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  1. So very sorry. Run free, Nadia...
  2. Jerilyn And on your artwork I did one of those Paint-Night fundraisers a couple of years ago. It was fun! Lila Molly Little Chance is adorable Kerry We're still experiencing winter with 4" more today on top of the 6" we got on Monday night. At least the temps have risen to just around freezing today which is much better than the minus 23 we had yesterday Kibo doesnt seem to mind it at all
  3. I'm in Ontario...and we already have snow/ice and COLD temps. We do salt the entrance deck when it's icy....although ours is quite small. No matting would stay ice-free here. You can buy pet-safe de-icer. Can you put some sort of temporary fencing ...plastic snow fencing ? ... around the majority of the deck, leaving only a 2-3 ft opening to keep the dog from jumping up and sliding across the wide span?
  4. NILIF = Nothing In Life Is Free You've been given excellent advice. It's early days yet and the settling in process can be hard. We have had our 2.5 yr old Galgo/Grey mix here for 3 months now ... he's a little firecracker .... and pack dynamics are still changing.
  5. I'm so glad Bella is doing better with Winnie around! And yes...there will be 'discussions' over beds. You should probably have a minimum of 3 beds so they always have a choice. My guys all have their favourite ones ... and they do change that every once in a while......so we have more beds than dogs in most rooms. There are four in the kitchen and four in the bedroom and a futon and 2 beds in the mud room. Right now I have Nigel & Sid here in the kitchen and Kibo is out on the futon. Theres only one dog bed in the living room because...well... you know...the couch and love seat are more comfy
  6. I have fed a raw-kibble diet for years. My guys are healthy, weight is fantastic and they have amazing poop! I am lucky to have a local raw food business in my Village. It is a mix of beef, chicken, fish, eggs including bone and tripe. It is ground up quite fine..like hamburger.. And frozen into 40 pound blocks. Then they cut it on a band saw into whatever size pieces you need. I get 1 pound pieces and this is their breakfast. They eat a generous cup of Kirkland Lamb & Rice for dinner.
  7. Chilly Dogs! We have the fleece sweaters for not-too-COLD and the Great White North for CCCold weather. All their stuff comes in 'Long and Lean' styles for sighthounds. Lasts forever! I know they are out of 26" fleecies at their factory, but they are in production.
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