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  1. Poor, poor little podenco. Or is it podenca, since she is a seniorita? Jerilyn -- Lulu yawning in cone --
  2. It happens, more times than I care to think about. I hope Felton dispatched the bunny as quickly as my two do.
  3. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Be better if she got Lucy on a roll.
  4. What fun! Both such lookers individually, and so striking together! Were they separated for a while and then reunited at the adoption program? Lucia may have been all "I thought I'd gotten all you out of my hair." Congreytulations to you all, and hope you'll keep us updated on the fun. Even grumpy Falcon would be so proud of you.
  5. Posting more messages, from Tiger's cousin Jeter. And Milo, of course. Brindles unite!
  6. Congreytulations to you and Tiger! It is heartwarming to read how happy he is, and to see that he is following in the (train)tracks of Ken and Doc. According to his GreyhoundData page, he is 1/4 American, a Gable Dodge boy, so he must be related to many of our US hounds, including my Jeter (Mac's Palmer).
  7. Sherman, with his beautifully speaking bright eyes and the longest, squeakiest snake ever known to Dogkind in that picture. Making us cry and smile at the same time. What luck for you all that his first family couldn't handle him with a toddler. That meant he got to come to a home where everybody -- EVERYBODY -- thought he was the greytest thing since sliced bread right chicken legs. to you all.
  8. I am so sorry. I, too, have been smitten with Trolley ever since her picture first appeared on GreyTalk. What striking markings. And you could tell even in photos that her fur was bunny soft. And I'm sure the term "earsies" was coined just for her. As Banjoman posted above, she left in her own time in her own way, just as she would have wanted. Leaving a long trail of grieving humans behind. I forget -- do you know how/why she got named Figsiza Trollyn?
  9. Broodie butts are touching! In related news, Hell has frozen over.
  10. Inquiring minds want to know what pot noodles are. Plusalso, how many sardines if you are feeding as a meal?
  11. That dawg is just a walking, tail-wagging anemometer They do kind of look like a container of mixed chikken legs and thighs, don't they?
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