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  1. So sorry for the loss of your Phog. Remember the good times....
  2. Good morning...another rainy day. We’ll need Misser Marcs arc soon. is long gone and I’ll wait for my second at the TackeShoppe. Jerilyn & Wiki Yes Chris! How are your eyes? Ticks are out in force here too. Sid & Kibo have had their serestos on for a couple of weeks.
  3. Ducky Chris! with your eyes FancyPants Sigh. We had a bit of overnight
  4. Hola! Finalmente! Mam says ah can habs some tictic time Howsoever ah habs no fun stories to tell nor enny fun advenchurs eether. Weeve had mucha iluvia wiff a nasty thunder storm last nite. No me Gusto An tomorrow ah git to go see Doc Morag. Juss a check up an mah Lepto shot. Lukit Ivy & Cherry...awl matchy-matchy An Wiki...lukit yu... upside down! Dats mah favrite position too. But ah will knot let Mam see dat glamerus pikchur...sheed swoon rite ver into a ded faint..... FancyPants ... wot da heck is going on
  5. You have received good advice. The ‘let sleeping dogs lie’ rule always needs to be followed. Keep in mind that retired Greyhounds are used to sleeping alone in their kennel and not ever disturbed while sleeping.
  6. Good morning! My Is long gone and I’ll wait until I get to the TackeShoppe before having my second. There is absolutely nothing new happening here. No walkies or any other outdoor activities for the next 10 days or so. The nasty biting black flies have made their annual pilgrimage to Eastern Ontario I need to clean up my little gardens and pull some dead stuff (knot a pony ) out of one of the paddocks, but unless there’s a very stiff wind or you can outrun the little ba$t@rds, it is best to stay indoors. Hope everyone has a great day p.s. my brother found ‘H
  7. Our hounds sure know how to train us up right, don’t they ?!
  8. Oh my..seems that you have all been busy ... please know that I have skimmed through I have stolen borrowed inherited Moms iPad. Nobody else really wanted it and my mini one is so ancient and I have been unable to post from it to GT. This one is much much newer ...and full sized ... so here I am, ticticking direct from my kitchen table
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