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  1. Myka There is a slight glimmer of hope this evening for Paps brother. Slight. They decreased his oxygen late this aft and he responded OK to the decrease. They will wait for swelling to lessen and do a cat scat Mon or Tues
  2. Finally got a message to Pap last night. He is now on his way back home as his brother is on life support.
  3. Please for Paps brother David who suffered a brain aneurysm today and is surgery right now. And Pap is far far away on his annual cousins fishing trip with no cel/wifi service. I am trying to reach another cousin who can hopefully get a message to him.
  4. Just displaced? That is an easy fix, but I'd certainly get him into the Vet.
  5. in my Nixon...Starz Sammie Album `RNS Spring` pic Thanks...
  6. I contacted the UK company and they say it isn't their order that is refused, but the older Australian one (which I was refunded) That order was made in late February and apparently has been sitting at Customs for 2 months before they decide to not let it in. The UK people said it is rare for their orders to be refused (even though it is for the exact same stuff) because they go through a different point of entry. We'll see... if it is not here in another week they will refund me and I'll have to decide what to do.
  7. I'm not sure how to change my siggie pic. I have the one I want to use in my Gallery... just not sure how to get it into my siggie.
  8. So very sorry for the sudden loss of your handsome boy. Remember all the good times....
  9. Lucy Ambi (Nixons brother from another mother ) Nixon was 12 years, 8 months old when he passed and Ruby is now 12 years, 2 months and doing very well ... except for her picky appetite. Safe travels to Mister Tin. I am beyond frustrated with trying to get tick collars and Revolution sent to me from either Australia or the UK. I have used these companies for years now with success, but a couple weeks ago I had to get a refund from the Australian place as my order hsd never arrived after 6 weeks. And today I received notification from Health Canada / Customs that my order from the UK is refused entry. Sigh.
  10. Sorry for the little rant. I ordered my products from a UK company that I have used in the past but today received notification that it has been refused entry by Health Canada. Sigh.
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