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  1. Good somewhat chilly and breezy overcast Sunnyday! It is technically still summer, what da heck?? Fuzzy had a wild FRAP yesterday, zoomies, spinnies, stuffy flinging--G tried to get in on it, but I think he's still uncertain about that whole "play" thing. He does, however, know how to bark to get walkies!
  2. VW doesn't sell vans in the US anymore, and that's a shame. Their last one was a rebadged Chrysler Town & Country. My parents had an El Camino back in the 70s. No giant chicken in the back, tho. I believe GT'er jimsherriek has a Flex.
  3. Tiny, that is a greyt idea! I was going to suggest a friend with a metal detector, but that works even better.
  4. Good nice and breezy Satonday! Not typical SC weather this time of year at all. Boy howdy are there a lot of storms in the ocean & gulf right now.
  5. Dr. Froot, I've dealt w/cats with FLUTD and/or urinary crystals. Stress was a huge factor. Sometimes they respond to treatment riteawayquik, then others you keep trying meds and diet and more water. Boy cats can have surgery to prevent further blockages. I hope he recovers quickly. Spirit, you have had a lot of goings on at your house lately, I think you have handled it quite well!
  6. TGIF! We had a lot of rain yesterday afternoon and evening. Of course the duo is upset that the grass is wet, but whattaya gonna do? Merc, you are going to need some booties, you keep on! Ooops, sorry, didn't mean to nauseate people. There's very little I won't eat. Bananas top the list. Oysters, clams, mussels, not big on lobster, poorly cooked squash and cabbage, sweet potato anything except pie. Maryland crab cakes! Maryland red crab soup! OMM NOM NOM.
  7. G gets CBD for his joints, I get it from the lady who does their nails (sorry!). Did you toot on the vet, Lila? Bibbi came home today. I ordered a pottery urn from a place in WA, it's going to take a while, but it was hard to find one that was just right.
  8. Good once again stoopid hoomid Thorsday! Jerilyn and Lila, I hope you find some comfort with the consultation. Carol Ann, I have some dill Havarti in the fridge right now. Not very dilly, tho.
  9. My mom in Virginia found a pregnant stray. She saw some more kittens, but they disappeared. The kittens are about a month old. 2 buff boys, two torties, one gray/dilute tortie--it's hard to tell.
  10. Good Woesday! Some rain, some wind, very fall like weather. I think retirement nowadays is doing what you WANT to do, not necessarily what you HAVE to do. Hmm, maybe Lila was saying there was a nice single SWAT member she'd like you to meet... Everyone who is Sally's path, please stay safe! Lucy & Auntie Ann and Susan will be getting lots of rain. We may get some, but not as much.
  11. This is awesome: https://spitalfieldslife.com/2018/08/21/the-hounds-of-hackney-downs/ https://spitalfieldslife.com/2020/09/10/more-hounds-of-hackney-downs/
  12. More kitten pics! Sorry about the blurriness, Momma needs to wear her glasses! LOL https://photos.app.goo.gl/vtJ1x5HmP5upXQUH7 https://photos.app.goo.gl/FrF2Bgz5tMEeGUo38
  13. Good breezy Toesday! Nice weather for late summer here. There are so many tropical systems out there, we are super, super fortunate they are not on a straight path towards us. We will probably get rain out of the one in the Gulf. Lizzabeff, don't forget your silks! Another note to neighbors--if your dog is barking and jumping on another dog, who is in a position of submissive/calm/chewing on a stick, and won't leave that dog alone, you are going to have a fight on your hands. And your "doodle" is going to lose to that bully breed.
  14. Haahaha Charlie, you are English and have better manners than my two.
  15. Tin, I will send you an email. They will probably make it here by Xmas.
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