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  1. Brrrrrrrrr.... We did have sunshine today, but it did not warm things up. I think tomorow will be a bit warmer Brrrrrrrrr..... My son posted this about his beloved Packers... "Tip my cheesehead to the niners! U treated us like a schoolgirl during frosh week"
  2. Congratulations on your new housemates! What are their names? You should have them checked for worms...this could cause the loose poos. I agree .... they could be chilly and need some Jammies! And yup.... They will follow you everywhere until they get totally adjusted. Give them a few weeks to get settled.
  3. Rachel RECarol I love bats! Most places in OhCanada would not be at all suitable for a cob house - too cold and wet - but that gal certainly found the perfect spot. Abby Sherrie Sorry Doug is having issues. Pap has to go back to PT on his leg/knee. Still not 100% amost a year after his huge muscle tear and resulting hematoma. Along with the 2 BC pups, a 5 month old GSD joined Kibos class tonight. One BC started staring & barking at us before we even got in the room, which set Kibo off, then they all joined in, but they all settled quickly and did very well. It is still cold - minus 22 - when I looked out at the thermometer a few minutes ago. And we're are going to get and more starting tomorrow.
  4. Brrrrrrrrr Minus 21 on the thermometer. Not sure what the windchill is... Sid will need his booties for our visiting today.
  5. Jennie Mistress Brrrrrrr Galina All the ice finally melted off the gates and fences today, but the temps will drop again by tomorrow. Then we're getting
  6. Our quiet rural life sounds so very dull when I hear greyt stories like this
  7. I do remember getting that message ^^^^^^^ the first couple of times it happened.... but then I figured out that all I have to do is click on one of the links (ie forums) and I am actually still logged in.
  8. Whew Hamish None of our hounds have ever escaped The gate ...and the latch... is quite visible and only a dozen feet from the side door. We have a 'High Speed Hounds' sign on the gate and if we're expecting a delivery I have a sign that says to leave all packages on the front door. Sorry for your loss, Robin We had torrential rain all day yesterday, which turned into freezing rain overnight. Luckily there was some ice pellets mixed in which made the footing much better.... but I did have to take a hammer to the latch on the gate Currently it is snowing like crazy but that is supposed to stop soon. The ponies will be very happy to get outside..they've been inside for 24+ hours now and I'll be glad to get the barn properly mucked out.
  9. Kibos ears really perked up at the sound of those squeakies!
  10. I don't get that message.... It just appears that I am not logged in. Just happened now on my desktop. I don't think it happens on the iPad. If I click on any of the links (ie forums) then it shows that I am logged in. Again.. not a real problem for me, but it is weird.
  11. Brrrrrrrr Patsy and Tin Brrrrrrrr We had minus 20C yesterday morning, but the temp has slowly but surely risen to plus 3 and now have a rainfall warning in effect And then of course it will get colder and freeze rain by tomorrow night .....and then on Sunday SkinKid will also be cheering on his beloved Packers! Kibo had his first basic 'obedience' class tonight Living in the boonies is wonderful, but it does not get your young wild street Galgo used to strange things and strange dogs. It is not official obedience, but more a 'listen and focus on me when there are many distractions' class. Very low key. There was us and a 10 month old BC and a 7 month old BC. Kibo was a bit nervous but the teacher is awesome. He was the best behaved and had very little interest in the other dogs, even with the younger one fixated on him. I was very proud of him and he really relaxed as the hour went along ... he even climbed on the agility table!
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