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  1. Here's to hoping for a day without another fly invasion. I'll post about it in Off Topic so as knot to upset anyone's brekkie this morning.
  2. I feel your pain. Dr Ducky is also a borderline keeper-of-stuff-that-is-no-longer-needed.
  3. Have you tried Trazodone to calm her down? We used 100mg on my 58 lb Georgie. Do NOT start on that high a dose. Cut it down to 1/4 or 1/2 of that 100 mg pill. It takes the edge off and was the only way to get her nails trimmed at the vet since groomers (and me) couldn't handle her. It took 9 months and we can now take her in without dosing her. Trazodone wears off after 4 hours +/-. It can be used for helping with thunderstorm issues too. Fireworks maybe.
  4. Jeff, member sherriek has been trying to get on with her android phone and is now locked out. She did do a password change yesterday and got on, but if won’t work for her today Any suggestions?
  5. Should I secretly email Merc's dad Richard and tell him to save those athletic supports for growing tomatoes? I saw those and disposable covid masks being used to support big tomatoes on the vine.
  6. Happy belated birfday Zorro! Molly, your girls are growing up so fast. Do they put ribbons in your hair?
  7. Would your neighbor be open to pruning the portion of the plum tree hanging over your yard?
  8. GT still knot working this morning. Wouldn't recognize my sign-in. Then I clicked on the header and got in. Went to your tech issue thread, Kathy, and was able to post a screen shot for Jeff. No matter which way I try to get back to the main menu I find myself logged off. I can only post in this forum cuz it's one the non-member public can see.
  9. Locked out again this morning. At second try it said I was in, but I could go no further. When I clicked on the header to get to the main page, I was then logged out again.
  10. I'm back. Chris, I added a little more to the post you posted for me in the technical thread. Bizarro!
  11. I didn't do anything different other than click the url lock for GT again to unlock it. It was a no-go until another try where a pop up gave me the option to delete my saved password. Obviously I'm back on now, but my "lock" has an ! indication that it isn't secure. IIFC, that is not a big deal here. Is that correct, Jeff?
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