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  1. Ducky Lovely pictures of a couple of lovely black houndie girls Here's a swoon-worthy one of a very handsome black Galgo ... p.s. I had no worries about making a mess with the ashes from Nixon and Rubys beautiful cedar boxes, as the ashes were in heavy plastic bags inside the boxes.
  2. That's some major stink eye from Abu but it looks like he had some fun after all!
  3. You have received excellent advice! When we got our Nixon he spent most of his time in the crate. He would only eat in the crate and only if the door was closed. We allowed this for a few days then started leaving the door open... Just a bit, then gradually widened the opening. We often had to leash him to take him out to potty late at night. He took over 3 weeks to attempt the stairs. We just left him alone and let him figure things out. Then one day he just decided life outside the crate was just fine! Be patient and kind with Faye and soon she will be your best friend.
  4. Beautiful Lila We have a 'Memory Garden' where all our beloved pets are buried. The only ones we've had cremated were Nixon & Ruby, only because the weather was not suitable. I did put a bit of their ashes in the Alzheimer Unit garden at our oldies home (shhhhhh...) and then put the rest in with Nigel when we buried him. Sorry your shed is still not 100% Ducky ....but I am happy Chris yard got cleaned up so quickly Also very glad Nancy is still feeling good It has been a month since Widget was very sick. With no definite diagnosis we have bee
  5. Oh Nancy...I'm so glad the Gua Sha & Accupuncture seems to have made a difference. Hopefully it along with the new meds are the answer AndiPants That is a lot of ice for an almost tropical climate like yours! Sure hope you get your furnace fixed soon. I remember our '98 ice storm like it was yesterday... the sounds of hundreds of huge tree limbs snap-snap-snapping under the weight. Horrifying! Summer... Expert roaching! Yes please Jerilyn... I too would like to see a photo of Lilas pendant We are dug our from yesterdays snow and will now enjoy
  6. Hola from OhCanada. We gots anuther dumping and da TackeShoppe even got closed erly so Mam an Tena could get howme safe. Its kinda changed ovah to rain now an Mams gettin reddy to go bring dem soggy ponys into da barn fer da nite. Kathy! OUCH! Hopefully your YakTrax arrive soon. Pippin Patsy got her travel $$$ rearranged And Wiki had an adventure with Mistress
  7. Wiki Jen with the fabric Lucy We seem to be out of the PolarBear weather And now for your smile of the day... here is little Maggie & Stoneys frosty butts ..
  8. I'm so glad Dottie has settled in so well!
  9. Chris Jerilyn! I was thrilled to see the snow removal peeps with their big dumptrucks removing all the huge snowbanks along the roadside in the Village yesterday Sherri Glad things are slowly improving. I have a cousin in Austin who just got his gas back on today YakTraks for Kathy Kerry ... Hope the headache leaves soonest
  10. Children are quite resilient and at age 2 your son will not really understand the concept of death. Saying that he was very sick may not be a good idea.. You don't want to make illness a scary thing. When he asks " where is Charlie" just say he had to leave. You could say he went to heaven if that's your belief, or 'over the Rainbow Bridge'. Sadly your young son will recover from Charlie's loss quicker than the adults My now teenaged grandkids have experienced the death of several of my dogs and horses over the years and we have always encouraged them to be sad and cry alon
  11. Hola! Dang Nabbit.... still no power for Chris et Al I suppose everyone has the same idea bout going to a hotel....and its probably harder to find space that will take 3 large dogs.... I think the poor folks down in Texas are having a really bad time...hopefully Sherrie is still OK On a happier note... today is Sids 3rd Gotcha Day Our forecasted for Friday is now downgraded to only a couple of inches Stay safe and warm...
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