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  1. Good dark dreary morning. Cool but knot freezing. Going to rain for a couple of days. Yuk. Safe flight Patsy… and enjoy your family time Daphne Nancy, repeat after me: No matter how much I love a house, I will have a home inspection done. I will have a home inspection done. I will have a home inspection (by an engineer) done. Homes up here are pretty much always sold ‘as is’ and it’s up to the buyer to make sure it has no issues. West Coasters stay safe! I’m off to the Tack Shoppe today
  2. It was quite a frosty morning earlier and it was ccchilly watching the jumping clinic at 9:30. It has warmed up nicely and I’ll go ride TheWidge before Bretts 6:30 hockey game. Daphne. Hope everything is ok….
  3. Almost gone. Zero Celsius this morning but no wind and it’s going to be a lovely fall day RE Carol Houses here in also sell in a few days. I’d say average price for ordinary homes in the city is $600k. Older fixer uppers mid $400. Scary. We’re staying her forever. If the stairs become an issue we can block off upstairs and easily live down here. Pap is home from (non) moose hunting and, as predicted, nary a moose was seen I’m heading out soon to watch a friend ride her horse in a jumper clinic. Thankfully there’s a Timmies on the way
  4. It has turned into a decent day here…some sun and knot too ccchilly! Sid and I had an enjoyable visit with our oldies this morning. Oh..I really like that house. And a real bargain compared to here. I agree…most of the Carpet would have to go...perhaps there’s hardwood under it? And does it seem that all of Pittsburg housing is built on or into hills I also like the Flagline harness as they don’t have to step into it. Fits front-amp Mario really well. Lots of club sleepovers this week Enjoy!
  5. Dude Kathy & Jim Beautiful deer, Ivy. I see them most mornings. There was a huge buck hanging around a couple of weeks ago. He's probably off galavanting around out in the back 40 with his gal friends now. Wiki ... glad your earsies didn't freeze! No furnace on today! It was 20C and I rode Ryker outside in a short sleeved shirt. Tomorrow we start back into cooler weather with rain and by Friday I think it will be furnace time again. Oh. My. Goodness. That house! Can't wait to get the in-person report from Nancy. With No chipmunks in Oregon? Really? We sure have lots here. They are so cute and are very feisty. They chase the squirrels I had my flu shot today. The sooper dooper one specially for old people Pap is still away (not) moose hunting and will get his next week.
  6. Our 9 year old Mario had his LF removed in mid May when he was still in Qatar and came to us at the end of July. He is full of energy and zooms around the yard quite easily, but I have never even attempted to take him for a walk. We're quite rural and have to walk along the side of the road. If we lived in the city where he could stop and rest on some grass it might be better. The constant hopping is very tiring and after one lap of our small yard he comes in and flops down on a bed. Mario also goes very fast... I think its just to keep his balance. I think a rear amp is not as 'hoppy' as a front amp, but I imagine it still takes a lot of energy to move.
  7. Oh! Goodness! "You meaned how "Little Mario" has adapted, like a title for him, not how he *hasn't* adapted (how little he's adapted) to the colder weathers!!! " Yes MissNooCarol...Words are tricky! And Mario is little. And he has adapted well. Laila Oh! Club meet-up! Don't forget
  8. gone … but I pass a Tims on my drive in to the TackShoppe Molly! Lookin’ good! Ducky It was only 4C (40F) outside here with light drizzle and 17C (63F) in the house. I actually turned the furnace on for a few minutes to take the chill off. I’ve been rather surprised at how little Mario has adapted to the chilly wet weather. He eagerly goes outside while I usually have to physically shove Kibo out the door.
  9. Pouring down rain all day today Thundery noises too. Yuk. It will be a struggle to get the houndies out to potty before I head out. Pap has gone off to his camp. Moose opens tomorrow. Please note that in 40 years they have rarely seen a moose and none have actually been shot Also note that am quite happy to have the house to myownself all week I have a meeting with the owner of the Inn (seems our relatively new manager has resigned) before I head off to the TackShoppe. Have a Greyt day!
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