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  1. I got a reciepe somewheres for chocolate z bread, made with cocoa powder. Also have ones for green tomato cake/bread, you'd never know they were tomatoes! Battle is too stinkin cute.
  2. Nancy, what toothpaste do you use? I have found that toothpaste with SLS makes my lips crack at the corners. Try Burt's Bees or certain Sensodyne ones, or the CVS brand of Sensodyne, they do not have SLS. No more cracking. I also like Burt's Bees Sensitive face cleanser, it's super creamy and wonderful.
  3. Ugh, Susan, you'd think people with a semi-rare, valuable breed would take better care of them. NOT having your dog on heartworm prevention in the south is asking for it. I'm glad Hamish and Battle are in your loving care. Maybe Hamish will eat more now that he has a rival Noo Carol, that is the pits. If you don't get the fridge on the expected date, start with the store manager and work your way up. Zucciniininniini bread is the bomb and the best use of them, IMHO.
  4. Good humid Fryinday! I am off today, not that much went on work-wise yesterday. We had a few pops here and there, luckily we had already been out. Nancy of the Berg, did you say what was afflicting your mouth? Is it canker sores, or toofers? Cynfia, don't forget your parachute! That reminds me of an old joke about Airborne school (which is only 3 weeks long!): On week one, they separate the men from the boys--on week two, they separate the men from the fools--on week three, the fools jump. LOL
  5. Good Thorsday, and it is Federal Friday. We get the Friday before if the 4th is on Saturday. The lawn guys are here, yuk. Downstairs neighbor had mylar balloons on their door--G was curious about them, had to drag him away before he got a hold of them. I think Fuzzy will eventually need her hoo-hoo operated on. I try to keep an eye on it, it looks a bit inverted around it.
  6. I would so love to scratch that big white spot And kissy every one of Charlie's spots
  7. Another t-storm rolling up. Seems like they have been more frequent lately.
  8. Good Woesday! That rain did nothing to cut the humidity. Had to go downtown and some lunkhead had the a/c off in the office. I'm surprised the server didn't fry, it's in that room, too. Lucy, the boys are going to love having you home all day. What kind of things do O'canadiens grill for Canada Day? The usual, or something really delicious?
  9. Boy howdy did we have a gully washing storm again. Lots of wind, lightning, thunder. Fuzzy is unfazed by everything. G paced a little but eventually settled down.
  10. Chris, last nite wasn't too bad, I'll let you know if the encasement changes things. It's weird, my hinder is the sweatiest part (TMI, I know), so I got some lightweight poplin PJ pants, too. Lila, G had poops like that this morning. Fuzzy will wait and wait until she gets JUST the right spot, even if it takes a couple of trips.
  11. Good Toesday! So far, so good w/the new mattress. Protector is on order. The cats wanted to inspect it, but G thought they were coming for his slumberball--mask went ON for the rest of the nite. Heat index will be over 100 again, not atypical, but PHEW. I looked up the racing/lure coursing here in SC, GTer Jennifer Ng is involved in it. We shall see.
  12. Lila, how rude! Next thing you know, she'll be trying to get you to sleep on a new bed. Speaking of beds, Fuzzy has tried it out. The only dip in the middle will be us! It's a little smelly, so I'll wait to put the sheets on. I should probably put the encasement on, but it's plastic on the inside and I'm sweaty. Off to look for a new one...
  13. Good Moansday! Mattress is supposed to be coming shortly. Pups are all confuzzlated. Our heat index is well in the 100s, so staying in is on the agenda. I hope everyone makes a speedy recovery with no complications. This whole situation is so awful.
  14. Good overcast Sunnyday! Andi, it seems like you had a blast, and that is the most important thing. I wish we had something like that here, I think Fuzzy would enjoy it. G probably wouldn't, with his noise issues and sore toes.
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