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  1. my Poodle mix is HIGHLY allergic to organic white chicken breast. She vomited for over a year before I figured it out. I was poisoning her.
  2. 5 days with no vomiting !!!! I have made sure she only has the RX food and treats, and so far she is doing better. Meds are finished now too. I am curious what kind of anti inflammatory you are referring to ? I know some can cause irritation. Thank you
  3. Yes, they are the ones who did the scope and the original ultrasound. She was given a shot the day she vomited 9 times, and then we have Sucralfate that she was on twice a day for 10 days. No vomiting for 2 days with no meds so far. Keeping my fingers crossed. I also started a probiotic yesterday
  4. I have tried ginger in treats and in her water, she won't touch it.
  5. When she was a young pup, we were told to feed her a ginger cookie from Trader Joes an hour before trips in the car. Worked great, but she will no longer eat them.
  6. The diary is a good idea, I will start that today. She had a stomach and small intestine biopsy, and they said it showed inflammation. That was about 14 months ago. My vet does suspect IBS. I will see if the labs you suggest were done, thank you
  7. Thank you for your replies....let me see if I can answer all the questions. Yes, she had another ultrasound 1 week ago, and I know she has not swallowed a foreign object. She is a VERY picky eater, and she only eats small amounts when the mood strikes. She is a nibbler, small amounts all afternoon and evening. She has food available all the time, and gets small amounts of canned food twice a day, but doesn't eat it very often. She doesn't like food in the morning, so I am thinking she wakes up with nausea? Had Sucralfate (sp?) last night like she has had the last week+, this morning wolfed down her food, then vomited it up within a few minutes. 2 fairly large amounts of undigested food, so regurgitated food actually, tubes of food covered in mucous. She has had a scope to see if there is any stricture in her throat and it was normal. This started over a week ago with clear vomit X 3, then 6 more episodes of vomiting the same day, she went to the vet that afternoon. She was given fluids, a shot for nausea, and the Metronidazole and Sucralfate for 10 days. She is still on it. She has kept all of her food down since starting the meds until today. The vomiting is random, not usually after activity, just here and there. She occasionally wakes up from a nap and vomits. After an episode, she is a bit quiet for her, but she will pep up and want to play. She still tears around the yard playing ball, and other inside games. She still loves her walks and gets very excited. She is much quieter this last week. Wants to sit in my lap or go lay in her crate. I know she is feeling crummy most of the time. Pooping is completely normal. Yes, she has been looked at for an ear infection and things look clear. I had them check for that after reading online. She also does not mess with her ears. She gets car sick and we use Dramamine for long car rides, but it knocks her out, so we don't want to use that daily. She has been to the vet 3 times since this started. Yesterday she had a full senior panel lab, and all results were normal. She has lost 1 lb, and now weighs a bit more than 11 lbs. Prior to this episode, she had several visits to an Internal Medicine vet. She is the one who did the scopes and one of the ultrasounds. There is nothing new in her world at all. She is a pretty happy and calm pup. Thank you all for your ideas.....I appreciate the help. I keep thinking that someone will have the answer. We are on our 3rd vet and I trust the one she is seeing now. She is great about taking my calls and researching things to check with her.
  8. I have a 23 month old Poodle mix who has had issues with vomiting since we brought her home as a puppy. We switched foods a million times (plenty of time with each change), took to the vet hundreds of times, she has had labs, been scoped, had an ultrasound, was tested for liver duct twisting (? I can't remember what it was called), and was down to eating boiled organic chicken, all to no avail. After too many food switches, I realized that she is allergic to chicken and all poultry. The new vet I took her to thought we should try her on Royal Canin Hydrolyzed protein diet, which seemed to really calm things down. She has never had diarrhea, but the vet thinks she may have IBS. About 3 months went by without any vomiting, and I thought we were in the clear. Her vomiting started up again with a vengeance recently and I took her back in, and she was given Metronidazole for the bacteria in her gut, and also Sucralafate twice a day for a week. Here we are 2 days after finishing all meds, and she is back to vomiting. She is wanting to be held all the time, a bit lethargic, but still runs and chases the toys, loves her walks. Yesterday she had a full senior lab panel done, and all was great. Any ideas of what I can do or where we should look ? The vet wants to put her on a months worth of antibiotics, and that just isn't sitting well with me. I do trust the new vet though, but antibiotics are tough on tummies. She now weighs 11.9 lbs, down from 12.8 lbs 3 months ago. She is well hydrated. I cannot bear the thought of losing my puppy, and I know she just feels miserable. Insight from the experts please....
  9. We donated all of her things (except for a couple of special collars) to Project Pooch, which is a program ran by our local juvenile prison. They have an amazing program training dogs and then adopting them out. They were very thankful, and said that with the cut backs on taxes, they are afraid they will not get many donations. Thank you all.. I know my post was silly, of course we all miss them when they are gone. The house just seems out of balance. We moved here 10 years ago, and we brought Ruby home the following Summer. She belonged here.
  10. It has been 8 days since Ruby left us. I still look for her all day long, listen for her feet coming down the hall, and yesterday, while I was napping in another room, I swear I heard her rustling around. I just miss her. We have a 18 month old Poodle mix who is sweet, and silly, but there was such a sense of calm seeing Ruby laying upside down on her bed. I miss her
  11. I'm so sorry....it is so hard when they are sick. Sending prayers.
  12. Thank you all so much. We miss her terribly. I keep thinking she is just asleep in the corner, but when I look, it is bare. She was such a perfect girl. She never stole food, begged, chewed up anything, pottied in the house (except on meds, not her fault) barked, or did anything to scare a soul. She was amazing, and I will always hold her close in my heart.
