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  1. Hi! Hi! Hi! Mistress woked up wiff mindgrane and went back to bed. She took sum medisin and took me Wiki walkies in the cool and feels a bit bedder now. Happy birthday Lilly! Wow 10! Happy birthday Miss Halise! Are you still by your dad? I’m disappointed that Cherry & Ivy have not taken vantage of Miss Kathy’s disability to reck sum havok. Hmmm, lotsa hooman dental stuff. Miss Patsy prolly wins tho. Did they put that hexray thin on your toetoe to verify it was broke? Nutmeg, we did not see that, but indeed sum beeg golf thin is here in Wiskconsin. It’s in the town famiss for makin toilets, and fancee showers. Oh, there was a thin on our noos lass nite that bats in Wiskconsin are doing mutch better now. They had a reel bad time wiff that white nose disease but now there are lots of them! Wiki
  2. How scary for both of you! I hope she heals up quickly and easily. And that she learned her lesson. The first time Wiki chased a rabbit in the yard she crashed into the fence. Luckily it was just chain link and had some give or we would have been in a similar situation. The urge to chase is strong!
  3. Ivy & Cherry, you're mom is now haff blind. You can sneek on that side of her and she won't know what you're doing! There is lotsa potential here.... I was wild aminal this mornin and wanted to run and play outside. Mistress can't throw the toy fast enuff and now she's got a imprint of my teef on her hand. They are so worn down that there was no blood, juss broozes. I don't know what she's complainin bout. Oh, she showed my paiting pitcher for Wiki Wednesday and everyone said I'm kewte. Have a good day! Wiki
  4. Oh, don't worry, the artist received multiple payments to keep her engaged with the work.
  5. Hi! Hi! Hi! I eated a candy corn! It was much nicer than that whole raw corn I stole. Happy adversary Miss Vanessa! Sorry you’re gonna get the plague for it. Years ago there was a werk noosletter about planting a memorial tree with plaque but Mistress’ coirker thot it said plague so it was forever the Plague Tree. Oh no, Miss Kathy’s eyeball! I hope it’s not bad hurt. Poor Zorro del galgo. Also poor Charlie and Momma Bear. Trazadone made Lila into a motionless zombie. But it seems like she overreacted to many medisins. Thankfooly Mistress has returned to her werkaday rootine and I can get my good naps. Wiki
  6. Happy birthday Miss Mam! Andipants, I’m glad your leggie works. Laila, that’s a great bed! Looks like you’re sooper comfy there. Oh no, Miss Loosy, what happined? This is vary worrink bout Zorro del galgo. I suppose galgos ain’t used to the wire box and puttin him in one would make it worser. At leest when I’m in my box Mistress knows I can’t hurt myownself. Or the house. It’s last day of Mistress’ long weekend. I’m ready to go back to werkaday when I can juss sleep in one place. She mite try to make sum more of the tiles today. Oh speekin of paintin, Mistress put my projekt in a seprit postie cause there are a lotta pitchers. I am arteest too! Wiki
  7. I’m part of an organization that does fundraising for various conservation projects and someone thought of these paint with your pet kits. Wiki and I tested one out. Prepare your palette. Wake up the artist. Find your inspiration (peanut butter ) and begin. Mmmmm, art is tasty. Just a little more over here. It is complete! Don’t forget to sign your work.
