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    Serious mountain biking, tour de france, swing music, audio books, the arts, cooking, newspapers, places that serve really good coffee, people watching and GREYHOUNDS!

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  1. Fly free, sweet Lila. I will miss your posts about her, Jerilyn...
  2. Thanks for the annual pic and dropping in!
  3. Calgary here, we walk down to -20C or so, just around the block. Boots of course, and a jacket over her sweater. Good for her to get her neighborhood sniffs for a little mental stimulation and a change of scenery.
  4. I loved your stories and pictures of Cletus. He will be missed...
  5. Happy birthday, Sweep! Good doG, you take a good picture...Rockin’ 11, you are!
  6. Ps...Oakley says she admires your furs as she is more of the bald persuasion despite living in the frozen north...
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