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  1. Happy gotcha day, Pippin! I won't get Rita's test results until next week. These were some very pricey ones that had to be sent out. Leishmania never goes away. It can go dormant but reactivate during stress or illness. She's pretty chill and in good health so I am optimistic. Depending on the numbers we may not need to do these tests again, just regular old checkup tests like the rest of the dogs get each year. Are you home yet, Merc?
  2. Rita gets her first big check up testing for her leishmaniasis today. Some of the tests have to be sent out so no quick results today. She and I had a lovely long Wiki walkie around the backyard whilst I tried to get a pee sample. Although she's knot having any obvious pee problems, long term use of Allopurinol (for leish) can cause crystals. Her left eye, the blind one, turned red this weekend. She hasn't been pawing at it. I took a chance and used Lulu's eye drops in the hopes it was any allergy and that cleared it temporarily.
  3. Safe travels, Merc! Toot the horn when you drive up I-95 near the I-40 intersection. Welcome Phancy FancyToo and Sam Yu Am! Very pretty profile, Wiki. Correction, Spirit. You said you were full of turdles the other night. Don't you mean you were full of turdles?
  4. Spirit, art thou eating outside turdles that hadst exited yu, or didith they come from Nate? I mineownself was a turdle connisaurus. Howsoebber, they hadst to only be Mazy's turdles. It wood be tuu barfy ob me tu recycle mine ownst turdles. Hi, I'm Charlie, an active member of TEA, Turdle Eaters Anonamouse, an its bin twentyelleben days since I ated a turdle cuz dats wen Mazy left me for da rainbow bridge bacon bar
  5. I've had several greyhounds with a low grade heart murmur and they never needed any meds. My current italian greyhound, Charlie, has a 3/5 heart murmur along with extremely low thyroid (on meds for that). He has been on Vetmedin for his murmur. The challenge has been finding it in stock before I get low on it. Dogs who were fed grain-free kibble developed murmurs in massive numbers and the pharmecutical com[any was struggling to keep up the production with the need. Charlie did not need sedation for his echocardiogram. Are they saying the Daisy would? And are the vets familiar with
  6. I have added Zenji's name to the list of Bridge Angels in March. He is in good company.
  7. Yes, Chris, it is indeed Hada's third gotcha day! Even better is that she has returned to normal, health-wise. I don't think I posted about this but I had a long talk with my vet ( ) during Hada's followup appointment. I asked if she was still sure that Hada had had (that sounds funny ) a stroke. She is convinced that it was indeed a stroke, but knot like we generally think of them in humans. What clicked for her was recalling her own dog going through the exact same symptoms and running every test she could, only to find nothing wrong and no ear infection either. She said the st
  8. Vanessa, we got your missing rain here. It was a pounding rain last night but no thunderboomers.
  9. Happy gotcha day Molly! Sweet woozy dreams, Merc. Then a light meal for you later. Elizabeth, does your vet have you sign a procedure paper on admission? The one my vet uses has a few options, like "do you want us to call you before doing any extractions?" Neizan, only going flying after critters in your dreams. That way it won't hurt when you land. NancyBerger, do you see (no pun intended) a regular old optometrist? At your (our) age, you should see the ophthamlogist only. I truly think my original optometrist never recommended I change doctors so that he could keep me as a c
  10. Saying goodbye to the beautiful greyhounds and their friends who left us in April 2021. As you run with the wind send a caress to wipe our tears. Gone but never forgotten. Loved forever. Run free with those who have gone before you. Greet all those that will follow. Dustin They'll always be with us, just slightly beyond the point that we can see with our eyes. In our heart, though, they'll be bright and clear, as they always were.
  11. Perhaps the skipped spots were not pee-worthy? Hada does something similar on walks but not in the backyard.
  12. Hada is doing well and has a check up tomorrow afternoon. I am happy to report that I have been vertical all day. I really wanted to sleep in but knew I'd just get achier so off to walking at the park I went. Every day I see Ducky and Goosey, an oddly bonded pair. When my friend and I first arrived to the man-made pond both Ducky and Goosey ran off as I began to toss them their usual breakfast of green peas. Chasing them were 4 young hoodlums, short and feathery. Someone dumped them so I'm guessing they were probably an Easter gift. Although they were pecking at the grass, they wer
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