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  1. Shed update! Long story short, yesterday I was promised a call from the next level up in management by the end of today. The call in came just after posting about Hada's birthday. They will have a contractor who has been associated with Tuff Shed for much longer than the installer to come down next week. It may end up being an inspection first to see what all needs to be corrected, including structurally what I might not have known was wrong. She did not push back on the idea of lowering the shed height and added that the man she is sending is experienced in that. She sounded nice and did
  2. Rita has a honky pig from Walmart, less than $5 and thicker than the original honky pig I saw years ago. It does indeed honk rather than squeak. I've caught her trying to chew off the legs and ears but didn't even leave a scratch on it. I almost forgot that somebody here is a teenager today! Hada, the first of our "Espanich" podencos is now 13. She denies that it her fault that 2 other podencos from the same shelter followed her across the Atlantic.
  3. Shed update: I wrote a detailed email letter of complaint and attached 32 photos, CC: to several other people. Sent it to the installation supervisor and called her to let her know it was coming. Asked her to review it and then we'd talk. She was gracious and said she'd work on making it right. What complicates this is that I've learned my town is in an overlapping zone of service for Tuff Shed. Because I ordered it online via the website, it was directed to the Richmond VA office. Had I used the kiosk at Home Depot it would have gone to the Charlotte NC office. I have always preferred Lo
  4. Spirit, my hounds rarely wear a coat or housecoat because of the static electricity. Instead of fleece, the preferred fabric is flannel. I get them from Irene Ullmann with http://houndtime.com/
  5. Hi there, Isabella, Hope an Dufus Candy! Hope, du yu call her DC fer short? Paris ran Without photographic ebbidense it did knot happen. Cherry gots peenutbudder? Dat'll stik tu yer ribs....iffin yu lay innit. Little Hada, short on legs butt long on huumor The shed. I'll be contacting the company today with a load of photos showing the shoddy workmanship. Today I am going to live up to my real name, KAREN.
  6. I got one more card yesterday, postmarked Dec 8th.
  7. Ducky what has to be done on the new shed. How about some pictures of it. First, it is too high up off the ground. They used cinder blocks instead of the thinner 4" flat blocks to level it. Excuse was, "our warehouse was closed". Grrrrr, Home Depot is 2 miles down the road. I didn't catch this mistake until they were too far along. They had a hard time putting the door on and spent quite a while adjusting it. It closes but is crooked in several directions. Exterior panels come pre-painted in the colors I picked. All 4 sides have paint scraped off of them. Excuse for not painting, "the
  8. The new shed is done, but knot done. Grumblegrumblegrumble
  9. Shed guys are still at it. It's a little taller than expected due to how it needed to be raised to be leveled with the ground. Took everyone out for a walk, the dogs not the crew. Then walked Mr I Can't Hold My Pee Charlie again. I'd noticed lots of lint in my dryer filter after washing some fleece pieces I put over the dogs beds. Lots of lint. So now before I wash them I run them in the dryer several times. Gets the gobs of dog hair off and keeps it from clogging the washing machine drain. Actually, instead of becoming Ducky Two Sheds, I'd like to get a table/potting ben
  10. Awaiting the arrival of the shed builder between 8:30-9:00. If they'd believed me that we would have no rain yesterday (when they were supposed to come), they could be working on a sunny, warmer, and less damp day. But nope, now they have a 3 hour drive in the fog to get here. Plusalso it's colder and the yard will remain damp until afternoon unless the sun comes out. The dogs are all resting up so they will have the energy to barkbarkbark.
  11. OMG! The cable man actually arrived at 7:50am instead of 8:00! Hada moaned her displeasure at being gated down the hall. I took her out back in case she had to potty. Nope. Then I put her in a crate in the kitchen. Still not happy, still barky, moany, and grunty. Charlie only did a few barkbarks. The others were just chillin'.
  12. Now that I've had my coffee with Kathy I am a bit less grumpy. Today's plan was to have been construction of our new shed. I ordered a Tuff Shed in August and today was to be installation day. Yes, they have that long a wait time for installation. It's semi-prefab in that it's made in NC but assembled onsite. I like that it comes with hurricane anchors and a more secure roof than a typical local built shed. My neighbor has one and I was impressed with the quality. Since ordering I've been busy getting the 40+ year old falling apart shed torn down. And had a drain system put in the backya
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