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  1. Miss Reel England, did yoo tell herbs about da Slow Orm? Yoo black houndies lukk like mah reel and troo sisters.
  2. Good Thorsday! I continue my nites of sleepin in da libin room. As long as I behabe, dat's ok wibs Mom.
  3. Sounds like "normal pony" to us! We've heard dey can be quite rascally (like us!)
  4. My cats' cremains are in plastic bags--I wanted to find that just right urn, so the place put them in temporary urns. I just plopped them in the ones I (finally) got. Ducky and Lucy, those guys must run my mortgage company. They keep screwing up my insurance info. I had to write a Strongly Worded Letter without resorting to profanity. It was tough, but I got it done.
  5. Gud Woesday! It iz gonna be SUNNY AGIN today! But we habs gotten cowld snaps around Easter a foo times, which iz da pits. I spent all nite in da livin room by ownself. Mom had a little worry when I did nawt come whinin at da crack ob dawn, but I yam just fine! Ms. Lucy, doez guys need a swift kick in da pants. So do Ms. Ducky's shed guys.
  6. Summer, I admire your roach! I yam workin on mine, so iz Roman. Fuzzy prefers to stick herbs feets on Mom.
  7. Camellias are pretty tuff, dey bloom around dis time, which iz when we habs snow and ice sum yeers. We pee on da ones here.
  8. Gud sunny Toesday! We had sum moar rain yetterday, and Mom's headache finally died down, so fings are lukkin up!
  9. Gud Moansday! At least it iz nawt raining! Merc, perhaps a wildlife camera, to see whut da aligator iz doin durin da nite? Maybe it iz smellin da rats and comin for dem? Ms. Lucy, we know how yoo feel! Get itemized material lists, too. Iffn all else fails, dere iz always small claims court.
  10. Ms. Lucy, what does Auntie Ann fink ob all da buildin? Ms. Sherrie, we can just see yoo chewin on a turnkey neck! Molly, Roman wuld like doez chipmunks! He likes da little bunnies frum himz hide-n-seek carrot. But he wuld rip da tails off, da fake fur goez first.
  11. Gud Sunnyday! Cold and clear obernite, too. I fink Ms. Ducky went owt for bread and milk.
  12. Uh, oh, my goodness. What da heck? Since when do the holes go UP?? Y'all know when LUCY gets mad, it's BAD. My friend Ginger grew up in the Canal Zone, if you want, I'll send La Guera up there to deal with those guys. They used to play the old "no habla" with her, and she'd give them an earful. Wiki, sounds like you had a superb b-day! G got into the cat food and trash in your honor, he's a sneaky one when he wants!
  13. I did the same--I have two older greys, and right after I put my name on my group's "future adoption" list, I got a call! Would you take a young boy, rather than a senior or special needs? Okay...I had a panic attack the first day. Just a stressful ride home and his energy! Turned 2 in December and 80lbs!! I got a dog walker to take him out alone during the week (I work from home) to burn some of the energy. He gets into stuffy flinging, and that helps, too. There have been some scuffles over toys and beds, but I use muzzles to keep the boys from hurting each other. And getting to th
  14. BOL, yep! I fink frum now on, iffn yoo mention "snow" in da Souff, people are gonna fink ob whut happend in Texas, and PANIC!!!! Sum meanie people are makin fun ob da Texans linin up for water, but dats whut people here did affer Hugo. (we were not here in 89, but I have seen the pics and read the stories. Charleston was much smaller in those days!) Oh, I see Andi habs managed to log in. We are here for roo!
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