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  1. Why do you think her feet are so stinky? That's kind of unusual. Or do I want to know?
  2. Welcome! We're in the rural foothills of the US's southeastern mountains. Are Indy and Sophie city or country hounds? I don't know why, but I cobbled together enough Google French to say to one of my dogs, "Bon appetit, Monsieur Milo le chien," in my best Julia Child voice.
  3. To enlarge on the topic posted by Wendy the Cryptic Ninja Poster , the "Househunters" tv show recently had an episode where a family looking for a new house had 2 greyhounds, a black and a fawn. There was a brief shot of them in the beginning of the show. I watched the whole show hoping for another glimpse of the hounds, and was rewarded with a few seconds of them on a walk with their humans. Can't remember which boring house was chosen, but the dogs were lovely! Anyone else noticed that whenever dogs are part of the equation in this show, they almost always get shafted by the final c
  4. Happy birthday, princess! My hounds are totally jealous of that snake!
  5. I don't know how your post got overlooked -- I am not a great trainer but will add my 2 cents and hope that bumping up the thread will attract more accomplished trainers. I have a strong, stubborn counter-surfer, too. I am old school and sometimes resort to negative reinforcement. An expert obedience dog show-er gave me this tip -- when you catch the dog with paws on the counter, tell him down, then grab a rolled-up newspaper, (clean) flyswatter, or anything else that will make a dramatic noise and whack the heck out of the counter. NO! NO! BAD COUNTER! You are trying to get the d
  6. I actually bought a remote control car just for the dogs, who were like, meh. So I gave it to my nephew, instead,
  7. Jerilyn, have you tried the footstool method? It's the method for humans with bad knees. You sit in a chair and put your feet on a footstool/other chair. Get the dog on one side of your legs, and hold a treat down near the floor on the other side. You want the dog to go under your legs. Praise/reward/clicker for each movement that gets the dog closer to belly on the floor.
  8. I wouldn't know what to do with a greyhound who had to think about eating. And it looks like you have a doggy version of a unicorn.
  9. Congreytulations on your new boy! At under age 2, he's still a puppy. Double congreytulations that he's interested in training -- it's not something sighthounds are famous for. Have you named him yet? Teaching him to look at you when you say his name is a good basic command. I agree with the suggestions above. Just the other day, I dropped a bratwurst and Milo, super scavenger that he is, had scarfed it up before I even had time to reach for it. He was choking, trying to swallow the burning hot sausage down whole, lengthwise. I am not known for my coolness under pressure, and g
  10. You look like you're enjoying every minute! Happiest of birthdays, beautiful girl!
  11. Happy anniversary to you and your family!
  12. A book I've always loved is Lifetimes: The beautiful way to explain death to children. https://tinyurl.com/ygwrx28r The author and illustrator are Australian, I think, and the pictures of the animals from that part of the world are stunning. It's not overtly religious or spiritual, but I prefer that because you can add your own beliefs and feelings. It's a very comforting book for children. Heck, it's a very comforting book for adults. I'm so sorry.
  13. I hope Burdette's wonderful spirit is running with the wind. I always enjoyed his name; just seemed like a perfect name for a houndie boy.
  14. Congreytulations on your new girl! It sounds like it went pretty well. Your girl may need to teach the puppy some dog etiquette about excited barking. How's it going now?
  15. No pics, but brindle Milo wears orange, which looks terrific (warm color, like Wendy above) or black, and brindle Jeter wears teal by default. Teal doesn't do anything for his coloring but it was one of the few colors left in standard leash/collars (each of the hounds gets its unique, signature color). Dark brindle Nutmeg wore light purple, which looked surprisingly good.
  16. LifeWithLuca -- so many apologies in just your first post! You did fine with posting, just like you will do fine with your hound. (Will the hound's name be Luca?) I agree with the suggestions above, and will add a stronger recommendation that 10 days may be too long. Even with alone training, you and the hound will be together much more than in your regular work schedule, and you do not want the hound getting used to that. I've never taken more than a long weekend, and that didn't break any of my new hounds. If you still feel uneasy about this, maybe you could space it out more
  17. Roman's mohawk goes down so far and he's so big -- are you sure he's not a Rhodesdian ridgeback?
  18. There's nothing quite like watching a hound diligently arrange duvets for several minutes to get them j-u-s-t- right, then, with a weary sigh, lay that thin, skinny body on the cold hard floor right next to the soft nest.
  19. Bem-vinda, Benedita! With my dogs, it makes a difference how fast we walk, and where, as to how many poops. One of my dogs does not like to poop at all on leash. This is okay, because we also have a fenced yard. The other dog tends to poop more on a slow walk than a fast one. He also poops more in a new or exciting place (such as a park) than when walking just on our own street. So he may not poop at all, or poop 3 times. Let your tone of voice and body language tell her that you are confident and in charge, and that you will take care of any problem that may arise. Te
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