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  1. Yeah my email said 52.7%. When Ace took over Chubb it started to spiral downhill. I was mad when they bought Healthy Paws.
  2. Two weeks seems to be the magic number. Both were up and about within a day. But restlessness and discomfort seems to last 2 weeks. And I think it's more related to the meds than anything else. I used a sling for the stairs as they wanted to jump the entire 5 steps. But were fine on the flat almost immediately. In fact I had to watch Tanzi. She took off running when I don't think she remembered she was missing a leg. Both amps were right front. One was shoulder OS one was ankle OS. I had both thoroughly checked out to make sure the rest of their body could handle the added stress. And both stayed in the hospital for a couple days. Which I appreciated.
  3. If i go it wouldn't be till saturday. I'm arriving from Europe on Friday.
  4. Even though I arrive back from vacation on GIG Friday and receive a canine guest on Sunday, I'd really like to get to GIG. CC needs so many new things!! If not then I have to go to Dewey.
  5. Welcome Cee Magic, CC for short. She is an Australian born girl shipped to the Canidrome in Macau China. The 517 survivors have been shipped worldwide and I was lucky enough to get this girl. https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1962622773846135&id=100002952940652&set=gm.2089894127974914&source=48&refid=18&ref=m_notif&notif_t=feedback_reaction_generic&__tn__=EH-R
  6. That doesn't sound right. Why not email Toni directly. It's on the Nittany website.
  7. What are his teeth like? I just adopted a girl from the Canidrome. They say she is in the beginning of kidney disease that's why she is being so picky. Kidney food tastes terrible. But her teeth were HORRIBLE. We did a dental, she lost 24 teeth and now eats like there's no tomorrow. Even that crappy kidney diet food.
  8. Since the GSD came from the house, I'm guessing that's a pet. The other dogs are probably just hunting dogs.
  9. She could have acute pancreatitis. I would take her back. At least get on the list and go there when it gets closer for your turn.
  10. I'm so sorry Kristen. He wasn't with you long enough.
  11. Who makes the "If I'm loose, I'm lost" tag? They were at Dewey for years and got the idea when I told them some guy found my dog, called me with a message, "I have your dog, but she looked like she knew the way home, so I let her go". Need one for my new girl Cee Cee.
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