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  1. Bibbi I have never had poison ivy, but several people - including a physician - highly recommends applications of apple cider vinegar I am also awaiting a very small Etsy package from California that was shipped on June 13th Sorry I 'assumed' that the fireworks that were terrifying some of your hounds were illegal. I have been seeing all kinds of FB posts from all over the US about illegal ones being set off for over a week.
  2. Oh dear.... Charlie got scolded Did your MommaBear jump out of the plane Oh Cherry! You are such a brave Girlie! And look at CarolAnn...riding one of those beasts! I am so sorry that so many houndies have had their lives disturbed by noisy and illegal firecrackers. Why won't the Police or Bi-Law peeps do anything!? This HotHotHot weather is now going to continue all week My friend & I were riding by 8:15 before it got too hot. We had a lovely hack out in our fields and woods and then gave them a good brushing ..... so they were not ridden hard and put away wet ! Jo-Ann and I were back home sitting on the shady deck drinking cold lemonade by 10:00 By Friday it is supposed to be 34C..... Before the humidity is added in It is so dry even the weeds are going ded. We have had only one very short burst of rain in the past 2+ weeks. Crops are wilting and so many farmers will not be able to put in enough hay. A local cow farmer came and cut our last big field yesterday and he was so relieved that we let him have it again this year. He has taken that field off for the past couple of years. The nail salon fiasco has now turned up 40 cases with more contact testing being done every day as they find more people. I'm sure 40 seems like nothing when so many places in the USA have hundreds and thousands, but it is a huge deal for us ....
  3. Faboo photos Cynthia And yes Charlie... your manfriend Louis is a very nice fellow! Although I have to confess that I personally did knot give him a sniff over
  4. The hay is dry And the baler is here Molly My DIL hides cauliflower in mashed potatoes.
  5. This HotHotHot weather is going to be with us for several more days The hay 'should' dry today. I'm going to drive out there and see exactly how wet is is.. It should be dry in top but wet underneath. It was super HOT yesterday, but there was no breeze. Hopefully the hay guy will come and rake it over as soon as the dew is gone. I know he has fields of his own he's trying to get done.....'Make hay while the sun shines' Nancy! Chris! Every Spring my lips get very red /swollen/cracked ..allergy to something?? ... and take forever to heal. I was told to not use any petroleum based (Vaseline) products. My doc prescribed Elidel ..a med for eczema. A Tea tree oil /Vitamin E cream works just as well.
  6. You're correct... It is still very early days and will take time and patience for her to feel comfortable and get used to her new lifestyle. Have you tried leash-walking her around inside your yard/garden?
  7. Hmm...knot sure why that quote box is there ? Oh Nancy... We hate to see you suffering all the time Can't your doctor squeeze you in? I just started watching a very interesting Netflix series called 'Diagnosis' and it made me think of you. It is about a doctor who helps people find diagnoses for their weirdo symptoms. Zorro! Your MommaBear is most awesome! But why does she want to jump out of a plane ?! Please be nice to Charlie ....he might wish he was back here with Sid and his annoying orange ball .... We are also envious of Patsy! Well, maybe knot in the dead of winter.... Going to be another HotHotHot day. This heat wave is supposed to go on for several days And of course there is always the high chance of pop up T-storms. We can't rake the wet hay over until we're sure there is no more rain. Sigh. Tomorrow looks much more promising Some more good news ... my 8 month old expensive vacuum cleaner went ded yesterday
  8. Charlie. We miss you...sorry that I tired you out Oh my... look at that cute puppy ! Glad I'm not the only anti-racoon person... Stay safe Cindy! The nail salon Covid fiasco has now 33 positive cases. One worker in ICU. Several hundred tests still pending and Police are now involved So... It was 36 Celcius humidex today (98F) when we were stacking 635 square bales up in the loft.... but before the round baler could get here it started to rain Many, many salty words came out of my mouth (good thing Charlie was knot here!) And of course the sun came out again 15 minutes later. For a sunny and windy day tomorrow so it will dry out... I really need all that hay And off I go to hang nets
  9. Charlies Momma Bear has taken him back home. He is such a good boy and was the perfect house guest. We already miss him. We had put his own bed upstairs, and this morning I just tossed it down the stairs and he decided it was a very good spot to take his mid-day Oh ...Racoons Disgusting filthy disease-ridden vermin. We trap them. And we do not relocate them. Oh Carol... I too am used to working 3 days a week all summer long. I LOVE my job and really miss the staff and clients, but I too am getting quite used to having every day free. HotHotHot here too, and of course we'll be StackStackStacking hay into our loft tomorrow. The fields are looking a bit thin this year due to no rain (sorry Cindy) so it won't be as much to stack. If we can get 500/600 I'll be happy. Then we'll round bale the rest. How's your hay, Robin? Any pictures of Battle?!?
  10. Would a cushion from an outdoor chaise lounge work? I would worry my dogs would drink pond water = Leptosporosis
  11. Google 'dog leg bandage from a sock' https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/563583340851849701/
  12. Richard Robin Kathy Ivy Hmmmm Nancy... this article says that Sjogrens Disease is a complication of an autoimmune disease. So you should probably find out if you have some sort of lupus or other thing first Sadly, something got to the turtle eggs before the removal peeps could get here. Probably a snake as the crate was knot disturbed and there were no coon/skunk footprints. Nor any sort of bird prints. Only a hole straight down into the sand. No sign of broken shells. Charlies MommaBear is coming to pick him up on Wednesday which is Canada Day And we will probably be doing our hay. They are out in the big field by the barn with the haybine right now and will soon move on to the next field. And the next. I think they aim to get it all cut tonight. So...as much as really really need rain - as our lawn is also brown and yellow - now we do not want any rain until our hay is all dry, raked, baled and tucked safely in our loft.
  13. Ducky. For your Granddaughter. Hopefully rest of the family will remain negative. My son has not gotten his results (he was tested on Saturday) but 2 of his golfing buddies who were tested on Friday are negative so we're pretty confident he will be too. There are now several hundred people contacted and being followed from this Nail Salon fiasco. The number of positive cases so far is 21, but they were still testing some of the salons clients (500) all day yesterday. I'm sure 21 seems like a very small blip to most of you, but to us it is quite frightening. Our health unit has ordered masks be worn in all public indoor spaces. $700 fine! A turtle has laid her eggs in my sand riding ring. Sigh. I am knot sure why she chose this place...there is no water or swamp anywhere near the ring Silly momma! I marked the spot with cones and contacted the conservation people. They advised to cover it overnight to protect against predictors (dam coons !) and they will send someone to 'excavate' the eggs to the local sanctuary. I uncovered it this morning ..as advised... but left the cones so we don't smush them when we are riding. Today is Bretts 12th Birthday. Where do the years go?! He is really missing his soccer and hockey. They have nets set up in their cul-de-sac but it's knot the same as the real games. He has been to the driving range a few times.
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