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  1. NBC Nightly News featured Scout. Scout's interview starts at the 19 minute mark:
  2. I know we quit counting Pogo's total bill when we hit around $7000. Even though he was part of the Rapamycin study at UW-Madison, his bills easily topped $10,000 because he developed an arrhythmia right before surgery and an UTI right after surgery to remove his leg. He spent a total of 10 days (maybe 11, I can't remember anymore) in the hospital post surgery. We also lived about 3 1/2 hours north of Madison and had to drive there for his carboplatin chemo treatments. We also had a greyhound that had hemangiosarcoma (like Scout, but on his spleen) and his bills also totaled more than $7000. We were living 180 miles south of Chicago at the time and took him to the University of Illinois Vet School for treatment. Back then, Icabod was the exception because he made it 11 months post tumor rupture and surgery before his cancer came back.
  3. https://news.wisc.edu/lucky-dog-scout-and-uw-school-of-veterinary-medicine-star-in-weathertech-super-bowl-commercial/?fbclid=IwAR0T_4X4-Us6UPsqzd3m5wj6yG7xWQeAijCzLWGpOWlrKL0lqzdiGuVdEIQ
  4. So you are going to make it this year? We will have to get together.
  5. We will be getting there the 29th and leaving on the 4th. We'll be staying at the Round Top campground. This will be our 1st time to GIG
  6. Annette


    So sorry to hear about Lexie. She was such a patient and wonderful pup.
  7. I have been trying to watch the PBS Special Ken Burns: Country Music but we don't have cable and we are surrounded by concrete in our apartment (we have in floor heating) so I can see bits of the documentary. The first episode is posted on their website. At the 23:29 point in the film there are 2 or possibly 3 greyhounds: one standing, one laying and another one that could be a small greyhound or a whippet. https://wpt4.org/wpt-video/country-music/ken-burns-country-music-episode-1-the-rub/ It's crazy how I can get excited about seeing greyhounds in film.
  8. So sorry. Sending gentle hugs to all of Fibi's family
  9. https://www.veterinarypracticenews.com/university-of-minnesota-develops-cancer-drug-that-helps-dogs-with-hemangiosarcoma/?fbclid=IwAR21pP5UpOyBQVYP12Sq-btrJllizKPfGDmtWrvmLzaqQnmHsK2gNfG21mo We lost our second greyhound to hemangiosarcoma 22 years ago. He amazingly made it just short of 1 year post diagnosis and tumor rupture.
  10. Our silly boy has been gone 3 years. We lost him much too soon.
  11. Annette


    I am so sorry you had to say goodbye to your Bisbee.
  12. When I contacted UW Madison asking why greyhounds were not included in the study they said the breeds they chose had a higher incidence of cancer.
  13. https://madison.com/wsj/news/local/study-vaccines-could-prevent-cancer-in-dogs-eventually-humans/article_d70957a3-c839-5b79-90ad-bc4a294bd209.html
  14. Who was the couple who always bought peeps in bulk for their bunch of "kids"? I remember the posts and seeing pictures in the past but haven't seen any in a long time. I think of them when we give Miriam peep's as treats. They are low copper and she gets them as dessert.
  15. Annette


    I am so sorry.
  16. I actually contacted Colorado State University when I first saw that this study was going to be done because they only wanted specific breeds and greyhounds weren't one of the breeds they wanted. When I asked why they weren't included, they said that only wanted dog breeds that are at "higher than average" cancer risk, and greyhounds don't fall into that category.
  17. This is supposed to be the largest trial in history https://www.channel3000.com/news/uw-veterinary-care-clinic-could-find-vaccine-for-cancer-in-dogs-and-possibly-humans/912956241?fbclid=IwAR2nXQEOueNPLCKvbt2nKzThtSJ0yO1evYuoz_lmsMWYP-sTXnlvTcTBmpQ
  18. I am so sorry for your loss. Seems like a crowd is gathering at the bridge. I know of at least 4 other pups who left their families today. Sending hugs. I am sure Scarlett greeted Rocket
  19. She does not seem to be in pain. If anything now that it is a bit cooler (in the low to mid 70's) she has more energy and occasionally does some doggy break dancing in the apartment. Miriam has never been the energetic type. She takes retirement very seriously, if she doesn't have to move, she won't.
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