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  1. Thanks for the diagnosis. No excuses for my mental health but How silly of me to think I stay up late and sleep during the day as I spent 35 years bartending and being a cocktail waitress from the Gusher lounge at the Holiday Inn in Ardmore, OK https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g29976-d3195803-Reviews-Gusher_Lounge-Ardmore_Oklahoma.html to 5 star hotels in Illinois.. Texas bars close at 2 a.m.. but in Chicago they can get a permit to stay open until 4 (5 on Saturday) By the time we'd check out it was often 5 or later. The good thing was that all the bartenders would sig
  2. My dogs have no choice but to be nocturnal as I am. 5-7 aim is bedtime.
  3. It's true. I can go too the end of the block and get fresh green unbleached tripe. kidney. hearts, gizzardsl.;lver and whatever offal appears that day. That is at a supermarket chain. I have said before my neighbors pay good money for organ meat. Just look up Caracerias. A Vietnamese restaurantt up the road a auctions off whole hogs by the piece. My neighbor went once and the rectum commanded the highest price. Eep.
  4. I learned to drive in a 70's ford truck with three on the tree. I was told if I mastered that I could drive any vehicle known to man. Only my first car (Oldsmoble Omega) was automatic. I actually had to special order my 2002 Protégé to get 4 on the floor. Best thing in college was that the mooching sorority sisters without wheels would ask to borrow cars. I'd smile and say "SURE,,it's manual" and they quickly faded away.
  5. I think I logged countless number of miles pitching two greyhounds in the back seat of a Mazda Protage. They'll live. Get what YOU want.
  6. Twenty years ago I met my first greyhound, FV's Little Girl, in Abilene, KS - "The Greyhound capitol of the world". While waiting for them to bring her from the farm I met Bets on Chig, a greeter at the Greyhound Hall of Fame and the first greyhound I'd ever seen in person. Amazing to think that now. I paid $50 to cover Girl's spay and shots and off we went to Texas. I taught Girl about being a pet and she taught me about greyhounds. The next 100 or so taught me more. A blue slip is $30 and is obtainable or not, depending on the registered owner. Raised feeders are fine, but it see
  7. I'd use it. As stated it probably tore in transit.
  8. Not exactly sure had to word it but in my experience the best thing is to just make sure they are fed and watered and just go about your business. Fawning over them makes things worse. I have never used DAP but have friends that say the plug in and colliar together work far better than either alone.
  9. You should have a ton of carniceriass in south Florida that sell USDA human grade raw meat. You may have to venture to less high $$ places than Boca. I cam throw a rock here and get every organ meat known to man.
  10. Little Girl, my first grey, was chosen for me as he had zero prey drive and I had a yorkie.. They do exist. Girl was 2.5 when I got her and had never been out of her run at the farm. Neurotic is a kind term but she loved the yorkie.
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