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  1. Good to see she has her rightful amount of snake stuffy, too
  2. Trolley -- all happy expectation Petunia -- magnificent stink-eye
  3. Chicken bones -- we were out for a dayhike on the Appalachian Trail once and a hound made a pounce and came up with such a prize -- chicken bone! I mean, who goes out hiking, gnaws some KFC along the way, and then just dumps the bones by the side of the trail? Evidently a lot of people. I don't think dogs are tricksy getting the bones -- I think the bones themselves are tricksy. The muted colors and angles blend in anywhere. Maybe someone needs to start a new camouflage pattern for clothing.* *We could make Cletus a hunting vest out of it.
  4. I agree with the above. I've taken my greys to positive-reinforcement-only mixed programs and had excellent experiences every time. One was sponsored by a city recreation program, the others were private trainers. I think the size of the class matters, too. Ask what their top limit of dogs is. I also took 2 hounds to a greyhound-only one-weekend agility intro workshop done as a fundraiser for a local adoption program. All those sighthounds did NOT want to enter the tunnel, except for my girl. Once she discovered the motherlode of treats inside the tunnel, tossed by other humans trying to get their greys IN, we couldn't get mine OUT.
  5. In the spirit of female equality, I must report that dear Eve not only caught and ate flies, she ate SLUGS. We had a don't-ask-don't-tell policy on that last one.
  6. I'll have to go measure mine and remember the brand.
  7. Somebody explained it as dogs not comprehending names as their "identity" but as what you say when you want them to pay attention to you, come to you, etc. Another alternative for "fat butt" could be Wylie, for "wl", or "wide load"
  8. It was a toss-up whether to post this in Cute and Funny or Food. Milo came trotting inside this morning and after half a minute horked up a large, slender black beetle. It was still wiggling and seemed to have all of its legs, so I put it back outside. Milo showed no interest in it once horked; evidently he didn't care for the throat tickle.
  9. Love the picture of your tattooed lady. Welcome! so true
  10. Sometimes called an "eargasm."
  11. Happy birthday, Ms Bea! Looks like you and the rest of the campers had a greyt time. I would not have thought of pink with a light-colored brindle, but that color is stunning on her. We particularly admire her nicely short nails. Cletus -- glad to see you are getting your fiber.
  12. Mademoiselles Trolley, Petunia, and Bella -- many beautiful birthday wishes to you beautiful ladies. Yes, you can tell that's exactly what she's thinking. And so thoughtful of Lexie to send peanut butter ahead of time.
  13. Partay Trolley! Partay Trolley! Partay Trolley! Or will Petunia the Furn Police Ossifer put a damper on things?
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