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  1. Check for Lyme disease. Carpal (wrist) pain is not an uncommon symptom.
  2. I would be curious to see the anesthesia protocol used.
  3. What are your dogs symptoms? Often food allergies will cause red, itchy skin +/- ear infections. If soft stool or diarrhea is present I highly recommend to stop changing foods. Ask your vet about prescribing Hills W/D. It’s a high fiber/low fat food. Fat is hard to digest often producing soft stool. The fiber will bulk the stool and slow down the gi tract.
  4. To answer your question regarding proin..it should not be used in dogs with suspected renal disease. It may also increase thirst. I loathe proin. The blood work results you posted appear to be of normal values for greyhounds..low wbc, lower platelet count and elevated rbc. Of course not seeing the actual values may change things. Just want to correct the above post-I’m an LVT not a DVM. ;-) Edited to add link. https://veterinarypartner.vin.com/default.aspx?pid=19239&catId=102894&id=4951490
  5. Please discontinue the proin. Can not believe your vet started her on that-did they even check your dogs blood pressure first? If she started to drink more water after starting the metronidazole I would stop that too. Metro is not without side effects. Did you happen to run a full urinalysis? K/D is pretty high in fat to make it more palatable so if the diarrhea has resolved while eating that perhaps you can return to your regular food (fat is hard to digest and is often the culprit of soft stools, diarrhea and even pancreatitis). Her bloods don’t look bad-do you you have old results to compare too? One thing you should check..palpate that thyroid region very carefully. One of my girls was pu/pd (excessive urinating and drinking)-found a small thyroid mass. Turned out she had thyroidcarcinoma. Once the tumor was removed the pu/pd immediately stopped. Long shot I know but, it’s easy enough to check. Finally I would have abdominal radiographs done +/- an ultrasound done.
  6. I wonder if an abrasion from the opposing nail.
  7. I know this is an old post but, just an FYI-cerenia injections are also given IV now (painlessly)
  8. So as I understand it you are treating as presumptive IBD with ple with out having done a biopsy? The meds you are giving sound spot on but, with such horrible systemic side effects from the prednisone (extreme muscle loss=weight loss). I might suggest switching your corticosteroid choice to budesonide. Budesonide is a very powerful corticosteroid however unlike pred there are very little systemic side effects-instead it remains within the gi tract. A common budesonide dose is 3mg/day. I would also consider giving B-12 injections (most likely weekly). Regarding food-feeding a low fat/higher fiber diet novel protein/carb is standard protocol. Fat is very hard to digest and can be responsible for loose stools/diarrhea-even with a healthy gut. Unfortunately many hypoallergenic foods are higher in fat content to make them more palatable. While not ideal for an ibd dog you may want to inquire about feeding a short course Hills W/D. The W/D is labeled as a gastro food-it’s not hypoallergenic but, is low fat and high in fiber. It may resolve the immediate diarrhea allowing him to feel better at the least. Egg whites are all albumin and should be fine to feed too. Finally, have you been working with an internal medicine Dr?
  9. PLE is an intensely complicated disease. Treatment options vary greatly and dependent on previous diagnostics (biopsy, blood work-ie General chem, TLI..). Can you reply how this was diagnosed and to which meds you are trying?
  10. I would strongly advise not to amp that toe as it’s a weight bearing toe. I would consider the procedure mentioned above first.
  11. Just an FYI-bleeder dogs typically have normal clotting times ..they clot but the clots break down prematurely making them bleed. To also make things tough is they may have had multiple surgeries/ extractions in the past but, could still bleed after a future procedure. So, one can never trust clotting profiles-really need to run TEG which is rarely done as it’s such a specialized piece of equipment. when in doubt give the Amicar or TA.
  12. Are you confusing whipworms with hooks? Whipworms are notorious for surviving environmental changes-not so much with hooks. Heres a nice link regarding hooks.... https://www.marvistavet.com/hookworms.pml
  13. Freezing weather will kill anything in the soil. So, if you’re in an area that has harsh winters you have less to worry about.
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