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  1. Foam door insulation across the bridge will make it more comfy. Some use moleskin.
  2. Happy happy birthday girlfriend!

  3. Quote

    Happy happy birthday girlfriend!


  4. In 20 years I've had one AU shipment held up at customs and Pets Megastore issued a refund and resent it. Know anyone with a U.S. P.O. Box?
  5. No. But I have to tell you that picture has put me off my feed all day. Hope the antibiotics work. In some weird way is he rubbing the side that isn't oozing hoping it'll go to that side?
  6. Natural Balance Ultra Light or Fat Dog. Poodle ate the Ultra Light for years.
  7. As we all know I have huge issues with Hill's ingredients. Powdered cellulose can be cotton bolls or sawdust. again - Natural Balance Ultra Light or Fat Dog.
  8. NGA puppies stay on the farms with their littermates for more than a year. I have adopted out a few puppies with health problems that precluded them being racers but they are few and far between.. You may find AKC puppies but they will be expensive.
  9. Me too. I was at 16,000 and some bothersome posts.
  10. I've had dogs (grey and non grey) that were bothered by wind in their ears. Not universal to any breed I think.
  11. I cannot figure out how to do it. The picture is in my album. I'm begging to wonder if I just renewed my supporter status to something that is now beyond my capabilities to use.
  12. I have a picture of Florene that I wasn't to post and it is n my GT album but it will not allow me to share the link...I can't get rid of the "example" and I don't see an option to add photo.
  13. kjust tae them out of the bag. spread them on a cookie sheet and flash freeze if they don't come separate.
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