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  1. Ditch the crate. period. Some people have used double baby gates but an unexpended ex pen is more expensive but way easier.
  2. I believe in innocent until proven guilty. Dozens of greys that had never been in a house in their lives literally walked out of a hauler into my living room and didn't touch a thing.
  3. I only use crates for medical purposes and think crating is the most misused overblow topic in the greyhound adoption world. A crate is far smaller than a track one so "they are used to being crated' doesn't hold water. Have actually curled up in a track kennel to see how big they are. I'm 5'9". If you have a destructive dog there are baby gates . People say greys will jump baby gates. I have used unextended ex pens to block doors . Depends on the layout of your house but if you can do in block him in the kitchen during the day with a bed or his crate open that might work.
  4. My friend had good luck using the DAP collar and plug together.
  5. The little bent droppers only hold a few drops.
  6. Bach does make an alcohol free pet version....but good grief. If you're giving something less than1/16th of a teaspoon how can there be enough alcohol to do harm? Rex my winehound probably got more than that when he'd steal a few laps of unattended wine on the coffee table.
  7. It did work on thunderphobic Bella. She was 58 pounds and I gave her two or three droppers full. The weird little bent dropper doesn't hold much.
  8. Happy 12th birthday Connie!.  Where do the years go?

  9. Best thing is an "accidental" meeting on neutral ground (neighbor's sidewalk). You walk one dog and someone else walks the other.. You shouldn't have any problems - greys - especially those that raced - are usually good with other dogs. Don't overthink it....says the woman that spent a night about 20 years ago with a dozen teenage greyhounds in her house. We all lived.
  10. Happy Birthday!!!

    Pam, Maggie and Morgan

  11. Why am I getting this Elfster sign up when I already have my match?
  12. Expect to have the busiest microwave and top of th fridge in town. Those are two safe places....tho I did have one that could clear the top of the fridge.
  13. You count count the number of times I rolled off the bed as a kid. I was incessantly grateful that brother had the top bunk. We really couldn't do a lot to keep from getting my fingers' slammed in car doors about once a week.. Amazing that I still exist. Must be the sturdy West Texas stock in me... :lol My great grandfather drove cattle on the Chisolm trial countless times when he wasn't scooping bat guano out of Carlsbad Caverns.
  14. We ued to have toys before Morgan arrived. The Invisibles are only she can't destroy.
  15. This must be a huge turnout to need all the elves Good job. Spare my elf the trouble. Around here the muttley girl crew would welcome and enjoy anything.
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