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  1. The tuna treats are an excellent choice too. They freeze well and can be thawed quickly.
  2. Happy 13th Petunia! You look awesome for a 5-year-old. Opal welcomes you to the 5-not-13 club with a couple of ginormous lunges on leash and some dancing.
  3. Your clever recipe is similar to the core of Kraft's pb balls/bites recipes. Here's one link: https://www.kraftcanada.ca/recipe/crunchy-chocolate-chip-peanut-butter-snack-bites-177645 The core of the recipe (rolled oats, honey, pb) is very tolerant of different add-ins. Baking isn't necessary but refrigeration (or even freezing) helps, especially if one drops the honey, as I did for myownself.
  4. Toodles says tankth (she doesn't have many teef).
  5. Awesome! Congratulations to the whole family. And thank you Time4aNap and Fairy Dogmother macoduck. Aside: In my world, 5 is still a baby.
  6. I hope he's now home, comfortable, and at least considering forgiving you.
  7. Yep. And it lasts. Opal turned 13 on Monday and she's still at times, especially on walks. Toodles too, and she turned 12 today.
  8. I'm so very sorry that your extraordinary boy had to leave. The suddenness of his departure might have made it easier for him, but that doesn't help you. And he was too young. Godspeed Paddy.
  9. Hildy, who turned 11 on Friday, still has moments of lunacy. I've had even older girls--especially broodies--act like puppies. But yes, the moments are less frequent and don't last as long as they do when a dog is younger.
  10. What a horrific and heart-wrenching experience, made even worse by his youth. I am so incredibly sorry. Godspeed Oreo.
  11. I'm so sorry. You gave her the time and support she needed to become a confident dog and extraordinary care when her medical needs surfaced. She was incredibly fortunate. She did live a good while for a Greyhound, but it's never long enough. I'm sorry that you were unable to be with her when she left. Godspeed Miriam.
  12. I'm delighted that she's back to being Sweep. Best wishes for the 15th.
  13. Joe T. Reporter Redux! Awesome job Aiden! We had one of those squatty things one day. It was sitting right next to where we go up the ramp to the deck. Not one of 5 dogs noticed. The same thing happened at lunchtime. It was gone by dinnertime. The girls do notice wabbits and those smelly things ....
  14. I'm so sorry about Sweep's diagnoses. I hope she continues to tolerate the chemo and has a lot of comfortable time remaining.
  15. A very belated but heartfelt Happy 11th Facebook!
  16. What an adventure! (One morning there was a toad right next to where we go up the ramp to the deck. Not one of 5 dogs saw it. It was still there at lunchtime. Rinse repeat. )
  17. No no no! Crap! I'm so very sorry. It may be of small consolation, but Starz had a wonderful time with you. Just far far too short. I hope you, DW, and Petunia are adjusting. Aside: I hate hate hate when they rally at the end. I had a few extra minutes with Minnie, so we did what she loved--worked. She trained like a champion. Godspeed Starz.
  18. Whew. I thought you were on top of it, but I feel so much sympathy for Petunia that I had to make the mistakes and comment. I hope you're both able to work through your SA soon. Exactly. Enquiring minds want to know. It's wonderful that you are well enough to work. I hope you want to ...
  19. Send her here. I have one who needs to go out multiple times in the middle of the night, one who sometimes doesn't make it out the door before the poop drops ... Aside: I hate it when people take C&F posts too seriously or offer unsolicited advice, but I'm going to make both mistakes: I don't interpret Petunia's behaviour as irritation but confusion. There have been a lot of changes in her world lately. She might need to be treated as if she has mild SA.
  20. Happy 13th Val! Ivy, a wobbly 13 1/2, sends special congratulations.
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