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  1. Hello new club! I have no Idea how the last one ended because it's gone missing. Hope you are all well and coping OK with all the changes to our lives at the moment. Mum's had a bit of a temperature for nearly a week but nothing worse so far so doesn't know what's causing it. She's been OK doing her work from home and doesn't feel fatigued. We haven't left our home at all since 20th March. Love to you all, Velvet, currently in lickdown
  2. What lovely girls Trolley, Petunia, Bella and Kate are
  3. JustSnoozing


    Very sad to hear this. So sorry.
  4. So sorry that Sidney's time with you was cut short.
  5. JustSnoozing


    So sorry to hear that Lexie has left. I have loved seeing the photos of her over so many years. She has touched the lives of so many and will be missed.
  6. Chris, Whiskey is such a handsome boy Here's Dippy. She's now 13 1/2 and gets a bit confused at times, such as wanting (and getting!) repeat breakfasts during the night. Most of the time, though, she's alert and reasonably sprightly and still enjoys trotting around in the garden and visiting places. My heart is in my mouth when she starts spinning around... and I still have to slow her down when she comes in from the garden so she doesn't go up the steps too fast. It would be nice if she always remembered to go outside to pee 20190917_232356 by Rachel, on Flickr I'll post some more photos of her in a bit.
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