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  1. I've been there! Momma and I went up Molly's Knob when we were a bit younger. I don't think I could drag my two up nowadays. My Momma's mom did wear combat boots, she was a British Army nurse during the war. LOL
  2. TGIF, and the temp is 20 degrees lower than yesterday, with wind. I don't mind it being chilly, but the wind can faff right off. I think G is having some arthritis, he was xtra snarky to the cats this morning and growled when I pulled him away from another dog. Seems to happen more often when the weather changes.
  3. Yep, it's a snarf-it-down fest at our house. G probably doesn't even taste it going down, Fuzzy makes sure all the bowls are clean and no crumbs, and the cats think they are starving. Of course, G is on high alert for any kitty regurgitations afterwards.
  4. Good Thorsday! Some rain, lots of hoomids. You can send us some snow, then I can justify taking the day off, since people are stupid awful drivers here on the best of days.
  5. Good Humpday! Jenners, maybe you could hitch a ride with the snow plow guy? Susan, did you hear about this? https://pressroom.toyota.com/toyota-is-conducting-a-safety-recall-involving-certain-toyota-and-lexus-vehicles-2/
  6. Good worst day of the week! It is unseasonably warm and humid here. I hate this job, so many whiners blaming you for something a higher-up has tasked you to do. Stupid. Hamish, don't forget your hat and sunglasses, and drink plenty of water!
  7. Lizabeff, we have a condo that needs some decorating...just sayin'. Do you like cats?
  8. WHEEE! we are looking forward to seeing everyone and spending lots of money
  9. I've got a migraine, the water is out, can you tell it's Moansday? Blue Jays are ok, they like to bully the smaller birds off the feeders. How about a roadrunner? Oh, scissortail fly-catcher? I about fell over the first time I saw one in Texas.
  10. Good not Sunnyday! It is raining off and on, overcast, and I hear the foghorn from Sullivan's Island lighthouse.
  11. Susan, maybe he could look into SC, there is a plastics company here that got in trouble for spilling "nurdles" and polluting our beaches. Plusalso, Volvo, Boeing, and all kinds of new places opening all the time. Well! We had an adventure today. A little backstory--there is a couple who vend at BBH who live in Summerville. They didn't have a figure with them that I wanted, so they made it for me. I went to pick it up and we had a houndie playdate, too! Gino did awesome, he did not snark (muzzle on for safety!) and even played and zoomied with their two greys. Fuzzy zoomed, too, but she is more of a solo runner. They went upstairs in the house (the resident greys are afraid to) and didn't want to leave. The wife showed me their travel trailer, it's very nice (we talked about camping and going to GIG and all that), and of course my two had to check that out, too. All in all, a good day, and I'm pleased with both of their behaviors.
  12. TGIF! The weather here cannot decide to be cold, wet, windy, warm, who knows? We may have hoomids and skeeters, but no biting flies in my neighborhood. WOW! a dozen brinkles! and almost a dozen! I will take smooches from all of them.
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