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  1. One week left before I do the assignments...
  2. My Diamond was a 12 yr old front leg amp. It takes so much more energy to hop on one leg, front or back, that I don't think they are ever able to do the long walks of pre-amp. She could still run circles but a lumbering walk was out of the question.
  3. Well, I did originally plan to do three events this year. But the dogs had other plans. Maybe next year.
  4. I was all set to find out what time my vet was going to come today. He called this morning, the hospital had just sent the results late last night. He thinks it's lymphoma. So we're going to try a round of prednisone to see if she improves. We're going to take it a day at a time and he'll come out anytime I need to send her to the Bridge. Talk about a last minute reprieve.
  5. OK, I think we have enough to at least hold it. But I'll wait until November 1st to see if more want to join.
  6. The day we drove to GIG Emma started with liquid bloody diarrhea. After doctor visits, tests and meds it wasn't improving. We did an ultrasound today. She's loaded. Not sure where they think the primary tumor was. She'll be getting her wings on Wednesday. In the comfort of her home.
  7. Me too. There are no words to describe it.
  8. I so miss both your boys. I'm glad I was able to watch Ernest T a few weeks ago.
  9. I started a thread in EVENTS to see if anyone was interested in Secret Santa this year. So please go and 'yeah' if interested.
  10. Anyone interested in doing Secret Santa this year?
  11. I dog sat him just 2 weeks. Other than a slight limp, he seemed very happy. He broke his leg.
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