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  1. Hello! Happy days Chancey! You came from Lincolnshire? That's where I live! Not much happening here. Gloomy outside so I voted for a lazy day on the sofa while Mum watches biathlon and other types of skiing on tv. We'll go for a walk in a bit. Mum thinks I'm funny because I know EXACTLY where I want to go on my walk and I speed up and take control at every junction, just in case she wants to go the wrong (boring) way Hope you're all ok. Velvet
  2. Hello! Velvet here! Just popping in to say that Mum got a bit leaky because the crystal for Dippy has arrived (thank you Miss Chris for organising it) 20200116_150324 by Rachel, on Flickr I haven't been up to much. No snow here, just rain rain rain. Catch you later, if I'm not asleep. Velvet
  3. Everyone! Velvet here again Thank you for all the welcomes It looks like you've all been very busy. I usually have breakfast after 8am before Mum goes to work. Sometimes I'm not awake enough for it so I don't get any. Ivy and Cherry that is a very sweet picture of you. Here's a picture of me at one of my favourite coffee shops. Only my chin was allowed on the sofa. 20200104_153507 by Rachel, on Flickr Anyway, time for sleeps. Velvet PS Oh Pippin - you look so comfortable!!! And lick lick lick! What an impressive tongue. xxx
  4. Hello. I'm Velvet. I'm 5, black and very beautiful. I've been an only hound for 4 weeks now, since my sister Dippy didn't come back home I like sleeping, meeting people and having lots of cuddles. I also like lying down in streams during hot weather. I don't like getting up in the morning and, given the opportunity, wouldn't stir until late afternoon. My best friend is a Labrador called Marco. He is weird. He prefers chasing his ball to playing with me. So I mostly ignore him. I am looking forward to getting to know you all, but might not be very good at keeping up with everything because I'll mostly be sleeping. Velvet
  5. Merry Christmas... very quiet here with just me and Velvet. Screenshot_20191225-115613_Instagram by Rachel, on Flickr (Velvet posed under sufferance )
  6. What lovely girls Trolley, Petunia, Bella and Kate are
  7. JustSnoozing


    Very sad to hear this. So sorry.
  8. So sorry that Sidney's time with you was cut short.
  9. JustSnoozing


    So sorry to hear that Lexie has left. I have loved seeing the photos of her over so many years. She has touched the lives of so many and will be missed.
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