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  1. Yay Miss Bea! Broodie North would welcome you too. Ivy (12.4) would give you a run for your money. So would Toodles, but she's a youngster (10.7). Opal (11.7) would have to sit out, since her last romp in the yard resulted in a broken toe; she's on the disabled list for many more weeks.
  2. I'm so very sorry. It's wonderful that she had an enjoyable 14 extra months and incredibly sad that it was only 14 months. Gosh, she was gorgeous. Godspeed Beka.
  3. Awesome! Opal, also 11 1/2 and a broodie, could give Kate a run for her money. She likes to go into my office before walks to spin on the dog beds. Sometimes she takes something from the bone box downstairs on the way. I call behaviour like that a PinkOut, because Pink was a master.
  4. GreyPoopon


    I'm so very sorry. Your precious boy was fortunate to find a family that understood his quirks. Godspeed Leo.
  5. OMG! The cuteness! Another THUD. Thank you for the pics. I could stay in this thread all day.
  6. Happy Gotcha Day Petunia! I'm so glad you made your decision--and conquests--so quickly. Senior broodies are the best.
  7. I was logged out tonight (first time). I logged back in and it worked okay.
  8. I bet when she got to the bottom of the stairs, she thought, "Two can play at that game."
  9. It's so much more fun when the ill-mannered and ill-mothered--or edible--distractions are behind glass.
  10. Par-tay! Don't you just hate it when your bum hits a squeaky toy? Or when you accidentally bump your sister and she snarks and Dad barks? Daisy wants to know where to get the squeakers. We rarely use them here because it gets too wild.
  11. I'm so incredibly sorry. Both your remembrance and your earlier appreciation piece are wonderful tributes to an extraordinarily special girl. Godspeed Lorelei.
  12. I'm so very sorry. He had to leave much too soon. Godspeed Moody.
  13. Agreed, Kate. I too spent some of the morning with a blanket over my head.
  14. He looks fantastic! Nice to hear from you.
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