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  1. ramonaghan


    It was always evident from your Instagram posts how much you loved your perfect River girl, and this tribute to her is beautiful. I am so sorry you lost her so suddenly and didn't have more time together. Rest well, River. Hugs to your people, and to Holly and Hopper who are surely missing you too.
  2. She is lovely! Congrats, and welcome to you and Haven!
  3. Aiden 1-4, WOT are you doing to that poor chikken? Ooh, I think we have his Irish name to match Seamus, Paddy, Aiden...
  4. Article here Warning: some of the images are disturbing.
  5. Sweet Trevor. We all miss you. Many hugs to your momma today.
  6. Agreed, it's probably sleep startle and/or some resource guarding of his snoozing space. We've had Sweep 6.5 years now and she has always had sleep startle, but in the past year or so she has decided she doesn't want to be touched on her bed at all. Some hounds will grow out of it with time as they get used to being in a home, but that has not been the case for us. She's the sweetest, most affectionate girl when she's standing, so we just take advantage of that as much as possible.
  7. Hippie chick, complete with chikken skin! I bet your mailperson is wondering who this very popular Cletus is.
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