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  1. Now I can see everyone! Does wee Hamish's coat look a little softer in that pic? It is pouring down and windy and cold, it was a quick-quick pee this evening for both. Then they came in and G PLAYED with Fuzzy in the middle of the living room. Usually Fuzzy solo FRAPS. I am so proud of how far he's come.
  2. HOORAY FOR HAMISH! Marie Callender's makes a cherry crumble pie that is so awesome, the cherries are just tart enough to offset the sweet crumble on top.
  3. Good wet, chilly, bleh Thorsday! Congrats on your "tuxie" girl! Reel Eng Carol, YouTube has had lots of problems lately, especially for creators of original content. They let anyone copyright strike other users, without backup or recourse for the affected user. But users who upload inappropriate content aimed at children go scot-free. Go figure! Velvet, are you sure it's not twins? I think those white/cream galgos are so pretty. Of course, I'm all about tempermant, but THUD!
  4. Good rainy Woesday! Ducky, please stay safe and dry, it has been raining buckets here off and on. If our friend Carl is going, tell him we said hey! Merc, no more owies on your winky!
  5. I just . Standard Poodles I'm okay with, it's those mixes that get me.
  6. Cindy, get a dog pen from Tractor Supply for the garden. My mom did it, and it's even recommended in Mother Earth News.
  7. Good Gloomy Toesday! back to work, and it is meh. Fuzzy put her feet ON MY HEAD this morning. Then she gets all pissy if I try to move them. A full size bed, and she has to lay right on top of my head. I appreciate the snuggles, but the attitude and the feet on me have to go. Susan, have you considered installing a dog grooming station in the garage? I can't imagine two huge WET dogs in the house. Lila, I like finches. Zebra finches are so darn cute when they hop around and make their little noises. Johnny loved to go see the birds when we went to the pet store.
  8. Oh, um, OUCH Merc! Yah, a cone of shame is probably the only way to avoid the lick-lick. Wave as you go by, Ducky! Wish I was going, that sounds neato. Fuzzy has decided my paperbacks are yummy. She chewed on some wood decorations, too.
  9. Good Moansday! Lots of rain overnite, it seems. Lots of things to celebrate! So I say xtra snax for all!
  10. wow, lazy Sunnyday! Someone carved a path of mayhem, I suspect Fuzzy. Gonna be some interesting poops...
  11. I had a big black Lab, I think they are better than yellow or chocolates. Every Chocolate Lab I've met has been a little on the dumb side.
  12. I spoke with GTer jimsherriek, she is in Houston and it sounds like they are planning for the future. Reach out to her, she is a great person. GALTX, I've seen they have lurchers, too--some have been found loose and brought to them by Animal Control. NO BLACKS, NO BOYS????? Are you kidding me? Coat color has nothing to do with tempermant, there are some ignoramuses out there. And I had never had a boy before Johnny (my mom's preference)--I'm not saying he was perfect, but we clicked and he was such a joy. Gino is both, he does have some issues due to being a "beta" boy and SA, but we are working on it every day and he is a goofball and loves his sister. I think in the future, I may try to get a galgo or a small podenco like Ducky has. I'll always keep my heart and door open for sighthounds of any stripe.
  13. OMG, the first time I gave Gino some lamb & rice canned dog food, I thought he was going to flip out. Johnny snarfed it down, I had to coax G out of the bedroom--and he is not one to ever turn down food. CANNED LAMB, who'd've thunk it??
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