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  2. Sending my sympathy and hugs. What a special boy!
  3. The year Burp got tapeworms, I never saw one flea on him. All the years I used flea combs because he had fleas, he didn't get them. Make sure you know which worm he has. Active tapeworm, they should be wormed twice.
  4. Caused almost diarreha in my guys -- no such luck for me
  5. According to Ohio State, he is close to tranfusion time for a greyhound. If they have dropped so quickly, they can go to 40 in a heart beat. I see they are coming up, but if you are not correctly dosing for a TBD, it's just going to go backwards. 5mg per # of body weight twice a day for 8 weeks.
  6. If you have not gotten an xray, do so. The chiropractor should want one. I've used robaxin for a week at most -- usually the problem resolves. Tramadol and robaxin treat different issues. Sometimes I give them (and I take them myself) together if there is a muscle and a pain issue.
  7. Grace (Dobe) -- soft stools, even soaked kibble, etc. etc. Taylor's (grey) was never that good, but formed. I bit the bullet and they now get: a slice of Fresh Pet, a cup or so of BilJac frozen and homemade (black rice, quinoa, veggies and boiled meat, usually beef). Finally -- everyone has turds! Doing the happy dance
  8. My vet said they didn't treat for seizures (assuming they weren't cluster, and extensive) unless they had 3 or more a month. I had a Schip that had one, and never again. Strange. Are the episodes you are seeing possibly associated with heartworm monthly treatments?
  9. Could have been lots of anythings: seizure, cardiac, etc. If it's been awhile since she went in for a check up, I'd take her in and have him/her do an examine.
  10. You can have an negative panel and still have a TBD. If they platelets are dropping, not sure I would stop the doxy, probably add pred. They results between NC State and Protatek are the same, and those who do many, many tick panels use Protatek. I think you need a specialist or a greyhound vet that has been around a long time ASAP. He is almost at transfusion levels.
  11. I have heard two vets (Dr. C and I believe Dr. Shelley) say if you have a torn ACL in a NGA greyhound, most likely than not will show up with osteo. I only know of one grey that had a diagnosed acl tear and yes, she came up with osteo. Non grey different story. Old surgery is as effective as new surgery and other breeds can recover
  12. What are all the collars? Regular martingale, tag collar(?) and ? Does he wear those all the time?
  13. Dr. Robinett used it on Batman. No problem with the tape coming off ok. There are certain ways you have to put the tape on for different problems.
  14. Yes to heartworm preventative and NO to the six month shot. Revolution has the highest heartworm preventative adverse reaction rate of any except for the shot. Since she is older, I would go with something that has the potential for less side effects. I would give her bottled water.
  15. Most animals eat, unlike us, when they are hungry! Also, I bet he was overjoyed to find the food in the cabinet If he's just off the track, he might be missing the meat if she is only feeding kibble. She can add boiled meat to the kibble and see if that helps.
  16. Depends on how thunderphobic -- Taylor needs xanax for storms. I use a product call Calm Spirit by Health Concerns to take the edge off. Heart peed for years before she stopped with the SA Fortunately she went in the the same place so I was able to protect carpet
  17. http://www.preventivevet.com/dogs/why-you-shouldnt-use-acepromazine-for-cats-and-dogs
  18. Sending prayers for lots of time left! And hugs to you
  19. I wouldn't keep her on the Deramaxx -- it can cause bleeding and if she is already vomitting...... NSAIDs simply mask the problem, not solve it.
  20. I wouldn't go fishing. Keep soaking it and apply a little pressure if you can behind the foreign body to see if it pops out.
  21. I always split them and never give any on a day they have anesthetic
  22. Sending my sympathy Run like the wind sweet boy!
  23. If you do a biopsy, make sure it's a fine needle one. The other is extremely painful and I'll never do one of those again.
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