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  1. Hope your stoic boy is doing well. My Eve had almost as many permanently swollen toe joints as she did normal. Never seemed to bother her.
  2. Closer perusal shows I was wrong -- there is an occasional something that I guess is a claw on the dried duck feet. It is blunt, though, and looks more like a small piece of monocolor candy corn than a claw. But I have not noticed any problems with the dogs' digestion of it. Jan, why was your dh concerned?
  3. Why do so many people say whippets? They're just as uncommon as greys, aren't they?
  4. Just keep the treats coming, Odin! Happy birthday to another big, beautiful stripey guy!
  5. I hope those are all right-legged-only chickens (remembering dear Bill of won't eat left legs fame)
  6. No problem with claws on the dried duck feet since their feet are webbed, not clawed. Chicken feet have claws, but my dogs have never had a problem with that. A recent visitor was all "Wha?" as I was handing out the duck feet. Good thing he wasn't around when thawed chicken feet were on the treat menu!
  7. Peanut butter = doggy crack. I can't believe you didn't give that dog a little bit of her own peanut butter. My dogs know the sound of the jar being opened and come briskly into the kitchen from far afield. And of course greyhounds have good senses of smell -- several excellent Nose Work dogs on GT.
  8. Logan -- what a wonderful way to celebrate your anniversary! And it looks like a wonderful place to walknsniff. Milo and Jeter are jealous - they'd like to go, too. Then there were be THREE brindle hounds in all their striped glory.
  9. EllenEveBaz


    It is so very hard when you are trying to do the very best -- anything, everything -- but it is not enough. I am so sorry.
  10. I'm so sorry. No matter how much time we have together, it is never, never enough. May your spirit run with the wind, handsome Jax.
  11. Sweep always puts the glam in glamor shots, but I particularly like #3 -- the elegant lines of her head, the subtle, rich shading of her fur, and the adorable little toofers you can just see. Momo is gorgeous.
  12. This is what I do with Jeter, who has this problem. Lots of petting while he's awake, and then tell him in a happy voice to get down, and praise him. Much better for my nerves than being startled by growling or ferocious barking.
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