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  1. Velvet That is exactly the kind of relaxing day that Nigel, Sid and Kibo had after our morning walkies. No word on how Pisser is doing JimmyTheBarnCat is just fine. The wound is super clean and so far looks great. Kaila will not physically outgrow Widget. She is only 5'2" but she will 'out-age' him for H/J/Eq classes in 4 years. She does love riding the ponies and is a bit intimidated by horses, as she has only ridden a couple of them. Adults can ride ponies in Dressage and Eventing. And small adults are very handy to have around for starting/training
  2. It is early days yet and he needs tome to get used to his new surroundings and routine. And I would never leave any dog - Greyhound or otherwise - alone in any yard unsupervised no matter how high the fence. Our guys do go out alone for pee breaks, but we check on them every minute or two. We are also rural and quiet with no close neighbours or neighbouring dogs.
  3. As they age they do tend to feel the cold more. We've not even had a hard frost yet and Nigel needs his fleece on overnight.
  4. I am so glad the air is clearing up on the far left coast, although I suspect there are still many, many fires burning. Pisser Our barn kitteh, Jimmy has a burst abcess on his side. I discovered this today when I got home from work. Sigh. Cleaned it up and he seems fine ...eating and drinking and not the least bit worried... but I shall dress it again tomorrow and call the Vet on Monday.... ER if he takes a turn for the worse overnight. Here is a nice pic of Kaila, her friend Mia with Widget & his bestie, Zephyr... taken at Wigets 'barn aw
  5. Pisser Breeze Rain in Oregon. Our DocMorag is certified in Chiro and accupunture, too. Nigel gets a going over once a month. He loves it. And he is continuing to do awesome on the Doxepin. Sids toe is just fine. I spent the afternoon working at the TackeShoppe And I get to go back again tomorrow One of the gals has had nasty morning sickness
  6. Checking in on the horrible little phone keyboard in ccchilly OhCanada. YAY Lila! The new Vet Lady sounds very wise and sensible.
  7. Just checking on news from Lila Sid came into the house streaming blood from his foot, but all I could find was barely a pin-prick sized injury near his dew claw and he is sporting some lovely blue vetwrap which can probably come off soon. Silly boys.
  8. Cccccool here this morning. Only 4C when I did barn chores but no frost. I'm at work now and it has warmed up a bit, so of course I am still wearing my shorts Charlie Lila Keep up the good work. Whoozagoodgirl?!
  9. Does he have another dog bed in the bedroom? We have multiple beds placed all over the house. Can you put a small X-Pen around his bedroom bed to keep him from jumping on your bed?
  10. Just checking to see how Lila is doing this morning... Welcome Noor!
  11. I have been feeding raw and kibble for years with no problems at all. My guys get raw in the morning - sometimes I also toss in a bit of kibble - and kibble for supper.
  12. Have to agree with Chris & Ducky! Human toothpaste. Yikes! Hookworms are so common in Greyhounds coming off the track in the US, almost all dogs will need treatment for several months. Many, many essential oils are toxic to dogs. Certainly here in Canada you will not be able to adopt a Greyhound for $500.
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