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  1. I've marveled at this, too, over the years. I have guessed it is part of how their brains are so wired to be visual because of their hunting, that they are also excellent visual puzzle-solvers in other aspects of life. In this case, they can recognize the possible upcoming problem and take steps (literally) to avoid it before it happens. Or, as we say in human cognitive therapy lingo, they are excellent anticipatory problem-solvers. Milo is a lurcher, and I think he's more scent-oriented than most purebred greyhounds. He doesn't seem to have this right-side-of-the-pole mentality, and he makes things worse by always having his head down to sniff, thus tangling the leash up in his legs, poles, trees, etc., more often.* Unfortunately, he is now paired with Jeter, who of all my purebred greyhounds has the poorest performance in avoiding leash entanglements. Other people who have walked with Jeter remark on how good he is at that compared with the non-greys they are used to, but for me it's much more of a chore now to walk around the neighborhood than it was with previous greyhounds. twright3 -- I like your bouquet of greyhound names. *Milo is better visually than most greyhounds in some instances. For example, he can assess just how wide a space he needs to get through a partial barrier, and fly through it confidently whereas accompanying greyhounds won't even attempt it.
  2. Asking a foster family about a possible singleton is always hard because those families almost always have at least one other dog already. Just brainstorming -- I think dogs who are anxious about one thing (e.g., thunderstorms) tend to be anxious about multiple things, and possibly be more apt to bad separation anxiety. Or you could approach it another way and consider dogs who are not the best about sharing home space with other dogs, and thus need to be an only dog. Then, as above, work with any separation anxiety that comes up.
  3. What handsome, handsome houndies! Charlie brought his own supply of spots, too. How are they all doing together?
  4. The big question is -- are you going to change the color, or not?
  5. My Chewy order actually got shipped the day after I paid for it, instead of weeks later!!!!!!
  6. Alexa is beautiful. I love her markings -- it looks like all the black patches have been pushed to the back because she runs so fast. As you get more accustomed to how her body looks, you'll be able to tell when she gains or loses a little. Can you feel her ribs, or actually see them? Are her hipbones a little padded, or do they stick out? Every dog's body is a little different and carries weight a little differently. For the two hounds I have now, I watch their tuck -- where their ribs merge into their groin. If that tuck seems to look a little thicker than I'm accustomed to seeing, it's time to lighten the portions a little. Alexa has a lovely proportioned tuck.
  7. cyber kisses to Sweep's sweet forehead
  8. If you look outside and your usually brindle hound is now blue, it is foggy. Jeter absolutely agrees with this, from the safety of the interior hall dogbed.
  9. Nice to see a brindle in your home again. I thought Kate was one of the few dogs Petunia really got along with. Is Tiger another, or was the social interaction from Petunia more on the assertive end of the spectrum? Bet she takes Bailey's Irish Cream in her coffee. Sending cool thoughts to all you desert folks.
  10. Inspired by the Weather-Telling Rock featured at many fine retailers. Masculine pronouns used 'cuz we got only boys here. If your greyhound comes in from outside and is wet, it is raining. If he's white, it's snowing. If his fur is hot to the touch, it's sunny. If your greyhound does not want to go outside, it is either too hot or too cold. Or maybe too dark. If your greyhound comes in looking like a Rhodesian ridgeback, it's windy.
  11. She reminds me of AnneGTS's beautiful sighthound mix, Tapas. Search and you'll find pics.
  12. Sending late but enthusiastic birthday greetings. Hope you had a day. The boys will be turning 11 this year, too. 2009 was a good year.
  13. Belated happy Gotcha Day, Buddy. Love your pics, especially the cuddles and roach-from-reverse ones.
  14. Happy birthday to roo, happy birthday to roo, happy birthday Princess Val, Happy birthday to roooooooooooooo! Sung by Jeter (mellow baritone) and Milo (high tenor)
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