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  1. Bea! Sweep sends greetings from one cranky broad to another.
  2. I'm so sorry for your loss. Rest well, beautiful Beka.
  3. Laura, I know it's not right down the street, but if you need a recommendation, Nashville Vet Specialists are *wonderful.* You'll need a referral from your regular vet unless you go on an emergency basis (which I hope won't be necessary!).
  4. Laura . I agree that it sounds like a possible heart issue, perhaps CHF. My experience is limited to cats, but lethargy and high resting respiratory rate are classic signs. Please keep us posted. You and your sweet Luna will be in my thoughts.
  5. Funny girls! Kate with her enthusiasm and Petunia with her...lack thereof.
  6. Handsome boy. Is there a puddle of drool just out of frame?
  7. So sorry for this news. Hugs for you and gentle scritches for Bella. Spoil her rotten.
  8. We're firm (no pun intended) believers in the carrots. They have always worked quickly whereas pumpkin has been hit or miss. I agree that prep is not a big deal. I use a tea kettle too and make a batch that lasts a couple of days at a time (refrigerated). I do use a little coconut oil because supposedly it helps with absorption of Vitamin A (Olewo talks about it here). The oil separates and solidifies in the fridge, of course, but Sweep doesn't mind!
  9. Welcome, Ned! What a handsome guy. Congrats!
  10. ramonaghan


    We should all be so lucky to have our last day be a "Leo kind of day," doing all the things that make us feel safe and loved. You gave him a wonderful life and a beautiful tribute. Rest well, Leo.
  11. That sweet picture. I'm so sorry for the loss of your handsome boy. Rest well, Ambi.
  12. I'm so very sorry. I know cats with congestive heart failure can die suddenly like this, usually as a result of a blood clot. I would guess the same is true of dogs. Coughing and lethargy are symptoms of CHF, but sometimes there are none at all. If I recall correctly, Lexie's mom lost Lexie the same way a few months ago, though her vet suspected a stroke. You did everything you could for your boy in the little time you had to react, but I understand how you're feeling. I hope you find peace and can remember the good times in the coming days. Rest well, Leo.
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