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  1. I don't think once a week is enough. I'd aim for daily and deal with the guilt if you miss a day here and there. Did they give you information about how to introduce your girl to brushing? She'll need to be introduced to the whole idea gradually, and you'll want to wait maybe a week after the dental before starting that process. Brushing makes a huge difference - my hounds go years between dentals. I use a regular people soft tooth brush, and CET toothpaste, which has enzymes that are supposed to be helpful.
  2. So happy to see Dr. Mason's wonderful research program as the beneficiary!
  3. Thank you both. Her vet thinks it may be a staph infection. Vonnie recently started a round of Clavamox for another reason so it should take care of the nose too, assuming it is staph.
  4. I wish I could remember how long ago - a week, two max, I noticed what looked like an abrasion on Vonnie's nose. There was a bit of fur stuck to it, which I cleaned off, thinking it would just heal. Instead whatever is going on is spreading. I'll try to get a better photo tomorrow, when the light is better, and when she isn't hiding in the crate so I stop trying to hold her still. Here is a photo showing the top area. We are seeing an internal med vet Wednesday for another issue, and I will ask her what she thinks, but in the meantime, does this look familiar to anyone? I am trying to figure out what is going on. Thank you!
  5. Mary, your tribute was beautiful, letting me get to know Callie a little, and miss her light in the world.
  6. So, so heartbreaking. Sending sympathy to all who knew and loved this beautiful girl.
  7. Cletus, you deliver smiles and feel-goodness all over the world, just by being you
  8. If Tyler was adopted, maybe a donation to the shelter he came from, or a charity that your friend supports? Very sorry about his loss of Tyler.
  9. That is really interesting, as I bet a lot of the older dog-related recipes and diet recommendations use calcium as a binder. I looked around and found this article. It doesn't recommend a specific binder, but does explain the relationship of phosphorus and calcium in the body: https://veterinarypartner.vin.com/default.aspx?pid=19239&id=4952674 Elsewhere there are articles talking about currently recommended binders, but it sounds like you don't need any of that at the moment, which is wonderful!
  10. Your homemade recipe probably includes instructions for this, but just in case, as eggs are high in phosphorus, the recipe should include something to act as a binder. I used to wash, bake and grind eggshells. There is a ratio that should be maintained, I don't remember what it is, it's been years, but it should be pretty easy to find online. Glad your girl is improving!
  11. I just moused over the GT secure connection icon, and it said "Verified by: Amazon". Vaguely aware that sellers require some sort of verification to put products on Amazon, but curious to know the relationship between Amazon and this forum? Thank you!
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