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  1. Yeah I love it! I think it's a whippet, but who cares. Enough people might think it's a greyhound. And that's what counts.
  2. They can do that too. I just know some people enjoy reading the poems. If that works...GREAT! But Elfster hasn't been the most cooperative or reliable. So I didn't want to leave it with them.
  3. I might be able to work on some of the kinks for next year.
  4. Unfortunately we aren't set up like last year. So, yes. Just put the name in the beginning of reply.
  5. GT says my inbox is full so I can't PM you...but was wondering if Dustin could join?

  6. Oops! REMINDER TO EVERYONE. Don't forget to periodically check the elf thread in case Santa needs information from you.
  7. And I've gone a whole day without any issues.
  8. Since you said you didn't get my PM, I sent you your name through Elfster. Sigh. If I do this next year, I'm doing it manually. It'll be WAY easier.
  9. How can I spoil them more when they are already spoiled rotten? Example: does anyone else give ice cream or egg nog (depending on season) every single night?
  10. For anyone that wants to use an elf, Jeff moved the elf thread here. So please read it periodically as some elf may be asking you for information.
  11. MP_the4pack


    I'm so sorry. I lost my Brindle on this day 18 years ago.
  12. Ok, so...is everyone set to go? All have different names and all the addresses? If there are no more issues, the only thing left is to make sure gifts get there by Christmas. PLEASE thank your Santa when you receive your box, even if you don't open it immediately so that everyone knows their package made it. I don't trust Elfster to do it right.
  13. Someone who is participating in the SS will contact you and ask you to ask their recipient what they like or don't like, and what their dog likes or dislikes. You then come onto this forum to ask that question without giving away the identity of the SS. While it is not required, it seems tradition has it done in the form of a poem. But many are just not poets, so you don't have to do it that way. Here's a quick cheesy example: Topaz and Mary, I've come your way, As Santa asked me on this special day To ask does Mary like chocolate and Topaz chicken I need to know as this plot thickens.... Ok, get the idea?
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