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  1. My husband said a treble clef. Love the alphabet idea. Let us know how that goes.
  2. Oh goodness, what a lot to deal with at one time. Hope *everyone* gets some much needed rest and recovers well. Re: wound healing, when Sweep first came home from her leg surgery, the e-vet told us not to put anything on her incision (no Neosporin, manuka honey, or bandages) and we also dealt with a little bit of seeping. However, after Sweep decided to try removing her sutures herself, rather than restitch her the same vet sent us home with Dermagel. I was blown away by the job it did, practically overnight. If you need a little extra to help Petunia heal, I highly recommend it.
  3. We love you, Aiden 1-4! Happy day x2! Sister-cousin Sweep sends her best. Jan, that heart shadow + Aiden sunbeam photo is a framer. Just beautiful.
  4. Sending hugs to all of you after that sad and scary incident. Sadie Rose will land in the right place, and I'm so glad Petunia is feeling well enough to charm everyone she meets. Hope she recovers swiftly and completely.
  5. So sorry for your loss. Rest well, Cosmo.
  6. Hi there. Just wanted to offer my own recent experience. Sweep broke her back right leg on March 9 and had surgery to repair it on March 11. Here is the post about it. She has a plate and 9 screws. Her surgeon is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon and she was treated at a specialty clinic/e-vet, and they did not use a cast or splint either. This surprised me too, but she has recovered beautifully. Your post-op instructions might be a little different than ours because Roxxy is a young whippet and Sweep is a senior greyhound, but we were told leashed potty breaks only for 8 weeks. Out and bac
  7. Okay, thanks for the reassurance! I'll look into something to relieve the itch. Knot at all speaking from experience, rite?
  8. Thank you, Jans! Current view: She continues to walk well and werk on growing her chikken fluff. However, she also continues lik-lik-liking at the base of her very gnarly scar, despite having her stitches removed on 4/2. I'm not sure if a screw is bothering her, or if she just, you know, broke her leg a month ago and that's uncomfortable. What do you experts think?
  9. Yep, I do believe you've got yourself a 100% gen-yoo-wine greyhound there.
  10. Smart of you to match her to the carpet so you can safely ignore any shedding! She's gorgeous and looks right at home. Welcome, Sadie, you hit the jackpot! Congrats to everyone, especially Petunia! (Side note: My grandparents had two Sadies...it's a good omen. )
  11. Are we sure she's not ballroom dancing with Lambchop? Annie, keep up the good werk (and play)!
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