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  1. Shine, you were a very good boy. I will add Shine's name to the Bridge Angel list for May. He will be in good company.
  2. Dang, now there's a small tropical depression coming up from FL. I was going to leave for Mountain Hounds around 4am Wed. Will monitor reports today and might leave noon-ish today and drive part way. I don't mind driving in the dark, but knot raining and dark. Lucy, did you cancel your room for MH? You should ask them to book you for next year on the floor room. They should already know the dates for next year.
  3. I am tic tic ing on the new iPad. My PC is misbehaving by being noisy. Sounds like i need to have the fan replaced again. Of course this happens just before a trip. Mr Ducky has been edumacated on the iPad for some basic stuff should the Pc die whilst i am gone. Sherrie, bravo! at waging a wackamole war with the builder. Sheesharoni is right! I will have a new title at Mountain Hounds.... bingo-meister! Plusalso registration assistant and other assorted chores. The usual folks who volunteer aren’t so I volunteered. Vanessa, i’m only calling bingo on Thursday night. Hopefully Lynda will have someone else for Friday night because i want to play too.
  4. I am low on them so have only been giving a few out here and there. Way too expensive to do another printing. The best place to get a bulk order would be the Greyhound health Initiative.
  5. Halise, do you need some of my Greyhounds Are Different blood values cards? Anyone else need one?
  6. Thanks Lucy. I don't see anything that would be sucking up usage. Only 3 things in Processes: Firefox, Task Manager, and Malwarebytes tray. I think tomorrow I may check the inside of the desktop for dog hair dust.
  7. Where on my PC can I check to see what is running? There was an Office update today for my Windows Outlook Mail and my PC has been "purring" on and off ever since. Everything is working correctly. Hopefully it's not a fan issue again.
  8. Hada will be staying home with her dad, Georgie Girl, Lulu, and iggy Charlie. She said she doesn't want to scare the bears again. (We met one at the footbridge to the park last time.)
  9. Yay for the negative test on your mom, Vanessa. Although I feel fine and am asymptomatic, I am going to take advantage of getting tested. One place in town has now okayed screenings for asymptomatic folks. And NO for any ukeleles at MH unless a genuinely talented player accompanies it. Sherrie, I will reallyreallyreally miss you at MH. Your health must come first. You WILL be there next year!
  10. Susan, I think that Laze might be the death of you one day. And she didn't even have that fencing lashed down on the trailer? I loved IZ's ukelele playig and singing. Unfortunately at Mountain Hounds there's a jerk attendee who THINKS he knows how to play and sing. Comes out more of a sour keening with random strums. He's self taught and thinkshimsownself is God's gifts to greyhounds. Not when you cause more harm than good. Grrrrr.
  11. I'm going. Did you see that due to COVID it will be a LITE version on MH? No park activities. Very very limited in the conference room. A big tent will be set up on the parking deck beside the hotel.
  12. With the exception of that puff bed, I've seen very similar beds at a much lower price at Marshall's and Ross stores. They often have orthopedic models.
  13. In the movies it is pronounced Her-maya-knee Butt therez no A in Hermione. Is it a name derived from a particular country. I have only watched the first Potter movie and never read the books. It just didn't cast a spell over me. And any kind book with too many characters gets me confused and I have to write down each name and their roll in the plot. Kathy, have you achieved roached on the couch belly up bliss now that you are fresh off the track?
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