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  1. I will miss hearing about Lila and her adventures. She was so much like my Dippy - apart from her hatred of alpacas! Run free and happy Rachel & Velvet x
  2. My furs are all wet from Mums leaky eyes Goodbye Lila and please say hello to Dippy and Rebel xxxxxxx
  3. Happy late birthday Galina! Lovely pics of Nigil, Sid and Kibo and also of Andipants and family and mushrooms Lila and Spirit here are some snuggles from me because I gave good ones to Dippy when she was a very old lady Actually I pretty much ignored her but please take the snuggles anyway. I have done some more sofa streams for charity on Twitch and apparently I am a natural at lying on the sofa and sleeping for hours. Velvet
  4. A bit late but that's because Mum is a bit useless at letting me have my turn to do my online stuff... Happy birthday Mollie Happy birthday Mistress Happy good recovering Andipants! Nice pic Battle! Zeke I am sorry you felt not good and Guest's arm made its way into your mouth I am doing mostly sleeping but have met up with my labradork friend for walks Love to you all, Velvet
  5. Andipants that is a lovely photo of you and your sisters Velvet
  6. Happy birthday Miss Patsy! Sending get better wishes to Andipants Velvet
  7. Good afternoon! I am mostly sleeping today and my sleeping is going to be on mum's twitch stream in a bit probably. It is sunny but cccccold so I am staying inside. Velvet
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