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  1. Happy birfday Lilly! Happy birthday Halise! Taking a road trip today. Heading to the other side of the state to spend time a few days with an old friend. We gonna do some On my way back home on Saturday I'm going to a book signing for my favorite author of the Longmire series. MISS NELLIE NEWS! I talked with Leslie Glynn yesterday. The Hope for Hounds Miss Nellie Auction will be returning this fall. It wasn't held last year because of the pandemic and so many people having a difficult year. Brian Collins is helping to get their website reset and Leslie's working on the 501(c) paperwork. Leslie wanted the WFUBCC to know how much she is thankful for our support over the 13 years of the auction. In that time the auction has raised $100,000 for Hope for Hounds! Start cleaning out your closets and lets make this another banner year for HfH! Looking forward to seeing everyone's GIG pictures!
  2. Ellen, check for a text message from me... text didn't go through so I sent you screenshots via our GT messaging.
  3. Cynthia, we've used trazodone here over the years. Most recently it was for Georgie's Fear Of Nail Trims. Vet started her at 100mg to be given an hour before our appointment with him to do the chopchop deed. We went once a month and after the 3rd month he had us reduce it to 50mg, then a few months later down to 25mg. Once we had a few chop chop visits he hooked us up with a wonderful nearby groomer. Georgie's been there 3 times so far for chopchops. Even though by the second visit she knew what was going to happen, she did good. I gotta say, I was worried whilst she was on the 100mg because she became a zombie. Time-wise the trazodone lasted about 4 hours.
  4. Does she paw at it like it's dry and scratchy? Is she an AKC greyhound or did she come from a racing line? If she has tattoos you can check her family history and see if it's a variation in the line. Pannus is not really blue but can become a blue-ish haze. Not normally seen in young dogs. I do know of an owner with a youngish greyhound and both eyes were cloudy. I thought his dog was elderly. Nope. He said vet told him it was pannus. I asked if the drops were helping. He said he wasn't giving her any eye drops. Pannus eye drops are an off label human med. I got it relatively cheap with a Good Rx coupin. My boy was a senior and only had it in one eye. He was noticeably more comfortable with the drops. Although most likely your pup doesn't have pannus, it is something to ask your vet. Even my greyhound-savvy had to look it up after he asked me what my diagnosis was. (He always gets a kick out of it when I'm right.)
  5. Such a pretty girl. I will add Rosie's name to the list of Bridge Angels here on Greytalk. She will be in good company.
  6. After getting up at my usual time of 5:30 to fix the hounds brekkie, I went back to bed. How wonderful to sleep in until 10am! No duckiwikiwalkies for me today as Sunday is my day off. Andipants, all I can say is, "Milk it girl! Make your 'rents spoil you rotten!" That won't take long Halise, I'm glad you will knot be alone on your trip to see your dad. Kathy, we want to see in your fancy dress up clothes.
  7. Poor Pap. Mr Ducky (knot the one with feathers) is on blood thinners and a chemo-ish pill for his polycythemia. He's afraid of bad bruises. Many years ago a forklift at the grocery store he worked at don't a loaded pallet on his foot. Did he file an incident report? Did he see a doctor? Nope and nope. Even with my own eyeballs I could see it was broken. What's with these stubborn menfolk? Both Hada and Lulu have had itchy feet issues (resulting in Lulu getting treated at the E-vet in the past after she gnawed a pad off). It's outdoor allergens, not food related. I was reading a greyhound FB post about foot skin issues and saw vet tech Tracey from NJ suggest soaking in diluted chlorhexidine. I dunked L & H's pawsies in it and it helped! They didn't have much patience to stand around soaking so I just swabbed and massaged instead. Did the same at bedtime. Both are on Apoquel daily and have gotten the Cytopoint injections (lasting 2-4 months). But like Tracey told me, although pills and shots help on the inside, they still may need something for the outside.
  8. Everybody here got a good night's sleep, finally. I was the only one to have to go potty in the middle of the night.
  9. Book it now. Cancel if you can't get the time off. Otherwise you might get stuck with a sucky room or stairs and elevators to deal with. Doublecheck with Sherrie because I think the room you had last year was already booked, along with the ones near it.
  10. Yay for Lucy getting a 3rd floor room! Sherrie just booked the room next to me. Hey, Vanessa, did you book yet?
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