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  1. It's been a while, I hope things have settled down for you all. I did have experiences like that with Lila. In her case it was a belly ache.
  2. Oh my goobniss! Tonite I had my vary first ebber taste of hamburgler and frentsch fries! It was the bestest thin I ever tasted in my hole life! I lubs my Mistress vary mutch! Andipants, I'm sorry you have sutch rain trubbles. Sounds like you gots a good sistem wiff alarms and pumps and sutch. Pippin, what's going on in your mouff? Give your mum a snuggle, she needs it. I gess it's bin a reel spensive year for my Mistress too. She spent a lot on the car (whitch I've not bin in yet ), new gudders on the house, air condishing fix, the end of Lila, and the beginnin of me. Wiki
  3. Hi! Hi! Hi! Where we going backandforf? I like backandforf! You OK Clarkie? Breakin noos – nuffin skary, just idiot dog. Hey, I didn’t call him that Miss Halise did. Dustin, I know we juss met but my Mistress was happy to see a pitcher of you. And she thot your Dudley should be a lot bigger than that. Andipants, your house is coot and your yard is reel nice and will be even bedder affer your mom does more plantings. That rains that’s at your house is our next wettermaker accordion to the guy on the TV. They say it will be accoomalatin snows here. Merkaree, you gots your va
  4. Meet Wiki (PJ Wicked)! After losing my beloved Lila on December 2, I was planning on taking a break from having a dog. Just before Christmas a friend told me about a 7 year old brood momma up for adoption. She thought this might be a good fit for me after having old lady Lila, instead of an 18 month old who never raced which seems to be what is available around here. Initially it was a hard no, I was grieving Lila and didn’t want a new dog to disrupt that. But I couldn’t resist looking into Wiki. She’s black with white toes, which is what I secretly hoped next dog would be. She’s not
  5. Patsy, that's 5 am dog walking clothes! All you need is a pair of boots.
  6. Hi! Hi! Hi! Spirit, you so smart! That why we call you venerable! The Mistress went diggin the dog closit yessirday and pulled out a snoot cage! She even put it on me, so I bash her leggies wiff it. She take it off rite away, but I know it's there. She also took out a buzzy mashine and pikked up my foot and then my foot was buzzy. It was weerd. Then this mornin she read your messidge, Andipants, and go back into the dog closit and find one of them DAP thins. Any ideer iffen the joose ever looses it's power? It's bin the dog closit for a cupple years. Gino, I like to hear that
  7. Hi! Hi! Hi! I like this house and yard and this Mistress pretty good, but she said I lifed up to my Wicked name today. She calt me a pesto on accounta I don't like that on Sattiday we go back to sleeps affer brekfasts, so I didn't. I pace around and say hhhheeeeeeee hhhhhhhhheeeeeee. Then I ran reel fast in the yard and the lady who toll this Mistress bout me came to visit and brot me toys and cookies! Then we went walkies. Then this Mistress lefted me. She tried to trick me wiff reel good treets in the hard to get bawl. But I ain't stoopid, I knew she was gone and was vary upset! I pull
  8. Happy birthday Spirit! I am so happy for you and your Ma that you reached this amazing milestone. You just keep on doing whatever you want for as long as you want.
  9. Hi! Hi! Hi! Some of my noo friens have sikky hurty trubbles? Everybuddy OK now? I was kindsa sikky this mornink. I had a milkybone then felt all pukey so I tried to eat the plant in the house. I gets yelled at for that so I went in the yard to eat sum grasses. Not mutch grasses cause of the snows. Then the lady gave me a blob of creemy cheezy wiff sumthin in it and rubbed my belly and I went back for sleeps. I got another milkybone when it was time for bore-ring werk. Then I got pukey again. I don’t get no more milkybones. Other days I got some nice things to chewy and eat. I don’t
  10. Yay Spirit! I'm rooting for you buddy! Two days to 14, what a milestone. Sorry you have to deal with the aftermath of that Lucy. And I can confirm SQL is not as fun as squirrels.
  11. Hi! Hi! Hi! Youse are all so nice here! Youse gonna be my friends? Youse smart too. I needs alla my foods. I woke up the lady oudda bed this mornin cause my belly was so creeky hongry. She says we’ll figger out poops lader, now is important I’m happy full belly. She’s a good lady. But I think youse rong bout the downstairs stuff. It don’t look creepy, it look fun! There is carpet floor and all kindsa stuff down there I wanna see. The lady goes down there and come up wiff blankies and pillows for me and drinks for her and my foods are down there! I wanna go see! Andipants, that you na
  12. Is dare sumbuddy calt Merkaree here? The lady says that long ago she toll your lady to call you Unterfusshund. I am told this is now my name too. I have also bin told I poop too much and there will be rejucktshun in my foods.
