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  1. From Wikipedia, emphasis added: Deep-fried pizza is available in many chip shops in Scotland.[1][2] The basis is an inexpensive fresh or frozen oven-ready pizza consisting of a thick parbaked base with toppings already applied. This is then fried until crisp. The dish can be served as a "pizza supper" (with chips) or single (without chips), in whole and half pizza portions. The dish may be served with salt and vinegar, or with "salt and sauce" (a mixture of brown sauce and vinegar) in Edinburgh and the surrounding area per local chip shop custom. Often the chips will be poured onto one side of the pizza, and the pizza then closed around them. This pizza is deep fried without batter, although another variation known as a "Pizza Crunch" consists of a large, battered pizza/half-pizza deep-fried, usually served with a hearty amount of chips and vinegar (which is then called a "Pizza Crunch Supper"). O.M.G. Milo and Jeter would kill to get those pizza bones. However, I will see Scotland's pizza crunch supper and raise you a dish my grandmother used to make to ensure that everybody in our large family got a taste of the prized fresh pork liver after we slaughtered a hog : Livermush. Livermush is a dish with at least 30% pig liver and a mixture of pig head parts and cornmeal. You may say "yuck," but locals have fallen head-over-heels for the fatty fare, even celebrating an annual Livermush Expo; putting it in omelets and pizzas; and devoting a Facebook fan page to it. Ingredients: Pig liver, assorted other pig parts (usually fatty), cornmeal, pepper, salt. Fat content: One popular recipe calls for one liver and a pound and a half of fatty parts for a six-serving batch of livermush, making each serving worth about 30 grams of fat. Buddy, enjoy!
  2. Most of my dogs have been firmly convinced that an appropriate weight for a greyhound is approximately 400 lbs (182 kg). Stay strong!
  3. What a lovely girl. Time you made an honest woman out of her. And it's wonderful she and Petunia already get along. You should do as you feel, of course, but I always get a cozy feeling seeing the pictures and names of hounds who have gone before.
  4. Welcome to you and Jill! She looks and sounds beautifully adorable. Just as she should. I agree with above -- I think her weight looks good. Since hip and rib prominence are different on each dog, I prefer to go with a subjective eyeball on the tuck (waist). I want to see a beautifully proportioned small tuck. At 26.7kg (58 lbs?) she is small, even for a female, so any extra weight is going to show up on her immediately. You'll know if she gains a kilo. My opinion on Jill is that while she looks good now, she would also look good at 1-2kg more. How she looks and what she weighs also depends on how muscular she is, as the article explains. I am not a nutrition expert, but since you are feeding partially raw it would be a good idea to make sure you are feeding a nutritionally balanced diet, if you haven't already. Try rewarding her for just looking your way when you say her name. When she does that reliably, advance to coming when called.
  5. Bea is brindlicious. Pssst -- Remind your cook that pumpkin is low in carbs Pumpkin carbonara
  6. I had a Corolla and now a Camry. At first I didn't fill in the footwells, but sometimes I'd have to make a hard stop and there would be loud THUMPs from the back as the dog(s) hit the backs of the front seats. So at first I filled in the footwells with stacks of newspapers, covered with rugs. That worked fine except for the lump in the middle. So following a GT suggestion I got a big sheet of 3" or 4" foam from a fabric store and, using my best bread knife :), cut 2 pieces for each of the footwells, perfectly level with the rear seat. Then cut a piece to cover the middle hump, sized to tightly wedge with the footwell pieces. Then a sturdy cheap rug to cover everything. Still the same setup today with the same foam pieces. Someone gave me a dogseat cover, which is good for covering the back of the rear seat. And now I use dog seatbelts, which hook to the human seatbelts, to delude myself that hound bodies won't go flying through the windows in a crash but give the hounds lots of room to stand up, lie down, etc.
  7. Look at those beautiful, beautiful dogs! They will be celebrities in your new small town.
  8. Don't want to worry you, but after much experimentation and purchases of different trash cans and the only way to keep dear Eve out of the trash was to put it behind a firmly closed and latched door. How are Petunia and Kate getting along?
  9. That dog is a party on four feet
  10. Jeter barks when I leave home, arrive home, and at loud motorcycles. I hope it is not all for the same reason.
  11. Happy birthday to roo, happy birthday to roo. Happy birthday, dear Liiiilaaaaaaaaaa HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ROOOOOOOOOO!
  12. Alternative: Perhaps you washed/dried that throw too recently and it shrunk.
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