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  1. An 80lb dog can absolutely be given 800mg every 8 hours of gabapentin but, perhaps one should re-think their drug of choice for a dog in that much pain. Codine/Tylenol should be considered or amantadine.......
  2. Please don’t rule out radiation as an option for treatment—at the very least it will help alleviate the pain.
  3. I’m sorry Irene...she may have had a brain tumor...circling and blindness is a tell tale sign. I lost my beautiful Shannon to a brain tumor...I know how hard it is.
  4. I would try the prescription diet (Easy to digest, low fat) and start famotidine or Prilosec.
  5. Before your next vet visit medicate him...ask your vet about giving trazadone prior to your visit. No vet visit should be allowed to be that traumatic to your dog. Please consider a second option...sounds like he’s not improving and you may have been given a misdiagnosis. If your vet actually cares as they should they would welcome you with a referral.
  6. To the best of my knowledge you can’t ice that type of strain. Have you tried gabapentin? If so what dose? I good way to diagnose I.S.is to palpate through the rectum and lift the tail vertically. Did your vet perform any radiographs?
  7. Does she have an ear infection?
  8. Just attended a lunch and learn..topic was Proheart12...I asked a lot of questions to the veterinarian lecturing. The Dr knew all about the problems with hookworm resistance, larva leak etc especially in the racing greyhounds... He claimed that the Proheart12 injection is a viable option to be used. He was pretty adamant it will be a successful treatment option.
  9. Try either a low residual diet (For example raw) or just the opposite-higher fiber. Also try to feed lower fat...fat is hard to digest and often the culprit of soft stools. Your vet should be recommending a script food at this point. Honestly I would ask to try Hills W/D...comes canned and dry. Feed it solely..no treats or snacks until you can constantly see normal stools for a few feeds then, slowly transition to an otc food. Keep in mind if the w/d helped you may need to find a lower fat, higher fiber otc food. Personally I like the Purina line.
  10. The prednisone will be a double edge sword. It will make her drink more and will make her urinate more however if there is a tumor it should help shrink the tumor.
  11. So glad it sounds like she’s feeling better. Symptoms can wax and wane..nsaids can reduce swelling and antibiotics can help as often there’s an infection associated with a mass, however they can only help symptoms temporarily. I completely understand your reluctance to sedate your baby again. Honestly, if she was my girl I would continue to monitor for now.
  12. I have to mention this because it’s in my background. I’ve worked in an MRI advanced imaging center and sadly I’ve seen these symptoms caused by a nasal tumor invading the brain. I’m kind of surprised the neurologist did not wanna do an MRI, was that mentioned to you?
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