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  1. Oh Punkin, with that smile I'd gladly give up my spot. Annie Oooh Mayhem: also knot rite! But just as charming as her predecessor. Aiden: the comfiest tush around. And finally, a toast to the legendary Paddy on this Friday eve!
  2. I'm so sorry, Matt. You did the right thing and traded his pain for your own. I'm certain he knew how loved he was. Rest well, Charlie.
  3. Oh Merc, Joe Cocker (Spaniel) has nothing on you. Ivy is a lucky lady!
  4. So very sorry for your loss. Rest well, Burdette.
  5. This is just devastating on so many levels. Thank you for being so thoughtful and showing such grace in your post. Fortissimo was lucky to have you, as I know you were to have him. Wishing you peace and hoping that happy memories will eclipse the bad in time. Rest well, beautiful boy.
  6. Such a handsome pair they made. Rest well, Buster. Hugs to all who loved you, and extra for Miss Jan.
  7. I'm so sorry for your loss. You did right by your boy. Rest well, Avy.
  8. Sweep too, Ellen. We're seeing the same thing and she's 11. She slips more and sometimes her back legs give way. Doesn't seem to faze her, but it hurts my heart to see it.
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