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Introducing Wiki

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Meet Wiki (PJ Wicked)!


After losing my beloved Lila on December 2, I was planning on taking a break from having a dog. Just before Christmas a friend told me about a 7 year old brood momma up for adoption. She thought this might be a good fit for me after having old lady Lila, instead of an 18 month old who never raced which seems to be what is available around here. Initially it was a hard no, I was grieving Lila and didn’t want a new dog to disrupt that. But I couldn’t resist looking into Wiki. She’s black with white toes, which is what I secretly hoped next dog would be. She’s not cat or small animal safe, none of those here. She’s related to Lila through Gable Dodge. She’s got a complicated medical history, that doesn’t scare me. And she was with the adoption group since August with no interest in her.

So I called the foster parents and she came for a visit on December 26. She terrorized my house for 90 minutes before laying down. :omg But the fosters assured me she would settle after a day and she was very sweet and affectionate. I submitted my application the next day, the adoption rep called right away and we arranged delivery for January 2.

She is my black shadow. Lila was content and confident from day one, Wiki comes to the bathroom with me. She wants to investigate everything. She is very fast, even by greyhound standards. She loves attention, food, and toys. We are working on some separation anxiety but I don’t think it’s too bad considering she has likely never been left alone before.

I still miss Lila every day, :brokenheart maybe more so knowing just how perfect she was. But Wiki is a very good girl and I love her already. :wub:

Helping me make soup yesterday.


And proof that she is sufficiently spoiled already and doesn’t have to sleep on the hard floor.


(I’m still figuring out how to take pictures of a black dog. It’s extra hard when the sun never shines.)

Edited by Jerilyn
Lila Football
Jerilyn, missing Lila (Good Looking), new Mistress to Wiki (PJ Wicked).



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Welcome Wiki! What a beautiful girl. I’m sure she will settle in soon and you can go back to having the bathroom to yourself (if this happens please let me know your secret). It sounds like she was waiting for you and you found her at just the right time

Living with Buddy Molly b. 5 November 2010. Welcomed home 16/6/2018 ❤️

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Lila knew Wiki was meant to be with you :beatheart Congratulations! A broodie will change yo life :lol :wub:

Old Dogs are the Best Dogs. :heartThank you, campers. Current enrollees: Aiden. Punkin. Annie Oooh M. 

Angels: Pal :heart. Segugio. Sorella (TPGIT). LadyBug. Zeke-aroni. MiMi Sizzle Pants. Gracie. Seamie :heart:brokenheart. (Foster)Sweet. Andy. PaddyALVIN!Mayhem. Bosco. Bruno. Dottie B. Trevor Double-Heart. Bea. Cletus, KLTO.

:paw Upon reflection, our lives are often referenced in parts defined by the all-too-short lives of our dogs.

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Welcome Wiki!  :wub::bounce2   You look an awful lot like Candy, especially in that first picture!!!!  We are so happy for you both.  Hope and Candy will love having a black houndie "frend acrost the wadders".

Celeste, Hope & Candy

<p>Mom to Kyle (Diehard Kyle) & Angel Gracie (KB's Sankey) Foster Mom for AFG

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Welcome to Wiki! She's adorable, and I'm glad she found you. :wub:

Kendra, devoted walker of Lucia (Larking About x Anastasia) and her son Henry (Tom Jones: Great Son x Lucia), plus Grandpa Grey the Galgo/Greyhound cross.

Missing Badger (Vf Get R Done: Quicksand Slip x Ll Tee el See), 5/7/04 - 2/20/14, who opened our hearts and our home to greyhounds,
    Kenzie (Slatex Kenzie: Randy Handy x Slatex Chrisy), 4/16/03 - 10/29/14, who really knew what a good dog she was,
    and Falcon (Atascocita Sabat: Dodgem by Design x Atascocita Barb), 9/13/10 - 1/31/20, who was grumpy and snarky but eventually a little bit cuddly, too.

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Annette, mom to Miriam (Miriam of Ruckus) & Casey (kitty), wife to Roy. Mom to bridgekids: Wheat (GH), Icabod (GH), Scarlett (Cab's Peg Bundy), Rhett (Kiowa Day Juice), Dixie (Pazzo Dixie), and Pogo/Gleason (Rambunctious) and Spooky, Taffy, Garfield, & Lefty (kitties)

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What a beautiful girl!  Welcome, Wiki!  Keep that human on her trotters.

Years and years ago there was an article in Celebrating Greyhounds magazine about how to get good pictures of black dogs.  The only suggestion I remember is that for face shots you aim for 3/4 profile instead of trying for directly head on.  


Ellen, Milo, and Jeter

remembering Eve, Baz, Scout, Romie, and Nutmeg

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You might not have felt ready, but I'm glad you looked into Wiki.

Senior broodies (even junior seniors like Wiki) are extra special. :beatheart

(Not sure how I missed this topic. I'm glad it popped up again.)

Standard Poodle Daisy (12/13); Greys Hildy (Braska Hildy 7/10), Toodles (BL Toodles 7/09), Opal (Jax Opal 7/08)
Missing Cora (RL Nevada 5/99-10/09), Piper (Cee Bar Easy 2/99-1/10), Tally (Thunder La La 9/99-3/10), Edie (Daring Reva 9/99-10/12), Dixie (Kiowa Secret Sue 11/01-1/13), Jessie (P's Real Time 11/98-3/13), token boy Graham (Zydeco Dancer 9/00-5/13), Cal (Back Already 12/99-11/13), Betsy (Back Kick Beth 11/98-12/13), Standard Poodles Minnie (1/99-1/14) + Perry (9/98-2/14), Annie (Do Marcia 9/03-10/14), Pink (Miss Pinky Baker 1/02-6/15), Poppy (Cmon Err Not 8/05-1/16), Kat (Jax Candy 5/05-5/17), Ivy (Jax Isis 10/07-7/21)

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Thanks everyone! Wiki has been here a month and is doing great!

She has sneaky moments of the Black Bandit :ph34r but she hasn't done anything really sassy. She is a great work from home companion and I love her enthusiasm for everything. :wub:

I've also realized that Lila was not a dog, she truly was some perfect, mythical creature. I still miss her lots. :heart

Lila Football
Jerilyn, missing Lila (Good Looking), new Mistress to Wiki (PJ Wicked).



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