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  1. Carolina and Jake (both at the bridge now) had GI issues from Heartguard Plus. I finally switched them to Sentinel and have been using it since. Will never go back to Heartguard
  2. I would be willing to do matching, etc.
  3. My neighbor’s lab was diagnosed with a torn ACL today. He’s on heavy duty pain meds until his Mom schedules an appointment for surgery. His Mom travels a lot with her daughter for softball tournaments so I help take of him when she is out of town. What happens during the surgery and what can I expect in terms of recovery other than leash walks only? Thanks in advance.
  4. I have a professional groomer come every January for a good cleaning. A bath at the do it yourself place in September after a summer of a swimming in salt water.
  5. If they arent focused they will give them time off to hopefully mature.
  6. Id go with a harness if you are worried about her airway. Congratulations on your new addition.
  7. Check with your vet to see if they will do injectable pain medication and antibiotics today so you dont have to stress getting anything into her tonight.
  8. Rebel didnt eat or drink anything the day of his dental. He ate canned food and softened kibble for four or five days after having several molars removed.
  9. There was a lot of miscommunication on all parts and being an hour away from primary vet care didnt help the situation. You cant pin everything on the group though. When he came back he wasnt up to date on vaccines and had no health records. Whatever information they had, I passed on to you. I fought to get him with you and to get him vet care. I took days off of work to transport him to make sure he was properly looked after at the vet and to make sure he came back to you. After all I did, to get a text out of blue saying hes going back to the kennel when I thought alternative arrangements were made. To find out that his health was even worse than before. You dont think Im not upset too? Im done.
  10. Cant argue with any of that. They dont normally foster and their inexperience really showed. This poor boy has potentially more serious medical problems than anyone expected which didnt help the situation.
  11. Yes, all blood work was normal except protein (low). Its been a battle to get this boy vet care since day one. Its been very frustrating.
  12. No to the echo. At his age Im not sure how much money the group is willing to fork out for him.
  13. Im dropping off a urine and fecal sample tomorrow. No specific levels for his blood work. Not sure if thats our place to ask because we dont own him. Treading lightly in concern to the situation.
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