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  1. Hi! Hi! Hi! I feel better that a lotta youse get snarky sumtimes too. Mistress only has Lila the Perfekt to compare me too and that’s juss not fair. But she thot my tellin off the annoyin labradork was juss fine. Even his person said he deserved it. Miss Mam, do not touch them Gypsy moffs! Mistress heard a guy talk bout working to get rid of them and said he smooshed a lady moff wiff his shoo then got in his truck. For the rest of moff seesin he had tons of man moffs tryin to get to the pedals of his car cause it had lady moff fairamoans on it. Mistress got a produkt trial of seeds for birds that was coated wiff hot pepper to keep the skwirrils away, and it werked! I think the best skwirril defents is a good houndie patrol program. Good job takin care of that birdie Miss England Carol! I’m glad Hada is less coff coff coff. But poor Lulu and her toesies. Oops, Mistress gots to do a meetin and needs the lappertopper. Wiki
  2. I was shocked to see this here and couldn't believe it was your girl! I'm so sorry! Starz was lucky to have found you, even if just for a short while.
  3. Wiki is missing an outside back toe, so a little different, but it's on a leg with a plate from a break and it doesn't slow her down at all. She's fast! And would go for walks all day, jumps like a kangaroo, and has no problem with me handling that foot. Your guy will be just fine!
  4. I'm sure it's different for everyone but when I logged on there was a picture of Lila in her hole on the front page. I miss that sweet girl! Wiki definitely reacts to other dog's attitudes. I totally understand why she went at Carson the other day. She was laying down, he came up all crazy behind her, she did a little growl without moving, he came back all crazy again, she looked at him and gave a bigger growl, he came back again and she went charging and snarling. It was shocking to me to see her that way though. She is really good when we see other dogs on our walks, she looks at them but then just goes back to what she was doing. She had no reaction when we were chased down by that terrier a couple weeks ago. What I can't get a good read on is what she's thinking when we met that dog yesterday. The other dog was calm and submissive but wanted to say hi. Wiki was standing up tall, ears up, looking very alert. Tail was neutral, not sure if she was wagging, no hackels or anything but it's not a loose body posture. She just looks so intense and I can't tell if she's getting ready to take a chomp or is just excited to meet a friend. Work is nuts and my co-worker is on vacation so I have to cover for her too. Wiki will catch up later.
  5. Juss a Quickie Wiki - I'm wortweed bout Hada Parsnip. Sorry bout your friend Summer & Miss Jen. Andipants, I have not hadda yell at that labradork anymore. Mistress was wortweed that my snark mite of rooint our friendship, but we were out at the same time a cupple times and we juss ignored each and other like normill. I met a noo doggie on Wiki walkie today. Mistress don't like me to meet strangers but that doggie and her owner boff reelly wanted to meet. I was OK wiff it. Wiki Wiki is proving to be unpredictable with meeting other dogs. Sometimes she gives them a sniff then gets real still and just stands there. I don't know what to make of it. She does it with the neighbor dogs through the fence too and it's never escalated into anything, she just lets them sniff her then they all walk away. She's made a grab for small dogs a couple times, then that snark at Carson, she definitely has opinions about what kind of interactions she likes and doesn't like.
  6. Happy Fadder’s Day to alla the Daddiemans! Did everybuddy have steaks for the fadders? Oh, I guess Andipants didn’t. What a swizz! Mistress did one on the grill in honor of her fadder. I gots sum bites. Now we waitin for the rainy rains and watchin sum show wiff Ozzy Ozburn ridin round in a houndiemobile but wiff leddle floofy dogs. It makes Mistress laff and laff when he says, “I am the F-ing prince of darkness, I’m not sleeping in a teepee”. Then we gonna have Shaumtorte. I guess Lila tot you bout that lass year, but I never had it yet. Happy Gotcha Lalia and Kiva! Molly McSmartypants, you showin off your geniss poodill skills there. I keep forgetin to ax what you and them kidlets did wiff them roks you were paintin? Sumtimes on Wiki walkies we find a rok wiff a pitcher painted on it. We usually leaf them for sumone elts, but Mistress will move em if she theenks they are in danger, like for going in the storm sewer drain. Ummm, I guess that’s all. Wiki
  7. Hi! Hi! Hi! We gots sum rainy rains and thunnerboomers lass nite. Sumtimes iffen there is a beeg bang I look up but them boomers don't bover me. Mistress is vary happy bout this. I bin for long Wiki walkies and am now juss keepin watch on my Mistress as she does her Sattiday chores. Miss Mam, I sorry Mario has bin delayed. I hope he can get to you soon! Is Ryker's noo friend being nice to him? Andipants, that's fine BBQ you had going there! Way to go Clarkie! I like to theenk we all has sum inflooents on your Mammaa. Have a good day! Wiki
  8. My heart breaks for you facing this fear and uncertainty. It is a good thing though that Sweep is feeling good and is unaware of any possible issues. I hope you get answers and a plan soon.
