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  1. Happy birthday, Punkin! I like your spin on a Thanksgiving parade!
  2. @Alecia Alecia and Basil, you're newbies here but we're delighted to see you appear to help us spread some Christmas cheer with Santa, elves, and eight reindeer. Tell us all the things you really love as well as what you'd just dispose of! Santa, who flies the skies above, wants your gifts to fit like a glove. Basil, hound of the herbaceous name, what presents would make you exclaim? Do you like toys and puzzle games, or do you think they're really lame? What kinds of foods do you like to eat? And do you have a favorite treat? Do you wear coats or cove
  3. Even if Leo's not a complicated guy we wouldn't want to make him cry. So thank you much for stopping by and giving us your helpful reply!
  4. Wonderful photos! Saoirse's muscles never cease to amaze me.
  5. Congrats! What a handsome boy and his ears are great!
  6. Wish it was larger, but this is a good option. I have used the cat size for the two strays we feed for several winters now. It stays on our front porch plugged in all the time, and we have had no issues. It is low wattage and doesn't get warm unless there is an animal on it, so I don't worry about safety at all. And the cats are huge fans.
  7. @Diane4114 Diane and Leo, you made the list and Santa has asked me to assist! Is Leo a playful kind of boy? Should Santa bring him a stuffed toy? Are there any treats he finds extra yummy or any foods that upset his tummy? Diane, what goodies should Santa bestow? Is there anything that’s a big no-no? Do you like chocolate, coffee, or tea What might your favorite color be? Santa looks forward to your reply For now this elf shall say goodbye!
  8. @EllenEveBaz It’s time to start the jingle bellin’ with a special elfgram for Jeter and Ellen! Jeter, which foods do you love the most? Anything you’d hate to find in the post? Do you prefer toys that squeak or grunt? Santa’s elves are on the hunt! Ellen, Santa wants to get you a treat Are you a fan of snacks salty or sweet? And are you the type to deck the halls and adorn a tree with colorful balls? Please let us know what would make your hearts sing And Santa will deliver exactly that thing.
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