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  1. I'm on my third 4Runner over 23 years. I wish they still came in manual like my first. What I really like about the 4Runner is that the back window rolls down. So the dogs can stick their heads out back and flirt with the drivers behind us.
  2. Nadine, I hope your health is better. And I'm so sorry to hear about your handsome Andy traveling to the Rainbow Bridge. But oh boy is Abu a stunning boy. I hope he gives you years of enjoyment.
  3. Nerts. I didn't know that. (Gee, I wonder where I stayed last year...I know I would have made this year's reservation. ) Well hopefully GIG will go on next year.
  4. I'm in NJ and can't help. But is there a hospital around you can go to? They are generally pricier but if you need to get in they always take emergency walk-ins.
  5. Walk the course closely. Make sure there are no ankle breaking ruts.
  6. I ended up contacting someone in Australia. I can't find who that was. She was listed as deceased which is why I had so much trouble.
  7. My girls are currently on Interceptor and have been for as long as I can remember with the exception when the plant closed. I'm currently on dogs #10, 11 and 12.
  8. Careful. This forum has both pro and anti racing people. These threads generally end up getting locked.
  9. Can you put the bathouse just outside the fenced yard? Bats will still fly through your backyard.
  10. Fecal float test is not enough to test for hooks. You need to go for the antigen test. My girls float was negative, the antigen was positive. Which I suspected because her poo is still like pudding.
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