessed to have her share my life for the past decade. She was truly a princess and a gift that arrived just when I needed one. Everyone who ever met her and looked into her big, beautiful, intelligent eyes was smitten and commented that there was something very special about her. She was the ultimate Meet and Greet dog and ambassador for greyhound adoption. When she wore the donation vest at events would catch the eye of passing strangers and literally will them to come over to pet her and reach into their wallets. My grief is intense, but underneath is eternal gratitude. She wasn't supposed to have been mine originally but came to me to foster when the original adopter opted out. It didn't take me long to know she wasn't going anywhere as she had already taken residence in my heart. And there she still resides, always and forever. Run free, Lofty Princess. I'll catch you later.
  3. I make a mixture of carrots and beets and give them to my galgo, Cristiano. Good results here too. It has firmed his stool up nicely and no flakey skin.
  4. galgrey

    Soulman And Zoedq

    I've not been around much lately and am just seeing this. I'm so very sorry. Thank you for taking in two seniors in need at such difficult times for all of you. May they help heal you hearts.
  5. This is now pretty late, but sincere just the same. Happy Gotcha Day Paddy and Aiden! And many, many more! :confetti
  6. I've not been here in a while, so I'm just seeing your tribute to your beloved Phaelin. I'm so very sorry.
  7. Just seeing this beautiful tribute to your beloved Murray. I'm so sorry.
  8. Wonderful update! Happy Life, Egypt!
  9. Such a beautiful tribute to your beloved Zeke. I'm so very sorry.
  10. Trevor Hugs to the rest of the pack and I hope you kick that cold very soon.
  11. I'm sorry you are going through this. I lost my beloved galgo, Cruz, to CRF in 2012.
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