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  1. the very first "houndmobile"was a Mazda Protégé, I stopped in Abilene Kansas on the way from moving from IL to TX and tossed girl in the back seat. That Mazda went 155,000 on the original clutch. Around town is easy but you can do big trips in a compact car by filling in the footwells with pillows and such. Then toss a comforter over the top.
  2. Second the above. After 100+ greys passing thru I'll say get/foster a boy (and we all know my mantra is the bigger the mellower). Big boys and boys in general have nuthin to prove. Boys sort It out, shake paws and go on. Girls hold grudges. Two boys will sort it out but two girls often live up to the *B* word name,
  3. Get what you want. I traveled many thousands of miles with two greys (always one over 85#) in a Nissan Sentra.
  4. My bad, Mine didn't have your surgery - just the old school one. Hope this works out for you. Rex broke my heart hobbling around. Again I hope that tour surgery helps.
  5. Broken record here. Rex had them on all 4. He was my corn dog. Hundreds of dollars later duct tape fixed him. How appropriately Southern United States. It can fix almost anything. Never do the surgery. Been there done that to no avail. https://www.ehow.co.uk/how_8365423_treat-canine-corns-duct-tape.html
  6. Don't overanalyze. Thousands of greys have grown up hale and hearty on Purina which is WAY down on the average adopters scale in dog food. Chicken bones can splinter and cause problems. I used to use beef knuckles (almost impossible to find) but then you risk slab fractures. I became friends with a butcher and he'd cut a femur into 4 pieces and that worked best for me.
  7. We're already signed up for SS - correct?
  8. Maggie eats the Purina One weight management. Bulletproof Morgan eats WOS - whatever's on sale. Currently Purina Bella. Purina actually has done far more feeding tests than any other company. I believe I'm the one that coined the phrase "I got so fed up trying to find the perfect food I finally tossed a green bag of Iams in my cart...."
  9. ZERO tricjk or treaters. ;( Posted on Next Door will hand out tomorrow at 4:00 while supplies last but you have to have a costume.....
  10. Is a dog door an option? I couldn't live without mine. 11.5 X 18 works for all but the largest grays. Just have to get the rise right.
  11. The flat stuffingless ones have lasted quite well with the terrors on this block. Morgan brings them to bed with us. https://www.chewy.com/zippypaws-skinny-peltz-no-stuffing/dp/131776
  12. My guess is that the previous owners probably had a dog that peed in the same place over and over. You can recarpet but unless you seal the slab (on concrete foundations) dogs will keep going in the same place.
  13. IMO grain free is just the latest buzzword to make sheep open up their wallets. Racing greys worth tens of thousands grew up happy and healthy eating Purina. Every farm I ever went to fed Purina Hi-Pro when it existed. The muttleys here eat Purina One.
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