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  1. Happy Oh Canada Day! Happy sort of nearly kind of retirement Miss Lucy! Wow Fancypants. Racoon problems. Eek. Happy gotchaself some liver brownies day Ivy! Chilly and gloomy weather here. I think the summer might be gone. We had drama at the weekend when the big winds blow a huge branch down from one of our enormous trees and it landed in next door's garden. Fortunately not near a house or anything. Going to cost lots of monies to sort out. We had very sad news yesterday. One of our greyhound walk friends went ded. She looked after me in the kennels at Fen Bank when I was waiting to be adopted and she introduced me to Mum and Dippy. She was a very lovely lady. Goodnight for now Sad Velvet
  2. A quick run through and I see Miss Sherrie has been scaring us again. Don't do that please! Lila we send snuggles to you and Mistress Laila if it's you who is the pretty tuxedo in the photo you remind me a little bit of Dippy. My mum said your mum's symptoms sound like the migraines she gets. There was lots more I was going to say but a mouse in a keurig has left me lost for words Later... Velvet
  3. Hope Summer makes a speedy recovery I am snuggly but won't go upstairs so Mum has to sleep alone. Dippy was the snuggliest ever Chilly and damp here but it is making the garden less crispy so that's good. Love Velvet
  4. Miss Elizabeth we are sorry your brother has gone Happy birthday Nigil! Happy 13.75 Lila! Miss Kathy you are clearly putting in a lot of practice on the sofa Super pics of quite a few club members. Nice! It's been hot and dry here and lots of bits of the garden have gone all crispy. I don't bother to go out much - my sofa is far more comfortable. Mum has been busy with work stuff. She still hasn't been able to see her grandbaby so we have to make do with photos. He looks very cute. Mum is exasperated with living in England at the moment. Hypocritical and arrogant people making political decisions appear to be sacrificing the health of everyone else for selfish reasons. But she said I'd better not get all heated up about it here. Anyway, love to you all Velvet
  5. Lila you are very pretty and those are lovely photos Hamish you're getting another kitty? Laila, that's a nice photo of you on your visit to the observatory. Mum is supposed to be writing some stuff for a butterfly report thing but is staring at a spreadsheet and regretting volunteering to do it Oh well, better snooze Velvet
  6. What lovely girls Trolley, Petunia, Bella and Kate are
  7. JustSnoozing


    Very sad to hear this. So sorry.
  8. So sorry that Sidney's time with you was cut short.
  9. JustSnoozing


    So sorry to hear that Lexie has left. I have loved seeing the photos of her over so many years. She has touched the lives of so many and will be missed.
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