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  1. I'm going. Whether I bring a dog with me depends on if I can get a downstairs room. Could only get an upstairs room at the Quality and I'm not 100% sure my knee is going to like it.
  2. I was thinking of stud tail too. But do females get it as well? I've only had a few males have it but didn't treat it since it wasn't bothering them.
  3. Hi NotSoCalSueAnymore I'm wearing shorts for the second day in a row. We've only had brief drizzle and brief winds.
  4. Milo and the pitbull exchanged a few opinions about each other's manliness and mothers. Best line ever!
  5. Caroline, chubby Charlie, Georgie, and Lulu are all back to normal. Hada is still the cutest little old lady. Susan, Hada still does her grunt grunt grunting to voice displeasure or that she's hungry. Lucy, I have a favorite line I use with arrogant men, but you are way too polite a southern lady to use it. Howsoever, if that know-it-all fella remains annoying, flatter him with, "You must have a PHD!" He may puff up his chest but only you will know that PHD stands for Penis Hanging Down.
  6. Lucy, I get the petechiae (broken blood vessels) too if I puke. It happened many times in the first years after having gastric bypass surgery, and still will occasionally if I've eaten too much in a short period of time. And yes, it is a bit embarrassing. When people were rude enough to comment I'd say, "I know. And did you know this can happen if someone is strangled too?" That hushed them up plusalso nobody called the police for a welfare check. Beautiful yard Carol Ann. Mazy and Charlie slipped out the front door for all of 30 seconds before running back in when Mr Ducky took a package from the mailman. I wasn't home at the time and he didn't tell me about it for a day or two. My other escapee was one of my big old brindle boys, Oliver. We'd been expecting late night thunderstorms so he was already wearing his Thundercape (an early version of the Thundershirt), red with a silver lame' lining. The dogs and I went to bed around11:30pm but Mr Ducky stayed up later. I suddenly awoke with the thought that not all of my babies were in the house! I counted heads and there was no Oliver. I ran out to the garage to ask Mr Ducky about Oliver. He'd let him out for a potty. NOOOOOO! Although he was terrified of thunderstorms he did want to run around in them freaking out. Our yard is very deep and I did not see him along the back fenceline. Then I turned and saw the side gate open. Mr Ducky had put some recycling out and forgot to close the gate. Whilst he ran down the street, I threw some clothes over my jammies and grabbed the car keys. Since we live on a deadend street I headed for the corner. Just 3 houses down I saw Mr Ducky in the yard with Oliver. That house had been rented by a small group of Navy corpsmen. They were having a bonfire cookout in the backyard and celebrating their return from Iraq. In the darkness they saw a wolf standing at the side chainlink gate. They tried to shoo it away, but it stood there staring at them. Then they realized that there were no wolves in our part of coastal NC. They walked toward the gate and could then see that the "wolf" was wearing a red cape...with the word Superdoggy embroidered on it. Now realizing that he was someone's pet they allowed him into the backyard, where he trotted over to ask for some hotdogs. They were about to phone us (collar tags) but it was at this time that Mr Ducky showed up and me behind him. Had it not been for those young men having a cookout before the storm out I have no doubt that Oliver would have run himself dead in his terror as lightning started within minutes of us returning home. The next day I gave them a handful of steakhouse gift cards. They tried to decline but I told them they had saved my dog's life and this was the least I could do.
  7. I made my reservation last year when I was at GIG for this year. I really need a ground floor room and none were available as someone(s) had already booked nearly all the downstairs rooms for 2020 before the 2019 event. Quality Inn doesn't allow booking now for 2021 until the end of next winter. If you have a ground floor booked at the Quality Inn and are going to cancel, please let me know and I will take it. I've been calling to check on swapping for a ground floor room monthly with no success. I can gimp my way slowly up the stairs, but the 2nd floor room would be a no-go for me bringing a dog. If you are canceling a ground floor room at a different hotel, please let me know that too.
  8. What a lovely tribute for your beautiful girl. I will add Lorelei's name to the list of Bridge Angels for December and to the Bridge Angels of 2019 list. She will be in good company.
  9. Charlie reporting: Fancypants, Lulu iz doing much bedder tuday, thank yu. Georgie iz quite da exibishanist every.day.ob.da.week! I mineownself habs my blood stolen yesserday tu check my thighroid. It iz A-O-K provided mom keeps gibbin me my pills, in cheez ob course! Three houndies at da vet in one week - there goes some biskie money! Molly, yu ar quite da hottie wit dat poofy hair. Alas, I think i yam tuu old and short for yu. Plusalso I habs some bald spots. Anudder pic of da hussy:
  10. I will add Moody's name to the list of Bridge Angels for December, as well as the list for 2019.
  11. Chubby Charlie reporting! Last nite we wuz all woked up by strange noises. Sownded likes somewun in da throws ob pashun!!! Moan moan grunt moan grunt moan moan moan! It wuz Georgie cuz her ear wuz a hurtin'. Mom took her tu da vet dis mornin and they found cooties in it. Vet found yeast and bacteria and issued a tube of Mometamx. All I had on hand last night was my essential oil Canine Ear Spray. It gave her quick relief and she was finally able to sleep, but I still wanted to vet to take a good look. We agreed that since greyhounds mostly sleep upside down, unlike most normal dogs, that the cooties couldn't drain out.
  12. Saying goodbye to the beautiful greyhounds and their friends who left us in January 2020. As you run with the wind send a caress to wipe our tears. Gone but never forgotten. Loved forever. Run free with those who have gone before you. Greet all those that will follow. Penny They'll always be with us, just slightly beyond the point that we can see with our eyes. In our heart, though, they'll be bright and clear, as they always wer
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