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    Serious mountain biking, tour de france, swing music, audio books, the arts, cooking, newspapers, places that serve really good coffee, people watching and GREYHOUNDS!

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    spell it out: zee you bee eye ess ess at yahoo.com

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  1. So sorry you lost your lovely light black Paddy. Rest well, sir.
  2. It sounds like she blossomed Uber you care and love…❤️
  3. No words here either. He knew he was loved…
  4. No advice…but sending best wishes for a positive resolution.
  5. Oakley sends best birthday wishes!
  6. What a sweetie. Godspeed little girl, you were loved…
  7. So sorry to see that you lost your little man. He was a lucky dog to have found you. Fly free, sweetie!
  8. JS Oakley sends her best regards on the occasion of Aiden’s twelfth birthday!
  9. Gone far too soon. You were loved, Cosmo...
  10. She is truly a beauty! Sorry for the loss of your loving companion.
  11. Handsome and Clever Rumble!
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