  8. Andipants! I was vary wortweed when I saw your momma’s postie lass nite. Then I saw you upside down and figgered you were prolly gonna be AOK. I’m glad your feeling fine but bummer bout havin to spend alla day at the vet and now you’re stuck on the stoopid leech again. Are you reckless? Mistress says I’m reckless and a wild aminal. Miss Halise, we are so sorry! But hope you can have a good visit. Ivy & Cherry have fun at your sitters! Nate, I’m sure you can make sum fun. Mistress had a nice time at the zoo yessirday. But she came home to a panty dog and a lotta drool. The lass time she was gone for same amount of time I was good and sleepin. I’m always hexcited to go in my box and get my bone, but then….. It was the same affer kwik grocery trip today and then I was bad when she was takin in the groceries, going in and out and shoving pass her and tryin to get in the trunk of the car. I theenk she’s gonna start being meen to me so I won’t miss her when she’s gone. Mistress does say she has a projekt for me to werk on. Mayhaps we’ll do it later and I’ll report back. Here’s Qiji (and General Tso’s rump). Wiki
  9. Hi! Hi! Hi! I bin for vary long Wiki walkie in the forest. We went on alla paffs cause it’s cool and no moskeetos and Mistress is gonna leaf me for long time to go play wiff red pandas so I gotta be worn out. Happy gotchas Fuzzy & Roman! Poor Pap! Have fun at your pickanick Ivy & Cherry! I never bin to a pickanick. Nate, I’m glad you got your ride back! Did Mistress ever say how sorry she is your Ma’s migrayshun got pooshed out? I shore hope it doesn’t end up like Mistress’ whitch was supposta happin lass year and now tentatifly on the shedmule for Q2 next year. It’s juss how that kinda stuff goes. Mistress is hexcited cause her test environment refresh that was scrapped three times finally happined yessirday. She does love a nice fresh clean environment. IT ladies are weerd. Yessirday Mistress washed alla our beddink and made up my beds fresh and cleen and neet. But I hadda arrange it to be how I like it. Wiki
  10. Hi! Hi! Hi! Whew, I shore am glad it’s juss UTI for Hada! Lila got them in her lass few months. The hospice vet said they are vary vary common in old lady doggehs. Cherry Pie Bandit, juss because you’re a bandit doesn’t mean you hafta follow the ways of the Black Bandit. Do not bite the toad! It is vary vary yukky and will make you all drooly and your momma will theenk you’re gonna go ded. Today is the first day of Mistress’ September hollydays. It’s lawn werk day. She chopped down the hydrenchas where the voles hide and sum other stuff. Now she’s postponing mowerin and putting out fertilizer on the grass. Theses days off are vary hard on a houndie. When it’s workaday she mostly stays in one place and I can get my sleeps. But on day off she’s runnin all over the place and I hafta keep up wiff her and can’t get my naps. Wiki
  11. It got erased! This projekt was reel ez, you color the tile wiff sharpie markers then drip alcohol on it and it goes all swirly. That's when I came round cause it smelled so weerd. I did stick my snoot rite in there and it was kinda burny. But then it kept going swirly and my snoot boop disaparted. They also rote a card to a helff care werker and Mistress signed my name to it, so I guess that's sumthin. Yes Ivy, Panda Express is American Chinese foods. Mistress reely likes the black pepper stake which is weerd cause she don't like blak pepper cause it burns her more than a halepino or sumthin. In other noos, my doom claw is broken. Like haff of it is gone and it's all jaggedy. But it's not bleedin and I'm not messin wiff it. Mistress tried to smoove it out wiff the buzzer but I wouldn't let her cause it's kinda hurty. I'm not tellin when or how it happened. Nite! Wiki
  12. Chris, are you familiar with Chow Chow or Piccalilli? I don't know what the difference is between the two and I think you can put pretty much whatever you want in them. But I think at least one of them is cabbage based. The Panda Express fundraiser is Friday. Glad you're back in the cool Lucy!
  13. Oh, I thot you were all havin a lie in togedder cause she didn't hafta werk. Bummer. But you can still sleep even iffen Mommy can't.
  14. Thanks for sayin nice thins bout that tile Mistress we made. They are reel easy wiff juss the tile, markers, and some alcohol (not the drinkin kind). Mistress theenks she can make em for her zookeeper group to sell for raisin money for aminals and stuff. Do you theenk peeple would buy one for a cupple bucks? Speekin of her fundsraisin stuff – Any of youse guys, or your peeple, eat at the Panda Express? Mistress’ zookeeper groop is havin a funsraiser there this Friday. And it werks at any Panda Express in the country! 28% of sales will go to the Red Panda Network! But you gots to order online (and it will be ready when you go to pick it up) and put the special code 903861 in the coupon code. You ever see a red panda? They mite be even kewter that us houndies. Miss Patsy enjoy the beech. Fancytoo enjoy having your mommy not werkin today. Andipants enjoy eatin pikkles. I bin Wiki walkie and almoss got run over by the garbich truck because I was sniffsniffin sumthin reel good. Wiki
  15. We had a virchual art projekt at werk! Mistress' beeg team like 90 peeple all made these colored tiles. Sum lady sent out alla supplies to everyone and they all did em at home. This is what we made. And I did help, I come and stuck my snoot rite in there.