  9. Petunia, from one Moody Broody to another, I see nothin wrong wiff your actshuns. I myownself had to tell off the labradork next door last night for being obnoxious. It's a good thing there was a fents between us. But reelly, it's our right to xpress our displeasure. Wiki
  10. Happy gotcha Clarkie! Whippy creem and a noo toy is pritty good, but I say go for it all and ask for the steak! I was inspired by Pippin's desire to fite them huskies and turned snarlin wild beest on the labradork next door. He was on the other side of the fents, so no damidge done cept to my reputayshun. I was layin down by the fents when the peeple were tawkin and he was being crazee so I said a leddle ggggrrrr and he kept being crazee so I said SSSNNNNAAARRRR. But he kept being crazee affer I toll him to knock it off so I sprung up and went chargin and snarlin at him. His fault, not mine. He snarled back at me. Mistress wasn't mad, juss shokked. Don't mess wiff the Black Bandit. Wiki
  11. Oh Pippin, we watched your video before bed lass nite and found it so beeyooteaful and relaxin. So we went rite to sleeps. And Mistress' werk job has prevented me from writin sooner. Is that were you get to go walkies alla time? That would be pawsome! Miss Loosy, good luck wiff alla your data migrayshun thins! Andipants, I'll be rite over to pee on your daylily, OK? I lub lub lub to pee on daylillies! Lotsa peeple have them round their mailboxes and I get rite in there and stomp on em and trod rite over em and pee on em. Mistress tries to prevent alla that from happinin, cause she's a responsible kinda person. But I am the Black Bandit. Miss Chris Wiki
  12. Lucy, you need to add categories for your spending then export it out to a pivot table to show how much you spend on take out, dog treats, garden supplies, etc.
  13. I pikked up the Wiskconsin accent fast.
  14. Happy birthday, Val! 13 is awesome!
  15. We are back to werkaday rootine. It's OK, Mistress tends to say in one place more so it's easier for me to keep track of her. Her werk has gone sints she was out. She's got four projekts in testing and none of them are going good. She did get a rekwest for an off shedmule Wiki pikkie so she showed em the one wiff my noo yello collar then hadda give a lesson on martingale collars. OMG - On Wiki walkie this morning I saw three bunnies jumpin and and chasin and runnin in circles on one lawn. It was amazin! I watched for a while then made my move and juss about pulled Mistress' arm off. Then there was a plastik bag blowin down the road that I hadda look at a lot. So mutch that I walked into a mailbox. Mistress laffed at me. I guess that's all. It's one more beeyouteaful day today before the HOT comes back. We're enjoyin it today with alla winders open. Wiki
  16. Could be the fan, could also be the heat. My velcro girl has spent a few nights sleeping in the living room instead of my bedroom. Her bed in the bedroom is much softer and snugglier than her living room bed and I think it was too warm for her.
  17. Hi! Hi! Hi! Today is lass day of long weekend. The past two days have been beeyooteeful, temps in the 70s, no hoomids, bloo sky, and poofy clouds. We sit outside and eat waddermellin and Mistress reads and I nap on my blankie. That’s the good. The bad is that any sellabrayshun bout me being good when Mistress leafs was temporary. The lass two days she went out and came back to find me and my bedding soaked in drool. Happy birthday Zorro del galgo! It’s pritty pawsum that you’re gettin a whole noo house for your birthday. It’s bin pritty kwiet in the Club. We didn’t reelly have prollems wiff this site. One time it said “saving” on our postie for a long time before it went thru. Oh, here’s sum hexcitin noos – it seems like I’m gonna shed my furs for noo ones! We don’t know iffen it’s gonna be a beeg shed like Lila did or juss a leddle one. And when I came to live here I had them rusty kinda stains round my mouff and Mistress was always washin my face, but now I don’t get that no more. I bin eatin Pro Plan for bout 5 months could it be that? Or sumthin related to them hookwerms? I’m still getting treetmint for that but I’m feelin lots bedder. Wiki
