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  1. My friend had great success by using BOTH the DAP collar and diffuser. The collar alone didn't work but the combo did. FWIW
  2. Most of my large dogs have had a visible collar and a harness overlay for walks. Various Premiere harnesses have worked well at reasonable cost for us.
  3. Again - I sound crazy but when I got the dogs off the farms they really did lean the difference at turnouts between "go potty" and "go potty go to bed".
  4. You can read until your eyes bleed but all of that has no guarantee the dog you get will have done the same reading.
  5. I'd run away from a group that had required reading. My first greyhound Little Girl was a basket case but she taught me about greyhounds and I taught her about being a pet.
  6. With my marginal grasp of reality I have taken it various times of day and am still alive. What a cutie Patch is. Reminds me of my Rex.
  7. Broken record. I believe that they have Iams green bag there. Went to heck and back with Rex. It is the beet pulp that fixes it.
  8. Good advice above. Let sleeping dogs lie is good advice. In dealing with lots of farm dogs I learned it is actually better to feed water and go about your business as if they aren't there for a few days. I would use a kennel with an OPEN door as a woobie spot. sometimes a blankett over the top helps.
  9. I lost my thyroid 43 years ago. My directions since have been to take in the morning on an empty stomach.
  10. Good advice above. I transported two greyhounds (one of which was always over 90#) thousands of miles in the back seat of a Mazda Protage. If space seems to be a problem do as suggested and fill in the rear footwells with pillows and throw a comforter over the whole thing. When I was pulling dogs off the farms I'd often have two big boys in the back and a petite girl curled in the passenger seat. Never had issues. To me two dogs have always been easier than one as they keep each other occupied.
  11. I am absolutely amazed that a thread has lasted 20 years.
  12. One of mine got a lump from an infected salivary glad.
  13. Please remember it's a dog. An often quirky wonderful dog. Feed, water, love and play with it and you'll both survive. Don't overanalyze.
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