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  1. I had something similar with the eye but no bump. It was an abscessed tooth. The very last tiny tooth on the top.
  2. I'm so so very sorry. Seven is much too young. And so sudden.
  3. Does the firehall have vendors again this year?
  4. Jeannine, I was wondering if you might have been interested in rooming together.
  5. The only way to get a prognosis is to take several blood and urine samples over time to determine how fast the kidneys are deteriorating. I'm in the process of doing that now with my Canidrome survivor. She's only 5 and in renal failure. I feed half commercial kidney kibble and half homemade. Homemade is a box of cooked pasta like elbows or similar amount of cooked rice. About 4-6 cups cooked veggies. And 4 baked chicken thighs. Or a dozen scrambled eggs. CC gets half cup of homemade and half cup of kibble with a splash of water or broth twice a day. Her meds are amlodipene and benazapril. Good luck.
  6. Oh too young. Just too young. He was a very handsome boy. I'm so sorry.
  7. A little more info would help. Is it newly adopted from a kennel environment? Are you in the southern hemisphere where spring is approaching? Is this something new even though you've had the dog for years?
  8. Ok, I just joined. I'm staying at the Gold Leaf. Hoping to see everyone there.
  9. Thanks Don! I'm in the Gold Leaf. Now to register.
  10. Does anyone know if there are rooms left available in Dewey or Rehoboth that allow dogs?
  11. Mercsmom, is you mailbox full? I can't PM you.
  12. I think it's an Irish line.
  13. We had a checkup today. I asked the vet about the eggshells. It's fine if the calcium and phospherous bind in the intestines. But if it's absorbed first then binds in the blood it will do more damage to the kidneys. They do monitor the phospherous with the regular kidney panels we do. Right now her values except creatinine are excellent. So we'll keep the calcium out for now. I am going to squeeze every minute of quality time I can from those kidneys. Need to make up for those 5 horrid years in hell.
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