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  1. Hola Nancy an mi 'Mericano an Canadian frends! It iz I, LuLu, enjoying life in da USA. First, I stole one ob Charlie's beds, but now I gots a new one ob my own in da bedroom. Mom says I yam verry "stoic", but sometimes I smile. I'll work on getting more pics over on the Introduction page. Lulu is very sweet and nothing seems to faze when the others sniffsniffsniff her. Sleeps like a log. No potty accidents in the house. She'll see my vet on Friday for a look-over and get her started on heartworm meds. Although she loves eating she does knot come running like the others when they hear kibble hitting the bowls. I'm beginning to wonder if she is deaf, or maybe she just wants breakfast in bed.
  2. Heading on the road soon to pick up new podenco LuLu in Virginia. I probably won't be back home until 4-5pm. Wishing safe travels for Patsy and Kathy!
  3. Looks can be deceiving when you are trying to figure out optimum weight. This has some good info with pictures: http://www.greyhoundcrossroads.com/index.php?page=weight
  4. She may need much longer to relax. Ditto on getting the 3 band harness. She won't be able to back out of that one. Forget Rescue Remedy. You need to use these essential oils developed by a veterinarian, safe for use with all pets including cats. https://www.animaleo.info/ Are you in the US? If not, I may be able to find Dr Shelton's vendors in CA, UK and AUS.
  5. Has a vestibular incident been considered? My boy walked like a drunken sailor for several hours. Are you seeing any shifting in her eyes rapidly from side to side? That would be nystagmus. Might affect her disorientation. Please keep us posted on Diamond.
  6. Is think this is a picture of the Poltergeist Faerie! Notice that she was barely captured on film. Word has it that previous to her job as a PF, she worked at Atlas Whirled Wide Moving Company. It is truly a wonder that she did not wake you up, as this little faerie (my angel galga Nina) had an extremely loud footfall.
  7. Crumple Fairy says that dogs beds are a bit heavy, especially with a dog on it. In that case she simply tickles an ear and whispers "cookie" to get them to move off the bed.
  8. Here is a rare photo of the Crumple Fairy! (actually, that's my podenco, Hada) Crumple Fairy says she would love to see a photo of your Grace. Bonus points if CF's handiwork is included in the picture. Funny that one so immaculately dressed chooses to leave greyhound bedding about in heaps!
  9. Only 3 weeks in is a really short time. So much new stimulation. Go slower. Earn her trust. Having friends offer treats is ok but ask them not to pet her until she is more comfortable. That your other dog is whining in his own discomfort or alarm could be affecting your girl's reaction to the male friend. I say no to the spray bottle. Your girl is leery or scared and is trying to tell you that. You don't want her to stop warning you because she may nip to prove her point. This board has others who can give you behavior and training suggestions. Hopefully they will post too.
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