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  1. Just a question... When opening a topic with many pages, I used to be able to click on something that took me to my last unread post. I haven’t been able to find that. I’ve been clicking on the last page, and working back from there. What am I missing? In my next life, I plan to be more computer savvy, but for now I’m just happy that I survived the update. Thanks for all your hard work, Jeff.
  2. My first osteo dog had cancer everywhere, and I let him go at diagnosis. The other two I took home on pain meds, but could not control the pain after a week.
  3. I love the harness lead. All in one, no straps or bulky parts, check out their video.
  4. Another vote for bite not collar. You can make one easily. Plenty of YouTube videos on it, or buy one.
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