  16. Awww, Sweep looking very much like herownself!
  17. Yes! I theenk your excape from the den warrants bandit status. I was so hexcited for Wiki walkie I forgot to say happy gotcha and very late birthday (shame you Miss Ducky!) to Lulu! It was vary foggy on Wiki walkie and we didn't see a single other person or doggie walking. That is vary unusual. I pooped on the lawn of a house with not one, not two, but three signs that said Welcome. But there was also a beeg sign on the door wiff a person Xed out that said No Trespassing. That is kinda micksed message I theenk. Wiki
  18. Cherry, you're the Sneeky Pie Bandit! Nate, I'm sorry it's so hot in your house makin you and your Ma growlie. Youse guys wanna come up here? It's 55 petigrees. Lotsa werk meetins this mornin. Gotta go Wiki walkie now.
  19. That sounds like a pretty good situation to bring a dog to work. But lots and lots of dogs spend all day home alone and are just fine too. You'll probably have to wait and see what works best for your particular dog.
  20. Oh Jan, I'm so sorry to see this! Aiden was such a good camper and you gave him such a great life! He will be missed by many.
  21. Hi! Hi! Hi! Everybuddy have a good weekend? Nuthin too hexcitin here. Yessirday we went long walkie, like almoss one hour! Then I got put in the wire box and Mistress went to the zoo. She didn’t see the aminals tho, she was juss baggin up candies for halloweenie. I don’t know what this halloweenie is but sum stuff came in the mail today for it too. Anyroo, affer walkin round a table for two hours she juss hung out wiff me when she came home. Today she went out and came home wiff a whole chikken! Not alive, roasted up! It smelled so good but she was greedy and eated it then made the rest into chikken salad for samitches. I juss got sum tiny bits in my dish. Now the naybors are outside yellin bout football. Charlie, I’m glad you didn’t get micksed up wiff them angry sign peeple. Too bad you didn’t get no foods on the street tho. And you know what? My Mistress has that same kibbul resipe! Sumtimes I get the gormay resipe wiff fish oil or punkin or parmasam cheez. Miss Mam, how was your horsie day? Mario and Kibo are kewte on their couch. Um Nate, does the heat pump make cold airs? That sounds weerd……bummer it’s busted again tho. Miss Jennie, why do you live in Murder Hornet Central? That’s a nice little city you gots there Andipants. Did your mom hafta bild it? Three day werk week ahead then it’s Mistress September vaycayshun! Wiki
  22. The Black Bandit is at werk earlee this mornink! I broke into the basemint. Mistress was takin too long down there and I ain't bin there for long time. She let me hexplore a bit more today cause I'm good girl. Then she called me over to show me sumthin. It was my old muzzle! I chattered when I sniffed it. Then she had my old kennel collar! Oh alla good memories! I wagged my tailey and danced around when I saw it. Mistress was vary happy that I seem to have good memrees of my time at the track and the farm. She says I'm the sweetest bandit there could be. Have a good Friyay! Wiki
  23. Welcome home Charlie and Zorro del galgo and Mystic and Momma Bear! We mist youse! Charlie, your noo friend has vary pritty furs. I shore hope Zorro likes your home now. AndiPants, Mistress didn't hafta run the beeg mornink meetin this week so there was no Wiki Wendsday. She's savin up that last pitcher she showed of me on Lila's blankie for next time. I hope you get sum ice creem. I had razzbarry sherbit lass nite and it was yummo! Mistress juss got a email from the zoo and they are going to let volunteers take out the edumacayshun aminals again! She is sooper hexcited cause it's bin a long time since she got to see them. Wiki
  24. I am so sorry to see sweet Petunia is gone! You gave her such a wonderful life! I always enjoyed hearing about her adventures. She looked a lot like Lila and Wiki seems to have her same broodie attitude. She must have left a big hole in your hearts.
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