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  1. Oh, yes, I remember those walks with dear Nutmeg when she was 12 and 13, tottering about on her old lady legs and with lumbar stenosis, but of course still thoroughly enjoying life in the slow lane.
  2. Jerilyn, can Wikki make herself into a W?
  3. She's making a beautiful letter S, for Sweep. We need to make a greyhound pictorial alphabet board.
  4. Shawna, I'm so sorry. The house must feel so empty without your sweet boy.
  5. Oh, the sacrifices we make for our beloved hounds. On the other hand, you could train Grace, as I (the master trainer ) have trained Jeter: "Back off. It's just my second cup of coffee." Although what Jeter is hoping for is his breakfast.
  6. Somebody check to see if Logan has the marsupial pouch. One GT person reported some years ago being asked -- upon exiting an elevator -- if their grey was a hyena. Evidently all that registers with some people are brindle stripes.
  7. Glad you're having the sunniest of celebrations, Aiden! Best wishes from your fellow brindles.
  8. I always say that two greyhounds instead of one are definitely 2x the expense, 0x more trouble, and 4x the fun. And that's even if they aren't particularly bonded to each other. Selection -- take Max with you to meet a few candidates, if you can. There probably won't be much difference in behavior, but there might be some clues that will give you some info. Taking them on a short walk together may be helpful. How long I keep them muzzled when I'm gone varies with what I see when I'm home. Generally at least 2 weeks. A few times there has been a fight after a "honeymoon" pe
  9. What everyone else said. How absolutely scary! Hugs to all, including Sadie.
  10. I've been pleased with Flor carpet squares. Tough, low profile, no pads needed (sorry, not cushy) and the adhesive circles that hold the squares together have surprised me by being so durable. I have to be careful with rugs in the house because of my iffy balance. I feel confident I'm not going to trip on the 8 x 19 in the living room and the runner by the dog door. They are the only rugs I have in the house. I got them after two major disasters in one week on my expensive 10x12 that was then in the living room (cranberry juice fail and Milo decided to nurse his bleeding leg on the rug wh
  11. I was working in the front yard on Sunday. The dogs were stuck in the back yard. Jeter stood by the fence and whined non-stop the entire two hours. Human perspective: "I am showing the dog that whining does not get him what he wants." Jeter perspective: "Even if I have to do it for hours, whining will eventually bring her in."
  12. Sending good thoughts to you and your boy.
  13. I'm so sorry on the loss of your beautiful, beautiful Zee.
  14. No, he does it on command, not on his own initiative. And first he has to check under the patient's bed for any dropped food. He has his priorities. Nice twirl, Mr Rumble!
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