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  1. Everyone that has had a yearling unsocialized pup straight off the farm (I've had dozens) and has never had a negative thought in frustration please raise your hand.
  2. I can't even wrap my head around this. I am very sorry for your loss of Charlie. Totally agree dogs sense feelings and read cues people overlook but am not sure how to edit my thoughts and not sure there is a dog to English translation. Maybe it's a good thing I have two hardscrabble thrown away dogs. .
  3. I've always fed morning and evening. Believe me Maggie has an internal timeclock set for 6a and 6p.
  4. Happy Happy one Felicity!!!

  5. Why is this year old tread showing up as new?
  6. Poodle's was because my sister fed him about 4 slices of bacon while I was asleep. Then it turned in to diabetes but there was speculation on if the two were related.
  7. Just uncovered Poodle from the K-Mart Parking lot's cremation certificate. 7/17/2014.
  8. Keep an eye out. Poodle's turned in to pancreatic diabetes.
  9. Agree. Fosters are absolutely the hardest piece of the adoption puzzle. I've had foster that I cried when they left and ones I gleefully waved farewell to.
  10. TNR and shelter dogs are one thing. Dogs one pays 1K+ for are sadly another.
  11. Harley stepped off the hauler from Bluffs, walked into my living room and crashed. Buck came out of the kennel at Wichita and did the same. Absolutely no transition. Little Girl and Bella never raced and were absolute nutcases - which may be why they never raced. I have long preached the virtues of big boy hounds (says the woman who is sitting here with a girl carin and a girl boxer mix). When I ran the adoption group I dealt with retired racers as well as lots of "beauty school dropouts" straight off the farms. Most of the latter were ~15 or so months old but some were older. I'd pick a dog fresh off the track every time. Having been fostered equating training is a crapshoot.
  12. Still figuring that out but think if you don't have to might not be wise. I think people do it in part to avoid the mess of coming in heat.
  13. I asked a fairly well respected vet the question and received this answer _ "If you spay a female dog (or cat) b4 she EVER comes in heat, she will never get mammary cancer, which is the most common cancer of female dogs, just like in people. It is fairly protective to spay after one heat but after that the protection factor fizzles out. Obviously a dog spayed at any age won’t get a pyo. As long as they are responsible (and smart) owners who will not let her get bred (you’d be surprised at what “smart” people think will work), they will probably choose to take a small risk and wait".
  14. Could we get a pupdate on the handsome boy and your progress? You might not want to hear it but if you have fenced yard maybe get him a buddy (could be a foster). They keep each other busy and wear each other out. This from a woman that used to have 6-8 greys at once and 4-6 of them fosters that were 12-15 months old. In retrospect I don't know how I lived through it but in a way it was easier than this one 6 month old boxer mix....
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