  13. Hi! Hi! Hi! I Wiki! Who you? This noo house. I don’t know if I’m gonna stay here or what. I follow lady around. She gives masshid potatatoos and cheez bits. I bark bark bark when she leaf me alone in house. I can go outside not tied to lady. It smells like rabbits out there. Weerd dogs on all sides, not nice fast dogs like me. Today is more boring calt werk, I mostly sleep. There is lotsa good beds here and toys to toss around. Lady won’t let me go down the stairs to dark place. She goes down there, why not me?
  14. Wiki is doing great! The time in the crate yesterday afternoon seemed to re-set her brain and she turned into a regular greyhound. She wants to know where I am, but settles down to sleep wherever I am. I can even make a quick trip to the kitchen or bathroom without her following me. She slept all night in my bedroom with the door open. Just came to get me once at 3:30 to go poop. I’ll go out in a bit to pick up some food so she can have a chance to be alone. Fosters said she barks when they leave. They also said she barks at other dogs, which she doesn’t do here, so we’ll see how it goes.
  15. Wiki is here and doing quite well! She does want me in sight at all time, she was jumping at the door when I went to get the mail. She has already destroyed the squeakers in two toys. She met all the neighbor dogs through the fence and did great. I put her crate in my office, since that's where I work all day. She went right in and feel asleep, I guess she likes it. She is obsessed with trying to get into the basement.
  16. Yeah, not so lucky there. It's likely less than the Widge's bill, but they've still got it. They did give me a loaner once I agreed to all the fixes - new tires and tie rods and some power steering issue that at least is under warranty. And that's on top of new sway bars before Christmas. My car is a 2011, this is the longest I've ever kept a car, I suppose this is why. Enjoy your dinner, Chris. I miss Indian food. My favorite place is still carry out only and I really only like Indian food in buffet format so I can eat everything. I have no plans for tonight other than putting toget
  17. I did it! I snowblowered my driveway with my very own snowblower all by myownself! It was scary and I got a face full of snow (turn the discharge shoot!) but I did it! Now I am trapped at home having dropped my car off at the shop. It has a bad vibration after I had it in for oil change/tire rotation/new sway bars before Christmas. Hopefully they just need to rebalance the wheels or something. I'm glad Cap'n Jack had a fun birthday and is doing well with treatment. And he really is a handsome guy. After all that Wiki has been through I hope that if her hardware does have to come out
  18. Oh Jazzy, please stick around to chat with us. My new girlie arriving Saturday is a proper black houndie (with white tips, hope that's OK) who was also a momma. I think you will be able to help her get adjusted. Andipants, you and Wiki can be broken leg buddies. She's got a plate or rod or something in there too. One of Wiki's babies has a date of death listed as the same date she went to an adoption group. It makes me wonder if she had the same type of problem with her spay and didn't make it.
  19. Happy birthday Roman! You're still just a baby! I fell down the Greyhound Data rabbit hole yesterday and one of Wiki's babies went through your adoption group, Roman! She was called Pin, black and white girl, racing name AMF Notsowicked. She was adopted in May so if you were at the kennel for a while maybe you knew her.
  20. NancyB! That’s the collar maker I couldn’t remember. I she still in business? I’m getting a weird error when I try her website, but that might just be because I’m on the work laptop. And Cindy got it, I am looking for something Hawaiian. Not flamingos or pineapples, more floral or leaves in a nice bright color. I found one that I like the print, but it appears to just be made of canvas with no webbing. Miss Wiki has a very high prey drive, I need something sturdy! She is listed as 62 pounds, which is exactly Lila size, but I think she’s less than that currently as she’s a bit too skinny. She
  21. Thanks everyone! I'm excited/nervous already. Who are your favorite collar makers? Dustin, I'm sorry age is creeping up on you too. But it is really good to hear from you! Sorry Pippin, but if it makes you feel any better, I think you are incredibly handsome with that dark, going white, face of yours. Andipants, your neighbor is pretty cute too. And your uncle looks like your momma! Time for the Packers game. It's been snowing all day, and still is, so it should be fun!
  22. I talked to the head of the adoption group and Lila must have been all the reference that I needed. Wiki will be coming home next weekend! Apparently the situation with her spay was worse than the foster family knew. She almost bled out and died. She was treated at some university hospital and they did a lot of tests as it was an unusual situation. Best they could come up with is an allergic reaction to the specific suture material. It is not the greyhound clotting issue. Her name has grown on me. I'm going to drop one of the Ks and go with Wiki, which is Hawaiian for fast. It se
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