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  1. Seconded! My Fuzzy alternated between statuing and leaping for the squirrels. She still tries for them (it's been 7 months!), but the harness has helped immensly with getting her moving again and keeping her feet on the ground. My boy Gino is Mr GOGOGO, and he wants to sniff everything, so between us, she doesn't have a choice. Give yourself some time, it's early days yet!
  2. Good Moansday! DA, that would really stink if those rats gotted you. I keep telling Fuzzy that a skwirrel is just a bushy tailed tree rat, she doesn't listen. Mizz Lizzz, a GREAT grandma? You are way too young for such. Babies come when they want, don't they? Anyone tried those "cooling" sheets for night sweats? I have a mattress topper that is supposed to have cooling gel in it, but still wake up with a sweaty back and butt. I try to sleep on my side, but wind up on my back. I don't like having a fan blow on me, I'd leave the ceiling fan on, but it irritates my allergies (dust mites, YUKKK).
  3. Good nawt Sunnyday! Talked to Sherrie last nite, of course everything is on hold in her world, too. GPA Houston has a kennel-full and they are being looked after, but she can't go over there either. I declare this to be No More Limping Month--that goes for everyone!
  4. Oh, falling plaster, we have that at work all the time AND IT STINKS. Ours is caused by water getting in behind the wall from a leaky roof that GSA says they "fixed". Anyway, there is a school in Charleston that teaches plastering as an undergraduate degree, it is an architectural art and a rare skill these days. I think Nancy's house could be someone's thesis project!
  5. Good Satonday! I hope everyone is feeling better this moaning. We saw our frind Louie this morning, G went crazy gettin skritches from his mom. He was all wagging and squirmy and wanted to zoomie, but that's a little difficult on leash!
  6. Ducky, I hope you washed that first... LOL Georgie Girl--THUD. Are you an ear talker, too? Albus, I hope you are settling in well. Don't let that Hamish step on you. Feel free to ride him like a pony, tho. Just ordered some TP from Amazon, made sure it was sold and shipped by Amazon. Delivery date is the 24th, and not my usual brand, but needs must. Caroline, Aldi has their own brand of pita chips, and they are SO GOOD. Not hard at all, which puts me off other brands.
  7. A weird toe fracture? These greys sure know how to confound vets, don't they? Got all my Chewy orders, got some groceries delivered.
  8. TGIF! DA, we hope it is just a sprain or da old Aunt Ritis. Bee sting? Thanks Patsy, I don't have the ingredients here, will have to wait to try. Hamish, remember "frinds nawt fuds, frinds nawt fuds"! Fuzzy has turned purple on her belly and many spots have appeared on her neck. Her nose is still cold, she loves to shove it where she can. G really doesn't turn color in the sun. He just hangs his tongue out.
  9. Good Thorsday! Yes, can say I miss my work routine, altho I am introverted and don't care much for work! Patsy, Somali Chai? Do share! I like the Twining's Chai, it is not too spicy. It got chilly here again after the rain, but will warm up again by Moansday.
  10. Good Woesday! Had to go in to print and mail again. In-out-done! Nate, buddy, do I need to come up there and wear your little butt out again? Fuzzy would love to run around and throw stuffies with you. G would play chase and catch-as-catch-can. Hamish, are you allergic? Everything here was covered in a thick layer of pollen, until it poured with rain last nite.
  11. I've got a coirker like that: I can explain it to you, I cannot understand it for you. Our job relies more and more on computer systems, either practice and learn, or step aside and let someone else have your job.
  12. Good worst day of the week! Fanks for da Noo Club Hamish, the old one went poofy riteawayquik! I think we were speaking of doing another Zoom meetup, and Merc's toe was still buggin him, and Patsy was enjoyin her noo freezer. Patsy, there was an article about how the senior hours were backfiring here, there were lots of mature folks crowding the stores! No TP either, so the whole thing is kind of pointless for some stores.
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