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  1. Lookin'good Andi! Tiller Sounds like you all have had a greyt day with plenty of Thursday is the day we order take-out from our little local restaurant ...so the boys here had no necks either! Nigel got chiro'd & stuck with needles and Sid got his Lepto shot. DocMorag said he was verging on pudgy....
  2. Hope everyone enjoyed their day, whether it was chicken or turkey
  3. Put a muzzle on him. If you don't have a stool guard, you can put some tape over the end. I have an old muzzle that I keep taped up just for times like this!
  4. Balti.... We sure hope you have many, many good days ahead. Better living through fharmacuticals...
  5. Molly....Hope that cactus finally sprouts! Lila Good girl I dare not show Pap the hot dog spaghetti. He has terrible eating habits and this would be right up his alley Off to look at the auction...
  6. No video proof, but the kids here very much enjoyed their peanut butter on Ritz crackers for lunch
  7. Sorry we're late to the party. Looks like you had a greyt day with a road trip. Doesn't get any better than that!
  8. Merry Christmas and a Ho Ho Ho! With Rudolphs' nose all aglow! Milo please ... let us know Exactly where we need to go For toys galore? Ones that squeak? Or some tasty treats that really reek? Maybe Mom needs something too Red or yellow or maybe blue? Milo, Milo...please give us a clue!
  9. I have been in touch with Saint Nick And he's sending your parcel out riteaway kwik. The old guy says that you may Open it up rite away
  10. I have been in touch with Saint Nick And he's sending your parcel out riteaway kwik. The old guy says that you may Open it up rite away
  11. Sorry you don't like the advice and opinions of our experienced group. However... In your original post you stated that your son was approaching the dog while the dog was laying on his bed.... once while he was chewing his toys. So... I will once again repeat.. 'Let Sleeping Dogs Lie'. No... The dog wasn't actually sleeping, but he was quietly laying down on HIS bed. I repeat... HIS bed. Alfie has already shown you that he has some resource guarding issues so it is doubly important to not approach him while he's laying on his bed with his toy/bone. Researc
  12. Don is correct when he says ... 'Let Sleeping Dogs Lie". This is not an 'old wives tale'. No dog...especially a Greyhound recently retired from racing... should be bothered when laying down. Not by adults and certainly not by 10 year old children. Ever. If your child was snapped at or bitten by a dog that should not have been approached then the fault is with the child. Don is a very seasoned greyhound owner who has experienced 'sleep startle' first hand. His advice and comments were spot-on.
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