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  1. Never bathed mine and she doesn’t smell.
  2. No, we didn’t go there. All symptoms disappeared after a couple days...
  3. $50? Wow, that is unbelievable! It would be hundreds here at the Dog Dentist...she’s the best though...
  4. And thus concludes the strange saga of the fluid bulge and sore neck. Blood work, tick panel show nothing, thank goodness. She’s still on Metacam and Clavimox, but is back to her usual self. Vet acknowledged that it was a mystery. We’ve done everything we can except full dental xrays. A dental is on our wish list, but our vet says her teeth are pretty good for a hound, so we will pay this episode off and push the dental down the road. Our vets have bee extremely busy, and apparently all kinds have weird things have been coming in the door. People have been holding off coming in and all kinds of advanced things have been coming over the threshold...The vets are exhausted... And thanks to all who responded to our situation!
  5. Endoscope, windpipe exam, xrays (as she yells when head is tilted back, but no other direction), and we are waiting on bloodwork. Nothing has been found. She’s just turned 5 in the last few days, so she’s not an old lady...They have looked at her teeth, but there’s nothing terrible that they can see.
  6. Just dropped her off at vets. She definitely had perked up last night with the Metacam and antibiotics on board. This morning the fluid bulge is gone, so that’s good. They will have a good look in her throat/teeth under mild sedation, and hopefully the will have solved the mystery!
  7. Got in today. She screamed when the vet tilted her head up. Lymph glands enlarged on just one side. Vet couldn’t see anything in particular, but she is going in again for a mild sedation tomorrow morning for a good look-see. Was given antibiotics and Metacam in case it is teeth.
  8. Here is pic. This makes it look slightly worse than it is, but it is hidden by her ears as she normally carries them tucked. It is a hard lump.
  9. Sigh, I just noticed that she seems to have bulges, not soft, on the side of her neck below her ears. One side seems a little larger than the other. No pic to share at the moment. Are there glands there?
  10. Good point. Our appointment is at 3:15, but it wouldn’t be the first breakfast she has skipped, our little nutbar...Thanks everyone.
  11. I can only get in tomorrow! Will watch her carefully today, and if she seems really off, will cause a fuss and ask, beg, stomp to be seen.
  12. Thank you all for chiming in. It is a little worse this morning, so will reach out to our vet and see what the protocols are for an exam. Hoping for the best here...all we need now is an emergency dental ($$$)/in the middle of the pandemic...will update later.
  13. Oakley has developed a fluid filled bulge hanging on her throat. It’s not huge, but it shouldn’t be there, and is worse than it looks in the photo. Her face or throat is sensitive, she screamed last night having her hound collar removed (we just thought *drama queen*) and when I went to rub her face today, she screamed again, which is when I discovered the bulge. Has anybody ever had anything like this crop up? Tooth problem, bruise somewhere? Can’t see anything in her mouth.
  14. Our boy Django only marked his first day with us when he was exploring the house. We shrieked, and that was the end of it.
  15. spottydog


    A lovely picture of your man Taylor...we never forget them...
  16. What a handsome man! Congratulations!
  17. Your tribute to Ken brought tears to my eyes...I am sorry you had to release him from his infirmities. He went, bathed in your love...
  18. What a handsome gentleman. So sorry you didn’t have more time with him. Osteo is horrible.
  19. Um, Cletus’s pillow seems to be composed of someone’s haunch. Where is the rest of said pillow?
  20. I have one like this. She has a noise phobia: big trucks, back up beepings, banging garbage bins, buses. She turns into a frozen vibrating mess...and won’t eat, nor is she treat motivated. She won’t walk at all in the neighbourhood with me, but will walk with my partner at night. Sometimes I stuff her in the car and we go to a “safer” park, and she seems to enjoy that, for the most part. (We have a very active lab cross that we have to consider as well). She is on medication, a small dose, but I am not sure how well it works. (Clomipramine, an antidepressant). There are other drugs one can try, however. For especially bad days, like garbage day, or holiday travel days, she is prescribed alprazolan, a benzodiazepine, which works great. If she could be on that everyday, we would have a chill dog that thoroughly enjoys her life, but it is an old school addictive drug, and we do not feel that is the solution here. We have come to the conclusion that she is much less stressed if she is not made to walk every morning, so we have accepted that her life is somewhat more circumscribed than most dogs, and that is just the sad reality. Fortunately, she does not have separation anxiety, but does not like the idea of missing out either....Our little bundle of nerves and contradictions! It has taken us a long time to not impose our idea of what a dog needs, and now that we have had an attitude adjustment, we are all happier. It is truly difficult to get over the fact the your dog does not want to go for walks. Oakley doesn’t even want to to go out to pee, and will hold it until she bursts...so she has to be carried to the back door. (Thank goodness she is small). She, more or less, will then freely go outside and do her business. Four months is a very short period, so things will likely change in many ways! Best of luck with your dog!
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