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  1. Jeter has sleep aggression. It's more than sleep startle -- he sounds/looks like Cujo when awakened. The dogs are allowed on the sofas and the spare room bed but never on my bed. This was easy to teach ("No! Get down! Good dog!") and they sleep on the sofas, spare bed, or one of the seemingly hundreds of dog beds around the house, including on the floor in my bedroom. I allow Jeter next to me on a sofa when he's awake -- he adores getting his tummy rubbed -- but tell him to get down before he starts sleeping. I am sometimes awakened by Jeter snarling at Milo during the night.
  2. Sometimes we love them even more for their "faults." Godspeed, handsome boy.
  3. And then, chicken feet have that macabre touch of the claws hanging over the dog's lips
  4. Fur is just extra fiber. Abu looks like he thinks those ears alone were worth retiring for. Nadine, all your dogs look so beautifully fit and in shape.
  5. Yesterday 2 new sofas were delivered to replace the giant ratty old sectional. I am delighted; dogs are less so. I managed to get each of them up on a new sofa one time. Mostly, they would walk up to one and just stand next to it, looking unhappy. To make things worse, I put the dog blankets usually covering the sofa in the washing machine. This morning, there was a small, perfectly formed and already dried piece of poop lying on a sofa cushion. There has never been an Interior Incident with these particular hounds. Do you think it was a claiming maneuver? A critical review? Or
  6. Ooooh! I love gratuitous greyhound pictures! Look at the fluffy fur on that handsome dude!
  7. Glad that some of the worst winds were from Tornado Cletus's tail. That drawing is beautiful. Catches Cletus's soulfulness.
  8. Andy must have picked him out. Best wishes for wonderful health for all of you.
  9. I've never had this problem with a dog, but from what I've read over the years it sounds like you are doing all the right things. Happy voice, as you've said, and act like you two are the most confident, kick-butt team in the world. Sometimes adding another dog's poop the place where you want yours to go (your back yard, as of now) will stimulate them to do the deed closer to home.
  10. When she first arrived at home, my then 4-year-old Nutmeg was quietly respectful to my elderly male and judiciously ignored the cat. But the first few times she was with a small dog, as with you, I didn't like her body language. Head up, ears up, verrrrry alert, rough. I and the other owner broke it up a few times before anything could escalate. She settled down and was her usual angelic self for the rest of her life, even with incredibly aggravating family dachshunds. Paws crossed it's just a learning phase for your girl. Greysmom -- wonderful to see that video! Toni and Whiskey
  11. Conga line time! Lila is 14 (KICK!) Lila is 14 (KICK!) and on into the wee hours of the morning
  12. Happy birthday to roo Happy birthday to roo Happy birthday, pretty Sophieeeeeee Happy birthday to rooooooooooooooooooo And many morrrrrrrrrrrrre from Jeter (mellow baritone) and Milo (high tenor)
  13. It's always heartbreaking to have someone lose a wonderful dog, and especially heartbreaking when he was so young and you were looking forward to many more years and adventures with him. May kind Danny's spirit run with the wind. And to all who love him, and will always love him
  14. I am so sorry. Yes, the direct but kind eyes -- she looks ready to snuggle or play a game of tug-of-war, whatever you're up for. The gorgeous mixing of white into the glossy black fur. And the ears -- the beautiful ears. She has surely snagged the brass ring in the Bridge cheerio toss.
  15. Jeter is 10 years old and still hasn't figured out the sun-equals-hot/shade-equals-cool thing.
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