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    Serious mountain biking, tour de france, swing music, audio books, the arts, cooking, newspapers, places that serve really good coffee, people watching and GREYHOUNDS!

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  1. Fly free, sweet Lila. I will miss your posts about her, Jerilyn...
  2. Lurker Margo emerging...very sad that Lila has departed. Such a grand dame, such a great age. Such a fine life. Rest well, Lila...
  3. Thanks for the annual pic and dropping in!
  4. Calgary here, we walk down to -20C or so, just around the block. Boots of course, and a jacket over her sweater. Good for her to get her neighborhood sniffs for a little mental stimulation and a change of scenery.
  5. I loved your stories and pictures of Cletus. He will be missed...
  6. Happy birthday, Sweep! Good doG, you take a good picture...Rockin’ 11, you are!
  7. Ps...Oakley says she admires your furs as she is more of the bald persuasion despite living in the frozen north...
  8. Happy birthday, Lila! May many more biscuits and crumbs come your way...❤️
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