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  1. I’m sure that everyone here has shouted at their pet at some point because no matter how much we love them, they can be a bit annoying just by doing what they do. I know I have and not when I’ve been under the amount of stress that you are now. Good luck for you today, I hope that you get some good news.
  2. Your dog sighing prompts a shared stupid grin on the human’s faces…especially if that sigh makes your dog’s lips flutter/causes puffy cheeks
  3. Poor Abu! Does he ever get a moment’s rest?!?!
  4. happy birthday Sweep! It looks like you are having a wonderful day of being spoilt! Enjoy
  5. Wow, I guess that fits with the multi-focal nature of her tumours. I’m so glad you get a bit more time with her. Good luck with the treatment
  6. What a lovely description of his perfect ears! So sorry for your loss
  7. Congratulations! He looks like he’s settling in well. Black…boy…older dog… he would tick all the right boxes for me too
  8. I also can’t speak for the jumping part, but we have a Ruffwear Flagline harness with the handle which I can use to manoeuvre my dog if I need to. I know that people feel that a harness may allow the dog to put all their strength into pulling you, but the flip side of that is that I am much more comfortable resisting with all my strength. I was always a bit worried when we just used the lead on the collar. I think it’s personal preference. But I don’t know of any harness that is specifically designed to prevent jumping up.
  9. You might have a greyhound if… you have more dog beds in your living room than you have have human beds in the entire house
  10. Greyt story, and I would also rather sit next to him than almost any other human. No, more than any other human without exceptions.
  11. and I can’t see any inappropriate issues with that scenario. My regular wear is a lab (laboratory, not labrador) coat, and Buddy would pee on the cuffs. But I still think he’d look better in it than me.
  12. It’s all sounding promising. Good girl Sweep!
  13. Some dogs just don’t take treats when they’re on walks. Or it might be that he will take them when he’s a little more sure of himself. I wouldn’t worry about either of these things. I found with my dog, the more I tried, the more he seemed to resist. Let him come to you. Hopefully one day, when he’s at your side for every bag you rustle, you will look back wondering what happened to the dog that wouldn’t take treats
  14. but I’m sure Grace would wear it like a pro if they did
  15. I know nothing about greyhound blood but as above, I know that I human universal donor is a valuable thing. It basically means that the red blood cells have no indicators on the cells which would allow the recipient immune system to identify the cells as foreign. If this happens, it causes a reaction that would result in blood clots forming which would endanger the recipient. I also read recently that greyhounds have a higher percentage of universal donors. Well done Andi! The gift of blood is a special and generous one.
  16. I’m not sure why this article didn’t make it to the style section of the newspaper…the main thing is that I have got a new jumper and dress with greyhounds on it. Unfortunately the matchy-matchy dog coat is for whippets rather than big strapping greyhounds like Buddy so we will have to think of something else. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/gucci-or-pucci-matching-looks-are-a-hit-on-the-dogwalk-hdfd66f52?shareToken=ce12862582ad61a1f353190ac85c63b1
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