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  1. I'm so sorry for your sudden loss. You did everything you could for your sweet boy. Rest well, Winston.
  2. This. Sweep's like Johnny, including the fact that she won't bother a cat if it's on her bed first . We've had her almost 7 years and always had cats. Henry and Olive learned quickly not to approach her, whereas the latest arrival, Momo, is more stubborn (dumb he's not, he just likes pushing the boundaries). Fortunately it has never escalated to a bite, but sometimes a low growl isn't enough for Momo so Sweep ends up lunging and barking. The cat will learn, but definitely muzzle in the meantime.
  3. TJ Maxx often has Sweep's all-time favorite, the grunting hedgehog.
  4. I'd definitely watch this reboot of The Golden Girls!
  5. Oh, Cletus, what fun adventures you have with Miss Jan! And you have the most beautiful eyes, set off by your distinguished white fur. Btw, have the campers taught you houndish yet? Hazards of the job, right? I bent to kiss Sweep on the top of her head yesterday and she picked that moment for her post-nap shake-off. Nailed me good with those flappy ears!
  6. I'm so sorry you didn't get more time together. So heartbreaking. Rest well, Jamie.
  7. Have you tried Olewo carrots?
  8. Don't you hate it when you accidentally put your head on backwards? Here's hoping one day she'll figure out how bolster beds work...
  9. No way. He never would have left a perfectly good foot like that.
  10. You totally should! I'm grateful you shared about Bright Mind, though I'm still in denial that Sweep is a senior (turning 10 in two months!). Give Lila scritches from me.
  11. I started adding this to Sweep's Fromm Classic to transition her off that (she got a clean bill of health, but your story about their lack of transparency really bothered me) and she is also doing great on it!
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