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  1. JJ, you are a brave, hampshum, special boy, we are glad you stayed long enough to make sure Dr. Froot was taken care of. Please say hello to our Johnny and all the others. What a Story, indeed.
  2. I'm a singleton, too. Right now I have Gino, who has some SA. I find he does WORSE if I come home and then leave again. He is convinced I'm going to leave him permanantly and goes on a destructive spree after barking his head off. My Johnny was an only until I got Gino, he had a few problems, mostly related to noise outside rather than being alone.
  3. Good Woesday! Dr. R, I think Lucy said it best. It's terrible watching them grow old, but we know that you love JJ with all your heart and know what is best. Zorro, you are perfectly lovely, no matter how many ears you have. Sherrie, stay dry! Looks like it will be another swing and a miss for us.
  4. Never have too many parties, especially if there is a cheese tray and cake and ice cream! If the mitts are merino wool, then yes! No old scratchy stuff!
  5. Good worst day of the week! Felt all "BLEH" yesterday, then didn't sleep well last nite. Spirit, you certainly don't act like a houndie of mature years--I saw you leap up those stairs! Hmm, Zorro, maybe if they staple your ear to Charlie's butt?
  6. Good Sunnyday! Safe travels to all. Lulu, we expect a complete recounting of your adventures when you are up to it. The mosquitoes are awful this morning, they really need to spray and pick up all the brush they hide in.
  7. Same kind of person who asked if my beautiful Johnny was a mix, then scoffed at his name. Ugh.
  8. Good Satonday! Looks like we are not going to get tropical weather, phew!
  9. Sweep, you are a gorgeous girl, no matter how you lay!
  10. "Tea" is British English for the late day meal, dinner or supper to others.
  11. Haha! Those crazy black greys, I have a trash attackker too! Newspaper is his favorite, tho. My cat Archie hadn't attacked a loaf of bread in a good long while--until I brought home that Artesano bread!
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