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  1. Jeter ate last night! About 3/4 of a regular meal, but more than he's eaten in a week! If he can eat enough, then I can consider treatment that might extend his life if that is an option otherwise. In other breaking news, Milo has solved the problem of not getting all the good food Jeter is by bringing in his own rabbit rations.
  2. Jeter is sticking to his program of eating a Milk-Bone brushing chew, a few bites of some sort of meat, and that's it. I have been offering a variety of foods and he just rejects them almost all the time, or he picks one to eat his few bites. I am cooking more for him than I am for me. I lost my composure a couple of times today. One was when I realized I had grossly underdosed the Entyce appetite stimulant on Friday and Saturday. I gave correct dose this afternoon, but it usually takes 2 days to take effect. Then I started swearing and yelling at Milo -- he is being such a s### and bullying Jeter when he's down. I know I shouldn't get mad for Milo just being a dog, but ... . Tomorrow (Mon.) morning is the talk with the regular vet and, depending on the diagnosis, decision time.
  3. Adding our plus some and and and and and and and and lots and lots of
  4. Complete blood work back; everything to do with red blood cells low and white cell count mildly high. Excerpts from Dr Couto's initial thoughts; e-mailed this morning (Sat.): My vet was thinking possible lymphoma after the ultrasound a few days ago, and that is the first possibility Dr Couto lists above. I'm googling my way through the rest. Histiocytic sarcoma is an "aggressive cancer." So far, it looks like I should be rooting for immune-mediated bone marrow hypoplasia. I called vet yesterday to ask for more help with Jeter's lack of appetite. Our regular vet wasn't there and other vet gave us Entyce. He had a Milk-Bones brushing chew and a few bites of chicken breast for breakfast this morning. Oddly enough, the brushing chews have been the one thing he will consistently eat (knock on wood). At least he isn't vomiting. I will talk with the regular vet on Monday.
  5. Significantly enlarged spleen. No sign of tumors on xrays or ultrasound. Vet doesn't want to biopsy spleen for fear of internal bleeding. Basic bloodwork all normal, including liver. Heartworm, Lyme, and ehrlichia tests negative. Babesiosis test to be done with CDC (complete blood test) and results due back on Friday. It's a mystery. Vet sent consult request to Dr Couto this evening. Jeter ate a little more on the Cerenia the past few days, and vet said it also is a mild analgesic, but he is totally wiped out tonight and has refused everything. Gelsey welcomed him back so enthusiastically she almost knocked him down. Right now he's sleeping on the dogbed next to the computer, with me turning around every few minutes to make sure he's still breathing.
  6. BAHAHAHAHAHA (and thank goodness!) Big Mac is more interested in a farm than a farmer's market
  7. Jeter not doing as well. Still not eating much and now has lost weight. Rear end weaker. Took him in this morning (Mon.) and vet thinks he could feel an enlarged liver, which he couldn't before. X-rays and ultrasound scheduled for this Weds., only because they couldn't fit him in tomorrow. I gave them Dr Couto's contact info for when we have images to send. Jeter now has cerenia pills to see if that helps appetite any. He ate the roast beef out of a sandwich on our way home.
  8. How are Big Mac and you doing? I don't remember this story -- do tell!
  9. Has Emma started with the prednisone yet? How is she feeling? Sending cyberhugs.
  10. Happy birthday to roo Happy birthday to roo Happy birthday, dear Sweeeep Happy birthday TO ROOOOOOOOO Chin rests and tail wags from Jeter (mellow baritone), Milo (high tenor), and Gelsey (shrill shriek combination of air brakes and nails on chalkboard) Beautiful girl, get your money's worth napping on the porch today in your beautiful blue harness in the beautiful fall weather
  11. Wrapping you and Emma in our warmest thoughts. What a blessing that she'll leave from home, surrounded by everything and everyone she loves best.
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