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  1. Poodle had pancreatitis' and did very well for several years on Natural Balance Ultra Light. Their Fat Ddog might also be an option.
  2. My vet said of one of my Muttleys "Don't you wish they had GPS so we could see where they'd been?". In lieu of that get to know your neighbors, notify all local adoption groups about your hound and join local social media such as Next Door.
  3. Now the Belmont has me wondering about Nancy....That's a much longre timer
  4. He just checked in. He's fine.
  5. No. I have his snail mail address and will send a note and see what happens.
  6. Now that I have your attention....I Can't start new thread in Off Topic. Does anyone know if Dick (DMD'sMoxie) is OK? He hasn't posted since May. Did I miss something? He is dear to me.
  7. My pharacist almoost fell over when my doctor prescribed Tramadol, Ativan and Gabapentin. He said that was opiate abuse waiting on a plate but I've done fine on all.
  8. Can you have your lawn bagged? Never had a grass eater other a few that would get the new growth. Buck would eat a bush along the fence. Turned out it was slippery elm.
  9. Orange traffic ones work great on boys. .:dunno about girls.
  10. It is in the individual dog but in my experience if two males don't get along they usually shake hands and go on. The girls carry grudes.
  11. True. One of my former bosses called it "$XX a year to make older customers feel safer - but absolutely useless".
  12. That story has been around since Hector was a pup...still funny though.
  13. Congrats! He is one beautiful grey.
  14. Mine especially loved the ones in tomato sauce.
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