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  1. If anyone's hound decides they don't like or are tired of KD, I recently learned, thanks to needing a kidney diet for one of my hounds, that Royal Canin makes their renal diet in three different "aromas", i.e., flavours, so if one doesn't suit, immediately or over time, there are others to try. Only difference among them is how they taste, and maybe calorie density not sure. Minor downside is the largest bag is only 8kg. Easy to handle, but I buy two at a time as we go through it quicker than the larger bags most dry food comes in. I use the canned to wrap meds in. RC doesn't have renal dog treats, but Hill's has treats compatible with several prescription diets including KD, so we are going to try those. No affiliation or interest in RC, just thought this information might potentially be useful.
  2. FWIW, this past summer I looked into PRP for one of my dogs, and there is really no agreement about how effective (or not) it is. Our issue was not as severe as your Gabe's, and we are managing it with meds, but as you appear to have exhausted most other options, it might be worth a try. If you do move forward with PRP / Stem Cell, please let us know how it goes. A few people here have used the Assisi Loop with success, and they will probably post to this thread, but in the meantime, you might want to search the H&M forum to find information.
  3. Poor Wren. SO glad she is recovering. I'd still see a neuro specialist just to be sure there are no surprises, but it does sound like time, anti-inflammatories and love are doing the trick. He's gone now, but my whippet used to lure course and loved it more than anything.
  4. This is not a term I'd heard before either, but from a bit of quick reading, it sounds like your dog needs to be in the care of a neurological specialist asap, if s/he isn't already. Are you able to provide additional information about what happened (assume there was some sort of trauma), symptoms, and diagnostics / treatment so far?
  5. No experience with this, but suggest taking your hound to see a veterinary dermatologist, if you aren't already. You'll need a referral from your regular vet. Also wonder if a culture would help with treatment, again, assuming one hasn't been done already. Poor pupper, and poor you! Hope you get more and better responses, but regardless, please keep us posted as we all learn from one another.
  6. Rickiesmom


    Lexie was such a presence here, it seemed like she would forever be part of the GT family you shared her with. Her memory will endure. My heart goes out to you and all who loved her.
  7. Is anyone attending from the Toronto area?
  8. Pat, wishing you and Smokey much happiness in your new surroundings ! Quite a change from Kansas !
  9. We are fans of Chilly Dogs also. Well made, attentive to detail, fit well, look great. ETA: Just noticed this thread's last post was 2018, not sure how it ended up in my Unread Content list.
  10. Kate is a very pretty girl, who knows, contrary to current trends, that carbs are good! Congratulations to all of you (yes, you too Petunia!)
  11. My boy Jeff was diagnosed with it 4 years ago. It was a long haul, but he got through it. Here is a thread that talks about it: Jeff's IMHA It's a tough disease, wishing you and your hound the best.
  12. Psssst, Kate, all you have to do is hide the evidence - by eating it. That's what I would do, given the chance. Mean parents keep it hidden away in the house, but I am laser-focused on things on the ground when out for walks. "Leave it" ... hah! You want it, pry my mouth open! Your co-conspirator, Barney
  13. I don't think once a week is enough. I'd aim for daily and deal with the guilt if you miss a day here and there. Did they give you information about how to introduce your girl to brushing? She'll need to be introduced to the whole idea gradually, and you'll want to wait maybe a week after the dental before starting that process. Brushing makes a huge difference - my hounds go years between dentals. I use a regular people soft tooth brush, and CET toothpaste, which has enzymes that are supposed to be helpful.
  14. So happy to see Dr. Mason's wonderful research program as the beneficiary!
  15. Thank you both. Her vet thinks it may be a staph infection. Vonnie recently started a round of Clavamox for another reason so it should take care of the nose too, assuming it is staph.
  16. I wish I could remember how long ago - a week, two max, I noticed what looked like an abrasion on Vonnie's nose. There was a bit of fur stuck to it, which I cleaned off, thinking it would just heal. Instead whatever is going on is spreading. I'll try to get a better photo tomorrow, when the light is better, and when she isn't hiding in the crate so I stop trying to hold her still. Here is a photo showing the top area. We are seeing an internal med vet Wednesday for another issue, and I will ask her what she thinks, but in the meantime, does this look familiar to anyone? I am trying to figure out what is going on. Thank you!
  17. Mary, your tribute was beautiful, letting me get to know Callie a little, and miss her light in the world.
  18. So, so heartbreaking. Sending sympathy to all who knew and loved this beautiful girl.
  19. Cletus, you deliver smiles and feel-goodness all over the world, just by being you
  20. If Tyler was adopted, maybe a donation to the shelter he came from, or a charity that your friend supports? Very sorry about his loss of Tyler.
  21. That is really interesting, as I bet a lot of the older dog-related recipes and diet recommendations use calcium as a binder. I looked around and found this article. It doesn't recommend a specific binder, but does explain the relationship of phosphorus and calcium in the body: https://veterinarypartner.vin.com/default.aspx?pid=19239&id=4952674 Elsewhere there are articles talking about currently recommended binders, but it sounds like you don't need any of that at the moment, which is wonderful!
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