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  1. I always want to hear about new dogs, no matter their status.
  2. On the first day of Secret Santa, Elfster has sent me three e-mails. It reminds me of the 12 days of Christmas. One is to Jeter, and contains his giftee name and address info. A-ok. The second e-mail is addressed to Milo, but contains the exact same content as the one addressed to Jeter. I don't know what to make of the third e-mail. It has no sender name except for Elfster, and says: I am totally befuddled this app. I d have a nice toy and treats for Milo. So Jeter is already planning his shopping. Milo still needs to know to whom and where to send gifts. And I am totally befuddled by the third e-mail.
  3. My Eve had very strong feelings that toys belonged inside the house. Baz would take one or two outside to play, and WHAM -- Eve would actually take them away from him and bring them back inside. She never interfered when he played with them inside. But we all lived by her laws, enforced with an iron paw inside the velvet dog boot.
  4. Milo and Jeter both say, "Been there, done that, have the t-shirt."
  5. My Milo's usual method of operation is to be a devious weasel and do all sorts of tricky things to get whatever another dog has. "Look -- a squirrel! Ha ha -- got your place on the couch!" The only time he barks/snarls/lunges is when I am eating on the couch. He has never tried to bite the other dog in this situation. But I make him get off the couch when he does it, just to give me the illusion that I am in charge of who is near the food.
  6. Hope she's enjoying a luxurious weekend with lots of pampering and cuddles. (As if that wasn't her everyday life, anyway. )
  7. Welcome to Grizwald and his family! Great name, and handsome dog. I've never had a very shy dog, but I bet you'll get to see Grizwald blossom over the next six months. Does he like going for walks? That's a good bonding experience.
  8. Such a beautiful, beautiful girl. And in that pic, you can almost feel her silky fur. I've posted this song link before, but it's always appropriate. Especially the part about waiting at the kitchen door. Beautiful Katie
  9. Sending all of our sympathy. Know that we're all holding you and Prince in our thoughts.
  10. Is it too late? I'd like to join in. Will PM Mary Pat.
  11. Real-life legwarmers Some of my dogs actually got more permanent fur their first year. Others became balder and balder as the years went on, with above-mentioned seasonal variations.
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