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  1. Guest Cindy, ask your vet for some veterinary eye drops. I forget what the name is but they are supposed to have magical powers to prevent licking and chewing. Yes, eye drops. Tbhounds here on GT has mentioned them before.
  2. Jen, Kathy's post is the correct email address. Sometimes he responds quickly no matter where he is in the world. Sometimes it takes a few days to hear back.
  3. Susan, I've never been a fan of window tinting other than what hue the glass was when the car was built. I don't think adding a layer of tint does a whole lot to car the car any better. I reputable tint installer will know the legal darkness limit and hopefully adhere the tint without wrinkles. For cooling purposes, how you thought about adding window vents? Your dealer could install them. I have them on my CRV and Element. One down side of them is that while they are okay going through an automatic car wash, you won't get the best rinse up underneath them.
  4. macoduck


    I am so sorry to hear this. You tried so hard to help Bisbee. I will add bisbee's name to the list of Bridge Angels in the Remembrance section.
  5. Jen, all your hard work will pay off. Any word yet on your potential new job?
  6. Ya know how it is when you live here on the east coast. We presume you west coasters know everybody on that side of the country. In checking that post it seems the dog was caught and turned over to the local shelter. I didn't see it listed yet but I did provide a link to it on the GAA on FB. Great progress Susan! And here we thought things moved slower in the South.
  7. Chris, do you have any connections in Spokane? There's a loose greyhound there, although by the posts I can't tell if the finder held on to it. Almost looks like a whippet. I messaged to OP but since I'm not a member on that Spokane page I don't know if she'll see it. https://www.facebook.com/groups/SpokaneLOSTFOUNDpets/permalink/2254910541263155/
  8. Wait, what? Guest's make-the-water-go-away repair guys actually came today??? Now let's hope they fix things. It's been so long since Guest's ordeal started that I can't even remember what those guys are supposed to fix.
  9. Nice article, Carol Ann. Ms Jennie, is being an astrophysicist a requirement for saving hedgie hogs? I never knew Brian May was such a brainiac.
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