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  1. Thanks for the annual pic and dropping in!
  2. Calgary here, we walk down to -20C or so, just around the block. Boots of course, and a jacket over her sweater. Good for her to get her neighborhood sniffs for a little mental stimulation and a change of scenery.
  3. I loved your stories and pictures of Cletus. He will be missed...
  4. Happy birthday, Sweep! Good doG, you take a good picture...Rockin’ 11, you are!
  5. Ps...Oakley says she admires your furs as she is more of the bald persuasion despite living in the frozen north...
  6. Happy birthday, Lila! May many more biscuits and crumbs come your way...❤️
  7. I second the treat trick. You must be on the alert for potential triggers for him, and start giving him the goodies before he spots the item, and then you breeze right past. My boy learned to look at me for treats in tricky situations!
  8. A beautiful tribute to your boy. Godspeed Larry...
  9. So sorry that you had to let your pretty girl go. Fly free, sweet Nova...
  10. Tears here. So sorry you lost your big blue man...
  11. If your garden is fenced, don’t make him go for walks. They are often a sensory overload. It won’t kill him even if he doesn’t walk for weeks, as he gets used to his own yard and it’s sounds and smells. By the way, he is very handsome!
  12. Never bathed mine and she doesn’t smell.
  13. No, we didn’t go there. All symptoms disappeared after a couple days...
  14. $50? Wow, that is unbelievable! It would be hundreds here at the Dog Dentist...she’s the best though...
  15. And thus concludes the strange saga of the fluid bulge and sore neck. Blood work, tick panel show nothing, thank goodness. She’s still on Metacam and Clavimox, but is back to her usual self. Vet acknowledged that it was a mystery. We’ve done everything we can except full dental xrays. A dental is on our wish list, but our vet says her teeth are pretty good for a hound, so we will pay this episode off and push the dental down the road. Our vets have bee extremely busy, and apparently all kinds have weird things have been coming in the door. People have been holding off coming in and all kinds o
  16. Endoscope, windpipe exam, xrays (as she yells when head is tilted back, but no other direction), and we are waiting on bloodwork. Nothing has been found. She’s just turned 5 in the last few days, so she’s not an old lady...They have looked at her teeth, but there’s nothing terrible that they can see.
  17. Just dropped her off at vets. She definitely had perked up last night with the Metacam and antibiotics on board. This morning the fluid bulge is gone, so that’s good. They will have a good look in her throat/teeth under mild sedation, and hopefully the will have solved the mystery!
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