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  1. True. One of my former bosses called it "$XX a year to make older customers feel safer - but absolutely useless".
  2. That story has been around since Hector was a pup...still funny though.
  3. Congrats! He is one beautiful grey.
  4. Mine especially loved the ones in tomato sauce.
  5. Having fostered a ton of coyote hunting dogs I don't think coyote hunting or not made a difference in their behavior except the ones labeled "this dog won't hunt" were usually very good around small dogs. How old does your vet think she is? I'm struggling with a year old boxer mix that plays with Maggie all day but plays way too rough with me. NGA greys were and may still be repurposed as coyote dogs all the time. They are often "green eared" which is when the coyote hunters retattoo over their original tattoo to make them untraceable and their legs and sometimes belly and back are often scarred up from getting through barbed wire (called 'bob wire' in West Texas) fences.
  6. To the best of my knowledge dogs (including greyhounds) are private property. I can tell you from first hand boots on the ground experience the NGA doesn't have adequate resources or the desire to track where every dog ends up.
  7. It did nothing for my colitis boy. The thing that fixed him was *gasp* IAMS. I've posted it a zillion times.
  8. There are many people out there that are afraid of big black dogs of any breed. When I had Buck I was walking him and a neighbor yelled "get inside it's a Doberman!!!!" Sigh on several levels.
  9. I'll vote for that. I've been to farms from Greymeadow where the Butlers had every luxury known to man to many lease farms in Western Oklahoma that were held together with spit and bailing wire and the dogs were often in not great shape due to monetary limitations. I firmly believe the dogs are still there in Kansas and Western Oklahoma. but the farmers have sort of closed ranks.
  10. I am the champion of BIG boys. The bigger they are the sweeter they are. Racing weights - Rex -77 Buck - 78 Buddy -79 Harley - 84 They all evened out around 7 pounds over their racing weight. I didn't have a dog door with Harley but he was just BIG. I had to install a bigger dog door for him. I wish I could remember the name f the female I adopted out. She was almost as big as my guys and we called her Toni the pony.
  11. I'm reminded of circa 2000 when I was drilling a new vet on greys and anesthesia. He very politely said "Ma'am if there is a vet that doesn't know about greyhounds and anesthesia protocol they've been living under a rock for the last twenty years".
  12. Happy Happy birthday!!! :airmail

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