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    Serious mountain biking, tour de france, swing music, audio books, the arts, cooking, newspapers, places that serve really good coffee, people watching and GREYHOUNDS!

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  1. Happy birthday, Sweep! Good doG, you take a good picture...Rockin’ 11, you are!
  2. Ps...Oakley says she admires your furs as she is more of the bald persuasion despite living in the frozen north...
  3. Happy birthday, Lila! May many more biscuits and crumbs come your way...❤️
  4. I second the treat trick. You must be on the alert for potential triggers for him, and start giving him the goodies before he spots the item, and then you breeze right past. My boy learned to look at me for treats in tricky situations!
  5. A beautiful tribute to your boy. Godspeed Larry...
  6. So sorry that you had to let your pretty girl go. Fly free, sweet Nova...
  7. Tears here. So sorry you lost your big blue man...
  8. If your garden is fenced, don’t make him go for walks. They are often a sensory overload. It won’t kill him even if he doesn’t walk for weeks, as he gets used to his own yard and it’s sounds and smells. By the way, he is very handsome!
  9. Never bathed mine and she doesn’t smell.
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