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  1. That's something to celebrate Miss Jen! Mam, so sad that you've had people going DED in accidents near you. Lila, the kennel people only do ONE breakfast and it's when they say it is . Don't worry, I have made sure that my usual multi breakfast service at home has resumed. Hope mister Dan is making good progress. It is rather cold here. I have to take care not to go splat when I trot out into the garden. See you later. Love to you all Dippy x
  2. Glad that Mister Dan's op went ok. Happy birthday Galina! Did you find any cake? Andi-pants your new coat is gorgeous and Velvet says it would suit her very well too. Velvet and I spent a couple of days at our holiday kennel while Mum travelled to Manchester to see my big sister and go to a Warehouse rave. It was cold but my kennel was nice and toasty warm. Good to be back home again though. Got too much to catch up with. Again. Love to you all Dippy x
  3. Abby and Tiny I'm sending you love Miss Tin that photo is really nice. My big brother used to spray Lynx on himself when he was a teen. Not now he is grown up and has a wife to tell him what to spray. Happy one year on from your amp, Beka!!! My night times are still not good even with the tablets. Mum is doing a lot of thinking. Day times are good though. Love to you all Dippy x
  4. Good morning! Probably more rain on its way. Seems to do nothing else here these days. Velvet did manage a dry greyhound walk on Sunday though. I don't go on the long walks any more, but have an important job to do in stopping the sofa floating off. Not sure if the meds are working. I might be a bit less whiny at night but I'm still getting up frequently and wanting lots of breakfasts when Mum wishes she could get some sleep. Not got time to say much more right now but hopefully will catch up with your news later. Love to you all Dippy x
  5. Hey Lila! Sounds like you've perked up! Look out Mistress! Snow though My meds might take a few days to kick in. We all hope they do soon. My big brother came to visit me yesterday and gave me snuggles and let me score food from him Dippy x
  6. Happy birthday Clarkie! Happy gotcha DA! Glad you're getting more better Balti Harold!!! Until later... love to you all Dippy x
  7. Rachel here... Took Dippy to see the vet this afternoon. She thinks it's typical of canine dementia and has prescribed an anti anxiety med first to see how that goes. It's so difficult when she's physically in good shape (will be 14 on 6th March) but confused. I've just posted a video on Facebook of her trotting along this afternoon - not sure how to share here. When she's out walking she is so alert. Anyway, thanks for all your advice and good thoughts. I really appreciate them.
  8. Late happy birthday to Dr Fruitcake! Mum is getting more concerned about me being more confused about things. I am still very bouncy and like a trot around (and sometimes even a run) and I eat lots... but several times a day I just stand looking at nothing and don't respond and also I get anxious in the dark. She doesn't know the best thing to do. Love to you all Dippy (and a worried Mum ) x
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