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  1. Significantly enlarged spleen. No sign of tumors on xrays or ultrasound. Vet doesn't want to biopsy spleen for fear of internal bleeding. Basic bloodwork all normal, including liver. Heartworm, Lyme, and ehrlichia tests negative. Babesiosis test to be done with CDC (complete blood test) and results due back on Friday. It's a mystery. Vet sent consult request to Dr Couto this evening. Jeter ate a little more on the Cerenia the past few days, and vet said it also is a mild analgesic, but he is totally wiped out tonight and has refused everything. Gelsey welcomed him back so enthusiastically she almost knocked him down. Right now he's sleeping on the dogbed next to the computer, with me turning around every few minutes to make sure he's still breathing.
  2. BAHAHAHAHAHA (and thank goodness!) Big Mac is more interested in a farm than a farmer's market
  3. Jeter not doing as well. Still not eating much and now has lost weight. Rear end weaker. Took him in this morning (Mon.) and vet thinks he could feel an enlarged liver, which he couldn't before. X-rays and ultrasound scheduled for this Weds., only because they couldn't fit him in tomorrow. I gave them Dr Couto's contact info for when we have images to send. Jeter now has cerenia pills to see if that helps appetite any. He ate the roast beef out of a sandwich on our way home.
  4. How are Big Mac and you doing? I don't remember this story -- do tell!
  5. Has Emma started with the prednisone yet? How is she feeling? Sending cyberhugs.
  6. Happy birthday to roo Happy birthday to roo Happy birthday, dear Sweeeep Happy birthday TO ROOOOOOOOO Chin rests and tail wags from Jeter (mellow baritone), Milo (high tenor), and Gelsey (shrill shriek combination of air brakes and nails on chalkboard) Beautiful girl, get your money's worth napping on the porch today in your beautiful blue harness in the beautiful fall weather
  7. Wrapping you and Emma in our warmest thoughts. What a blessing that she'll leave from home, surrounded by everything and everyone she loves best.
  8. This was an Airbus. I've never been on a plane this big. Why does the "seat" in the pics look more like a walk-in bathtub? Is that a water bowl on the surface above/behind Lewis or something for humans?
  9. We could free up more room for big, well-behaved dogs on flights by having the people who like to get drunk and raucous ride in cargo.
  10. Farewell, Ernesto Fiesto of the wonderful earsies. I hope your spirit has found Walter's, and that you are luxuriating in sunbaths at the bridge.
  11. (thud) He is so handsome! And sweet-looking. Yet so different from DesiRay. No gray on his face -- he sure doesn't look 7 years old. We are thrilled for you. Desi would be so proud. (Although maybe wondering what took you so long.) Milo sends a big welcome to his fellow lurcher.
  12. me! (or I should say, us!) MP, you might want to make an additional post somewhere more noticeable, although this of course is the appropriate forum.
  13. When will the last chemo be? Before or after the Oct. 15 birthday?
  14. Radicchio. One time Nutmeg rushed to pick up a piece I dropped, and she did eat it, but the expression on her face! "Must. eat. this. But it is disgusting!" She never touched it again, even when coated with ranch dressing.
  15. You might have a greyhound if when you go to the vet, all the techs take turns coming in the exam room so they can get their fix.
  16. You might have a greyhound if ... the quickest way to the backyard dog door is over the end table and couch, and any people who might be sitting on said couch
  17. Follow-up visit yesterday and good news was liver values were back in the normal range, as was everything else. Also, Jeter had not lost any weight although this puzzles me because he is only eating about half his regular amount, plus extra treats. But he clearly does not feel well. Energy level low and it takes a lot of offers to get him to eat. Vet thinks it might be reaction to pain. His teeth are bad on the sides, where the dental chews don't help. But the two things he is eager to eat are the dental chews and milk-bones, both hard and crunchy. He's also a little sensitive around his lumbrosacral joint, but the vet pointed out that he has excellent muscle mass "for an older dude" and the only change I can see is that he's a little awkward getting off the sofa. His stomach has always been a little delicate; he's thrown up about 1x a month for years. Sometimes bile; sometimes food that has sat in his stomach undigested for hours. He's on another 2 weeks of antibiotics and vet wants to do a dental then if bloodwork still looks good. Vet says with normal bloodwork and weight holding steady, it is unnecessary to do an ultrasound but that if I want, he could get one when he's under for the dental.
  18. My M-F wear is scrubs, which they do make for dogs, but only in operating room colors. which is totally inappropriate since dogs don't have thumbs and would not be able to hold instruments unless they lowered their mask and held the scalpel in their teeth.
  19. Oh, that first picture of Paddy and Aiden Beautiful song. May going to the blessing with the girls bring you comfort.
  20. ArrowOwner, based on these posts I must commend you. Evidently Arrow thinks you don't need any further training.
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