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  1. Thanks, Laura! She's doing much better. We've even stopped the Previcox for the washout period before she starts Galliprant, and so far the Gabapentin alone seems to be keeping her pretty comfortable. Happy 4th to you and Nova Noodle!
  2. Yes! Exactly my thought! Enjoy your time together, lads. What a good-looking group you are.
  3. ramonaghan


    I saw Lexie's name on the calendar today and wanted to wish her a happy birthday at the bridge. I'm sure she has her best party outfit on. We all miss that girl a ton, as I know you do. Sending hugs your way.
  4. Conner, our buddy in toe woes. Thank you.
  5. Good to know! Was it effective for him?
  6. We're back from the vet. He says the bump is a developing callus from the friction between her wonky toes, and nothing to worry about. He does not want to do anything about it because it is protecting the bones, and he doesn't feel it's contributing to her limping. She has had a better two days in that department, so maybe the Gabapentin has been helping. We're going to increase that (I started slow since historically it has sedated her) and we're also going to switch to Galliprant to see how she does with that. We can always go back to the Previcox if need be, but as she ages I'd prefer something gentler on her system if possible. She was due for her annual exam and everything else looked/sounded good. She ate her weight in treats while there, but I can deal with a possible monster poop/big D if it means she's otherwise healthy. Thank you for your good thoughts and feedback!
  7. I'm so sorry for your loss. You did right by your boy. Sending hugs.
  8. Thanks, all. We've got an appointment on Thursday morning, their soonest available. I'm hoping they'll have a cancellation and we can get in sooner. She's pitiful!
  9. Sorry, I absentmindedly pulled that pic from an old 2018 thread about an injury on her right foot, so good catch on the swelling but it's all fine now! She is definitely limping on her left foot (head goes down on the right when she walks).
  10. Sweep has been hobbling badly since the humid summer weather hit a few weeks ago. This is her usual pattern: happy, frisky dog in the cooler months, when we get by with Previcox every third day, and sluggish dog in the heat who needs daily Previcox and still limps. I'm currently also giving her Gabapentin 100mg 3x daily, Joint Health and Fresh Factors, Zyrtec, and (when I remember) Assisi loop sessions. I was looking between her wonky toes last night and saw what looks like a pressure sore on the toe it rubs against, and some bumps on the toe in question. Are these blisters? I'm thinking the moist air is making the friction worse and causing her more discomfort. All this to say, I'm calling the vet tomorrow and planning to talk seriously about amputating the toe. We've been able to manage it for years, but now that she's 10.5 it's harder to make her comfortable as the arthritis worsens. Any thoughts? We have several more months of hot weather ahead and she can barely walk as it is. Forgive the long nails; they always look worse on this foot because her toes are so twisted! First, this is her weird foot (has always looked this way) with an arrow pointing to the bad toe: Sore on neighboring toe:
  11. Happy birthday, Val! Demand cake!
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