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  1. Clem! Oh My! That little kitteh is ever so cute!! And I saw Robins new little one over on FB Doug! Today was positively glorious outside. Raked and pulled dead stuff from a couple of gardens. Daffydills look like they'll flower within the week. My forsythia has teeny weeny buds starting And the PeeOnMe also has teeny little shoots coming up. I tackled the grocery store early this morning. Hopefully the last time for a couple of weeks. Stood in line outside for 10 minutes, shopped for 10 minutes but then had to wait in line for 20 minutes to check out. Even more merchants will be locked down with curbside pickup only after today. Hardware stores, non-essential construction sites, pet stores (yes.. my tackeshoppe). Sigh. Seems this will be our new normal for many more weeks to come.
  2. Yes..call your health unit. Does he have to get re-tested? I thought you needed 2 negative tests?
  3. Oh dear! But the chances are extremely slim of him passing it to you if you stayed far apart and had masks and gloves on. So now you'll be in strict isolation for 2 weeks? I'm pretty sure that is the 'rule' here...if you've been in contact with anyone then you must quarantine. Do you have someone who can get you groceries etc?
  4. Dammit Sorry you're getting more Patsy. We are experiencing some nice weather these days, although we can never rule out winter returning ....
  5. Oh Lila! Look at those lovely thick furs you've got. Our Sid has lots of plush furs too! Patsy. Sid's Autism kidlets have invited us to do a Zoom visit. I'm going to see if I can figure it out on the little iPad.... I was barely into Season 8 of Call The Midwife on Netflix and now they've removed it I've now started 'Broadchurch' We are not on complete lockdown...yet. We can go for groceries, pharmacy, etc. No visiting friends or people over. We can go out for walks but just need to stay 6' away from others. I am still riding Widget but usually see nobody when I'm there. However...today there were 3 people there....Please think good thoughts for Ollie, one of the older TB at Widgets barn who had a mild colic this morning. He was tubed and seemed better when we left at noon. No news is good news.... Take care, my friends...
  6. Hmmmm...seems I missed the last pages of the old club. Hope everyone is doing ok...
  7. How about a DVD AND a VHS And the first 10 of 30 face masks...
  8. So very sorry for the loss of your sweet girlie. Remember all the good times...
  9. It would try ignoring her completely. Do not speak to her. Do not look at her. Just carry on doing what ever you were doing.
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