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  1. Once again I am behind in posting. Welcome home baby calf Chance! Happy birthday Mistress Jerilyn and Molly Mc3yearold! Congrats to Mr Tony's Carbonara on her Canadian citizenship! I am gobsmacked by a beautiful gift from Sherrie. Looky at Hada now! The original photo was from her running at Mountain Hounds.
  2. Poor Bella! Hoping she has a quick and comfortable recovery.
  3. Good to see you here Alicia. I get always get comments when I wear your "greyhound sporting eye glasses" tee shirt. The collar I got from you for little Hada, my podenco maneta, at GIG last year is my favorite.
  4. How about some pictures to start your morning? Susan and Hamish Nikita and Mr Bigglesworth Dinner with good friends, me, Susan, Ann, and Lucy If only he could have fit in to my suitcase....
  5. Cathy, maybe Beka has a touch of vestibular disorder. If so, it should gradually go away.
  6. Yay! for Merc going to be at a nice place so Elisabeth doesn't have to worry. That's got to be a tremendous relief and now you can enjoy your event. Patsy, poor Mr Patsy! How did he hurt his head initially? Kathy, I DuckNorris mineownself, would have driven up to save up from choking, just like I did for Caroline at Dewey. So glad you are ok. Has Dr Robin said what's going in that box??? I yam finishing my packing and will soon be on the road to see Susan, Hamish, and the kitties, and hopefully Lucy and Ann too. Looks to be a 6 hour drive + potty and gas stops but at least the rain has stopped.
  7. Elizabeth, are there any other greyhound folks near you who could watch Merc? Are the reviews decent at the Newport boarding place? If so, then spend the money. It's not like you make minimum wage. Local boarding places here are already booked up. Are there any other hotels that will allow a dog whoseagoodboy? Has he had a Bordetella vacine? That's mandatory for boarding here.
  8. Saying goodbye to the beautiful greyhounds and their friends who left us in November 2019. As you run with the wind send a caress to wipe our tears. Gone but never forgotten. Loved forever. Run free with those who have gone before you. Greet all those that will follow. Holly They'll always be with us, just slightly beyond the point that we can see with our eyes. In our heart, though, they'll be bright and clear, as they always were.
  9. Isabella, those were lovely pictures of your mom. Robin, Harold sure is a cutie. What are dese tings called "Leaves" dat turn pretty colors and fall to da grass? Molly, those are called TTCs, aka Temporary Turd Covers. Although they make no noise, lots of salty talk can spew forth from anyone who steps on them. Lucy, I hope your work week isn't too gosh awful. I would love to see you and Ann this weekend.
  10. Miss Ducky, you still comin? You gotta let us no whot you like to eat and drink and such!! Not everyone is content to live on Atkins drinks and diet sweet tea and cawfee! Susan, I am still coming! I will text you when I hit the road Friday morning (8th) and let you know my approximate ETA. I'll head home on Sunday morning unless I run out of Duck Norris stories and you have to run me off. No special meals needed as I yam flexible with edibles and this is a mini vacay. Going out to eat is good too. Mexican? Si'! Otherwise open to anything that doesn't have spicy stuff. Mostly I drink tap water, plusalso the occasional hot tea and coffee.
  11. Looky at Hamish being all brave and confident at the dog show!
  12. Happy birthday Robin! Vanessa reminded me that I haven't been posting much. I completely forgot that Halloween was Georgie's 10th birthday. She got extra cookies. Lulu didn't seem to mind wearing a witch hat. That's about as exciting as it gets around here.
  13. Good luck today Susan! Note to Hamish: do knot poop in the judging ring.
  14. Carol Ann, you look adorable. Miss Real England Carol: about that leak, have they checked the air conditioning drain line? Mr Ducky's was blocked by BIG BUGS that looked like bees. They had crawled up the drain line and built a nest. The Toyota man had only seen something like that once before. Like yours, Mr Ducky's passenger side was soaked. Plusalso, when he was driving you could hear the water sloshing to and fro from the innards of the lower dashboard!
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