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  1. GUd cool Sunnyday! Nate, Mom wuz gonna suggest dat, too. Speakin ob kittehs, we keep seein dem on owr walks. Ob corse, Fuzzy wants to get dem all, and dat sets da us boys off.
  2. Wow, ebberyone is owt and enjoyin da cool wedder. No update on da RVA runaway.
  3. Ducky, could the chewing be a pain issue? She may be feeling some referred pain, and gets some relief by chewing. Wondering if a low dose of gaba or NSAID might make her feel better.
  4. Gud cool Satonday! Mah poops are much improved. Yep, owr real estate market iz da same. Crazee and headed for a crash.
  5. I had a gud POOP! We'll see iffn it lasts. Dere iz a lost grey in da city ob Richmond, VA.
  6. Thanks, Cindy, I'm hoping one of those styles will work. Fuzzy has no problems with the 2Hounds, either. G had a nicer poop about half an hour ago, but he usually only goes twice and day and he's done. When I took him out at 0100, Roman shrieked so loud, I'm sure the whole neighborhood heard him.
  7. TGIF! I kept gettin Mom up to go poop. She gabes me sum Olewo Carrots, dat seemed to slow it down and firm it up. Just TOO much hexcitement goin on round here for mah tummeh.
  8. Someone posted about a harness that doesn't put pressure on the shoulders, could you give me the name again? I think that the harness combined with rainy weather makes Roman's front legs hurt. Thanks!
  9. Gud Thorsday! I got da sloppy poos. I got sum pills for dat. Mom hopes itz just da stress ob beein away and comin back and habin to libs wib da Galoot.
  10. Gud sumwhut cool Woesday! We were tired last nite when we got home, but we took Mom for a gud drag around da neyborhood dis moanin.
  11. I think the Lakeside Collection catalog threw up in that house!
  12. We are home! Mom had to wait, cuz Miss Louise got a surprise GUR today and we had to wait for herbs son to get offa werk. We are lukkin lean, we didn't get as many treets and lots more eggsersize. We lubs green beans, but nebber had dem roasted. Mom's coirker's muther libs part ob da yeer wibs himz family, and part ob da yeer wibs hibs brudder's family in Germany. She had to stay and stay here until Germany wuld let herbs come back. Den take doez tests, too.
  13. Good Toesday! Getting the pups this afternoon. I expect to hear many tales of WOE from Roman. First day of the new team for me, wonder how backed up my email box is.
  14. Good Moansday! Gonna head out in a little while. I'll pick up the crew tomorrow after work.
  15. Haha, Jerilyn, that sounds like the "beach family" pictures around here--white shirt and khaki pants.
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