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  1. Please don't second guess about testing. You'll never be able to fix it and it'll only eat you inside. I have 9 at the Bridge. I do wonder about some of them. Too soon? Too late? Wrong diagnosis?
  2. I found this bed that looks similar to the favorite slumberballs many of us miss. It's at 50% off right now. https://www.fromhooman.com/product-page/plushy-calming-bed Anyone else used "fromhuman" before? Thanks to Steve, this doesn't look like a safe buy.
  3. I sure hope the subjects of all these wonderful elfgram are looking at them.
  4. How can I spoil my girls any more than they already are?
  5. My CC had plates and pins put in a year ago to a broken elbow. She just had a pin removed when it caused the skin to open up. The plate is broken but due to her renal failure, surgery is out of the question unless it causes a problem.
  6. CC was in renal failure when she had a dental. But we knew her severe mouth would only accelerate her kidney disease. So she had a dental when I first got her; lost 24 teeth. While she was only 5 at that time her kidneys were already shot. She survived and will have gotten close to 2 more years out of those kidneys. I also had a 15 year old go through a dental. I went to an expensive dentist and she came through just fine.
  7. Since this is a manual SS thus no shipment or received notification please ask an elf to let your recipient know when shipped. That way if there's an issue people will know. Thanks!
  8. Thanks Patsy. I'm steering everyone to this thread so they can take advantage of the elves.
  9. I almost like the elfing more than SS.
  10. I dont have any info for you. Just hugs.
  11. If you'd like to be an elf for the Secret Santa this year please go to the Secret Santa forum. Instructions are in the thread. Ask any questions in that thread please.
  12. Looking for people to elf for Secret Santa. You don't have to participate in SS to be an elf. What it entails is someone participating in SS will PM you to find out (on the sly) information from their assignment. They may ask for you to find out what size they are, what kind of treats, or what does the human like. Stuff like that. Any information you require to complete your mission as the Santa. Elf starts a new thread titled with the dog's name and Greytalk name so people know it's for them. New thread for each person/dog. And elicits the information requested. The person answ
  13. I don't see why you can't participate. The person who is your Santa will just give to you. After all you're still a greyhound person...just in between hounds.
  14. Sorry about that. My inbox was full. It's now cleared. Try PMing again.
  15. I have cleaned out my inbox. Should be able to PM me now.
  16. Ah yes. You need 50 posts to be able to PM. Email me at mppwith4 at yahoo. (Fill in the proper verbage.)
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