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  1. Nigel is always getting little scrapes like this and he loves to lick them, which usually makes them bleed and get bigger. He has had a couple of granulomas which can be difficult to treat. Google 'lick granuloma' When Nigel starts non-stop licking I just cover it with vet wrap for a day or so. He does not try and rip it off.
  2. It is HOT HOT HOT up here too. BillieJean met up with a skunk once. Yuk. And just when you think you finally, finally have the smell out, it will rain and the dog will get wet..... We're hanging in ... Monday we worked our a$$es off doing hay until dark and then I worked 3 looong day shifts at the Inn. So today was my first breakfast at home without my girl who always shared my toast bones... First early morning walkies with only 2 hounds as well....
  3. Doug NancyToo Thanks so much for all your kind thoughts. Between haying and now working 3 long days shifts this week has helped keep me busy.
  4. I have had no time a catch up...put up 900+ bales of hay yesterday and now I'm working 3 long 12 hour days , but just wanted you all to know that we sent our beautiful Ruby to the bridge early yesterday morning. It was sudden, but she was ready to leave. The house seems very empty ...
  5. I don't know why she swallowed that fly.... Ummm.... I think we're all old....
  6. Michelle Hope your move goes smoothly Susan. We have a well... And 5 horse go through a lot of water! We depend on rain water in the cistern for laundry and showers. Elizabeth Having tiny w-i-d-e feet make shoe shopping horrible. Thankfully I don't every have to wear dressy shoes anymore. My go-to are TwistedX , but they are all pretty casual loafer style. Can't beat the comfort, though. Custom orthotics have also made a HUGE difference in the comfort of my feet. I wear them in everything...boots, sandals, runners. I have 3 pair and they are worth every single penny. Feel better JJ. Nigel's hind end is weakening at an alarming rate. He's been on cartrophen for a few months, but it has not helped as much as I had hoped. Chiro and laser give some short term relief. His tummy does not do well on any NSAID. We have not tried Gabapentin yet. Hugs to all that need them....
  7. Awwww......Poor boy. glad the pillows have returned to their rightful place!
  8. Love the sable... Here is our sweet Ruby when we brought her home....August 2011. She still has a bit of sable left on her ears and the very top of her head.
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