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  1. Last time I used them it was 30 days due to customs I'll have to take them to be tested for $30 each. My flawed thinking is if they have been on it for years they are OK.
  2. Anyone know if the have gone out of business? No one has answered or called back for a week.
  3. Don't overthink it. The amount of onion in what you would wet kibble with a box of broth is probably FAR less than if you dropped a slice of onion on the kitchen floor. Been there and dogs that snarfed it up lived. Along the same line garlic is supposed to be a huge no no but I have known people that fed their greys garlic for flea control.
  4. Yes they most certainly can sit. and that is a good starting point. Some may sit on one hip like a doxie but they can do it. My dogs have all learned "schock" which means get off my side of the couch.
  5. All my dogs eat like starved wolves. On demand. Twice a day.
  6. Some of it depends in the market/location. Granted my experience was years ago but then a country vet in the Texas panhandle (who was Texas A&M alumnus of the year later) was $200 and $10 per extraction. In Dallas two years later I seem to remember $500 and $50 per extraction.
  7. Forecast for Dallas tonight is near blizzard conditions. We'll see.
  8. And the biggest suck ups. I've always said girlie greys are more catlike and come to you when they wish while the boys stick closer.
  9. Mine did love the snow...not that we get much here - it's usually ice. ;( Winter has arrived here - it was only in the 50's today and my neighbors broke out their heavy coats.
  10. It depends on the dog and pottty training as adults is a genuine crapshoot. We all know my mantra is "the bigger the boy the better"...and that is many dozens of greyhounds later. The big guys have 'nuttin to prove to no one. Oddly enough my most prolific markers dogs have almost all been small females.
  11. Amen. Excellent advice...especially the throw for the sofa. None of mine liked clothes except for a horse blanket type coat when it was below freezing. It's my firm belief most dog clothes are to humor the human involved. Amazingly in the U.S. most greyhounds grow up naked on farms outside 24/7 with a communal dog house for the litter.
  12. The words written on here years ago stick with me. "Better a day too early than a day too late." My sister put her poor little dog through *ell because she selfishly didn't want to let him go.
  13. I am no expert but have found with some dogs it is best to feed them and then just go about your business for a few days (or sigh...weeks). They will come to you when they feel comfortable. Must you leash walk or do you have a yard/garden?
  14. Greyhound bleeding disorder? Hemolytic anemia maybe? Thinking of you and Abu.
  15. I'd say search out contacts in and around Abilene KS. It is the holy grail of greyhoundom. Greyhound Hall of Fame might help with referrals. I cannot imagine wanting a puppy....and I've lived through many. The romance of greyhounds is that they grew up outside in runs and are somewhat calmed down when adopted.
  16. Can't tell you. I think about three rounds...if that makes sense...which I often don't.
  17. Having lived with a dog with corns on all four feet I will tell you do NOT do surgery. It costs an arm and a leg and they come right back. The only thing that fixed Rex O'Million was duct tape. Google it. It has to be name brand not dollar store variety.
  18. Yes it is. Many greys are universal donors with the added bonus of being gentle. You just have to be strong when they pull it from the neck. There was quite an uproar in Austin a few years ago. Google Pet Blood Bank. That is way different than donating via your vet. I remember onne case where they brought the greyhound in and did a direct transfusion.
  19. My very generous Santa's package has arrived and Maggie has already sent one stuffie to stuffie heaven. Our package will go out in the next two days. I have not been well. Think that I already said it would be delayed.
  20. Down is way harder than up when it comes to steps. Sometimes it takes two people. Can you borrow a step savvy dog for an afternoon? Sometimes that works well. Broken record saying green bag Iams for the runs. In general most greys seem to do well on mid grade foods.
  21. Happy happy birthday!!!

    Pam Maggie and Morgan

  22. I am with Irene. Over the years I used mine for many uses like blocking off doors. If you set it up as stand alone maybe we had great success anchoring it to the door hinges with bungees cords so it wouldn't skitter or get knocked over. MUCH better than a crate or stacked but I usually had the crate with the door open and bedding in it in the gated off room (kitchen). It is a 4 ft.
  23. Rex 's last diagnosis was GME but the specialist vet ($$$$$) said he was just guessing, The depo helped him enormously but many vets won't prescribe it. I followed a vet's advice and sought out and older vet. Somehow I breathe a sigh of relief that I have two sturdy muttleys.
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