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Huston Update - Update In #1

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7/30 Yes biopsies have been in for a while. Tumor taken out malignant and they can't determine the other tumor. It has well defined cells but cancer can have them too. In other words, the biopsy on the one not taken out is worthless as far as I am concerned.


Most likely cancer but now to decide: put him through another surgery and risk the calcium issue or leave him be for whatever time he has left. Lung xrays at time of surgery were fine.



7/19: Yesterday was a long day! Huston & I left the house at 7:10 a.m. to go to regular vet and get an antibiotic injection so I don't have to shove pills down his throat. Next stop Veterinary Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Clinic, P.C. for acupuncture and chiropractic with Dr. Robin. You can see how stressed Huston is at her clinic :lol He walked in and was going to go into the treadmill (he loves the underwater treadmill!) She had a hard time getting some of the needles in because he flopped over and slept. Then he went home and slept and I went to work (what a deal) He did eat after I got home (he also got a B12 shot): dog cookies (not mine), kibble, mackeral, chicken and ground beef with canned. He is punky this morning but he's not been a morning person.







7/17: Swelling overnight reduced dramatically. Strange.... Shoving pills down his throat not fun. Might take him to the vet for an injection. He ate this morning: dehydrated beef with water added. Hopefully he will keep it down. Was debating on taking him for an acupuncture treatment and decided not to make him do the trip -- not yet.


Update 7/15: He's suppose to come home after 3 p.m. I bet he is pitiful :cry1 He's not coming home until 6. He must look really bad....


Update 7/14 morning: Dropped Huston off. Change in plans: big lump coming out and going for biopsy. Fine needle aspirate of other lump. He will come home tomorrow. Surgery should be around 11:30



All good thoughts, prayers, white light, whatever you can spare. If the parathyroids have to come out, pray the calcium is regulated immediately.




Two weeks ago I felt a lump in Huston’s throat as I was doing a tick check. Dr. Robinett confirmed said lump and added another one she felt.


Ultrasound last Thursday shows two lumps (one cystic, the other not) and suspected carcinomas. Huston is scheduled for surgery Monday and it is expected that the thyroid and the para thyroids will have to come out as the lumps are encapsulated. The loss of the para thyroids can throw him into a calcium crisis and either way, crisis or not, he will have to be on supplements for the rest of his life.


It’s either do surgery or let him die. It’s not a surgery I look forward to and as I told my vet, I don’t want to put him through this and only have 3 months like we did with Austin.


This has been a very hard decision. I watched him bounce up to me last night, wanting to play and yelling for biscuits and I think I’ve made the right one. He loves life so much I don’t feel I can condemn him to death without a chance. But, he is not a good patient and it’s a tough surgery.

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Diane & The Senior Gang

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Starting the prayer brigade now. Hope the surgery is uncomplicated and recovery reasonably fast and easy.

Linda, Mom to Fuzz, Barkley, and the felines Miss Kitty, Simon and Joseph.Waiting at The Bridge: Alex, Josh, Harley, Nikki, Beemer, Anna, Frank, Rachel, my heart & soul, Suze and the best boy ever, Dalton.<p>

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Huston :grouphug Diane :grouphug


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Thoughts and prayers for you and Huston. The vet people can tell you more about dogs and I'm not trying to make this all about me, but I had a total thyroidectomy in 1979. They put me on calcium which made me terribly ill. I told my surgeon a couple of weeks after surgery that it was making me sick and he said "so stop it". That was that and here I am 35 years later.

I've been on supplements since and it is no big deal. The pills are small and very cheap. My dose has not changed once since they adjusted it after surgery. They told me that if one had to choose a cancer always choose thyroid as the thyroid encapsulates itself and it seldom spreads. :dunno

Anyway :grouphug to you both and I'll be thinking of you Monday.

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:grouphug :grouphug :grouphug :grouphug :grouphug :grouphug :grouphug :grouphug :grouphug :grouphug

to Huston, you, and all the crew


Is the surgery scheduled yet?


Edited to add: Ooops. I read again and see that it is Monday. The waiting must be so hard.

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My girl had a thyroidcarcinoma -resulting in a unilateral thyroidectomy. She had the surgery performed at Ohio State and we worked with Dr Couto. Depending on the extent of the mass it can be a difficult surgery and excessive bleeding can happen depending if the mass has infiltrated other tissues. Post surgery my girl did really really well but, she did end up becoming truly hypothyroid-no biggie too me. Dr Couto did place her on a metronomic chemo protocol (Deramaxx/chlorambucil) -it was not expensive and was well tolerated. She stayed in remission for 18 months before she developed another unrelated cancer.

I highly recommend you use Amicar. Keep us posted!

Oops-edited to add--we did do chest rads and a ct scan prior to the surgery. It may also help to have an ultrasound performed of the affected area first so there are no surprises for the surgeon.

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Will be thinking of you and Houston and prayers for the very best results.




The handsome boy Brady, mid-morning nap. The sun, the sun feels so, so, so good.

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Prayers and more prayers!


And some scritchies for best boy :wub: .

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Keeping you both in my prayers for an excellent outcome and MUCH more quality time for Huston. He is so dearly loved. :beatheart

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He did have the ultrasound last Thursday and another chest xray to confirm nothing was in there. He does have some nodules upwards that are suspicious and my vet is aware of them. One acupuncture vet has a protocol (herbs, etc) with good results for lymphoma so we will see what the biopsies say.


All 3 vets are on board with the surgery. My greatest concern is the removal of the para thyroid glands but if they are encapsulated with the tumor, they will come out. I'll be asking for lots of prayers.

Diane & The Senior Gang

Burpdog Biscuits

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Good thoughts for your boy. I hope all goes well with the surgery and he's back to his normal self soon.

Kyle with Stewie ('Super C Ledoux, Super C Sampson x Sing It Blondie) and forever missing my three angels, Jack ('Roy Jack', Greys Flambeau x Miss Cobblepot) and Charlie ('CTR Midas Touch', Leo's Midas x Hallo Argentina) and Shelby ('Shari's Hooty', Flying Viper x Shari Carusi) running free across the bridge.

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