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  1. Happy a bit late birthday Miss Michelle! Great news Miss Elizabeth! A mystery hound on Miss Chris's keyboard... Love to you all Dippy x
  2. Fabulous! Congratulations to you and Sid!
  3. Chris and Dennis, so sorry that your handsome Whiskey is now samba-ing in another place. We will miss him so much.
  4. Miss REC We're sad that Whiskey isn't getting better yet Happy birthday Felicity Dippy, Velvet and Mum xxx
  5. Chris, hoping Whiskey takes a turn for the better. Thinking of you x
  6. Sorry to hear your friend has gone, Miss Patsy. WBSB, we are worrying a lot about you. Sending love from me, Velvet and Mum xxx
  7. Rainy, rainy, rainy... yuk. Mum had to carry me outside so I could wee. Apparently the living room carpet wasn't an appropriate substitute Love to you all Dippy x
  8. Great advice Merc! Myka, that's sad about Miss Jen and Mr Ken separating. Not much to add. It keeps raining here and is a bit chilly. Looks like the summer has gone now. Love Dippy x
  9. What lovely girls Trolley, Petunia, Bella and Kate are
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