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  1. Candy, Fuzzy would love to play bitey face wibs yoo. I won't do it and neidder will dat Roman.
  2. Spirit broke da club! Mom likes puzzles, too, but she needs a better chair for da table. Roman iz feelin bettah, he ate sum, but no snax.
  3. TGIF! Roman iz doin much bettah dis moanin. Himz blud wuz good, and no skwirms. So da vet duzzent know why he gotted sick. Mom duzzent fink he ate sumptin he wuzzent supposed to. Battle, yoo are goin do super awesome, I just know it! HAPPEEE BURPDAY MISSSS SHERRRIIIEEE!!!
  4. Roman iz nawt habbin a gud day, himz poops gotted terrible and he started . Mom finks itz doez nassy hooks, just like me had back in da summer. He wuz doin really well on himz Iams and himz Dave's Bland diet.
  5. Gud Thorsday! Well, nawt so gud here, Mom wuz up and down all nite wibs Roman. Himz had terrible poops and gas. She izznt shure wat iz goin on, maybe doez awful squirms.
  6. Aww, Balti, we know yoo will be surrounded by lub, howebber long yoo decide to stay.
  7. Gud Woesday! It iz warmer again tuday. I fink we can let hoomans in iffn dey avoid dat subject dat shall nawt be named.
  8. Bid eerly, bid offen! Mom got herbs stamps tuday, so she can start on da Xmas cards. Maybe she shuld send herbs car payment in a Xmas card, dey wuld probably open dat!
  9. Good Toesday! It iz quite chillee here. But yoo all know how our wedder iz, it'll change in a foo minutes. Spirit, at Mom's reel workplace, dey have a yoooge old Chrispmix cactus. It haz been dere as long as da most senior person, and wuz dere long afore that. So dey are finkin it's over 20 yeers. And it duz still bloom! Mom put a foo things in da auction. No piggies this time, she iz all owt.
  10. Summer, tell yer momma the onlee help you'll gibs him iz givin SAINT a place to stay. Mom sent Mizz Lizz sum pics. She will donate more iffn yoo need it. Fank Roo!
  11. We get fed THREE times a day! Mom sez it keeps us from hurkin a big hurk, and keeps our tums settled at nite. Yes, we are missin da Tin bunch as well. We are gettin toe choppin tomorrah. Mom iz so meen.
  12. Gud Moansday! I saw a kitteh on owr walk, it wuz nawt one ob da usual feral cats. Kittehs shuld stay inside iffn dey got an owner, dey got plenty to eet in dere and noffin to eet DEM. Or go out onlee in dere own little play yard. Mom did sum Chrispmix shoppin yetterday--it iz hard to get in da spirit (nawt owr Spirit) when it iz 75 petigrees owtside.
  13. Good Sunnyday! Molly, are yoo sure yoo are nawt a kitteh? They always hit what mommas don't want them to!
  14. Gud Satonday! Molly, doez mommas sure do get crazeee sumtimes, don't dey? Shhh, don't tell herbs about all da Xmas stuff at Tuesday Morning.... Mom nebber decorates here, she had dat kitteh who wuld eet ennyfin and she didn't want himz to get sick. Me Nan puts up da tree and fings.
  15. Andi, me and Roman agree! Fuzzy is onlee updisedown when she wants to play bitey-face (we don't take da bate, she iz meeeeeeennnnn)
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