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  1. Lulu had a followup vet visit for her ouchie paw. Vet declared it allbeddernow. She is so happy to be out of the cone of shame.
  2. Ivy, have you ever seen another houndie with origami ears like yours? Can you stick them straight up or half-masted? Mazy had origami ears. It would have been so cute if she and Ivy would have been able to meet up in the furs.
  3. Dragongirl, knowing where you live would be helpful in answering your questions. Due to travel restrictions there are very few galgos coming in to the US. Due to track closures in Florida, there are fewer greyhounds available across the country. There are often long waiting lists to adopt. I've had 1 galgo, 14 greyhounds, 1 ibizan, 2 mutts, 4 italian greyhounds, and 2 podencos from Spain. Each breed has had its challenges. I prefer the seniors. They adapt so much easier to a new home.
  4. Walk him closer to your body keeping that leash short. Les chance to yank you off your feet. If he backs away, pull the leash down to the ground which will lessen the chance of the collar slipping off. Also seconding the idea of a harness. Houndstown makes regular and great 3-point harnesses. Also get a tag collar so something will be on him if his collar slips off. http://www.houndstown.com/shop/
  5. Ms Summer, dids yor mailbocks move yesserday? Mom sez go chek. liddle Hada, scenthound trackin houndie
  6. I am so sorry that Henry had to leave you. I will add Henry's name to the list of Bridge Angels on GT. He will be in good company.
  7. Jenbo, was that waffle a "chaffle"? Yum! Just ended 4 more hours of backyard cleanup. Another big pile of long branches at the curb + 6 full trash cans of small yard waste. I"m exhausted and I probably stink. And there's more to do butt knot today.
  8. I also seem to have in my head that LP is one of those things you can't really "diagnose" except in absence of symptoms after treatment is started. Maybe I'm mixing that up. Chris, you are correct. With my old boy my vet said let's just try him on the doxepin and if it works it works. It worked and the doxepin is very inexpensive.
  9. Jerilyn, Cindy has given you good advice. There is another GT member presently in a similar dilemma and they have started a thread about it. Nancy, one of my old boys had lar-par. Once we started him on doxepin every 8 hours he was breathing normal again. As that 8th hour neared we could tell it was time for that next dose. He lived several years longer and died from something else. Charlie's honking cough is not improving on doxepin, meaning that ain't what he has. Vet's office has been closed due to post hurricane power loss but I did send a short video to him since it's likely Charlie won't make the noise whilst in the office. Kinda like taking your car to the mechanic and it won't make the mystery noise. Lulu's paw pad is healing. She had a very low-speed head on collision with Georgie in the living room. Georgie did the greyhound scream of deff and later got her revenge by wacking her tail on Lulu's cone. I have scheduled Lulu's follow up visit with my regular vet. I took a day off from cleaning the yard, too hot and humids. Then thunderstorms and flood alerts started being announced. No flooding here. Went to my dermatologist appt and had another pre-cancerous spot frozen off. Yee-ouch! This one was right above my lip. This makes freezing zap removal #6 on various parts of me.
  10. He is indeed a handsome boy. My only suggestion is that if he has some kind of injury in the future that you muzzle him before getting close to examine him.
  11. DaveS, have you been to any lure coursing events? You'll learn more there than you will be by YouTube. I'm not sure about where in NC you can lure course, but I can ask some SC friends for you. Cautionary tale: Several years ago there was a guy in coastal NC who thought he knew all about lure coursing though he'd never done it before, just watched videos. Bought used equipment, set up in an enclosed field with cable going around (not close to) some trees in the center. Initially did greyhounds only, then as a fundraiser, let any kind of dog run. On the day there was a large crowd with many children in attendance, his own greyhound, running solo, ran head first into a tree in the center of the field and snapped her neck. That was the end of that group's local idiot's lure coursing. It can be fun, and there are many professional competitions, but those folks know all the safety risks, regarding inuries and heat-related overexertion.
  12. The first 3 months after adopting is a time of big changes for your boy. We call it the honeymoon period. After that boundaries get tested. Maybe yours is starting a bit earlier. When your daughter was coming down the stairs, was she silent or did she call out a hello to him? Maybe he is claiming the downstairs as "his" area. I'm wondering if he has a bit of "sleep startle". Any chance he may have been trying to engage in play? Some of mine have made a runglerunglerungle noise that could sound like a growl, and one of my current ones is a smiler - which looks very scary. NeylasMom here on GT has extensive training in dog behavior. Hopefully she'll chime in.
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