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  1. Oh Irene! My heart just ached when I saw her name. She was so young. What happened?
  2. If anyone watches The Mask Singer on Fox, last Tuesday May 19, they showed the unmasked celebrities at home. Country singing star Hunter Hays sat on his sofa with his 2 dogs. One of which was a fawn greyhound. You rock Hunter!
  3. There's always someone asking about pet insurance including me. Well timing was pretty good as I have a new girl. Here's what Business Insider ranked: https://www.businessinsider.com/personal-finance/best-pet-insurance?amp
  4. Unfortunately I'm in the states. I can't believe that for the options I want all the insurance companies want upwards of $100/month for a 1 year old dog.
  5. I just did a search. And the two latest threads didn't really give any insurance company that was liked. The third latest thread was still saying how wonderful Healthy Paws is. So obviously outdated. Does anyone like their insurance company?
  6. Happy birthday to rooooo Happy birthday to Roooooooooooo Happy birthday dear Burdette Happy birthday to roooooooOOOOOOOOOO! sung in 3 part harmony by the MP three pack.
  7. Thanks for sharing. My CC cannot take most pain meds because of her failing kidneys. Gabapentin is the first one we go to. We'll make sure she only gets pills.
  8. My first girl Brindle went up to a groundhog just out of curiosity, not attacking it. And it latched onto her nose. But thankfully Topaz was a hunter and she took it out. But it almost took Brindle's nose completely off.
  9. Does he need the crate? I'm on #11 (over 25 years). And I maybe used a crate for about a week for some of them. If you have cats or other pets, then yes you do need a crate, I only have greyhounds.
  10. You are absolutely right. Evan Greenberg's daddy was head of AIG. When he told his son Evan that he wasn't going to give him AIG, Evan threw a temper tantrum for 15 months then started Ace insurance. He bought Firemans Fund and I think Travelers and both are gone now. He bought Chubb and kept the name because Ace had such a horrible reputation. Now Chubb's reputation is crashing too. His aim is to get AIG and tear that apart too. Unfortunately he took over Healthy Paws.
  11. I wouldn't recommend Healthy Paws. They are getting very expensive. I used to work for the insurance company that bought them out a couple years ago. They were excellent until then. My two current dogs are under them. But my new girl will get a different one. I'll be watching this thread for ideas. And welcome to the greyt greyhound cult!!
  12. I did a dental on a 15 year old. I went to a specialist. But prepare to pay the price....4 figures. Bad teeth will only cause issues and shorten their lives.
  13. Looks like a gnat bite to me too.
  14. I'm so sorry to hear the devastating news.
  15. I'm getting a new young'un in a couple months. You can bet HP is not getting her. I just don't know which company I'm going with.
  16. Jade, (Jettabb Alslots) was mine for a year. Shortly after Onyx passed away Jade started to escape my yard when I was at work. For many reasons there was no way I could keep her. After her 8th escape and many upgrades to my fence I just knew in my heart I was not going to get her back alive if she got out one more time. She went back to NGAP. It took a year for her to find another home. She did have a lot of baggage. Her escaping was the only thing I couldn't handle. But it was an excellent home and she thrived. She did not have a yard to escape from. I kept in touch with her new mom, even when they moved to Colorado. She made it to a great age of 14. But I still missed her. I never did get to see her again after I dropped her off at the adoption group. She was a beautiful white and black girl.
  17. If this pandemic has eased up by then, I might just go this year since GIG was canceled.
  18. That sounds good! I have a brandy new girl coming in so she needs stuff. (They do say April is greyhound adoption month) 😁
  19. Took her to the vets. They don't see anything. They said to take a pix then in 2 weeks another pix so that if there are changes we can see it more easily.
  20. Can anyone tell me anything about this? I haven't made it to a vet yet due to the pandemic. Emma's face looks funny. The bones along the side of her face seem more prominent. I was watching her yawn and I think she's struggling to get a full yawn in. But not sure. Watching her closely. She does not seem to have difficulty eating. Can it be cured. What's the progression? Can it actually prevent eating eventually? Thx
  21. Saying I'm sorry seems so trivial. She was beautiful inside and out.
  22. I already put dibs on adopting one dog and told another group I'll foster. I'm ready. Who knows, I may live up to my GT name once again. 😁
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