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  1. Milo would trade all the urban excitement of our town of population 6,000 for one ratting session in your barn. Actually, this town works hard to keep things interesting and people employed now that most of the old jobs are overseas. It happens to be the town where the mother of GreyTalk's LBass (Lucy) grew up, and I was able to send her some photographs a few years ago. I wonder what businesses would have been in that little alley in the 1920s and 30s. I used to work on the edges of the legal profession. The standard way to describe a knock-down, drag-out, hair-pulling fight was, "Words were exchanged." I wonder, too. After all, in this species calling someone an SOB is a compliment.
  2. May your spirit run with the wind, Moody.
  3. It's so sad that it was your beautiful Lolie's time to go. Your posts about her over the years showed that she made the world a happier place for all who knew her. We know our hearts will be broken one day, but we cannot help loving them. May time bring comfort to all of your grieving hearts.
  4. Petunia obviously knows that the camera is focused on Kate and her color-coordinated collar and toy, and was ticked off from the start. Then that camera hog bumped her, and she got reprimanded for merely defending herself. So unfair!
  5. Yesterday evening I was running errands downtown and took the hounds. Don't tell anyone, but the lady who owns the butcher shop lets the dogs in the store with me. She's known us for years from the farmer's market and has always complimented them on their good behavior. And in the store, everything's behind glass or metal. There's a pedestrian alley lined with shops that I haven't been down in a long time so decided to check out. Right on the corner -- a storefront for a local animal rescue. With cats roaming inside. The door is always locked because of the cats, but the volunteers came out to pet the dogs. Jeter was eating it up, but Milo could not be distracted from staring through the glass door and thinking about eating something else. (Sorry, kitties.) A few doors down was an engineering office with a resident pit bull who objected to our presence from one glass door down along the whole plate glass window to the 2nd glass door. Milo and the pitbull exchanged a few opinions about each other's manliness and mothers. Jeter tried to ignore the whole situation. There were trash cans and benches to check out, and then coming down the other side there was a reptile pet store. Both dogs stood stock still in front of that glass door, shoulder to shoulder, with their heads synchronized in that tilting with the ears up (well, as far up as Milo the lurcher can get them) back and forth. I saw a guy inside laughing, but didn't see what fascinated the dogs till I got right behind them. A ginormous tortoise -- maybe 50-60 lbs -- crawling down an aisle. Plusalso a female-owned tattoo parlor named "Pretty in Ink." "Amateurs," sneered Jeter. "Let's see you get tats on both ears." All in all, a veerry interesting walk.
  6. Earsies up! He knows he looks greyt on that light-colored fabric.
  7. The one with the pointy teeth Luckily, that end also has the silky, soft ears
  8. I missed this too, but I know that sympathetic thoughts are never too late. I'm so sorry you had to say goodbye to your beautiful boy.
  9. I was wondering about her just the other day. I am so sorry it was her time; those weak lower spines are remorseless. All our sympathies to you and her mom.
  10. I was feeling sorry for Sadie about her brother Hamilton moving out, but maybe she and Squiggy will be able to relax and have more fun with the Enforcer gone, and he can be dignified in peace.
  11. Jeter has been happily prancing around killing his squeeky snake all over the place. Monica (2GreyhoundMINI) sent it. Enjoy it while you can, Jeterbug, because if Milo follows his usual schedule he'll be ripping that snake (and his own stuffed toy) to shreds within a couple of days. Monica also sent the cutest ties -- a dark blue bowtie and a grey fake-necktie, and Jeter wore the bowtie to make a therapy dog visit yesterday since it coordinated beautifully with his Christmas sweater, given by last year's Secret Santa. You guys must have talked! If anybody has any ideas about how I can buy/make something that looks like a human shirt collar to put around Jeter's neck so the fake necktie will show up better, let me know. There was also a large bag of dog treats and, to help thwart the inevitable results of those treats, two dog finger-toothbrushes and a tube of doggy toothpaste. Jeter will happily share the toofer stuff with Milo; the treats, not so much. Thank you so much, Monica! Jeter is very glad that you did not send the green reindeer antlers that your pups are sporting on your cute card. Milo also got a squeeky toy, sent by Pam, Maggie, and Morgan. If I can ever figure out how to post pictures, I will share one of Milo curled up on a dogbed, jealously guarding his toy and Jeter's, which Milo had stolen and was daring Jeter to try -- just try -- to get it back. Milo got his own bag of peanut butter cookies, and he may or may not generously share a couple of big human cookies with me. Milo says he will share the lavender soap, body wash, zippered pouch with pics of celebrities' dogs, and crazy socks with me. I wore the socks yesterday on our therapy dog visit and everybody got a big kick (yuk yuk yuk) out of them. I'm sure there will be a perfect occasion for the Mona Lisa socks, too. Thanks, Pam! Update: Milo just ran in the room -- he's stolen the snake again! But I hear Jeter squeeking away on Milo's toy in the living room.
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