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  1. What gorgeous girls! I hope they were as good as they're pretending to be.
  2. Love the personal touch. Ahem. The girls didn't seem to mind that they got checked and cleaned as well as tongue-dried. Cletus-->
  3. What an amazing--and fortunate--boy he was. He ended up in the perfect home for him and enjoyed many adventures in an unusually long life. Just not long enough. Godspeed Tavarish.
  4. I'm so very sorry. I hope that he and Rocket are on couches, watching TV, and grumbling about the rowdies. Godspeed Conner.
  5. Excellent tutorial, girls. Mine don't need it, but some might.
  6. Cletus! I bet those baby turkeys are tasty. Aside: Are coloring books ever stress-inducing? If so, why?
  7. I'm so very sorry. Your handsome boy was much much too young to have to leave. Godspeed Jamie.
  8. Um...Am I the only one who finds Cletus's pillow in the Camper Cam pic suggestive?
  9. Sweep, you need to read the manual.
  10. Oh the excitement! It looked like that here today too. Um, well, it looks like that here every day.
  11. I'm so very sorry. It's wonderful that she had a happy and healthy life as long as she did--I wish it could have been longer. Godspeed Merry Callie.
  12. As I've learned from my own, once a pistol, always a pistol. Pistols leave immense holes when they depart... Godspeed Ruby.
  13. I'm so incredibly sorry. She was so young and she left so suddenly. What a horrible loss. Godspeed Fibi.
  14. Happy Birthday Buster! I hope you have a great celebration. Happy Bridge Birthday Paddy Mayhem. I wish you were here to celebrate.
  15. The chicken--> As for the rolling/roaching on the mulch--> Sheesh, everybody, a working dog with hair and body fat needs a good back scratch every once in a while, even if he is a black dog in bright sunshine. You're special, Cletus.
  16. I guess they all speak the same language.
  17. Congratulations! Welcome home Kibo!
  18. I think of that sort of position as "ready for action." Seems Jaxson needs to work on his dismount.
  19. Excellent form, ladies. But Trolley...how can you demonstrate a bed fail without a bed?
  20. Congratulations! She sure is making herself at home in your hearts.
  21. Happy Gotcha 9 Lila! It's good to know what you like.
  22. Happy 11th Petunia! The Jax Girls (half sisters Ivy and Opal) welcome you to the club of not-really-11-year-old broodies.
  23. I'm so incredibly, unspeakably sorry. She left much much too soon and much too suddenly. Godspeed Lola.
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