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  1. My girl Pearl was diagnosed with heart disease at age 5. She also had hypertension. Diagnosed by a canine cardiologist who knew about greyhounds. Pearl was put on vetmedin and some BP meds and lived to 12. When cancer got her. I wish you were over here, I love my cardiologist. I would send you to her in a heartbeat.
  2. So is my girl. Watch the fat. That's what sets off the pancreas. And it is good to let them be as far as eating is concerned. Give the pancreas time to calm down. When she is just starting to show signs I give her a Gas-X, tramadol and famotidine (which the vet has prescribed). Once she feels like eating I give her rice and boiled chicken.
  3. {{{{{{{{{{{{{ Robin }}}}}}}}}}}} I'm so sorry you lost your handsome Dustin. What a beautiful face.
  4. Yay. I did get a room at the Sydney James. This will be my first mountain hounds. Never been to Tennessee.
  5. {{{{{{{{{{ Ashley}}}}}}}}} He was very handsome.
  6. If the Sydney James is booked, what other accommodations are popular with the greyhound peeps?
  7. I thought he looked familiar. I saw him on the GFNJ site. Which is where I'm getting my new girl on Friday. Congrats Mimi. I'm glad you could welcome someone so soon after losing 2 so close together.
  8. Unfortunately xrays don't always show osteo once symptoms appear. You should get them redone in 2 weeks. My front tripod was having issues with her back legs. Xrays showed nothing. We did a CT scan 2 weeks later and there was osteo in her leg and pelvis. I hope it's soft tissue like the vet said. Saying prayers. Good luck,
  9. Congrats!! You'll get lots of great advice here. And you might get some conflicting advice. Oh well, go by your guts if that happens. For the stairs I'd hold off. If he's fine by himself downstairs leave him. Let him grow to trust you implicitly. Then stairs will come a little easier. Don't do too much too soon.
  10. Totally normal. If about a third of the third eyelid shows while they're awake then they could have an irritation.
  11. I was actually thinking of trying it this year. Changed my mind.
  12. Wow is he handsome. I've had 18 months old that were mellow right away. But the one I have now is a wild child. Of the 12 greys I've had over the years, shes the most active. Its just their personality. And since their noses are already at counter height it's kind of natural for them to want to counter surf. But most are easy to train.
  13. Oh no, Mimi! I'm so sorry. Two so close together...💔😢
  14. How long have you had him? Sometimes its taken my girls over a year to finally grow in a nice glossy coat.
  15. I might try Lemonade. I'm seeing good reports. Anyone have it?
  16. Welcome from NJ, USA. There's a ton of good stuff on this site. Helpful, funny and unfortunately sometimes sad. I have Emerald, Bubbles and a soon to be still unnamed girl from China.
  17. I'm glad nothing has shown up. Keeping fingers crossed they find something fixable.
  18. I put a claim for CC's euthanasia to Healthy Paws. 2 pages, the detailed page which states in all caps EUTHANASIA and page 2 with amount paid. They need more info. What more did they need? So I called them up and they need the page that show before I paid it. The other 2 pages contained the amount owed in detail. Which I specifically said to him "house call $60, field call $60, euthanasia $60". So I said fine. The guy said thank you for calling Healthy Paws and take care of that fur baby. I yelled at him "it says euthanasia! There is no fur baby " Another time I had sent in a eu
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