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  1. Some dogs will drink Pedalyte - especially the orange. Toilet water is enhanced thus tastier. Sort of like mud puddles
  2. Harley's racing name was Tweed Prince. Thank goodness I knew his trainer Don or I'd have gone blue in face trying to get him to answer to Prince.
  3. I have 20 here from 17.5 pound bags.
  4. EARS UP!!! Priceless. Can't see fries and dogs without thinking of Hershey.....what a feel good story.
  5. My Buck was very grey when I got him and he had just turned 4. I think early greying runs in the Molotov line.
  6. All my dogs have answered to multiple names. Maggie answers to Maggie. Magsweet, Moo Moo, Meme, Girlie Girley and many others....including Poodle when I gat confused .:blush:
  7. Looks like these guys can fix you up...for a price. https://www.moorepet-petdoors.com/Patio-Pet-Doors-for-Sliding-Doors-s/22.htm
  8. I had an 11 X 7.5 Petsafe in a solid door with an 12" rise. Eighty pounds went through fine. The sliding ones have an 8.5 " rise., but I have seen dogs that learned to scooch down a bit (for lack of a better term).
  9. Not one of well over a hundred including a galgo ever challenged my 4 ft.chain link...but an 7 year old brood mom could climb the corner of a wood privacy fence by going up the corner in a nanosecond.. I think height is relative.
  10. think I bought mine from Perfect Memorials. My second greyhound Harley was $25 via the city.
  11. Go buy a bag of Iams. The beet pulp does it. We wormed fecaled and tested Rex within an inch of his life. 24 hours on Iams and he was a new man.
  12. I have the most amazing Urn that is supposed to hold 440 pounds.. Myself and all the dogs past are going it together. Last time I had a dog cremated it was $100 and $1 a pound.
  13. https://www.fda.gov/animal-veterinary/cvm-updates/fda-approves-proheart-12-moxidectin-prevention-heartworm-disease-dogs?fbclid=IwAR1BSiAyP687s1QRC8gWV6aAag1rUR5R1tN_x0bRzPl17GgwE6g4vVX2qdY
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