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  1. Susan, how did the stew come out? I do the same, I've got some jambalaya and lots of bread frozen for later. It's an informal card exchange this year. As many or as few as you want! Lizabeth, I think he's upset because it reminds him of his own mortality. Or he's a doodyhead. Habitat for Humanity will pick up usuable stuff.
  2. Good windy Satonday! Can't believe we are the first ones here. Get ready to bid in the Scooby Medina auction! Anyone heard from Charlie and Zorro? Did you get an answer, Cynthia? Hada, you are such a big star! We lubs roo!
  3. No, no, no Hamish, no walkies without Momma! You are a super good boy to follow her back in the house.
  4. TGIF and it is raining all day today! Fuzzy went on poop strike again this morning, she was too busy looking for tree rats. Last nite she saw something in the dark, and boy howdy can she BARK!! That girl is loud. It's always a treat to see a pet's first reaction to snow. Kibo, you are fitting right in there in the great north. Congrats to Caranuba! Now she gets a buffalo plaid shirt and a lifetime supply of maple syrup.
  5. Yes, we have heat today. Not sure how long it will last, the system usually goes kaput on the coldest day of the season. Fuzzy is BGR Fuzzy Navel, she is kind of peach colored and is pretty hairy. Of course, her keel is bare, but we're working on it. She is a talker, too, comfy-groaning and yawn-whining, so I call her Fussy Britches
  6. That hound is certainly, ahem, Rubenesque.
  7. Oh no, give that sweet girl a from us. Don't beat yourself up, you know these hounds find the weirdest ways to get hurt and then not even show it!
  8. Good not as frosty Thorsday! Could do without the wind tho. Hamish, you should go over to Lucy's house and dig up her fallow flower beds. Then they'll be ready for spring planting. Oh, and Plow & Hearth or LLBean has those mud mats. They are not going to be cheap, but hopefully they will endure being chewed on. I think Gino might have some aunt-ritis irritated by the cold. Fuzzy has a little scabby place on the tip of her tail, she chewed it last nite and got it bleeding. Anyone else's dog have that?
  9. The heat is on! Let's see how long it lasts. Now the printer is like Bob Marley. Your tax dollars at work. Lila, I think it is a rule that all dogs get a little coo-coo in the snow.
  10. Good OMG what happened to fall Woesday! It was barely above freezing, but the wind made it that much worse. Fuzzy refused to poop. The van's seat heaters are a really nice option. Our building has NO heat. One of the supervisors went to complain, but I'm sure the system needs a part that can only be obtained from a little village in Bulgaria. Hamish, chomp chews, not guests! I think you should at least get a hamburgler and fries. Any excuse to party, is what I say. GO bid on Miss Nellies, everyone!
  11. Good starting off nice Toesday! But we are in line for cold cold and there is no heat in this building. It is NOT my job to run around after mission support to tell GSA to flip it to heat. That is something GSA should be doing automatically. But they suck. Ducky, Susan, Lucy, Ann, you all look wonderful! And Hamish, do you fit in the back of Clifford anymore? Red muddy paws are a southern houndie's birthright.
  12. RSVP'd yesterday--I think we should let the elves handle coordination between matches.
  13. Good not as chillee Moansday! Andi, Gino heartily approves of sleeping with your tongue hanging out. Nate, how is your eyesight? The clams are happy cos it's high tide and they can't be dug up.
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