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  1. Hm, maybe try the Iams Minichunks green bag instead? I think that's what those of us who feed green bag use instead of the Large Breed formula. I wouldn't have thought the ingredients differed, but I just checked and there's no barley in the Minichunks but there is in the Large Breed. Maybe he's sensitive to that?
  2. Assuming he's been tested for worms and other ickies? If he's been cleared of those, I'd try Olewo carrots. Just add a tablespoon or two to his food at mealtimes (and expect the orange-ish color to continue, since it's carrots). Also, did you introduce the Iams gradually or just switch him over? An abrupt change can cause a problem, but it might just be that the Pro Plan was a better fit. I wouldn't introduce a totally new food at this point; just go back to the Pro Plan and try the carrots. Honestly 80% isn't too bad! Their poops do tend to get softer over the course of a walk and day.
  3. Coming in 2022! https://evbite.com/everything-we-know-about-the-vw-electric-bus-id-buzz/
  4. Happy gotcha day, Annie Mayhem-Heart (knot Double-Mayhem! ) and Punkin Mouse Face! Excellent bed fails, girls!
  5. Sweep does exactly the same thing as Lila, with a little more frequency. Silly girls.
  6. Hi Sonya! Not a pro by any means, but to me it sounds like she's getting more comfortable and confident there and letting her opinions be known. Sweep was like that, a perfect angel for a while and then, "No mom, I don't like that!" Yes to trading up treats. I don't think you have to take away furniture privileges unless/until she starts guarding that too. Finally, if you have any doubts or anxiety about her interactions with kids, keep her away. I'm sure she has her own reasons for being suddenly nervous (weird smell? loud noise? phase of the moon?), but it's way too risky IMO, and she will f
  7. I know how scary sleep startle can be, and I commend you for seeking the trainer's advice and understanding what happened! Some dogs apparently do grow out of it somewhat, but Sweep never has (we've had her almost 8 years now). She has never tried to get on furniture, so thankfully that has never been an issue. She slept for many years on her own bed in our bedroom, and fortunately we had enough room that even when we got up in the night she was not disturbed. These days she sleeps downstairs on her bed, and we keep the nosy cat in the guest room because he can't resist sniffing her. The comb
  8. We used Bravecto for a few years and it was very effective and convenient since it was only every 3 months. However, Sweep hated the taste and detected it in anything we tried disguising it with, so we gave up wrestling her and switched to Simparica. It's a monthly but works great and she takes it easily in a pill pocket.
  9. Happy Gotcha Day, Kate! Hope you demanded more than one fry!!
  10. Thank you for recognizing that he was worth the extra effort. You taught each other well. I'm so sorry it was his time to leave. Rest well, Andy.
  11. How can I be so grossed out* and so charmed at the same time? Wonderful photos; that pic of Paddy on his haunches is especially . *Not as much as with pig snouts though.
  12. I'm so sorry this happened and understand how you and your wife feel. I had a similar situation a few years ago walking Sweep on leash when a neighbor's Maltese ran out of its yard. She ended up breaking its leg. (Here's the original post.) We'd had Sweep several years by then, and she lives peacefully with two cats and barely looks at the squirrels in the yard most of the time. But, as they say, outdoors all bets are off and you never know what might trigger that instinct. It did take me a few weeks to feel comfortable walking her again, but I did it because I had to. (And we were fortunate t
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