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  1. Wow I yam furst in here on Satonday! It iz already hotnhoomid. Gino triedd to eet bee balm, boy did himz pick WRONG!
  2. Thank you, boss' boss, for issuing a tasking due MONDAY and forgetting to cc me in the email. SO SO SO glad I am going on vacation. Scrambling at the last second is not conducive to good results!
  3. I wuld say Gud Fryinday, but Ms. Nancy Mam, yoo and yours habs had a rough yeer and we hope dat your gud remembories bring yoo comfort.
  4. A unit in annuder buildin juss got sold likkty-split. We are in one ob da hottest real estate markets--until da neggs hurrycane, dat iz.
  5. Gud sunny Thorsday! Gino iz feelin bettah. Mom had to put 16 mL ob Panacur down himz throat last nite, and for da neggs four nites! But himz eeted, and himz poops wuz nawt too sloppy dis moanin. Mom habs da annoyin leefblowers at werk tuday. Sucks to be yoo, hag!
  6. Yes, unfortunately, Gino is a Florida-track dog, and I'm not sure how much he was treated for them with his first adopter, so we're going to be dealing with this for quite some time. He may have licked his Advantage last night, or it could have been that I got home late last night and he got too much food in too short of time. He'll start the Panacur for five days tonight--I did send Dr. Ng's protocol to the vet, and he kind of was like, "sure, okay" and hasn't been following it. Susan--here's a place for you and Lucy and Ann to explore: https://tablerocktea.com/
  7. Gud sunny Woesday! Poor Gino, himz hurked up all himz fud last nite. Den he HUUURRKKED and hurked and Mom finks he finally got it all owt. No brekkfast for himz dis moanin. Mom iznt shure whut cawsed all dat. But himz energy iz gud an he duzzent seem to be in enny pain. Ms. Susan, Mom can't stand da brite lite eider. Plusalso, she sez dat all street signs shuld be YUGE so ebberyone can see dem frum a ways away. And dat all businesses shuld put dere hours out frunt in YUGE YUGE type so yoo can see dem frum da car.
  8. Gino still has the hooks, the vet's office insinuated I was NOT doing all I could to prevent reinfection. Clearly not the same receptionist I spoke to on Saturday, I told her I pick up after my dogs, but who know what the neighbors do? Anyway, more medicine and a recheck (they said two weeks, it'll have to wait three!)
  9. Gud berry cool Toesday! At least for us. Da cowld frunt iz what made Mom's head hurt. racindog and jetcitywoman will be dere at MH. Mom tries to figure owt who is a GTer by dere houndie or by what dey say or do.
  10. Gud moanin Moansday! Mom haz a stubborn migraine, so she iz home. Lots ob burpdays mean lots ob cakennizecreem! Ms. Susan, Mom wuldve marked dat sign D-!
  11. Gud nawt Sunnyday! Fanks for da rainn Ms. Sherrie, did yoo hafta send it durin owr moanin walk? We all got soaked, Gino kept stoppin to shake and pee, so dat delayed owr return. Haha, dat wuz a while ago dat da phone went sploosh.
  12. Eben da kittehs wont eet doez nasty fings. Dey pull da legs off and make Mom sweep dem up. Ms. Patsy, Mom dropped herbs in da toilet.
  13. Gud Satonday! Mom had to drop off Gino's poo at da vet dis moanin, to see iffn he still got da squirms. Yep, Mom's Sasha wuz full obb dem lipomas. Happee burpday Iby!
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