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  1. Can anyone tell me anything about this? I haven't made it to a vet yet due to the pandemic. Emma's face looks funny. The bones along the side of her face seem more prominent. I was watching her yawn and I think she's struggling to get a full yawn in. But not sure. Watching her closely. She does not seem to have difficulty eating. Can it be cured. What's the progression? Can it actually prevent eating eventually? Thx
  2. Saying I'm sorry seems so trivial. She was beautiful inside and out.
  3. I already put dibs on adopting one dog and told another group I'll foster. I'm ready. Who knows, I may live up to my GT name once again. 😁
  4. I don't know if it's only me but the link just bounces back here.
  5. I was watching CBS2 New York news and they showed a few people outside walking in the park. There was a guy in the forefront walking a weimaraner that's when I noticed another guy in the background walking 2 greys wearing coats. Looked like a black and a fawn. ☺
  6. I thought it would be more noticeable to start a new topic. Several people so far have received emails stating GIG has been canceled. You can get a registration refund or donate it to cover the expenses to date.
  7. For anyone at the Quality Inn they will rebook you for next year already.
  8. Yeah. Me too. I'm not surprised. I'm going to give them a little more $$ since this is their biggest fundraiser. I'm just sad that CC (my Canidrome girl) isn't going to make it to GIG. She turned 6 yesterday. She will not see 7. Her kidneys just will not make it that long.
  9. I don't think dog shortages are due to lack of dogs but rather to stance of the group.
  10. It needs to be sent to all those people who say "it's just a dog".
  11. Thanks to Ducky I now have a place to stay this year.
  12. Yes. On both. I'm glad I procrastinated on getting my room even though I already registered. Thanks for thinking of a GTer when you opted to cancel.
  13. Me!! For the Quality inn. If it's not to late. I'm sorry you're not going, I enjoy running into you and saying hi during these events.
  14. Whatever decision you make is the right one. As you're making it out of love. I won't tell you what to do. But I'll tell you what I did. I went the amp route for two girls. A 12 year old and 9 year old. I had Diamond out to OSU (from NJ) for a ton of examinations to make sure she could handle it at her age. Dr. Couto said age is just a number. Diamond was a very healthy 12 year old. She did fantastic and even surprised her care givers with her recovery. She lasted a wonderful pain free 6 months before osteo hit the back leg. Tanzi lasted 14 terrific months enjoying life to the fullest before osteo hit her back end. God I miss my Tanzi. It's supposed to be rare that osteo comes back in another bone but both my girls had that. While the first 2 weeks are very hard, you'll question your decision, once you're past that there's no stopping them. They just won't be able to do the walking distance you once did. And be careful of stairs. They forget they lost a limb. Good luck.
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