  13. Our sweet girl Ruby had to leave us Saturday after a slip and fall that happened about 3 weeks prior. She became painful when we touched her, she quit wagging her tail, and her eyes told us it was time. She had injured her neck in the fall, and no matter what we tried, she was in pain. The last 2 days she started to limp on her front foot. Ruby came to live with us almost 9 years ago, and what a blessing she was to us. She became my 2 year old grandsons best buddy, playing together and laying down, curled up for a nap each afternoon. They adored each other. Everyone that came to our home fell in love with her. She was gentle and quiet, and didn't wander over unless you asked her to. She was the best pup anyone could ever ask for. She was my first dog, and I fell in love instantly. We will miss her so much. RIP Our Sweet Ruby Girl with the velvety ears. Our sleeping rug. Our Old Dinosaur. Our beautiful Golden Girl. You claimed a large piece of our hearts. Until we meet again. What a joyous day that will be.
  14. What to do , what to do...... thank you all. Last night she woke up in the wee hours of the morning needing to pee, so out she went. We did watch her tank up on water all day yesterday, so that has got to be the problem.
  15. Interesting. She is on Famotidine for vomiting randomly for the last year. Tonight she threw up, and has been siphoning water down like crazy. I had no idea that Rimadyl would cause stomach issues. GAH......... The vet did call back and said to cut the Gabapentin down to 1/2 a day.
  16. Ruby has had a long week. Sunday she took a Bambi on Ice spill and could not get herself back up. I ran to her and held her back end up until she steadied herself. She seemed fine after that, with a small walk to the mailbox and back. No limping, no other signs of injury. By evening she was randomly crying out. Monday morning we took her to the vet, who said her neck has no range of motion, and her kidney felt "large and spotty". She gave us Gabapentin and took labs to check her kidney function. Call back from the vet that evening, and she said kidney labs were a tad high (hers have always been) and she felt it was OK to go ahead with the Rimadyl. We started it the next morning. She then seemed happy and was even taking small dashes around the back yard. Tail was wagging, she was eating well. Then 2 nights ago she peed on the floor in the middle of the night. We didn't think anything of it, as we had a bit of a lightening storm that evening, and I thought maybe she was frightened when she went out. Last night she peed again. She sleeps in the room across the hall from me, and she can get up to wake me, but she didn't. She has a few times, so I know she knows where I am. So my question is, is this the Gabapentin ? We have a call into the vet, but that may take all day, or until tomorrow. If it is the Gabapentin, is there something else to try, or is the Rimadyl enough at this point ? We honestly thought that we would be putting her down last Wednesday, but with the meds she perked back up. Thank you for any help and ideas.
  17. I do not have any medical info to share, but my Poodle mix vomited daily for almost a year before a vet suggested hydrolyzed food for her. After thousands of dollars of tests, I finally realized she is allergic to chicken. Right before finding out the hydrolyzed food was going to work, and she would eat it, I was down to feeding her boiled organic chicken. I was basically killing her. Since the new food, both canned and dry, she has not vomited in almost 6 months. Poor girl, she really suffered. I tried every single food on the planet I think. We do Science Diet dry and canned, and Purina HA. There were a couple others that she wouldn't try. Good luck
  18. We tried Paxil and Trazadone with our Ruby, and neither one helped with her S. A. After trying so many other things with no relief, our vet told us to leave her in our back yard when we are gone. We have a large fenced in yard, so that's what we did. She still has terrible S.A., and she is now nearing age 12. Outside she is happy and loves being out there. For the rainy days, she has a patio that is covered, a large dog house and a heater inside to help her stay cozy. We felt we were doing more harm with all the drugs than helping her. We rarely leave her as I am retired, but on the rare occasion it is over 78 degrees outside, we have a cooling mat under the tree that she likes to lay on. BUT......Paxil helps with a lot of the pups, it just didn't work for our Ruby. Good luck.
  19. I am so sorry that it was June's time to go......Run Sweet Girl, Run
  20. I use a soft toothbrush and an enzymatic toothpaste. Ruby doesn't seem to like or dislike it, she just goes with the routine. I also get her dentals about every 18 months, but she is getting too old now. I don't think we will put her under to have it done again. Her breath is awful, but the vet says it's not her teeth, its her gut. She is almost 12. We do it once a day before bedtime, and I also brush our Poodle mix's teeth too. She loves it.
  21. OH GEEZ......Rotten news. Prayers heading your way
  22. it takes constant work to get them to not bark like crazy at everything and everyone. Our puppy started barking like a maniac around 6 months and we couldn't stand it. I got her a bark collar that emits a high pitched noise when she barks, and she learned it in 2 barks. Now all I have to do is ask her is she wants her bark collar, and she stops. She is allowed to bark when the door bell rings, and that is it. "No Bark" is heard at our house less and less now, and I use the collar about 5 minutes every 6 months or so if she starts ramping up. Nothing worse than a dog who won't stop. We also give her lots of exercise, lots of praise when she is not barking. My nightmare was a Poodle mix who non stop barked. She LOVES to go camping and is a happy girl, loves to meet new people and dogs, and enjoys being outdoors. It is hard when it rains, so I always bring along a couple of puzzle games for her to use in those instances. Good luck
  23. WOW.......I wonder how many people really paid $430 for one ? I bet they are bummed.
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