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  1. Morning Nuttin nuu heer. I hope all my frends are feelink more better tuday and eatin their foods wit gusto. Oh, an mom sez iffin da stars and airplanes align den Rita mite be in the USA on Nov 10 an I will habs tu start sharin beds an nom noms wit her on da 12th. Liddle Hada, short on legs butt ok wit sharin
  2. Your concerns are valid. If you get injured while walking him, or his lunging at other dogs and squirrels escalates, this would not be good for either of you. Definitely talk with the group. I don't think a trainer would be of help. He might just be the wrong dog for you. I've had huge boys before, and even some smaller females who were still quite strong in their older years, and I did get pulled to the ground once.
  3. OH dear, Angie! What a worrisome day. I am so glad that you are back home with mom, dad, the kitties, and the other houndies.
  4. In case you are not on SchnozzBook, here's old and newer but older Ducky: 1990-ish as your friendly mammo/xray tech, 325 lbs. And 2018-ish version, 185-ish lbs.
  5. YUM, snax and more snax!!!! Miss Ducky notices say it is your 10th birthday ????? Whose HB is it? well whoever we hope it is a happy one. It's my birthday but on Facebook I have me at 101 years old. Gotta fool those FB scammers. So akchewally I'm Medicare age +1. Senorita Rita has the proverbial "sweet face" and I'll believe she's just a foster right after I believe I weigh what my drivers license says I do. You got that right! ANGIE! Please tell us dat you are okay.
  6. Senorita Rita. Age 10, blind in one eye, post heartworm treatment, positive for low level leishmaniasis, has a permanent head tilt. My idea of a perfect spanich doggy. Possibly arriving in November.
  7. Lookin good Battle! Molly McPoodle, lizard extraction services available on demand. Fostering spinach but knot the kind that would go with Kathy's rice. Lila, yes, another one like liddle Hada. Heading to go walking inna minute. I'm almost afraid for the sun to rise for fear that the mushrooms will have returned. Otherwise, good morning
  8. Oh Lucy.... Yesterday I got the 'shrooms all out. The crop that fills this cart is what popped up with last night's rain.
  9. The gist ob it is to remove them manually before they release their spores. Sorry. Thanks, Lucy, and .................. now running outside to prevent releasing of the spores........
  10. Sunday is the one day I can sleep in late, although I still am up by 5-ish. My alarm clock does knot ring. It goes moany moany moany harumph and its name is Hada. After the dogs are fed I can go back to bed for a while. OMG I slept until 10! Lotsa rain here too, Lucy and Vanessa, but it's light and there are no large puddles in the backyard. What I do have I a massive sprouting of yucky mushrooms, the largest batch I've ever seen! The rain must have kickstarted them. Over the years we've taken many dangerous pine trees down and I can see that the mushrooms grow in a path following decayin
  11. Chris, I called the police dept and the whippet was picked up by his owner. No other details.
  12. Jennie, I think you need to go to Many Sodas for a while or at least get far far away from Blaine WA! https://www.foxnews.com/science/washington-state-bug-hunters-find-first-ever-asian-giant-murder-hornets-nest-in-us
  13. I have added Walter's name to the list of Bridge Angels here on GT. He will be in good company.
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