  18. I'm glad you got a good resolution. Dang dogs, always up to some trouble.
  19. OMG, it is still hot and hoomid and no rains here. We are juss bout burnt to a crisp. I only get short early Wiki walkies. And yessirday Mistress axed me iffen I wanted sprinkles. Yes! I want everythin! But you know what happined? She sprayed me wiff the water hose! It wasn’t too bad when it was juss kinda misty but then she got carried away and my furs got wet so I went in the garaj to hide. And then lass nite she lefted me for long time, two and haff hours! To go to pickanick party wiff her zoo friends. And you know what? When she came home I was cool as a coocumber and no puddles of drool from chewin on the bars! She theenks the Composure treets are werkin to make me feel more relaxed. She was reel proud of me so I got ice creem cone again. I’m told you like a zoo report and ain’t had one in a long time. So one of the hot tub snow munkees had a baby as planned. Lass time she had a baby she was on birff controls so no one was xpektin it, incloodin the momma munkee. So then she didn’t wanna take care of the baby so the zookeeper hadda be the munkee momma. She’s happy the munkee is being the momma this time. Also one of the zookeeper got attaked by world’s smallest anteloop called Bloo Duiker. He’s like the size of a beeg house cat but gots reelly sharp horns. And one day he got mad at his keeper and gored her many times wiff them tiny but sharp horns. They went thru her pants and her muck boots and into her leggie. It was pritty bad. Miss Patsy, Big Momma’s name was Geraldine and went by Gerry. Same for our old friend Mz Soozin. Roman, you all spots unner your furs! Merc, your cuzzin gots marks on her skin too! Cherry, what are you PROUD about? Well, I guess I’m gonna go nap sum more, there is nuthin elts to do. Wiki
  20. Lookit Ryker and Widget friends! And Miss Kerry is on vaycayshun too! The hexcitin noos here is that I had my first ice cream cone! I knew juss what to do- lick lick then crunch. Mistress says I'm preshuss. Nite, Wiki
  21. Hi! Hi! Hi! It’s Mistress’ Joon long weekend! She was done wiff werk yessirday and don’t have to log back on till Wensday! I bin kinda neglekted today tho we went Wiki walkie earlee then she went to the grocery store then did lawn mowerin. Now she’s worn out from the hot and sneezin. Thanks for saying I look nice in my collars! I reelly like em and was reel hexcited to try them on. Mistress knew the red one would look good on me and ladybugs are special to her so she hadda get that one. And the thot the yello would be good on my furs too so we got boff! They are from Crown Collars. She’s got a billyon of em and they’re made reel good but Mistress ordered em on May 3 and we didn’t get em till Joon 8. I hafta admit, I theenk I’d eat them sick-kay-dah bugs. I cot and ate a fly the other day. Laila, I’m so sorry bout your mom’s dear friend. I hope your garaj sale goes good! Miss Ducky! Your shed! But rilly, that’s a genius ideer. I’m glad you’re all settlin into your noo rootine. Mistress’ situpon was leddle diffrent. It was noospaper, but in a cover of oil cloff that they hadda sew up wiff yarn. Oh, like Miss Chris! But she don’t know iffen it was rilly oil cloff or a chopped up vinyl tablecloff…. Andipants, you gots a tiki bar?!?! Miss Mam, how's the noo horsie? Man, we jellis of alla youse wiff rainy rains. It’s dry as a bone, fire danger, air kwality warninks here still. And sprink was vary dry too. The beeg lake was reel high for a foo years and made lotsa erowshun but now it's backing down. Wiki
  22. Here's my noo collars. They ain't sooper good pitchers cause it's HOT and I was uncooperatif model. I'm wearing the yello one for walkies. Andipants, my Mistress has two contacts but they give her that monovision too. She was wortweed it would be weerd or give her hedakes, but it's juss fine and no prollems.
  23. Shoot, we got that clipse of the sun thin here but forgot about it this morning. Mistress keeps changin up the rootine and I never know when it’s time for Wiki walkies. I got sum noo collars to wear out and aboot tho. I’ll try to make a pitcher. I wore one today and a lady calt me beeyouteeful. I do agree wiff Charlie that the HOT is not nice. I theenk Cherry is showin that she reelly don’t like Miss Tracy Dogwalker in that pitcher. Is Ryker gonna live at your farm Mam? Or the fancee barn wiff the Widge? This Desert of Maine is confoosing. Is it like sand doones? We gots them here. Or is is just a buncha sand sum peeple dumped there? Miss Ducky, you doing OK? You miss that Leddle Charlie and his peepees? Fancypants and family, how youse guys doing? I know you had a lot going on. Hmmm, feels like luntsch time….. Wiki
  24. I love lupines! Years ago a dug some up from my cousin's house in Michigan where they grow wild like in Kerry's pictures. Stupid rabbits made quick work of them when I replanted them at home, but each year I get one that blooms. It's in a cage and I make sure it re-seeds itself back into that cage. Elizabeth, is that your Liberty? What a pretty black girl! Wiki's been walkied at 7 this morning. It was just a bit cooler but still very humid. These 90+ degree days are 15 degrees above normal for this time of year.
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