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  1. https://www.vetplusglobal.com/products/sustain/ This is what it looks like if you want to find it
  2. She’s a good girl. She looks like she’s primed for an adventure. Lovely photos
  3. This is where we are with Buddy - he is a stinky bum. I don’t want to give him anything with too much fat in case it gives him pancreatitis, but then we find his skin gets really flaky, so we have just started adding a little oil supplement to his Chappie. Chappie kibble was suggested by his vet after a few bouts of diarrhoea (related to him eating his own poop on a few different occasions). We have tried him on both the chicken and the beef Chappie, and while we could be imagining it, I think he’s slightly better on the beef. I posted on here just before Christmas about his tummy issues, and
  4. I agree with what has been said above. It sounds like you’re doing everything right, so don’t take it too personally, she’s just finding her feet in her new home. Try to ignore her if she runs away, don’t mollycoddle her at these times, and praise her when she comes to you by her own choice. She will soon learn that not only are you keeping her safe, warm and fed, but that she can get plenty of love from you too
  5. She’s hiding the baldy spot that’s growing back in nicely
  6. The greyhound at Kew might just be the ugliest one I have ever seen! I like the coin though.
  7. They must have been a trip hazard where you left them. Leaving them in the middle of the floor is much better. Health and safety, mum!
  8. Logan has his Hallowe’en costume on early this year
  9. Happy gotcha day and birthday Aiden! I would say ‘make sure you get spoiled’ but I can see you already are
  10. I’m just reviving this thread as I wanted to ask the people who have the harness from GodsGreyts about how easy it is to use and what you use it for - by that I mean, is it more for assistance in light lifting up from a lying position (with the dog doing most of the work), or have you used it for, say, lifting in and out of a car with all the dog’s weight on it? We have started to notice a few changes in the way Buddy is moving over the last few months - nothing too specific but just a bit more stiff on getting up, struggling with the back step, and catching his back feet when he walk
  11. It’s a shame for Sadie Rose but she will find a home where she’s a better fit. Petunia comes first.
  12. It sounds like they are trying to rule out a UTI for Daisy’s aberrant creatinine since her other kidney function results are normal. The in house tests are probably dip stick tests or the electronic version, whereas a culture will need to be incubated over a couple of days. It all sounds quite positive, great news for Daisy and her humans.
  13. Hi Razzie and welcome, Ours is still a stinker nearly three years on and we think he might have an intolerance/allergy to chicken too. We are currently feeding him Chappie and are sticking to beef flavour at the minute. A lot of people on here will advise that you stay clear of grain free foods as there is a link between them and a condition called dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) - possibly related to the leguminous foods that are used to bulk the food out instead of grains. Unless there is a reason why your pup needs to be grain free you might want to consider reintroducing grains back into
  14. He’s such a good boy! Maybe you could spend an hour with Buddy and teach him ‘stay’
  15. Great stuff! I think it’s a good sign that he wants to eat after reading your other current post
  16. I think we need video evidence...
  17. I suspect this a tough one to answer without being able to feel it. I don’t know much about greyhound physiology, but I know a very little bit about lymph node pathology. Firstly, are you certain that it’s a lymph node - could it be a cyst? Could it be explained by an insect bite? Secondly, even if it is a lymph node there are lots of reasons why it could be enlarged, infection being the biggest culprit. Something like sore teeth or swollen gums could result in enlarged lymph nodes in the throat. Does he have any other lumps in his throat/armpits/groins? So, try not to worry too much - I
  18. Mum (armed with ‘leave it!’ command) 1: discarded ice cream cone 0 Result! I was so surprised that I almost walked Buddy back to the ice cream cone so he could eat it. A few steps further on —> Mum (riding high on her previous success) 0: dried up horse apples 1 Clearly they were just too tempting for The Budster to resist. And who can blame him?
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