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  1. Ron, so very sorry for the sudden traumatic loss of your Princess Leia. I met her several times at Sandy's when I lived in SoCal. Such a sweetie... Know that unforeseen accidents happen so easily with the oldsters, and remember all the love and fun times you shared for many, many years. She knows you and your wife did right by her.
  2. Congrats, Paula! Gorgeous collars! Hope your new venture is a Huge success!
  3. Welcome to GT, Brian and Kessler! There's a wealth of info on this site. I have done a lot of traveling with greys in my 30 foot motorhome. Figured out a way to put up fencing for a "gated community" as my friends call it,so they can be off leash for awhile outside. They're wonderful travelers.
  4. So very sorry for your loss. Godspeed, sweet boy...
  5. What a precious soul... I'm glad he was able to spend his final days in a home where he was cherished. He will live on forever in your heart.
  6. First of all, congrats on adopting! Your home is a very new setting for your grey. I'd give him lots of time to settle in and get to know your routine. When you walk with him, be confident and positive, using a happy voice, maybe carry some yummy treats to reward him for his bravery. It's normal for him to feel most safe in the crate. Nice that he'll come out to greet people. In time, he'll morph into a relaxed pet. Just be patient and loving with him. My grey seldom wags his tail although he is a happy and well adjusted boy.
  7. So very sorry for your loss. I know that pain all too well. May you always feel her loving spirit in your heart.
  8. Please add my precious Finnian to this list. He would have been 14 in a month and owned my heart.
  9. My deepest condolences to you for your sudden loss. Godspeed, sweet Karma...
  10. I'm very sorry it was time for her to leave. Godspeed, precious Chloe...
  11. What a loving tribute to your exceptional girlie. Very sorry she needed to leave so suddenly. Godspeed precious Zinny...
  12. Such a touching tribute to your special girlie. I'm sorry it was time for her to leave. Godspeed, precious Sweet...
  13. I also use a muzzle with strategic holes taped over, and moleskin on the plastic area to protect the gh's nose from rubbing. Much more comfortable than the cone of shame.
  14. My deepest condolences Jey. Gidget was a beloved family member. Godspeed, sweet girlie...
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