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  1. Susan, it seems that even our grass that's in direct sunlight in the morning "sweats". I mowed in the late afternoon. Now our yard guy does it. Time of day varies with his schedule, but if the yard is still damp there are large clumps of cut grass all over. It only gets cut every other week. We'd had so many dry dry dry days that one huge thunderstorm had the grass sprouting way too high almost overnight. Another downside to cutting wet grass is that you may need to hose off the underside of your lawn mower. I used to enjoy mowing, but our backyard is so big and bumpy lumpy since we've had our killer pines taken out. Vanessa, you'd asked earlier about getting a friend for Gino now rather than later. I think Gino needs some mom and me time with you. He'll gain more confidence on your outings and be a better big brother for your next greyhoundie. None of my crew ever eats cookies given out in stores or at drive-thrus. Merc, my vet gave me a tremendous discount for Howie's dental. It would have been $864, but he knocked off nearly $400 for the rescue group discount. And over all these years he has given my personal dogs the rescue discount too. Normally a dental with no extractions costs about $325. Lila, hiding from a tornado in a bakery sounds pretty good. I envisioned your mom plucking cupcakes out of the air. And, in situations like this, I don't think there should be any Weight Watchers points applied. Misser Tony strikes again! Molly, I don't think that Miss Lucy's gas pimping skills can magically put gas in your tank. Howie went to his new foster home in Raleigh today. They're a very nice young couple who are active in helping out the Mid Atlantic IG rescue group. They have 2 younger iggies that immediately wanted to play with Howie. He was knot so sure since they were alternately humping each other. One good thing about having older iggies is that by the time I adopt them their humping madness has past. Even though Howie got along well with my crew, there was a much happier energy in the house this afternoon. Charlie doesn't feel as slighted. Hada is running around like a doofus. Georgie has been more engaging. My three stooges have got their groove back. This same thing happened when young foster iggy Zorro was here. an you hear me bolstering my case for adopting another senior podenco? None on my radar yet, but old and slow is the way we roll here.
  2. Jaxson, CEO of Jaxson's Delivery Service Good boy!
  3. Good to hear that Doug is getting scanned again. While doing bone density tests we would occasionally see enlarged/bulging AAAs. We'd call the radiologist so they could review it rightawayquick just in case it needed an immediate intervention. Luckily that did not happen. As techs we could not inform the patient. Radiologist would call the patient's doctor first, then come over in person to explain if that patient would have needed to check in the ER.
  4. Safe travels today, Sherrie, on the next leg of your trip! There were not too many stars out last night, but I'm pretty sure I saw Ruby's in the north and heading toward the bacon bar. Howie had a good night and ate good this morning. His antibiotic capsule is rather big. Rather than traumatizing/wrestling with him, vet gave the ok to snip the end open and hide the powder in some soft food "meatballs" made from his canned food. He yums it.
  5. Howie lost 11 teeth. All non-surgically removed because all my vet had to do was pull on them. Barely anything keeping them in. I posted his dental picture on my FB page (Macoduck Greys) if you want to get grossed out. I am so looking forward to him no longer having superstinky breath.
  6. Jenbo, I saw your post about your car. Tricia's (45MPHK9) husband Burke owns a repair shop. He's been great about giving me Honda repair tips over the years. Maybe he'd have a less expensive suggestion for you.
  7. Foster boy Howie is at the vet getting some teeth removed and getting whatever is left all sparkly clean. He has been unable to chew any cookies without us breaking them into liddle pieces for him. And this chubby boy has lost 3 lbs in 11 days since he's not eating junk food any more. A potential forever home fell through. Awesome family (her mom is my favorite vet tech) but this young lady is going away to college on the far side of the state. She would be a future great iggy mom but just not the right circumstances yet. Plusalso, Howie would be way too barkybarky alone in an apartment. Glad I'm not the one who has to tell her no.
  8. The GT member who started this thread can you give you some insight as to your boy's track career and possibly some info on recorded injuries. https://forum.greytalk.com/topic/310496-how-your-dog-ran-at-the-track/
  9. Hada, did you do a GSOD? Or would that be a PSOD? I no do da podenco parsnip scream of deff. In tru fact I habs never duna scream, altho I do bark sumtimes. Mostly I do moan moan grunty noises, as Ms Susan habs witnesst. I wore a woe iz me pitty ful face wit eggstra big eyes. To prove I was seerius i even let mom hold me on her lap. Hada, better after cheez
  10. Happy Birfday Ms Chris! We had a scary incident with Hada last evening. She came in from outside limping, not putting any weight on a front leg. I suspect Georgie may have bumped her. Oh, such a sad face on my little girl. She let me carry her and I held her in a chair. She normally doesn't want to be held at all. I couldn't get any response from manipulating both front legs and shoulders. I decided to take her to the E-vet because each hour through the night the price goes up. Had to carry her to the car and into their building and ..... then she walked around their lobby like it was a big adventure. Crisis averted, limp is gone, and we return home before even having to fil out paperwork to check in. Whew!
  11. Yay for Dr Michelle! what was your dissertation on? Susan, did she leave any other crap in the house? If so, dump it at the curb and hope it rains on it. This is what I've used to move or lift furniture to put sliders underneath. Not sure if this is the exact one since it's buried in a closet somewhere. https://smile.amazon.com/Furniture-Moving-System-Lifter-Sliders/dp/B005FGAP7W/ref=sr_1_2?crid=3ELFR8AXSKUS6&keywords=furniture+lever+lift&qid=1563017314&s=gateway&sprefix=furniture+lever%2Caps%2C150&sr=8-2 Unless it rains today the last of the hurricane Florence damaged trees will be at the curb for city pickup. I'd already cleared out the debris that fell. These piles are from the tree guy removing huge damaged branches way high up in my giant oak trees.
  12. GTer and veterinarian Jjng has mentioned Purina Pro Plan Savor on FB posts. She's on FB as Jennifer Ng.
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