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  1. Just wanted to chime in and comment what a jerk that vet was..he/she sounded so rude...there’s no place for that-it’s never a bad idea to get a second opinion. You might start by just getting a few chest x-rays and an ecg-super simple and no need to sedate. There’s also a specific blood panel that can be done-again super simple.
  2. I think you mean Lipoma-big difference.
  3. Check for proteinuria. If she’s losing protein through her urine it could make her pre-disposed for a stroke (ischemic). Honestly, I would even consider starting her on daily low dose aspirin.
  4. Dark/brown discharge isn’t always concerning, however, green/yellow/white discharge is. I would send your vet a few photos to have them assess. Greyhounds can have allergies, panus etc...best to have your vet take a peek. Eyes should always be looked at by a professional.
  5. Did you test for DM? There is a specific test available. If you didn’t there may be another condition you may be dealing with (LS, disc, cancer). Hope the neurologist can help.
  6. I wouldn’t hesitate to use the Seresto collar. Many of those claims can not be confirmed with the use of the collars. Keep in mind some of those collar purchases could potentially be counterfeit. This is no different than the recent bravecto scare.
  7. Finally I diagnosis! Poor wee thing in all the pain. I hope the current protocol helps!
  8. Are you still planning on coming?? I booked at the Quality-hope to see you.
  9. One other way to be seen sooner is to go “through the back door”....meaning you go to the emergency service (go at night) and have your girl admitted...she would be transferred to the neurologist the next morning.
  10. Wow...absolutely unacceptable. Where are you located? Are you near a veterinary university?
  11. I would definitely follow up with a neurologist-sounds like she needs advanced imaging done at this time.
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