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  1. I put a claim for CC's euthanasia to Healthy Paws. 2 pages, the detailed page which states in all caps EUTHANASIA and page 2 with amount paid. They need more info. What more did they need? So I called them up and they need the page that show before I paid it. The other 2 pages contained the amount owed in detail. Which I specifically said to him "house call $60, field call $60, euthanasia $60". So I said fine. The guy said thank you for calling Healthy Paws and take care of that fur baby. I yelled at him "it says euthanasia! There is no fur baby " Another time I had sent in a eu
  2. No. Not at first. I remember crying tears of relief when xrays showed no osteo on the back end of my tripod. She left me 1 month later. It did finally show up. But that doesn't mean your girl has it. So keep up hope.
  3. I'm always worried that I'm going to forget things about my Bridge kids. So within a week of a loss I start writing down in an email and saved as a draft everything they did. As I write, more stuff pops in my mind. Years later I can read these memories and smile. Often thinking "ah yes, I forgot about that ". I just did this last week.
  4. I don't like the sound of your vets answer. I would try for a second opinion. Maybe with an orthopedist if you can afford it.
  5. Limps are scary. And yes it could be really bad news. If xrays do show cancer you know what you're dealing with. You don't necessarily have to send him to the Bridge from the vets office. There are some strong meds out there that can give him relief. Even if for a few days of being spoiled and to be able to go to the Bridge from home. Also Dr. Couto said age is just a number. After an extensive day at OSU, the vets there determined my 12 year old was healthy enough for amputation. Which we did. She lived a great 6 months longer only to have developed cancer in another leg. So I t
  6. Welcome! You may not have realized it but you've just joined a religious cult. We worship greyhounds. (Well that's what they think) I'm on #12 and looking at maybe #13 since I just lost one. I always have at least 2 at a time, and up to as many as 4. I think others on this board have had many more. But as a single person 4's my limit. But it is fun to watch people's faces as one after another greyhound hops out of my SUV. (Especially when I sat or fostered 1-2 more.)
  7. Good luck. A word of warning. The first 2 weeks are very difficult and you will question if you made the right decision. Hang in there. Much of the anxiety is more related to the meds than pain or becoming a tripod.
  8. Here in NJ we're having a snow storm. CC would have loved it.
  9. Dr. Couto told me age is only a number. I took my very healthy 12 year old to him when he practiced at OSU. Specifically to find out if my 12 year old could be a tripod. She spent the day there getting prodded and poked. The answer was she was physically able to handle it. She was a happy energetic, deer chasing 12 year old for 6 months. Osteo came back to her rear legs and we had to let her go. My 9 year old tripod lasted 14 months before osteo hit her hips. The decision you make is hard. But remember whatever the decision it is correct. Because you do it out of love.
  10. Such a handsome man. I'm sorry.
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