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  1. I'd be chatting with your Vet about this.
  2. Thanks for all the good birthday wishes. I've been working all weekend but I still managed to have some fun. Kaila and Widget had a great last dressage show of the season and we think she should be Junior Champ for the series Feel better Kerry. I've had shingles and the pain was worse than when I had 6 broken ribs. Hopefully you got on a good anti-viral Jed quickly. Hope Zorro heals up quickly FUZZY Boo for x wives showing up after 20 years RECarol Little Kibo had a big adventure today at our humane society fundraiser walk. Once he got over a wee bit of nerves and surprise at seeing SO many people and strange dogs, he was an excellent meet'n'greeter
  3. Kerry & Pippin Sorry Andi has those nasty hooks Safe travels to NancyToo I don't think I'd allow any dog that was not up to date on his shots stay at my house. Especially if I had a puppy that had not had all his boosters. JJs star was very bright last night.... I hope he sends a sign to you, Robin
  4. Quite clearly I must have had Sid on my mind when I typed that. Or else I'm having an old lady memory lapse and I can't remember which dogs went with me today LOL... that is KIBO and Nigel. Chiro visit today. And Nigel also gets accupuncture Charts are all computerized now. But there are always treats
  5. Where is she?? Kibo and Nigel waiting for DocMorag
  6. Nigel is our senior boy. He turned 11 on June 2 and is definitely slowing down. He still has a fabulous appetite but walks are shorter and slower and zoomies are pretty much a thing of the past. Nigel has been a St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog for several years and he has been been a 'Paws 4 Reading' dog for the past 5 years. He will be retiring from this program this year as he finds it more and more difficult to get up and down from his reading mat. Here he is with some of his younger students....
  7. Oh JJ... Fly swiftly and peacefully. Your good buddy Nixon will be waiting for you. Ruby too...
  8. "and I can shush her if needed" This is not going to solve anything. You need to totally ignore her whining/barking. She will consider any response from you as a reward.
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