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  1. Give that girl some fried pickles to go with the hamb and fries! Beautiful Petunia, I hope you get a sister as a birthday present.
  2. Name will be Gelsey -- like the ballerina Gelsey Kirkland. Sounds like Kelsey, except starts with a hard "g" instead of the almost identical "k". Today, Gelsey has pawed off and chewed part of a roll of toilet paper; torn up my bag of eyedrops, thank goodness only chewing and not puncturing any of the tiny bottles that cost me $500 each month; and charmed the pants off of everyone at the vet's. Fecal negative.
  3. Good for you for feeling good, Ms Sweep!
  4. I'm so sorry. You were, and will always be, his heart human.
  5. Does boyfriend realize he has been renamed Alexa?
  6. We are negotiating on names and colors. I want to name her Tess or Lass, with accessories emerald green. (PA's Shawneelass was adopted by a GT'er and called Lass. She was a beautiful red fawn and I always thought that was a beautiful name.) Happy Kelsey says that's way too serious; she feels more like a Kelsey, and peenk. Although she is willing to compromise on pink with shades of rose and apricot. We do agree on a theme song: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Nutmeg was a dark brindle. I always wanted to take a picture of her fur, enlarge the pic, and put it on a wall as a piece of art.
  7. Neither. For example, my first two greys were both red fawns. One had eyeliner, one not. Neither one had Gable Dodge in their ancestry. Gable Dodge had the whole package -- proportionately large eyes, exotic eyeliner (think Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra) and dark eyebrows. Gable Dodge
  8. Happy Kelsey/Fiona/Dyani She's a beautiful, beautiful 5-year-old red fawn girl. She's met Milo and Jeter, and the boys made sure to pee over every place she did. We toured the yard on leash, and she wasn't sure about the ornamental pool or the ouchy rosebush. After the initial excited sniffs, Jeter isn't paying much attention to her. Milo tried to run with her once I let her off leash, but she just wanted to explore. Racing name Happy Kelsey. Gable Dodge was a great-grandpappy, and she's got the trademark Gable Dodge eyes. Racing kennel nickname Fiona. Her first family named her Dyani, which means deer in a Native American language. I like shorter names, so she may go back to Kelsey or Kell, or she may tell me she prefers something else. The name will sort itself out. Much more urgent is deciding on her signature color for accessories. She arrived with a mixture of pink, purple, and dark blue. So lucky to get this girl. Lucky that my long-time adoption program, Greyhound Friends of NC, is still operating and willing to adopt to me even though I've moved a little out of service area. And she's here through the power of GreyTalk. Time4aNap gave me a kick and told me to stop waiting for the universe to drop what I wanted into my lap and encouraged me to let people know what I was looking for. Our own Macoduck is a volunteer for GFNC and alerted me the instant she heard that there might be a middle-aged female return. She made sure I staked my claim so that nobody else could get their hooks into her. Evidently I almost had to arm wrestle her foster family. So Ducky is her fairy godmother. The trip back was horrific, with 95 degree weather, a camp-out period in a crowded parking lot to wait out a thunder and hail storm, and backed-up traffic everywhere. But we are home, and she is lying down a respectful distance from Jeter, giving the occasional adorable little snore. I'm hoping Ducky will post a few pics of her for me. I'm so happy that Happy Kelsey is here.
  9. Of course you didn't need to negotiate -- CHIKKIN AND OATMEAL!
  10. Thinking good thoughts for Sweep today. Hi, RobinW!
  11. What a journey! And what a happy day May 27 must have been for you. Thanks for this valuable info. I have no dog experience with strokes, but I work with humans who have had one. It is not unusual in a human ischemic stroke (one caused by blood clot in brain, not hemorrhaging) to have symptoms worsen in the days following the clot, even though circulation may have been restored, as parts of the brain swell in reaction to the initial damage. In humans, this is common when the stroke has been on the right side of the brain. (The right side of the brain controls the left side of the body, and vice versa.) The eyesight is fine, but the part of the brain that receives information about what is happening on the left side of us is damaged. It is called "left neglect." This sometimes gets better on its own, but often it is a matter of learning to automatically compensate. Here are some therapy activities adapted from humans. You can try sitting on her left side and doing your normal activities, just so she'll have to turn her head to see you or hear you better. Put a treat on the floor just to the left of her. If she does not notice it, put your hand in front of her right side and move your hand to her left so that her head will follow it to the treat. Go on a walk where you make a lot of left turns. Will she walk on leash with you on her left? Things like that. Please keep us posted about how Foxy and you are doing.
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