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    Greyhound luxury home boarding (UK), greyhound house sitting (anywhere in the world considered), nature, spiritual growth, holistic medicine and energy psychology, travelling the world and generally enjoying myself!

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  1. It can be hard at times Pam - I'm constantly catching myself thinking or about to say something negative and then have to quickly turn it around.
  2. DOES YOUR GREYHOUND 'UNDERSTAND 'EVERY WORD YOU SAY'? The photo below shows my beloved first greyhound Charlie with me a month before the end of his life. He'd had degenerative myelopathy for about three years at this point - managed very well with multiple 5-10 minute walks every day, weekly hydrotherapy sessions and ramps for steps and the car. Even so, you can see that his back legs had lost a lot of muscle by this point due to this progressive neurological condition. However, on this occasion he had still managed to climb with relative ease (my partner was with me and would have carried him if necessary) to the top of the biggest hill on our favourite walk, where this photo was taken and where I later scattered his ashes. PLEASE READ ON for some important information that I've recently been given and have been guided to pass on to all animal lovers. I'm sure you've heard it said at some point that 'your dog understands every word you say'. Personally I didn't used to believe that this was necessarily true, although I knew that they did discern a lot from our tone of voice and body language etc. However, from my work as an Emotion Code practitioner for people and pets I (and more recently as an animal communicator) I now know that it is completely, and sometimes devastatingly, true. One of things I was shown just recently to illustrate this involved one of my own dearly departed greyhounds, my very precious and deeply cherished Charlie. He was almost 13 years old and had been suffering from degenerative myelopathy for about 3 years at that point. I'd come home from work after leaving him for four hours and found him unable to fully support himself on his back legs and very distressed. I phoned my then partner (now my husband) to come straight home from work and he lifted him into the back of my car for me. I got in the back with him to support his back end and we drove to the vet in very frustrating rush hour traffic. As I was struggling to support Charlie in the back of the car, I decided it was time to let him go and said so to my partner. I have now been shown that Charlie understood exactly what I meant and that, although he didn't mind leaving as he knew it wasn't a good idea for him to remain in his physical body any longer, he was nevertheless frightened by what I'd said. He has of course forgiven me and our love remains as strong as ever even though he's been 'gone' for almost 14 years now. The lesson here for me, and also for all of you, is to please be very very careful indeed about what you think, and especially what you say, about and particularly in front of, your companion animals. They understand our thoughts in the same way but spoken words are more powerful, and written words are even more powerful. PLEASE SPEAK ONLY IN LOVING AND POSITIVE WAYS TO YOUR ANIMAL COMPANIONS and also please talk to them (very lovingly) about any issues that you are dealing with in their life or even your own life as that will also be affecting them. You can also ask them questions about what they'd like you to do for them and if you listen very careful you may be able to pick up what they are transmitting to you energetically in response. Sending you and your beloved animal friends my heartfelt love <3
  3. Thank you so much Greysmom for all of the information! I won't be driving as although I'm entitled to a rental car free with my flight package I don't fancy driving in a strange to me country, especially on my own. I think I may have to ask the hotel if they can suggest something - coach trip or something. I really do fancy a trip to the coast so will have to see if they have anything on offer. I'd have loved to be able to come to your adoption group's picnic but I'm flying home on the 18th. Maybe another time! Do you know what shopping will be like in Medford? I fancy shopping for clothes whilst I'm there!
  4. Thanks MerseyGrey! You're very welcome to come for a visit. We have a lovely nature reserve across the road which is great for walks. Thanks for the info about Astoria and Yaquina - I'll look them up.
  5. Hi everyone I haven't been on here for a couple of years. My name is Kay aka Hawthorn After my beloved litter mates Sunny and Sophie passed away in the summer of 2016 I decided to set up a luxury home boarding service for greyhounds - Always Greyhounds Home Boarding - at my home in Hertfordshire, UK. This took off really quickly and I was soon inundated with lovely greyhounds and their equally lovely owners - I insist on only having lovely clients. I also have a website for this service: Always Greyhounds Home Boarding I also qualified as an Emotion Code practitioner and run this alongside my boarding service: New Waves of Light. This work enables me to release negative emotions and other negative energies that have become 'trapped' in the physical body as a result of traumatic experiences etc and which, if left, can cause emotional and also physical issues. I do this work for people and also greyhounds. My most recent creation is a house sitting service for greyhounds called Greyhounds With Love House Sitting where I will stay in the greyhounds' home 24/7 to take care of them whilst their owners are away. I will consider assignments anywhere in the world for house sitting. I'm very excited about this latest venture as it means I get to travel to great locations and meet wonderful people whilst taking care of their beloved greyhounds. In the two years since I was last here a lot has happened in my personal life and consequently I've discovered a newfound love of freedom, travel and adventure. In fact, I'm very excited to tell you that I'll be travelling to the US for the very first time in September this year. I'll be staying in Medford, Oregon, for seven days and although three of those days will be taken up with a retreat, I'm hoping to do some sight seeing on the other days. There are lots of firsts for me here: first time to the US (have wanted to for a long time!), first time on a long haul flight , first time flying alone and first time flying for many years. It feels a bit daunting, as there are so many new things happening all at once, but I know I'll be OK and that there will always be kind people around to help me if needs be. I'd really love to visit the coast whilst I'm there - really fancy walking bare foot in the sand - hope it'll be warm enough then! Would be lovely to meet up with some greyhounds and their humans whilst I'm there too if possible. If anyone has any suggestions or lives in the area and would like to meet up I'd be so happy to hear from you ... Will add a photo when I can remember how ....
  6. I never crated any of mine either; they all slept in my room from day one.
  7. Yes, I used liquid B12 for mine. I used the human dose for them (one drop which was around 90mcg) but I was able to use a form of muscle-testing (kinesiology) to determine the correct dosage for each of them. I used a brand called Metabolics, which is very pure, but don't know if available in the US.
  8. You can't be certain there is no medical issue, despite what your vet said. The only time my beloved boy almost bit me was when he had a neck issue which had been completely missed by our regular vet and was later found by a greyhound vet.
  9. "Some souls have a connection that lasts for all eternity". Tao Sunny and Sophie
  10. My late boy Sunny developed very severe IMPA at the same age but we managed it and he lived until he was 11.5. I understand that the severity of this disorder varies greatly and that some dogs only have once incident whereas others, like Sunny, have relapses and require lifelong treatment. Let me know if you need to know anything else.
  11. I'd also consider trying some calming supplements for the next few months. There are various ones available and each dog responds differently to each one, but I had good results with Zylkene for one of mine, at the maximum dose stated on the pack.
  12. If all his ribs are showing he is underweight.
  13. Sounds like he needs three meals a day. 10 hours is a long time to go without food isn't it. I'd give him another cup of kibble at lunchtime and possibly also another half cup at bedtime too. I also wouldn't worry at all about how much others are feeding their dogs. If your dog is underweight it's not going to hurt to give him another cup of kibble and you can always cut down later on if he starts to get too fat. I used to feed my greyhounds four meals a day.
  14. Welcome and congratulations on your new family member! I live in Hertfordshire and have had four ex-racers from the RGT over the years. My last two passed away in August and I am taking a break from having my own greyhounds for a while, but have started a grey-sitting business so I can still get my fix! Hope you enjoy GreyTalk.
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