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  1. Wow, the similarities are striking to my angel Stewie and his little sis Tia. They both adored each other and I only have videos of them chasing each other. I will try to upload an example as your pics took my breath away.
  2. To Leo, a very special pup and sorely missed.
  3. We lost Jack the same way. It was likely a cardiac related event, possibly an embolism. We were aware that his heart was enlarged and our vet who took care of our Charlie told us in no uncertain terms his time was short before this. I still remember the day he told us, on a Saturday night after calling his cell (yes, Charlie brought us that close) on a picnic table outside his office. He was trying to break it easy to us that there was not a lot more we could do and just to give him the best life possible. We ended up losing him about two months later spending the summer at our beach house and he was happy minutes before he left and then he passed in my arms. I will never forget watching him and wanting him to come back. I am sorry you lost Leo. It is very hard no matter how we lose our pups.
  4. That is a great pic Patty! Congrats on your beautiful boy, I did not know you adopted another Grey.
  5. So hurting for you Tricia and Burke. Holly was such a pretty girl. Take care of yourselves.
  6. What a stunning boy. I am so very sorry he left so soon.
  7. What a beauty he was and always will be. I am very sorry for the loss of your beautiful boy.
  8. They also reported massive increase in claims overall the past two years with ligament injuries going through the roof. I know they have been there for both our angel Stewie who’s last bill was large due to the extensive tests and eventual euthanasia. They also have paid out for our little Chipin who had a ligament injury and surgery this year. Really and truly it’s piece of mind for me now as they have always paid once they all their paperwork as like was stated earlier, vet costs are rising rapidly. No matter the bill, having a big hike sucks but insurance these days no matter the type is crazy expensive.
  9. We used it for Stewie when he had his dentals.
  10. Yes this is quite the story, very sad but with a happy ending.
  11. I am so very sorry and you are right cancer is so very evil. I second that last pic, a beautiful shot. Sidney was and always will be beautiful himself.
  12. So missing my boy. His B-day is coming up and the anniversary of his passing hurts so much. I love you big man.
  13. I am so very sorry. Remembering all the pics of Lexie makes me smile even at this sad time.
  14. Charlies_Dad


    Tricia and Burke, I don’t come on here often after having lost Stewie and today I thought I would take a look and I see the passing of River. Words fail me as she was so special like so many of our pups, my heart breaks for you both. She was such a pretty girl.
  15. Missing my boy every day. He was a sweet loving boy that so liked his little sis.
  16. He was and always will be a very special pup.
  17. I am so very sorry, he left far too soon.
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