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  1. Sounds like resource guarding, and you are correct that he did everything right--growling first and then snapping when you didn't respond to the growl. He's also shown excellent bite inhibition if he didn't even break the skin; he definitely could have done damage had he chosen to. I know firsthand that it's scary when it happens, but there's no reason to panic. Research "trading up"--basically the idea that you offer him something he wants more than whatever he's guarding. You should also work on the "drop it" command because there *will* be other times when he gets hold of something that's dangerous and you need to get it away from him. Take a deep breath and don't worry about turning him into a problem dog. Sounds like he's a great dog and you're just still on the learning curve...three months isn't long at all! Be patient with yourself and with him. You did well by not punishing him.
  2. I have never been able to either, until I got a spider plant, a prayer plant, and some air plants. I literally googled "plants you can't kill" (The fern above is an anomaly; I killed one riteawaykwik before this mini one.) And by hanging all of them I don't have to worry about the cats eating them or using them as a litter box.
  3. What faboo pics of everyhoundie! Sweep's sitting this one out, but I have Bird Reynolds and a greyhound ornament!
  4. The Divine Miss M! Happy birthday!! Camp Greyhound sure knows how to throw a party and chase those CRAP-19TM blues away!
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