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  1. My adoption group does rehome biters--I have one. Bites are an extreme reaction. That and the other behavior shows your grey needs more than you can give her. Some greys just need a home without children or with only one owner. Call your group NOW.
  2. Da scariest monster ob all iz da Angry Momma dat yoo get when you wake herbs up too erly or yoo jump all ober herbs. DAT IZ SOOPER SCARY!
  3. Gud Woesday! We had sum rain too and now sum cool breezes. Pippin your ears reminded us ob da Galoots. Himz are floppy and he duz earagami all da time. Ob corse he duz nawt walk as politely.
  4. We call dat a varmint! Sumptin dat all ob us would like to get ahold ob.
  5. Fuzzy finds all da best sniffs, den da Galoot habs to pee on dem while we are still sniffin. So rude.
  6. Gud Toesday! We had a gud rain wibs sum thunner and lightnin. Now it iz hoomid agin.
  7. Or da sound ob cats barfin! Mom's boss is bein a pain in da butt to da entire team. First she wants to be copied in, den she duzzent. Den she duzzent trust da team to work on dere own pace. Frustratin...but we go on baycation in FREE-LEBBEN WEEKS and den we shall see.
  8. Gud hoomid Moansday! Mom sprayed moar ob dem waspsppsps.
  9. Gud Sunnyday! Feelin kinda hoomid already. We got up a little erly cos da Galoot got wormed yetterday and he had to GOOOO.
  10. Gud Satonday! We are glad dat the lost gurl iz back home.
  11. I looked on Ebay last nite, the silver version of the greyhound coin was going for about $80, and the 5 quid coin was about $30? Looks very nice.
  12. There's an app called TUBI that has da show and lots ob odder shows and moobies. It iz free, but dere are a foo commercials.
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