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  1. Reach out to Dr Couto. He has used quite successfully an injection directly into the tumor and therefore eliminating the need for surgery. The injection is F5U (older chemotherapy drug) based in medical grade sesame oil.
  2. Annette..my Shannon did something similar with her back leg. I took her to see a neurologist and she was diagnosed with benign essential nerve tremors. Basically, it’s a condition that may develop with age-much like we may do in our own twilight years.
  3. Search for a veterinary dentist. If your vet isn’t comfortable doing the procedure than I wouldn’t seek out another gp vet. There’s a reason your current vet has referred.
  4. She needs a second opinion at this point. You need a diagnosis not just pain meds at this point. I would take her to a 24/7 clinic that has a orthopedic veterinarian on staff and preferably one that’s equipped to perform advanced imaging.
  5. I’m not entirely sure how the doctor can see the diffuse inflammation from a radiograph. You really do need to see what the ultrasound shows. At some point you may even have to have your dog scoped. Sounds like you might be dealing with IBD. Do you have any blood work results you can post?
  6. One of my girls was a recipient of blood donation. That donation gave me a few precious months more with her. I want to thank all the donors. It means so much.
  7. I would try gabapentin and ask about galliprant. Gallipraint is a different class nsaid and is know to be a “safer” with dogs with renal disease. https://www.galliprantfordogs.com
  8. Just an FYI...dogs don’t get the bullseye ring like people experience. Dogs will often have a raised, irritated dermal area as a reaction to the tick bite often lasting up to weeks.....does not mean your dog has a tbd..simply a reaction to the ticks saliva.
  9. The first thing that comes to mind are stones....did you have the rads done already? Sometimes an ultrasound will be more definitive if you don’t initially see anything.
  10. Yup..this. The vet should have recommended a ct instead of surgery. You should see an oncologist that works with a radiation oncologist. Stereotactic radiation may prove curative depending on how or how not the tumor has advanced.
  11. If your vet placed your greyhound on prednisone for a platelet count barely below the reference range you new to either find a new vet or educate your current one one the differences in greyhound blood values verses other breeds.
  12. Agreed...awful to think this 13 year old dog may have been struggling. Regarding pain...I would put this dog on galliprant ( considered one of the “safer” nsaids)....at 13 one must assume this dog is most certainly dealing with arthritis.
  13. An 80lb dog can absolutely be given 800mg every 8 hours of gabapentin but, perhaps one should re-think their drug of choice for a dog in that much pain. Codine/Tylenol should be considered or amantadine.......
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