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  1. Would love to see you market a slumberball on Etsy or anywhere. Harper Lee would be a wonderful tester for you here in FL., as she is a 14 year old greyhound. I am picture challenged.
  2. I just signed my mixed breed puppy up. I included vet exams, and the premium is just over twelve dollars. Of course, it includes accidents and illness. Sounded very good. My greyhound is almost 14 so I didn’t include her.
  3. Thank you, Lexie and the same to you and your family. We love seeing your pictures. They bring us much joy.
  4. All of a sudden the Greytalk site shows up as not secure. I went to settings but don't know what to change. Help!!
  5. What is the protocol? Just googled prison greyhound hookworm protocol and there it is.
  6. I have been using Freshpet beef or chicken with my 13 year old greyhound. For her evening meal I include Olewo carrots. She is doing well with this diet. She gets glucosamine and chondrites and many treats during the day.
  7. Overwhelmed to hear about Barkley. You were a wonderful mom to him. So very sorry...
  8. Hi, Welcome from Port Charlotte, FL.
  9. My tall cat is now 12 1/2 years old. She is very much her own dog. I love her to pieces just as she is.
  10. LoveMyGrey+2


    I have adored your little white monster. We have the book and my grey, Harper, who is 12 and a half looks so much like her. Cara will be in our memory forever. So very sorry for your loss.
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