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  1. Ouch Miss Kathy! I'm sure Ivy will do great nursing of you. Hamish seems to be settling in well and that's good that he's fungus free. I missed out on a beach walk today. Apparently it would have been too far for me. Velvet had a great time though with her labradork friend called Marco. She says he's a bit odd and spends the whole time chasing his ball. She had a paddle in the sea and would have gone swimming if she'd been released from her lead. Catch you later Dippy x
  2. Happy late birthday to Guest! Eek! Lila! I think I'd do the same given the chance, though. Dippy x
  3. Sorry to read that it was Callie's time to leave. A lovely tribute to her.
  4. Sorry to hear about your friend Merc. Balthasar, I am pleased you are keeping food down. Happy birthday not so little anymore Olivia! Any sign of Irwin? Charlie, my Mum had a look at that festival that your Momma Bear went to. She's going to one that looks a bit similar towards the end of August, called Lost Village. She is a bit apprehensive though because she can't remember the last time she camped! It is only an hour from home though so if the camping is a disaster she can commute. The festival she went to in Albania was cheating a bit because everyone stayed in hotels! Our family has all gone home now and it is very quiet at home. I am missing all the extra cuddles. Love to you all Dippy x
  5. You are so funny, Miss Ducky. I think it's one of those ironic names. Mam!!! Cute nose and teeth!!! Dippy. Most definitely not a bathing beauty. Just a beauty. X
  6. I am exhausted with my visitors here! The pre-dishwasher duties are fun, though, with more plates to clean. Mum and my cousins took Velvet walking. I didn't go because I prefer just to potter around these days. Velvet decided to cool off in a river. What a bizarre greyhound she is! I don't mind a bit of a paddle occasionally, but to lie down... no. I will read more later. Love to you all! Dippy x
  7. Good evening and goodnight because it is late and I should be asleep. My twin cousins are staying with us. This is very tiring because it is so exciting to see them again. Catch you later and thanks for starting up a new club. Dippy x
  8. Only just seeing this... happy late birthday!!! Wow 14!!!
  9. She looks adorable! Congrats on your new addition.
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