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  1. I'm so very sorry. A travelling buddy is so very precious. Godspeed Luna.
  2. Congratulations! I hope both are now even more settled in and enjoying their joint retirement.
  3. Poor wee annoyed little girl. I hope the healing is well under way and she'll soon be freed from the cone.
  4. I'm so very sorry. Your handsome butt-rub boy left way too soon. Godspeed Sherman.
  5. I'm so incredibly sorry. Your special boy had to leave much too soon. Your tribute is wonderful. I too had a slipper (indoor shoes, in my case) stealer--Tally. Godspeed Ken.
  6. I'm so very sorry. She was as lovely as she was special. It's wonderful that she lived to almost 15, but even that is not long enough. Godspeed Bella.
  7. I see more Flying Nun than Dumbo. Love the pillow symmetry.
  8. I'm so very sorry. I remember when she arrived home--I thought she was one of the most striking hounds I'd ever seen. My condolences to both her families. Godspeed Trolley.
  9. Happy belated 13 1/2th Lila! You look terrific. Ivy is almost 12 1/2 and she's even whiter. She had a romp in the yard today. Old girls know how to have fun.
  10. Graham especially liked the ones in tomato sauce.
  11. I'm so very sorry. Senior broodies are wonderful girls. Godspeed Missy Soul.
  12. Yay Miss Bea! Broodie North would welcome you too. Ivy (12.4) would give you a run for your money. So would Toodles, but she's a youngster (10.7). Opal (11.7) would have to sit out, since her last romp in the yard resulted in a broken toe; she's on the disabled list for many more weeks.
  13. I'm so very sorry. It's wonderful that she had an enjoyable 14 extra months and incredibly sad that it was only 14 months. Gosh, she was gorgeous. Godspeed Beka.
  14. Awesome! Opal, also 11 1/2 and a broodie, could give Kate a run for her money. She likes to go into my office before walks to spin on the dog beds. Sometimes she takes something from the bone box downstairs on the way. I call behaviour like that a PinkOut, because Pink was a master.
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