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  1. Yes, although I’m kind of glad this wasn’t posted this morning, before I took mine in for a multiple tooth extraction ☹️. I’m hoping he’s not going to need anything else that requires him to have anaesthetics but it has given me things to look out for on this occasion and I can ask more questions next time without feeling neurotic. Thanks!
  2. Amazing! Since the greyhound cutter already displays ‘Buddy’ I’m going to take this as a sign
  3. Could be nails. Ours broke (but did not detach) a nail racing about, and when we took him to the vet to check his limping out, he must have knocked it a bit more and there was blood everywhere, which was the giveaway. But a visit to the vet will help the diagnosis
  4. Buddy is 66.2 according to the calculator and has mastered the old man farting and snoring which is expected of his age. He is also grumpy with lively young male pups and is suave with the laydeez 😃. He has quite the reputation round these parts
  5. I second the use of a harness. It makes it much easier to control your dog in any situation that you want to remove him from. I also read that if the dog chokes himself by pulling when he sees another dog, he will begin to associate other dogs with being choked and may react to them. It’s a vicious circle. We have also had some success with our reactive dog by first training him to look to us when another dog comes near (we had unwittingly started training him to do this by making a noise when we gave him a treat, so we could just make that noise to get his attention). Eventually we could get closer to other dogs and then give him a treat and lots of praise when we had a good encounter. So now he associates being nice to other dogs with a treat and looks for a treat when he’s been good. I still wouldn’t trust him near a bull terrier and he really doesn’t care for dogs with ‘herding’ personalities, but our walks are much less stressful. I just accept that there are some dogs that he will never like, just as there are some people that I would prefer to avoid!
  6. What a gorgeous boy! I can’t give any advice about sprains or soft tissue injuries, but I can tell you that we use YuMove joint supplements for our 9 year old (have been using them for just over six months) and they have made a positive difference to his mobility. He still likes to have a zoomie and we found he would limp afterwards...but this has disappeared after using the YuMove. I was sceptical about them at first but I was amazed at how well he moved about after taking them. Also...I’m certain you and your vet will have checked this over but Buddy went lame because of a nail. He broke it but it didn’t come off so we didn’t check it until we got him to the vet and the back of the car looked like a murder scene (he must have caught it climbing into the car 😬). Poor boy! It’s a shame he picked such slow humans!
  7. Big spoon little spoon! This is mine and Buddy’s favourite 🥰
  8. I second this. If you think she is underweight she is probably perfect. Mine is overweight and someone on here posted this for me which I found really useful http://www.greyhoundcrossroads.com/index.php?page=weight
  9. It’s a real treat! Buddy lays his head in my lap and stares at me (for as long as he can keep his eyes open) 😍
  10. Happy new year! There is probably some dog psychology that explains this - maybe on the lead your dog feels less able to defend herself so she gets her growl/snap out before the other dog can, like a warning shot. Or she may just be letting the other dog know that she’s had enough interaction for now. However, you might just have a snarky dog and I wouldn’t worry too much as long as she doesn’t try to tear strips out of the other dog. What country do you live in and how long have you had your dog? These don’t make any difference to your dog’s behaviour but if you are letting your dog off lead you need to know what the laws are in case she goes for another dog (I’m speaking from experience).
  11. Hello and congratulations on your first dog! You’ve made an excellent choice! I’m not sure what a walkout slider is...but is there any other way to get your girl in and out of your place without going through the back garden until she becomes more familiar with her surroundings? Or can you start your walks there for a while and do fun things in the garden (treats, toys cuddles etc) so she doesn’t find it so intimidating? Above all, give her a little time to settle in as she’s going through a big change right now. We use a harness for our boy (nine years old, had him for 18 months) but while I would use it to extract him from certain situations, I wouldn't use it if he was fearful in a situation. We haven’t really had this issue with Buddy but there are lots of people with far more experience than me and who are much more knowledgable about behaviour - yours and your dog’s! Be patient and give her time. Good luck!
  12. Buddy is having three teeth (at least!) out in January so virtual back rubs and cuddles to you both, I hope your pups are ok. Hopefully they will both be recovered in time to enjoy a bit of your Christmas roast
  13. Congratulations! She (and you!) look very happy
  14. Buddy shreds our confidential paperwork. And leaflets from the letterbox. And statements. And periodicals. And cereal boxes. And the money that the guy who rents a garage from us dropped through the door. He was very useful in the run up to our election this week as we decided to vote party with the only election leaflet he didn’t chew to pieces. He thereby also provides me with exercise as I follow him around picking up after him
  15. We never crated ours. He has free run of the downstairs of the house excluding one room which he really likes the smell of and tends to pee in there. But I wouldn’t call that separation anxiety and like Toffeesdad once we established a routine our boy settled. One week is not a very long time so one accident is really good. Giving him a room with a view is an excellent idea as they are such curious dogs (surely a sign of high intelligence!) that it gives them something to do during their five minutes of wakefulness between naps. Good luck!
  16. Hello and welcome! Hopefully your boy will settle in soon and will be less spooked by things as he becomes more familiar with them. Maybe he would benefit from a short walk before bedtime so he can void his bowels before he settles down. If it’s not a fully formed stool it may help to look at when he was last wormed. What are you cleaning it up with? It might be worthwhile checking if it’s free from ammonia as that might encourage him to keep going in the house. Also, are you transitioning him to new food as this might be unsettling his tummy a bit. Ours recently had a spell of leaving presents for us because he was shredding fig leaves which made him ill (don’t ask) but it just shows that there are so many variables to consider! if you’re on Instagram you should be able to copy photos (press and hold if you’re using an iPad) and paste them into your thread, I assume the same will work for Facebook.
  17. Glad to see he’s so happy about getting into the Christmas spirit! . I love that snood!
  18. Thank you! Christmassy is definitely a word! It’s being used lots in my house at the minute
  19. I’ve managed to get some pics of The Budster in his Christmas coats and would love to see some of other people’s pups if you have any. The more ridiculous the better!
  20. Totally agree. Plus, a smaller house just means that the love is more concentrated 😍
  21. His brindle pattern is like a Rorschach. I swear I see another greyhound! Beautiful boy!
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