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  1. And the humidity is back, blech. Took Giino on a car ride last nite, out to the pharmacy then Petco. Poor guy started barking and whining, something he never did with Johnny back there. I hope he didn't think I was trying to take him back to the group! I think Petco was overwhelming with sights and smells, it was his first time in there. He wouldn't take a cookie from the clerk, and you know what a chowhound he is! So that gives me something to work on, car rides by himself and exposure to different environments.
  2. Susan, do they have grocery delivery up there? I've been trying out Instacart, I can get delivery from Aldi's, Publix, Lowe's (not THAT Lowes), Petco, and a couple of other stores. I got my dining chairs from an unfinished furniture store that's since gone out of business (). They and the table are made of parawood, which is from rubber trees that aren't used for their sap anymore. They are sort of a arts & crafts/mission style where the back slats are vertical (my long torso makes a LOT of chairs uncomfy, I have to try before I buy). Gino is doing fine. Very happy boy. Of course, I am wondering how long I should wait before trying to adopt another, he still has some skittishness around people and would be an only help attach him more to me?
  3. We had gully-washing thunderstorms last nite, this morning wasn't so bad humidity wise. Poor Saint! Will he learn from this? Probably not! One of our local car washes has a dog washing station with supposed skunk deodorizer stuff. I used to take Sasha the lab over there, not too bad for $5 or so. Sigh...I miss doggie kisses. Gino isn't a kissy boy, he puts his head in my lap tho.
  4. WOW! A 100 lb greyhound. Johnny was in the 80s, he was YUGE to me and I am not a petite person.
  5. It was not as humid here this morning, but the lawn guys were out, so I cut the walk short. Gino isn't as scared of them, but he is wary of noises and I don't want to get him too upset by walking near them. Sherrie, how awful. Wear your seatbelts, everyone. And put down the phone (none of YOU would ever text and drive, WOULD YOU?? ) Nancy of the Berg, I hope Doug gets through this ok. Men do NOT like the doctor, do they? At least with pets you can shove them in the car and make them see the vet. Susan, keep us updated!
  6. Probably hit a utility pole. The transformer at Momma's house got popped like that years ago.
  7. It is Woesday and it is TOO dang hot, even for us. The heat index was well over 100 this morning, poor Gino is going to trip on his tongue just trying to go p&p. Ducky, I swear they give the smallest pets the biggest pills. My cat Terry was always having to take something, he was not fooled by pill pockets or mixing it in. Down the hatch! I consider myself an expert in pilling cats now.
  8. Oh, noh, Nancy of the North, we are broked of the heart. Too much loss and sadness in the club recently... Susan, I like Thai, too, so we can get some if you come down or we have to go up there! Phooey on those painters. Have you ever tried The Handyman Connection? I've used them to get a toilet installed, not too bad. It's way, way too hot and humid here again. Plus we had a nationwide connectivity problem at work. Your tax dollars at work!
  9. Gud humid Moansday! Boy howdy, there was no breeze this morning and that makes it just miserable outside. Supposed to be a heat index well over 100 today. JJ, glad you are feeling much better!
  10. Good Sunnyday, we had thunnerboomers last nite, too. Hada, did you do a GSOD? Or would that be a PSOD? Chris, I think you should go all out and get Firehouse Subs instead! Lol.
  11. Good Saturday! Susan, was she not the previous owner? Usually they have papers to sign at closing, too. Also, don't be like me and lock yourself out of the house on your first day--this was when I lived in Memphis and thank goodness I had my phone with me! Changing locks is pretty easy, I'd do it for you if I was closer. Wow, Auntie A out of town? Will she be in a nice hotel at least? Will the Watch cats all pile up in bed with you? Lol!
  12. Susan, we heard some cardinals singing this morning on our walk, so I think everything will go A-OK! Good luck today Michelle! I think all good PHD papers should start with "Harry Potter and..." Looks like the Gulf Coast rain is going to miss Houston and go up the Mississippi River. How's Nana Hada today? I put Johnny's little memorial together last nite. Gino kept lifting his nose up around there, so I let him sniff-sniff the paw print cast. I think he may have the idea now.
  13. ¿Porque no los dos? Yes, I am a shameless enabler of adopting....LOL.
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