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  1. I try to give the dog a little mental and physical exercise inside when the weather is bad; not that southwest Virginia gets as cold as Canada but we still have our days. Various kind of treat puzzles (Christmas is coming!) and those mats that you can hide treats in. Playing hide and go seek inside the house. (Good for reinforcing the "stay" command.) Working on obedience. Setting up a hurdle course with soft and low hurdles. I may start "nosework" this winter just to help keep them occupied. Even giving them something to chew can distract them for a while.
  2. I am a dedicated chewer. I like toys well enough, but destuff them quickly. I am crazy for a "lure pole" ("flirt pole"). I go through the old-fashioned nail clippers pretty fast because my nails grow like crazy. I tolerate a little clothing -- ties, bandanas, and such, that Ellen sticks on me when we go on therapy dog visits. I eat anything and everything. Ellen likes teas and coffee, and exotic spices. My dream present would be for someone to release about 2 dozen live bunnies in our back yard.
  3. It seems like he was a Camper forever, loving it and being loved. wap wap wap, sweet boy
  4. Obviously, the root cause of the problem is a deplorable lack of toys. The brave, fearless Duchess! Party pooper!
  5. Happy birthday to a beautiful girl (and her friend). Do we smell liver brownies?
  6. To: Santa's Elves From: Jeterbug I'll eat anything under the tree I'll eat anything that doesn't eat me The only things that my stomach fears Are fat bombs like greasy pig ears Toys are my favorite! Toys are so fun! But I have to admit that my favorite ones Dangle down from my craw where I can give them a shake Like those long, skinny ducks or a slithering snake Ellen's a strange one, she's on a low carb diet And never decorates but keeps the house quiet She likes spices and sauces which we dogs don't love Although we all view meat jerky as a gift from abo
  7. Got notified that message went through
  8. Yes, loved the drool on the cake video. And that crinkly sounding toy appears highly satisfactory. Buddy is a handsomely elegant gent at any age. Classic greyhound lines.
  9. Getting the "can't receive messages" error RaineysMom
  10. Waiting with bait on our breath. We would be glad to send gifts for 3, rather than 2, if the numbers are uneven. Milo and Jeter, Secret Shoppers
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