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  1. Very cute and festive! I'll reshare my "murderous reindeer" pic of Sweep from a few years ago.
  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Miss Jan and the campers! Winner winner chikken dinner! (Did Bea prep the veggies?)
  3. I'm so sorry for your loss. He was a beautiful boy and taken far too soon. Rest well, Mumbo.
  4. I suspect you'll be fine. Sweep is not very tolerant of other dogs generally, but she's fine with other greyhounds. We had a greyhound guest (with his human) for a few days last year and it went well, despite it being the first time Sweep had another dog on her turf. She did growl at him a couple of times just to let him know who was boss but that was it. They enjoyed sunbathing in the yard, going for walkies together, and synchronized napping. An initial meet and greet is not a bad idea, but if you can't do that, it could be helpful to have the drop-off at a neutral location (like a park) where they can meet for the first time without either feeling territorial. I'd also keep plenty of room between their beds and their food dishes in case either displays resource guarding or space issues.
  5. Sweep is a nester and while I sympathize with the sleep disturbance, I agree with the above that it's not behavior that warrants "correcting." Do you think she might be cold? You said it's a recent behavior, so perhaps with the temperatures dropping she's getting chilly. Some cotton (vs. staticky fleece) PJs might be in order, or you could add a blanket or two on top of the bed. It probably won't stop the nesting but at least she won't be potentially damaging her bed. Sweep isn't a fan of clothes so we don't do PJs here, but she does like having her blankies so she can arrange them to her liking.
  6. Yep, they're leaking pretty good here. Thank you for sharing.
  7. Another rhyming reply Oh me, oh my! If you need another job for yourself, you have what it takes to become an elf. Thanks so much for responding so quick it's much appreciated by your St. Nick!
  8. ELFGRAM FOR CEE MAGIC Hear ye, Hear ye A message for Cee Cee Your Santa needs to know what presents to bestow! Which treats make you beg for more? Do any make your belly sore? Please tell us what would bring you joy: do you have a favorite toy? Are you a hound with sisters and brothers? Oh, and what about your human mother? Does she like chocolate, coffee, or tea Honey, or something else entirely? What else can you share about your momma to ensure Santa's gifts are free of drama? Please answer soon, we do implore as Santa's excited to hit the stores!
  9. Ducky, will you please add Bo when you have a moment?
  10. From one of your former Secret Santas, I just wanted to say how sorry I am about Bo. You're so sweet to do this for Mookie. Hugs.
  11. Oh, pardon me for that mistake! We hope your Hanukkah will be just great. Thank you for answering--in verse, no less! Consider this elf most impressed.
  12. ATTENTION, ATTENTION Greetings dear Irene and Shine! To make your Christmas most divine Your Santa asks a favor please Do you like chicken, sweets, or cheese? Do squeaky toys make Shine's heart sing? Please tell us, what should Santa bring? And lest this elf forget to mention We need Miss Shine's svelte dimensions Thank you both for your reply Sincerely yours, from Santa's spy.
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